The word of God at the Feast of the Covering of the Lord’s Mother

I am accompanied by the heavenly powers and I am coming near to enter the citadel of My word with a day of feast for My mother Virgin and We are welcomed and waited to arrive.

I am Who I am, the One Who give Myself as word over the earth to be to the end of the time with those who have Me as their God, following My way, in My steps, and not just anyhow with the steps of their lives and I am with them and cannot leave those who believe in Me and in My walking with them all the time.

I am placing My strengthening and comforting word and I am saying: Peace to you, sons of the citadel of My word! And peace to you, sons of the people of this word! Oh, strengthen My walking and My power for you on earth to be with you to the end and to the new and glorified beginning, which I, the Lord, set aside for those who follow Me on earth with their lives.

Oh, sons, be comforted with My comfort, with the word with which I speak, prepare and watch for you. All that I am asking you is because your preparation has to be beautiful all the time for the day of My glory with you, for the earth has to be completely cleaned from everything is against God so that I may place on it the brightness that comes with Me from above for the renewal of the world made by God, and over which man has walked and done according to his mind, after his will by his separation from God, and behold, the world sleeps through those who sleep, oh, for it is darkness on earth and those who sleep, sleep at night, as it is written; (1 Thess: 5/7) however, My day is with Us and with you, sons, and My mother Virgin has great work near Me, dear sons, and you have to look at her and to her life on earth before God and you also have to work like that and to dress with clean and proper little clothes, sons, with great care lest your clothing, with which you cover, may have some thread of fire, (Is about garments that contain synthetic yarns, especially those made from crude oil or gas from the basement, and that can burn violently, r.n.) for you have to keep away so that I may keep you away from fire, so that you may not be known but only as God’s sons in everything, dear sons, oh, for I have much word to put over this people during My time for more than sixty years of word, and My word had to be fulfilled, for any word coming out of My mouth is full of power and truth, and I want you to be able to do everything that I give you to work and to fulfill for the preparation of your protection, for My will with you is the covering upon you, sons.

Oh, and then fight for the forgiveness of your sins and stay in My arm so that you may no longer go wrong, sons. And now I am giving you a sweet clarification so that you may know why I often told you to work with your hands in great order, all on the left and then all on the right so that in this way to be always together and to learn in this way by the fulfilling of My word upon you, because the work done by the hand is the time when you have fellowship with one another for the work of brotherhood, and on the work done by the hand will be easy and you will have time for the work of the spirit of brotherhood, of the sweet speaking among brothers, and you should feed your soul from one another and to be gathered within Me all the time, sons.

Oh, you shall not want to be alone, to stay alone; rather let the work with your hand be a great occasion of spiritual fellowship for you, not separated for it as in the time when it will be to find you so that I may gather you near Me, to find you in unity, one in Christ, sons, and no one of you should stay separated, and behold, this weakens satan’s power completely and he flees from you with all that he lies in ambush to draw you to the sides for him, for his will and yours, when it would not be to listen to the word near you, which protects you so much.

Oh, sons, wash your body, soul and spirit, wash with your tongue (With clean, decent, blessed speech, r.n.) and you will be clean concerning the shirt of your soul and you will be kept from pains like some children protected by God. The water and soup wash the dirty shirt, but if it does not come out clean then it must be boiled so that it might catch a white face; however, if the heart is clean then its washing is otherwise, because washing is needed anyway, for this is what God left it to be, but the best washing is with the language, as the cat washes with her tongue, sons, and behold you have where to take this parable from, and let us prepare the country of the New Jerusalem and its heavenly protection, sons.

Oh, let the Romanian people hear God’s word, let it be believed, do My will, and let them also know My love! Only a lost man, fallen, crushed and then healed, only that one knows what God means, Who God is and what His love is.

Oh, Romanian sons, it is My mother Virgin with her arms outstretched towards you and to Me for you. Oh, do no longer gather things on earth for those that perish once with the end of this deceiving end, but prepare your love of God, for only God remains, He and His love and those like Him as is written about those that will meet Him when He comes visibly with His saints and angels to lift up His elected ones, (1 Thess: 4/16, 17) and the winepress of His wrath for the cleansing and whitening of the earth, and then to establish God’s kingdom on it, the paradise, oh, sons, and all is imperishable, not as are those for which you work to have them on your table.

Oh, Romanian sons, do no longer love, do no longer bow to this fleeting life and full of its ugliness. The endless life is beautiful and it has to start even from the earth.

Oh, Romanian sons, oh, Christians sons, come, sons, let us go to the beauty of the eternal life, for behold, it is given to you so that you may get ready beautifully for it, for its beauties, and which you cannot imagine if you do not start to work, for these are kept, are set aside for God’s sons, for the joy of those who love the Lord so much on earth, oh, for the love of God has great reward for the one who has it as his life!

