The Word of God to the nations on earth and to their leaders, at the Feast of the Saint Hierarch Spyridon

It is being place on earth food of word coming with the clouds, as it is written, (Matt: 24/30; Matt: 26/64) and the word is being written into its book in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and the word will go all over the earth with the speaking of God the Word, for God is working at the new birth of the world, He, and not the man, oh, is not the man who works this, and I, the Lord, am arising to tell the man all over that I made the heaven, the earth, the visible and invisible things of God, because the man is very little, and even if from the beginning he has wanted to think that is greater than God, the Creator; however, the man is small, and the little one does not want to listen to God, and if he does not listen, I come to tell him this and to show him that God watches from above with His saints and angels, the Lord watches over the earth and over the people, He watches moment by moment and works mysteriously to prepare greatly His kingdom between heaven and earth, and let the man humble himself before this word. Amen.

There has passed almost one hundred years since the antichrist man wanted to replace the times and the feasts of the Lord and of His saints, and then he wanted to begin fully his victory against Jesus Christ, the Son of God Father, incarnated two thousand years in the Virgin and born as true God of true God, of one Being with the Father, for the Father has made everything through His Son, the Word, the heaven and the earth, the visible and invisible things of God’s creation, all of them.

The Father is in Me, and I am in the Father, oh, and only in this way everything was worked and is being worked, because the man wanted and always wants to work at God’s demolition and to be his own God, he, who cannot do this, but despite this, but his stubbornness is great.

I was working happily, I was working by the word and the heaven and the earth appeared, and after every fulfilled word I was looking and saying: «It is good!». However, after I had made the man, I lost the entire happiness all of a sudden and pain came, and even from the beginning the man has inflicted pain on Me, because he has wanted to be more than he is, and he who is not satisfied with how he is and what he is, that one gives birth to the evil spirit, the spirit against the wellbeing that comes from God and to God’s will with the man.

For seven thousand years I have been suffering from man, oh, and because of God’s great pain, I descended from near the Father two thousand years ago, for the Father had sent Me to start reparation and to make the world and the man again, to renew everything and to come to the first joy, oh, and I am working and speaking only crying. I am mourning over My pain from the man, and I chose My bedding, worked through the word on your hearth, My today’s country. Oh, you have a great name in heaven, Romanian country, and your name will remain great in heaven and on earth, for the antichrist man keeps on applying to the work against God the plan hidden from the people in order to wipe out the Christian name from the earth, and the mystery of Jesus Christ’s church, of the Christian name of the people that have the Orthodoxy as their way, as the flock is called by the holy name of Jesus Christ.

Oh, be attentive, country, for you have got a written name on your forehead even from the beginning, and especially once with My birth on earth, when the people of Israel threw down Me and gave Me to perish by the cross; nevertheless, God couldn’t die, oh, and all were scared to death when I was resurrected and built My church to be through it even to the end on the earth with the people as I said then that I would be.

Oh, be attentive, My today’s country, I have been within you as word for almost seventy years and the prophecy of your name written in the Scriptures is being fulfilled. (Daniel: 11/41). Because of My word over you, it is written by the angels over you a great name: „There the Lord is”, (Micah 4:1, 2), oh, and satan sees the name and My word on your hearth and is afraid of you as of Me, and I am embracing you with a sweet word for I am the Comforter sent by the Father to shepherd you during this hard time and to raise you to My glory with you, to the commandments of life and to your salvation, for you are under the slavery, which is not understood above by your Christians, because the work against God has always worked stealthily, for the spirit of satan knows your destiny from Me, and you, country, are set as a target before the antichrist spirit so that you may fall down from My bosom and to do satan’s will, because the work of My church does evil to satan, the church that has not fallen from its mystery on your hearth, but is oppressed by those who do not have My true church and who have gathered together, country by country, to catch you and to divest you of the mystery of Jesus Christ’s church. Oh, I am suffering, and I am arising to fighting, with the angels and with the saints, to comprise you all round and to protect you from those who want you without God above you and in your midst, and woe to those who fight against God, woe to them! I will deal with you as I did with the cities saved from destruction by great repentance and awakening, for God was sending them a messenger when His mercy was coming down to save from the threat of the enemy those caught under sin, for the taste of the devil is this: to lead the man to sin, to the wilderness, so that the people may not take after those in heaven, who have sanctified themselves on earth for their salvation from hell and to their entrance into God’s paradise.

