The Word of God over the Romanian country, over the rulers of the country, over the church and over the Romanian people, on the fourth Sunday of the Lent, of the Devout Saint John of the Ladder

With an angelic suite and with groups of saints I am descending over the earth My Spirit and Word.

Shall I say who I am? I am Who I am. I am the Son of God the Father, and I am His Word. I am Jesus Christ, the Lord, and I have been writing Myself down on the hearth of the Romanian land for more than fifty years and I have been working more and more, however, not as much as the man who opposes Me and who keeps on being confused in his language, in his blind fight and in his work, with which he tries to plunder the flock like a wolf hungry after the sheep, that has its den into the deep, in its darkness.

I am working hard this day, I am working with the Holy Spirit and bringing the truth by My word, and I am giving each one according to his work, for this is what I have to work, for this time has come and I want to examine the Christian flock, to bind its wounds and to heal it from mistakes and then to give it comfort.

I am working for you, Christian flock of the Romanian people, and I am speaking with you with mercy and with the Holy Spirit, not by television like My adversary, the antichrist, the one with his hidden work and with guilty news and many of his lies everywhere, for I am the truth, I am the way, I too am the life, as it is written. Oh, do not entrust yourself to human help, and do not forget what I am telling you now, for man sets himself up as God; however I do not leave you, and I am coming to comfort you and to bring you word from heaven, for you do not find any mercy and care for you on earth, but I am merciful, because I laid down My life for My flock, for My church, and I will not deceive you in My love for you, for you are My inheritance through the cross and by My resurrection, and I am Master through you on earth, My love, and I have My helm in you over My creation and yours.

Oh, Romanian country, My today’s country, for more than sixty years I have been singing My love for you on earth, and you do not know it because you are not able to know what God has been doing on your hearth, that there has been a time of difficulty for My word upon you, but I have always written and taken it now over you and I have put it on the water to run; I have put it on the way so that you may find it and that it may find you too, and all the nations to be nourished from this manna, for it is written that the peoples will stream to My mountain of word to learn the way of peace, the way of freedom, of salvation, the Lord’s laws, the happiness of the nations, (See Micah 4:1, 2), and many will see it, believe and head for the way of the cross, on My way with man, for blessed are those who have Me as their Savior through the fulfillment of the commandments of law, for their fulfillment brings salvation and love, for I am the man’s benefactor, I, and My holy laws for man.

Oh, pay attention, be careful, Romanian people. I am waking you up and giving you comfort in times of trial upon you, (Coronavirus pandemic, r.n.), and behold, you have to watch for My word upon you, for you have turned away from God, oh, and you have turned away a lot, for the work of antichrist has been deceiving you secretly, but the Scriptures of the Holy Spirit has announced in time that the work of the opposing man, the antichrist, will rise to deceive the nations and to threaten My house, and he has set up false prophets to strike down My church, founded from the beginning, and which walked and walks on the way and it is called the Orthodox Church, the trunk of the tree, the body from which many have stepped aside for one thousand years, (From the separation of the western church – Catholic, from the eastern one – Orthodox, r.n.), now, in the end of the time, and these have been doing the work of the false prophets (The other Protestant and neo-Protestant cults, separated, in turn, from the western church, r.n.), and they have broken the body of the church, trampled the wine, broken the branches and thrown them down to the ground, for disobedience is the work of pride and it is the antichrist’s work, the one who fights against God, whom I am announcing and telling him now this:

People know, many know, they know the Scriptures better than you; not only you know them, and people know your work and you give yourself away, antichrist man, when you try to take possession of the earth and everywhere, and you walk restlessly to place your mark on people, and even on My people under My cross, but put it on yours if you keep working so hard, that I do not let you over My inheritance, and it is written that I will come with the saints and destroy with the breath of My mouth, with My great word I will destroy your work and your servants as well, and what else shall I do to you if this is written to be done, if you fight against Me? Oh, deceive yours, Gog and Magog, not those who are shadowed by the power of My cross and by its sign, for I am God, One God, and you are My adversary, and in your fight against Me, you prove that you are My enemy, and that you try to deceive every man, that you are his benefactor; however, you are a wolf that deceives and tears down, according to your very dark work, as your black spirit is. Oh, step aside from God and from man’s way; step aside and go back to your dens and wait for Me there to bring your due reward, that I, the Lord Jesus Christ, am clearly saying now so that it may be heard from margins to margins, and I am saying this:

