The Word of God on the third Sunday of the Lent, of the Holy Cross. The feast of the Holy Forty Martyrs of Sebaste

A host of heralding angels is sounding their trumpets and saying:

The Lord is lowering His word down over the earth on the hearth of the Romanian people, to which He has got His path with the word for more than sixty years! The Lord is coming down and His speaking is being written down on earth, and it is called the Word of God, God the Word over the earth, He and His peace. Amen.

I am bringing down My peace now and I am leaving it to those who have no peace, (Because of the corona virus pandemic, r.n.), so that they may have peace after that! However, not the peace as the spirit of the world knows; not in this way do I give My peace, but as God knows the work of peace, that is the peace between man and God, between God and man, the fear of God, that which makes man wise, and then love, so that man may love as God and God’s will to be on earth as in heaven, for all the Christians say: «Father, let Your will be done, as in heaven, so on earth. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our debts, as we also forgive our debtors. Bring us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one, Father». (Matt: 6/9-13) And in order to be fulfillment from God by this prayer before the Father, then it has to be spoken from the whole truth of the Christian’s man’s heart, for God’s kingdom with man is just as a country that has over it a book, that cannot be changed anyway, but only by fulfilling its requirements (The Constitution, r.n.), and the same is with the kingdom of God, where there is order through the Holy Spirit, and it is sealed by the saints and fathers through the church at its beginning, and if something is added to it by the saints of the church, than this has to be done in accordance with the Holy Spirit, with God, with the holy laws, not as man wants to overthrow those established by the saints and which always have to be strengthened, and by no means changed, for whoever changes those that God has established then, then he deals with the foundation of God’s house and it is written about the one who commits such a sin, for he who spoils God’s Temple, God destroys one like that, too.

Now, I am coming closer with My peace from above and I am saying this: Peace to you, Romanian people! Strengthen yourself in God and do not stumble, (For the fear of corona virus, r.n.), and I am saying this also to those who rule over you, and the servants of the church know from the churchly books what it has to be done now among the prayers to God, and then the sanctified oil, the anointing service, and then they have to work over the flock the power of the holy cross, as it has to be strengthened through the saints and has to be done with the three fingers joined together, and then to put this sign over all the bodies, each one touching his forehead, his chest and then his right and left shoulders, and by this sign great protection will be done once with the prayer of the heart and lips to God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and if there is churchly obedience, the times of fasting have to be fulfilled once with the persevering prayer. Oh, that I missed and miss to see the Christian flock listening and fulfilling God’s will upon it, for the care and fear of now (Which has been spread into the whole world, r.n.) started more powerfully once with the coming of the time of the Lent, when the Christians do not have to touch the oiled food, the food forbidden for the time of fasting, and this holy order is written in the Christian calendar of My saints, and anyone who violates the holy ordinances should have fear, oh, and then no evil would come on earth, and behold, this is My peace, which I give to the Christian flock, it is the man’s reconciliation to God by the will of the heavenly Father as in heaven, oh, and this order there is no more over the Christians, and this lack of order incurs the payment of disobedience. However, there is at hand the weapon of repentance and God’s gift after that, the forgiveness of those who repent from their wrong doings and from trampling down the holy ordinances, for the army of the Christianity, from all over the earth where it may be, has now upon it the order of the Lent and God misses to see His flock being obedient through love, for great love is needed between man and God, and then comes the Lord’s love and mercy over those who love and fulfill the love and their names of Christians, and the protection from the evil one comes as well.

And now I am reminding of the great miracle in the time when God took the people enslaved in Egypt through Moses and when punishment came for the humiliation of Pharaoh and his people so that God might be able to release the way of those who were to come out of bondage, oh, and the punishment did not touch any of the people of Israel, but only those who were stubborn in Egypt, who were standing against God’s will, and thus the Lord took out safely the people out of bondage then, who understood to fulfill God’s will precisely.

Oh, the same is now, I am leaving the word and exhortation over the Christian flock to fulfill God’s will with fasting and calling praying, so that I may come with the angels and saints, as it is written for Me to come when I come on earth as word, and to protect now with a strong hand those who listen and rely on My love and mercy. When some evil comes, it does not come without God’s will, and satan asks for permission, after he has seen that the people do the will of the evil one that is God and man’s enemy.

However, I, the Lord, wait for the man to call out to Me so that I may come. Even if there are some who do not believe in God, if they call out to Me in time of trouble with faith and with their entire hearts, then I come and show My glory, I come and make deliverance; I come, for it is written for Me to come at the calling of the man’s heart.

Oh, Romanian people, oh, My Orthodox country, here it is what I am saying now to you: That is why, I, the Lord, still keep the earth; for the countries which have the Orthodoxy as their church, for the Orthodox church and those who are obedient in it are My bride, for I am the Bridegroom and I have a bride, and all the saints of the Orthodoxy have been My bride for two thousand years, My flock, My rest on earth, My house and all is holy ordinance, only for it to be kept with holiness for the holy life is from God, and sin is from the devil, but there is repentance for sin, and behold, I call out to the sons of the Orthodox church and first I am addressing to them: Repent, for the kingdom of the heavens is with you and you know how it is, and you have to fulfill it with your holy life on earth among people!

And I am calling out to all the others: Repent and ask from the Lord time for repentance and ask for wisdom from above over you, too, so that it may be revealed to you the right way, the way of My kingdom with man, and from which many have been turning away, in the last one thousand years, since My resurrection from the dead.