Oh, resisting spirit, enough! Do you hear? Enough of it! Step away! Leave My creature to be My will, for you did not build the man! Go walking round and round and receive now the reward for your hostile desire to wipe out God from the Christian man’s heart and mind. The work of your deception is turning into a scroll! You have brought the man to a hard fall, but I, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Word, arose, the One Who has made the heaven, the earth and the man, the sun and the moon, all the great things and all the dwelling places between heaven and earth, for in the house of My Father there are many places and you do not know God’s mysteries and you are groping in the dark and babbling only foolishness so that you may know that are foolish all those who want to believe you; still no, because God made the heaven and the earth and He keeps under His control the mystery of creation, and you are intruding and speaking from your belly and you say that there are more earths and nations of people and they will come on earth too. (It is about all kinds of information about aliens, who would come on earth with “Unidentifiable Flying Objects”, UFO’s, r.n.) Oh, where from have you taken this to speak like that? It’s only from the spirit of your darkness that you have taken in order to deceive, if possible, even those who are Christian and know God’s mysteries with the people on earth. (See Matt: 24/24; Mark: 13/22)

Behold, I am coming into your way, spirit of lie, to throw you down with the breath of My mouth, as it is written into the Scriptures that I will scatter you everywhere, (2 Thess. 2:8), because it is written in God’s Scriptures about your work by which you blow against Christs and against Christ’s house, the man, and against the church of the Christian people, baptized two thousand years ago to be on earth with the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, on his forehead, in his mind and in his faithful heart for God in man.

I will immediately defeat you, spirit, I will prevail against you, man, who fight against Me, for I am raising now My church and its servants to a great and holy watch and to repentance with humility to make My church beautifully and that you may be afraid of her brightness, that which you have been persecuted even from its very beginning when you threw down its saints through the kings about whom you said that you were ruling over the earth.

Oh, woe to you, dark spirit, evil spirit, because you sneaked in man through the disobedience of the man in paradise at the beginning! The man took from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and you have been enticing him to do evil by his taking into his belly when he took from the tree. However, I am coming to tell you what you did, and I am telling the man to enrich his good which he tasted from the tree, as for seven thousand years the man has been doing the evil taken from that tree. That tree was under God’s protection, but the man worked stealthily because of you, for you started to influence him to do evil, to the disobedience to his Builder. Nevertheless, now it is coming the Lord’s glory on earth, the Lord is coming as word on the hearth of the Romanian people and is waking up His church and its work, built two thousand years ago, the word and My disposition to holy work, for I am the One Who has to feed My flock, to keep it and to shepherd it.

You have torn My flock apart, enemy spirit against God and against man, you, who worked My crucifixion on the cross thinking that you could destroy Me and that you would become the master of the man. You also worked separation over the church one thousand years ago through those without faith in the flock. (The year of 1054, at the separation of the Western Church – the Catholic Church, from the Eastern Church - the Orthodox one, r.n.)

Then again, you blew heavily one hundred years ago, (The year of 1923, at the Synod of several Orthodox churches, when the 1st October 1923, in the Julian Calendar, became the 14th October in the Revised Julian Calendar, thus eliminating 13 days, r.n.), shaking the watching in the church in such a way that it might lose the observance for the things ordained first by the saints and by the fathers; however, I have not forsaken My church and I have kept it to be Mine and I have been taking care of it in this way, and now, I want to wake up to repentance the entire Christian people and suddenly to raise the holy state, forsaken for a long time by the Christians, and to give them power again to fulfill the commandments of life, the rising to a strong faith and to set watch over My church with the word over it, for behold, the man who is not shepherded by the Lord on earth is not a free man, instead he is a slave and a tool of the devil, who enticed the woman in paradise, inciting her to commit sin against herself, against her husband and against God, thus violating the commandment of obedience to God and then hiding with the disobedience, which led them to fall from paradise and to become the devil’s slaves, fell from God’s will over them. The devil works heavily in those who think that they are free to do whatever they feel to do, and the man, alone and without God, does not have a clean heart even for himself, for the clean heart is that which gives itself wholly over to those around it and does not have anything for itself, because it does no longer belongs to the man, but to those around it, because it is not for himself that the man has a heart, but rather for those around him.