I made the heaven and earth, not you, not you, antichrist! I made the man, not you. Be ashamed when you hear what I am saying to you, and look better into the Scriptures and see how Christ overcomes the beast, which tries to tears everything.

Oh, do no longer pretend to be a benefactor, and go back to your dens and do no longer lie to yourself that you will rule the world, for I, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father God, I am the One Who has received from the Father to rule over the earth, I, not you, and you have no shame, for you have only pride in your dough.

With all your company of servants, scattered all over the earth, I am speaking and saying now, and I am telling you that I am going to take the whip against you so that you may no longer fight against Me and against My people on earth, that it has to be on earth as in heaven, not as in your hell, hidden from the face of men. And concerning the Romanian country, you must pay great attention to know well that it is My today’s country, and I am speaking now for it, saying: May your entire work perish from My today’s country, as I have compassion on you for you are a man and have the name of a man, but you have a secret number and a secret army under your name, 666, but I, the Lord, have a strong army, too, I have the whole heaven of saints and angels, as for more than a thousand years, and even for two thousand years you have been pushing the people to deny the cross so that you may be able to overcome, but the cross is the weapon that will overcome you and it will destroy you, for I, the Lord, behold, I am waking up My flock and set the weapons at work against you and you will surely be defeated.

Oh, you are wretched. You pose that you are good, but you persecute God and try to give the law of debauchery (Through so-called rights of sexual minorities, r.n.) over nations to persecute them in this way, to your hell, dark of sins, for you hate man. Oh, no persecutor has done any good, any antichrist knows nothing but do only evil and to scatter it over the earth and over the people. I will make you as blind as Pharaoh and his people, when I took Israel out of Egypt, and I will make you groping in your dark, for I am going to take the whip into My hand so that you may know Me, to see how big God is and how praised He is, and that My church is My bride and you do not have any right to trample My inheritance. Therefore, go away! Go and hide into your dens, and take away your hidden work from the earth, for the Scriptures give you away even if you have dared to change in them the meaning of their writings from the beginning! Oh, no, for there are unchanging Scriptures on earth, and the time is over for you to destroy, so go away now, for the writing is that Christ, the Son of God the Father, will destroy you with the breath of His nostrils, with His word! Amen.

And you, those who rule over the Romanian country from the upper seats, pay attention for God is speaking to you. Comfort, comfort My people, and do not trouble its soul, for this is what the work the antichrist wants to do; he wants to put fear in people, and then to bring them into his submission. Oh, no! Take great and fatherly care, if you sit at the helm of My today’s country, as for tens of years I have been the word over this people, over the Romanian country. See that the people may not blame you and say that it was better and that it was more protected in the time before. (The time of the dictatorship of the communist red beast and of its followers, r.n.) You are responsible for the people before God and not before men, who want to bring My Romanian country into submission for the antichrist, and to set its sign upon My flock. Oh, no, no. Watch over that I am telling you to watch, and do not take after the mob of people and after other countries, which Romanian is also part of, (United Nations and the European Community, r.n.) poor crowd, but if it entered, let it watch and listen to God. And you, do not listen to the foreigners who are against the people, but listen to God for the people, for the Romanian people is blessed in a special way among the nations and I have been keeping My hand over it for more than two thousand year, for seven thousand years, because this is what the Father has chosen as the country for Me for the end of the time. And if you do not believe, then I believe, and I keep My hand over it, I and My Virgin Mother, I and all the armies of saints and angels who stand above and protect from above, and they also protect both from below and from the sides, and you should know this from God.