Oh, My today’s country, Romanian people, tear down the golden calf of this wilderness, through which you pass. You are a Christian people from the fathers of old and you must not make any idols from false gods, but you should worship only the Lord your God. Behold, the devil takes out his devilish merchandise, naked bodies, which are used by the bitter taste of the sin, that which is coming out of the bottom of the hell to kill the world of the people, the sin of debauchery, and this is how the great and the small bow to the work against God, Who made the world, the sun and the moon, before which man sins with the heavy sin and not tolerated by God and by saints. These watchmen, of the day and of the night, are the witnesses of the committed sins, day and night, and I, the Lord, said ahead of time to the people of My word from the Romanians: „Christian, you will see coming out the torments of the hell on earth, but you hide in God so that you may not see them and so that you may receive them!”.

I have been gathering behind man all the sins and putting them before Me for seven thousand years. Oh, it’s enough!

Oh, behold why I have been calling out over the people of My word and I have always said: «Come out of the world, sons!».

Oh, who wanted to understand why I have been calling that way? Oh, the antichrist has overcome over everything through those who do not want to listen to the calling from God and behold the golden calf before which every man bows!

Oh, man, oh, man, oh Christian people, you should forgive Me, but I have mercy when I see what you have chosen and how much you can no longer separate yourself from this idol, from this god, with which you ask yourself and consider, and which answers to your questions when you ask it. (The Internet, Google, Facebook, r.n.)

Oh, man, My pain, oh, when would you confront yourself with the true God? How many times would you ask Him so that He may answer you?

Man has a wire through the air, (The Optical fiber, r.n.) an invisible wire, (4G, 5G, networks, r.n.) built by satan’s spirit to deceive with this wire between man and man even those who are chosen by God.

Oh, what a hard painful on My Spirit because of this golden calf, of this idol with which man plays and worships day and night as before a god! This sign is on the head of each man, oh, and behold the Christians are caught by this wave, by this idol, without which no one can do anything, and the antichrist overcomes and keeps on overcoming. Oh, but I, the Lord, too, hurry and will put angels on guard and I will watch to keep what is Mine and I will deceive satan, for behold, those who have nothing to do, do what they do not have to do, poor of them.

Oh, but you, My people, I have advised you to work always, to be always caught into My work with you, to have work to do, son, to make the Lord over you and in you, well My people, and to stand powerfully against satan in order to be able to work by obedience, like those who in time have listened to Me against satan and to be able to stand by obedience, like those who in time have listened to Me, chose and followed Me, and who belong to the heaven now.

Oh, keep away from satan, keep away from the world and stay with the Lord and with the brothers, stay and work God’s fellowship, your living with God, God’s houses, to be and spend holy moments so that your little wings and their prayer may be strengthened to God, Christian sons, and My mother Virgin is your way between Me and you, oh, and pray near her for your country, My today’s country, Romanian land, in which I, the Lord, have you, grow you to be Mine and to keep you in the nest to warm you at My bosom, and behold, My mother Virgin wishes you peace, peace, My people, peace from her over you!

― Oh, Son Jesus, let Us give them much peace, always, always, for sadness tries to come over them, oh, for no one knows to protect them for Your power in them, but let Us keep them at Our bosom, for those who are here are helping Us for all Our people everywhere, and whom We ask to rely on God in everything they may ask for help, and let those in the city of Your word help them praying for their peace, for their power on Your behalf Lord, for behold, how much You need to be able to work here and from here!

Oh, sons from the spring, the holy prayer is that which keeps the Lord, my Son Jesus, here, near you. Speak with Him everything you need for Him with you, sons. All the peace comes from His calling to you, and He loves much to hear you calling Him near you. He is the Way, and your speaking with Him, keeps you walking on the way, sons.

Now, I am covering you under my comfort, you and all the sons of this word, Who is my Son, Jesus Christ. Oh, you should also be Our comfort, of those from heaven near you, and peace to you, and peace to You, Son Jesus with them!

― Oh, My mother, We are their peace, and they are Ours, mother. Oh, happy are those who live with God on earth, mother! Happy and happy are and will be those who will receive God to the end over them by this word and will fulfill it, mother!

Oh, sons, I remain with you kept tight at My bosom. I keep you close, sons, and you shall be so and you should stay like that. Ask so that I may keep you strong for Me and for you. Carry all of your worries with Me and it will be easy. There is a prayer from the fathers: „The worry of life took me out of paradise!”. This is how they were taking care to tell God, and they were saying: „Lord, have mercy on us!”.

Oh, peace with you, sons! Keep what I give you and multiply the gifts that I am giving to you. Ask Me what you have from Me and you will have what you ask for, oh, sons, for I give you, I will give you. Amen, amen, amen.