Oh, it is hard without God; it is bad for you, people against God. You want to get rid of God, as Adam did in paradise and you believe that you can manage. You fight blindly to wipe out the testimony of Jesus Christ on earth, but I am telling you from heaven, I, the Christ of the Father, and I am telling you that the painful moment is coming, it is coming when you think that you have overcome and when you will be defeated like Lucifer, the one who became proud against God, and you will be caught by God’s angels, who watch between heaven and earth over all the mysteries and over all the people carrying of God and of the holy faith, and all satan’s carriers will be gathered as in a bunch and will receive their fate, which they know from the Scriptures and which they know thoroughly, (Apoc: 16/16,17), to test their victory against God, but this is not going to be because it is written that Christ will be the Victor, not satan, not the antichrist, who is hidden and works in the dark and who does not want to know that the Lord is coming, that the light is coming and will expose him in his hidings together with his angels, dressed like him.

You alone are pouring out the chalice of wrath over yourselves, (Apoc: 16/2-17), to which you reach out your hand without you knowing that this is what you are doing, but I, the Lord, know, and I am giving you the mind to do what you are doing, and which is going to fall upon you by the breath of My mouth, as it is written for you to be overcome.

I am telling you, those who carry satan, and you, servants of the spirit of antichrist, I am telling you that between heaven and earth are the heavenly places and that the Father’s places are many and they are the Thrones and Dominions, they are the Archangels and Angels, the Cherubim and Seraphim, all the heavenly powers that serve God, and the man passes through them in the air and does not see them, for he does not see God and God’s invisible things, and which have been seen from time to time by someone on earth to be written the revelations coming down from God, because the angels have been seen fighting as soldiers in the air for the good people on earth and throwing down satan’s workers, lest God’s enemies may touch the wine and the oil, those with the holy cross on their heads, those sealed with the victorious weapon, by which I, the Lord, prevailed against the ruler of this age, satan and all of his angels.

Oh, only those that tremble at My word, only they have in their nature the fear of God, only they are those who have the true faith and a way with faith for the steps of their life with God on their way, for they are afraid to have another kind of conduct in their life, they are afraid because they are afraid of God, and the fear of God makes them wise to follow the commandments of life as God wants and requires, as the Lord have ordained for the man to fulfill before Him.

Amen, amen, I am speaking to you, satan’s carriers, that there were Caesars, there were pagan kings, Pharaohs of the world, thirsty of blood, thirsty of greatness and power over the earth, there was an evil spirit in all of them who exalted themselves to be great and big over God and over people, and now you are, those who try to touch the Orthodox people and countries, and you are My enemies of today and of those who are baptized with My name upon them, and behold, you want to strike against these countries, with My church in them serving God so that it may go well with them with God over them as their protector, and not with the people who want to be only big and that is all. I am telling you that it will happen to you as it happened to those two thousand years ago, after My resurrection was done, which they did no longer expect, oh, and it is going to be the same now.

I am telling you, God’s enemies, that I existed before I created the heaven and the earth, and I am telling you again: Leave to the Lord what belongs to the Lord, and take your share and step aside, for the Christian Orthodox countries are My inheritance and I have in them the working, the holy and godly Liturgy, which I ordained two thousand years ago through My disciples, and through which I am with those who are Mine to the end of the time, and the pagan countries which blow against God, against God’s will and against the sons of the Christian people, cannot be sisters with the Christian countries, that are under the seal of God, the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit and under the sign of the holy cross.

As far as the Romanian land concerns, step aside with your hidden work against the destiny of this nation, for here I am as Word coming down from heaven and with the clouds over it, for I ascended in the clouds and went to be with the Father after I had been resurrected and proved to be true God, and now, in the end of the time, I am speaking in the language of the Romanian people and I am writing the Gospel of My second coming from the Father to man, and I have almost seventy years of history of My speaking into the midst of this nation, chosen to be Mine even from the beginning of My church on earth, and I want to make light on earth by My coming as word to the Romanians, to those who carry My coming, its mystery and My victory, which is coming near.