It is very sick the mixture of the countries, where Romania has also been drawn, a Christian country with the cross on its forehead, and those, who have set themselves as rulers over countries, think that they are the masters, but the power is in heaven not on earth, for man is very weak before God.

Oh, those who try to rule over the world, forget that people are not animals, as I, the Lord, see, that the antichrist man treats and deals with the destiny of people. Now I am getting up with much power and breathing over the destiny of the Romanian people; I am strengthening the hope, the faith and the love over the country and I am giving it the sweet beauty, and I am giving it comfort, too, for the Romanian people is seized with fear, (Fear from coronavirus pandemic, r.n.) poor of it, for the work of the antichrist tries to deform here, too, the beauty from above of the man made by God. Oh, I see the children with the antichrist’s window in their hands; I see the little ones how they learn what is evil, not what is good, and the children forget about the fatherly God even from their infancy, from Whom come all the good and all the gifts.

You, those who want to be at the helm, the merciful and the good ones for the Romanian people, oh, do not go, do not take part in dangerous meetings, where the people of lie want to make plans for the fate of the people. These human meetings are dangerous for people and for you too before God, they are dangerous for peoples, and you should not test Me. I can stop the evil any time, but you should also want to do that and to listen to what I exhort you from heaven, for I see the evil thought of the antichrist, and I teach you to remain clean for the people and for the soul of the people.

Oh, do no longer borrow anything from the foreigners; do not sell to others the power and the people! Teach the people and I, the Lord, also teach it, and tell it that it is dangerous to be indebted to strangers. Let the people go and gather its food from God given for man, for it is written that I am the One Who covers the sky with clouds and brings rain on earth to bear grass and greenery to the service of the people and feed all the breath on earth. And, as all creatures ask Me to give them food, the same should man ask Me, for I take care of him, I, not the heathen man and enemy of God.

Let the people go, gather and eat those that God has made, healthy food and all kinds and variety, and let him also work his land as once their ancestors did, who now are the inhabitants of the heaven and who pray for the people left on earth.

Choice food grows on earth, nettles and mushrooms of all kinds, variety of greenery, seeds of all kinds, sweet, nutritious and very healthy fruit, and let the lovers of God eat this food, not with abundance of food, as the heathen without God on earth do.

And I am still saying to you, those who are at the helm of the Romanian people: If a king, if a country servant sits on the seats of the country, and if he does not speak with God for all his things and the things of the people, then can he rule over the people on his own and on behalf of the others, of the strangers? Oh, David was a king and he was speaking with Me day and night; he was fasting, praying and repenting for his sins and for the sins of his people and for God’s glory with him, and so must be he who wants to be the ruler of a people.

Oh, the foreigner is a trap for you, Romanian people, for he has got his work hidden in man, because you saw the Turk when he trampled your people and the borders of your country, but you do not see the antichrist and its dens as much as you think that you see them. Oh, take care because it is the work of antichrist, who blasphemes God, the cross and the holy way, and this enemy works stealthily and wants to put his mark and give to man from his own things in order to keep the man in bondage and to teach him paganism, the way to hell. Oh, no! The sons of Romania are full of grace, and they can do alone that what they need to do and to have what is good and peace upon them, but the foreigners are a trap, they are enemies, and they do not pay attention, as the Romanian sons may want to believe.

However, you, Romanian people, have been the only Christian people for two thousand years because this is what the Father has wanted you to be for Me. But where, son, where is your little cross from your neck? It is the weapon that defends you, Romanian sons and which mark you as Mine. Oh, wear the cross at your neck, but one like Mine, made of wood, and you be My gold, My possession. Oh, do not be afraid of poverty; do not be afraid of it for I am the One Who feeds. Keep through the church the faith from the beginning and received from the saints, and not from anyone who speaks about God, as do so many people who are deceived by false prophets and pulled out from the ancestral church, for the apostles, who gave to the world the book of My Gospel and theirs, wrote that false prophets would arise to draw the Christians away from them and that the Christians would no longer listen to the Holy Spirit of My church, because the false prophets serve the antichrist, and put aside My Mother Virgin, the one who surpassed the heavenly powers with the birth of God among people, and these liken her to any man, while she stands guard and protection over the Romanian land with open arms above, and she is served by cherubim and seraphim, and it shall be seen how she ministers from the sky like Me, like the saints, like the angels, and how she puts to shame all those who liken her to the insignificant.