You, people on earth, listen: I am Who I am. I am the Son of God, the Father, I am the resurrected Son. I am speaking to you in the language of the Romanian people and I am calling you near to My love and to its spring, which is becoming a word of longing into the midst of the Romanian land. Oh, do not ask yourselves why here. I, the Lord, am going to speak about this great mystery and you will be comforted in the time of great light, for the light is coming. Do you hear what I say? Let the light come and be! Do you hear what the Lord is saying? I am the One Who commands you from heaven to hear!

You, peoples and sons of the peoples on earth, do not let yourselves be paid and led astray by those who are not faithful, and do not let yourselves be deceived by positions from the part of the sons of the darkness so that they may spread the lie through you. Oh, do not let yourselves be led by the lie, by its lying works, for an unfair gain, and especially that for the fight against God, as it will have a bad reward, and the man, deceived by the lie that goes like the storm that makes much damage, will cry, and all the sons of the lie will be taken by surprise when they expect least, and pains in their body and spirit will come over them, bitterness and sufferance against those who blow against God, Who is coming near with mercy to those who are guilty against Him in order to heal them from their sin, to those who are separated from God by sin, for there is either good or bad eternity for everyone, and this judgment belongs to God, it does not belong to man.

I had to speak the word face to face with the fight of the satanic man against God and against God’s church and to tell him that the victor is not the opposing man, but I am the One Who has defeated him, I, because this is written into the Book of the Truth, and on which he keeps an eye only to do his work and to wage war against the Lamb of God, (Apoc: 17/14), the One Who was resurrected from crucifixion two thousand years ago and proved His descent from the Father to the people, and when the ruler of this age will be judged.

You, rulers over the peoples, with the Orthodox Church on your hearth, protect your people from the spirit of the antichrist. Wake up and call out to the Lord so that He may prevail for you against satan and against the antichrist! Come out of the midst of those who oppose God if you are among those who are not the Christians of My church, through which I have kept My love on earth and My holy gifts over the people.

You, My today’s country, My Romanian country, oh, you do no longer have protectors over you; you do no longer have any. Your rulers do not want you to be Mine and those who had to protect you from enemies have forsaken you and serve your enemies and the enemies of your church; nevertheless, I am coming and I am with you and I am telling the rulers over you no longer to persecute you, no longer to leave you over to the strangers, no longer to give you over to the hand of those who do not have God as their master, for you are Mine, you are My today’s homeland, in which I have prepared My bedding for My great work on the earth now, in the end of the time.

Oh, long ago a good king came to rule upon you, My country, and he did not have your faith and a church like yours, but he humbled himself, he bowed before you as your savior on My behalf and he was baptized in your faith, oh, and in this way you could believe and rely on him to do good for you. However, today, you have ruthless rulers, and they borrow for you to separate you from God; however, you wake up and stand on My side, you, Orthodox Christian country. Oh, wake up and watch day and night so that your little shirt of Christian may not be torn apart, for it has to be put on so that I may be able to find you.

Oh, My country, stand watch, and I at your helm, for you do not have mercy for you on earth. Day and night I watch above you for you and for My work in you over the earth. Early in the morning I hurry those in heaven for your protection. From sunrise to sunrise again, this is how long I have been watching and preparing you for the feast of the day of My glory, for there is so much glory over you for Me with you! The suns rises and sets and then it rises again, and in the same way I work with you; I work with you, and the lie will perish, and satan will perish as well, and it will come upon you the glory of the Lord, as it is written.

Oh, this day is a holy day. It is known on earth that it is the feast of Christmas, and it is written in heaven a feast for the bishop Spyridon, the confessor of God, the one praised within Trinity in heaven and on earth. This servant goes all over the earth all the time and works mysteriously with God among people.

Oh, what will you do, world, when you will see as in a movie the work of the heavenly powers and of My saints and angels, how much and how permanent it will have been? Oh, where will you enter, world with your unfaithful ones?

My bishop Spyridon is bowing to express his joy that I, the Lord, have spoken over the peoples My truth and theirs, the truth that God is persecuted on earth by the peoples that do not want God over their lives.

― Oh, Lord, Your word is enough, and I am rejoicing over Your great glory and I am staying under Your work and under its spring into the midst of the Romanian land, and all of Your saints love to be Romanians as You have loved to be and to speak now, in the end, this sweet language, the language from the beginning and from the end of the time, Lord.

― I, the Lord, am your Shepherd, Romanian people. I love you with the love of the Father, and the Father is in Me. Oh, remember God, My today’s country. The Lord wakes up your spirit and watching now. Let all the priests in you arise to repentance and let them comfort you, for the rulers upon you do no longer lead you to God, and even more, they put the lock on the church and bound the mouth of the Christians. (Because of the coronavirus pandemic, r.n.) Oh, what a lie! Oh, how much boldness on the spirit foreign to God, and how much guilty bowing on those who bow without them making their protection and their rising, for a great obstacle was put before you to fall, church of the Romanian people! Oh, how long the heaven and the calling of My saints are going to endure? Oh, this holy endurance will end soon. (Apoc: 6/10,11)

Sons, sons, this and so My saints ask; however, My endurance will bring forth great fruit, dear sons, and you should take My word and put it on the way to go and to work.

Keep the citadel from the spirit of the world, oh, sons, so that the Lord may have His power and His word here, and let nothing of the world come in here, for this citadel is the Lord’s.

I have spoken with those who stand against Me and against the Christian people, and I am arising now to bring down the haughtiness of those, who try to do their will over the earth, over the people and over My church that was chosen for Me, who try to put God aside for the pagan will on earth, but I, the Lord, have Christian countries on earth and not only countries without God’s will with them.

I am laying down My hand over the Christian people on earth and I am saying: Pace to you, Christian people from all over the earth! Peace to you, Christ’s church! I am coming son! (Apoc: 22/12,13; 22/20) Keep what you have so that no one may take your crown! Keep My word and confess My name, oh, Christian people, and do My will with your life, for I am giving you the work of victory with Me against satan’s synagogue and in which all lie and say that are righteous. (Apoc: 3/9) They will bow before My name in My church, faithful to Me for more than two thousand years, and I will make them see and know that you have My love with you, that I loved and I love you without any limits and that I am with you on the way to the Father and on the Father’s way to you. Keep, therefore, My word and My will, for I will protect you from the temptation that tests the world and its inhabitants, as it is written.

Oh, Christian sons, be victorious through the church and be good under My arm and in My mysterious house with you, and you will bear My name on your foreheads and the name of God’s citadel, the New Jerusalem, which is coming down from heaven, (Apoc: 3/12) and My new name: The Word of God. (Apoc: 19/13) And let he who has ears hear with them, let him hear what the Spirits is speaking to you, My church, with which, I, the Lord, carry My cross.

Oh, sons of My church, make a cross, sons, make the sign of the cross and when you make it, say: In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; this is what you are to say and this is how you are to make the sign of the cross, because the Christian people has to make on his body this seal to be protected with the sign of the holy cross, for where this sign is not, there satan rules at his will with all his evil servants.

I have spoken a heavenly epistle over the earth now, when nations, peoples and languages say that it is the feast of Christmas, as they may have got used to saying this. However, I will be with the feast of My Birth at its place in the Christian calendar, and I will speak then with those who are many and who tell each other the story with Father Christmas (Santa Claus), and still other tell one another that there is no Father Christmas.

I am the Good Shepherd and the One Who sings beautifully, beautifully, and keeps His flock away from wolves and from those who are clothed in a garment of lamb’s skin only on the outside.

I am the One Who tends My sheep and I do not leave them, and they listen and will listen to My voice and will not go after the foreign shepherds because I will gather them near Me, in My holy fold, in My only one church, and which I have left it as a holy inheritance to those who follow Me to the end, to My coming, to the day of My glory with it, with My bride. (Apoc: 21/2). Amen, amen, amen.