You, Romanian sons, fulfill the commandments of life and of the Scriptures! Do not sell and do not buy on Sundays. Put myrrh and holy water on your forehead and on the soles of your feet which carry you through the places full of sin, and let the cross be your seal, a heavenly sign upon you and defense before antichrist, whom the cross frightens and kills, and it will overcome him fully, for he wanted and wants to make people forget about God’s commandments, which say: you shall not commit adultery, you shall not steal, you shall not give false testimony against your neighbor, you shall not murder, you shall not covet, but to love only God and His house, and those who serve in it for God’s people. And when a church or flock minister does not speak with God about all his things, and about those of the church over which he watches and serves with his life, then can he himself protect the people and the Spirit of God on the table of the church he serves? Oh, definitely no, but all have to be done with God and nothing without God through My church and over it.

Let the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah come out of the Romanians, and keep your country without sin, Romanian sons, for the wages of sin is death, oh, and the Romanian country has painfully gone wrong that it let itself drawn by the mixture without God. The church of the Romanian people have gone wrong that it too let itself be drawn by the mixture without God and with the name of a church, (The ecumenism, r.n.) but I, the Lord, am going to wipe out its mistake now, for I love it with great love, and I love it as My hope, and I ask it for the love of God over it.

I forgive your mistake, oh, My church of Romanians. I am now forgiving the ministers that have gone wrong against Me and against your head, when they went to the meeting which serves the mixture of the antichrist, (They participated in the “Ecumenical Synod of Crete,” r.n.) because they did not listen when I told them not to go. The Russian church obeyed and received with faith the word and remained far from this sin of mixture with a hidden face under the name of the Orthodoxy; however, I, the Lord, am coming now and wiping out the guilt and at the same time, I am exhorting the priests and the bishops to stand up by My grace and receive comfort over the flock and repentance together with the flock, and to bring before Me the prayer from the book of the churchly service, the prayer for the calling of God’s mercy at every religious service and for His mercy on the people’s weaknesses, for in this holy prayer there is also repentance; it is a calling and it is My compassion as well. And the law of the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah must be put away from the country through the church, for these sins incur wrath, the devils work and therefore punishment for all.

The Christian people know the Scriptures; not only antichrist knows them, and he also knows that the sign of the Christians is the cross, and the man with the heart of a beast will be destroyed by the breath of My mouth, as it is written in the Scriptures, and here I am against him, and I will strike him with darkness, I will strike with blindness the one who does not receive the work from God, and My church will be built and it will be sanctified, on the forehead with its weapon, with the cross, and the saints will overcome and will judge the world with mercy, as it is written, and My Christians pray to the heaven and do the sign of the holy cross over them, over their houses, over all their things and over their Orthodox country.

Now, stand up all the Orthodox countries and hold the cross up, up, for with it you will overcome and strengthen yourselves, and it will keep on protecting My country, for I will always be as word over it, and the Holy Spirit will take from what is Mine and He will bring news from heaven over it, and it will be on earth as in heaven, and all the time holy fulfillments are needed through the church, My Romanian sons, for God is very dear and there is no greater love than His love in those who love Him on earth.

Oh, sons of the Orthodoxy, keep well in mind that the false prophets, the people of the antichrist, changed the Scriptures and wrote thousands of years, and they wrote in many other places in them other things than those written in the Scriptures. Yes, and the Scriptures have also been changed on the table of the church, therefore, look for the unchanging Scriptures, for behold how much I love you, how much I teach and reveal you so that you may walk in My truth that brings you endless happiness, sons. And My voice is comforting you now, as every cloud has its silver lining, (Romanian = and all evil is for good, tr.n.) for I said that I would be with My people to the end of the ages, and behold, I am.

The greatest miracle, which God has done, is man; first man and then God born of man on earth, but birth as in heaven not as on earth, and the Holy Spirit Who completes the threefold work of the Holy Trinity, the Trinity of one and inseparable Being, the Holy Spirit, is prophesied to come, to reign and to teach the sons of the church from heaven, so that God’s sons may have from God, and that they may be God’s house on earth. (Work threefold: From Adam to the first coming of the Son - the Father`s. Since first coming to the second - the work of the Son, for the salvation of those who believe in Jesus Christ. Since the second coming - the Word of God (Apoc: 19/13) - The Holy Spirit, the sanctifying work of the creature, r.n.)

I still have to tell you this: Oh, do not seek to have money and keep them close and yours, Romanian sons. Put everything on the table in times of trial, and do not take from the foreigners, for the foreigners take away your freedom, your word and the rudder from over you. Oh, the country is in debt, because it has borrowed in order to give you and that you may not be deprived. However, debts must be paid. Therefore, bow with mercy and collect in one place all who have purses and pay the debts of the country and get rid of the foreign masters.

Come back to your homes, if you have left them for distant countries, Romanian sons! Even if you were to eat only onions with polenta, as your ancestors ate and were healthy and holy and did not leave the parental estate, the country and the people. Work here to have food and clothes. Do not become servants to the foreigners because it is a shame; it is shameful to become slaves for more money, and may be it cursed, for money has ruined everything, and those who have got a lot of it, have gathered it unjustly, and they want to subdue all the nations and all the souls that are in them and by so doing to be able to drive God out of the earth so that they may become great and strong gods, poor of them. Oh, and how laughable these enemies of the cross will become, for I, the Lord, will not delay to overthrow them and to thwart their pagan plans.

And as for you, priests, teachers, doctors, and you, too, good people of the Romanian nation, wake up the people to the love of God, to the happiness and holy joy of old, to the work of the fields with singing, to the spirit of contentment, for poverty and little of everything, these bring diligence and beauty of man, the holy restraining, singing, peace giving and God’s dwelling with the people on earth, the most beautiful feast, and which the sons of God know and are happy in it, the sons of the heaven on earth.

Oh, I have brought you comfort, I have descended to give you the word. I am the word; I am the Word of God (Apoc: 19/13) and the heaven and earth flee or stand before Me.

I take you in My protection, Romanian sons, and those who oppose and seek you with pagan thoughts, these will know Me, Who I am.

I take you into My arms and I keep you tight at My bosom, because you are sad and oppressed, many, many of you, and fear has seized you, sons. Oh, not in this way. I keep you under My wings of merciful Shepherd to take care of you. Be victorious through Me and through the cross! Rejoice that you have had the opportunity to remain good as in time of feasting, submitting to the authority over you, as you have not been taught to stay and fast from the bad and guilty things before God! I am He Who guides you to My holy will. No one can stand against Me. I am at the helm all the bad time and I turn the evil into good, and the enemies will surely be put to shame.

Peace to you, Romanian sons, peace, sons!

And peace to you, all nations! Look to God and seek Him with a humble heart!

Let the antichrist work be set aside and listen to God the Word!

Peace and holy sun over the earth, and seven times brighter, as it is written!

Peace to you, church of the Romanian people! Oh, take care, take care of the holy feasts, take care of your life with the Lord.

I am your Guardian, and you are My vine, and I have come to weed you and to give you the beauty from the beginning.

Let all the servants of the Orthodox Church rise from all over the earth and prepare themselves to be with God every day, for the Church is My house on earth, it is My inheritance!

The Word of God has now spoken over the earth.

I stand above with the heavenly host, with the saints and angels, and I rule the nations with a rod of iron, with the word of My mouth, as it is written.

I am Who I am. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God the Father, and I am His Word over the earth, and I am saying:

Peace, peace over the earth!

Peace, peace on earth as in heaven! Amen, amen, amen.