Oh, Christian sons from all over of the Orthodox Church, remain in the holy tree of My church founded through the apostles and through the saints, watered at its root always by the holy confessors, fed with holy laws and kept by the strong pillars of the grace from above. And then this unity has shaken, for many servants have taken up their customs and drawn with them to the margins and made their own groups, and then groups from groups as each one of them wanted, and they have no longer kept the guidance that has been handed down from the saints full of grace, who fell as a sacrifice for the faith from the fathers. However, I, the Lord, am coming and calling out to be reminded those from the beginning and so that the obedience of the Orthodox Church may be repaired everywhere it may live on earth, and the beginning of all good is the forgiveness that comes from God, for which one needs repentance, correction and obedience, and then the sign of the holy cross, as well, which puts away any hostile power, any kind of evil danger.

Oh, Romanian sons, Christian sons, Orthodox sons, make the sign of the cross, sons! Build in you a gentle heart by humility, sons, for humility is in those who are good in their heart, a spirit loving of people dwelling in them with its comforting and forgiving work, for I, the Lord, am teaching you My love and I am saying: Oh, Romanian sons, oh, Christian sons, if you love Me, then you keep My commandments, for you cannot love Me otherwise, you cannot be My Orthodox ones otherwise.

Oh, how is the Christian supposed to eat meat and oiled food in the time of the Lent in an Orthodox country with the name of its faith? Oh, the Orthodox ones cannot be Orthodox anyhow but only if they keep My commandments and the churchly ordinances, and I, the Lord, still hold the earth for these countries, that have the orthodoxy of their faith.

Oh, Romanian sons, make the sign of the cross, make the sign of the holy cross over the money to be protected with the sign of the holy cross, for the money is the idol of the times, that which all worship, and this idol is harmful to the souls and holy faith and then also to the health of the heart, faith and body, sons. Oh, do not be enchanted by the money; flee from this harmful trap and be content with your poverty and with the little bit of everything to be able to be Christians, oh, Romanian sons, for your life is more valuable than any riches and joys.

Let all the Christians of the Orthodox Church begin with great diligence to be worthy of the holy communion, if they take it, and of all the holy things of the church. Let everyone love their living with God, the prayer and the song of the holy hearts, humility and the gentleness of the heart, and all things by love and for love.

Behold what I am telling you: There are Christians in Romania who keep in their place in the calendar the celebrations of the saints as they are held in the other Orthodox countries: in Russia, in Moldova, in the Mount of Athos, or in Jerusalem. And I am not saying this for any other reason than that, when the days of feasts of the saints come at their right order, all the Christians who have respected the new order (The new style, according to the Gregorian calendar instead of Julian calendar, r.n.), after the shaking of the feasts of the saints of the church, do all kinds of works that are not supposed to be done in the days of the feasts of the saints celebrated by the church, and the Christians wash, hoe the weeds out, sew their clothes, make hay, build, and these works are not supposed to be done in the days of the feasts. And that is why I, the Lord, bow and cry with those in heaven and teach My church the things from above and require obedience from the Christians, and I ask each one of them to do in such a way and take into good consideration, like their grandfathers, the days of the saints and to call them with prayer and honor, for woe to those who do not have saints to help them and to stand watch for them on earth!

Oh, one should not sew, wash the clothes, hoe, cut the wood or build houses, and he should not do any other earthly works in the days of watching of the protecting saints, of the saints of the church, sons, oh, and especially in the days of Sunday, the day of the Lord’s resurrection.

Oh, be very attentive to these holy exhortations left upon you from God’s mouth, and do not lament to each other and then before God over the fact that you do not have food if you do not work in these kinds of days. I, the Lord, am telling you that you are not right, because you do not eat as much as you work, for a man does not need so much food. Oh, do not seek to lament as some unjustified people, for when the holy laws were established in order to be observed, God knew that it would be good so, and they protect you from all the evil things in your life by their observance, and nothing else can protect you from evil and from all kinds of sufferance, for behold, because of so many sins, the evil spirit brings you the due payment, telling to God that the Christian man does his will and not God’s.

Oh, do not lament over food. Eat onion, Christian sons. This vegetable keeps you healthy; it heals you; it protects you from illnesses, it teaches you to fast and to be pleased to God and especially in times of trial.

I have in Romanian a small people, a little handful of hearts, who listen to Me and walk in the holy laws, left by the saints and fathers of the church from the beginning, and these walk in the spirit of the Holy Scriptures with their lives and bring prayers for them before Me, for the Romanian people and for all the nations on earth, so that the Lord may give heavenly wisdom over the great and small, and to be the love of God on earth in the people, and then faith, salvation and peace, that is God’s kingdom with the people on earth as in heaven.

Oh, I do not want you to suffer from any dangers, Romanian country, Orthodox country, but be Orthodox and be on God’s side and on the side of His saints, for your fathers were holy on earth and now they are the saints of the heaven and your protectors and they pray for you from above, and all the Orthodox countries have above them their heaven of saints who protect them, but you are from the beginning, you have been in the right faith for more than two thousand years, and your holy fathers are those, who, for one thousand of years since your birth as a people born of My word, born once with Me on earth, your Christians fathers worked so that you may have the way of the cross, the Christ’s way, the way of the Shepherd with the Cross, the right way of My church. And after one thousand years, the Great and bitter Schism took place in the body of the church, a synodal and apostolic one, (The year 1054, the year of the separation of the western Church, the Catholic one, from the eastern Church, r.n.), left through Christ and His twelve apostles, and then through the holy fathers of the Holy Spirit, oh, and then the cutting open of the flock was great.

Then another thousand years have passed since then and here I am, I, the Lord, as word over the earth and I am calling over the Orthodox flock to come to terms with it and I am saying: Make a cross, Christian sons, make the sign of the cross over all things and over you too, and by this sign you have the holy peace and its protection, and blessed are those who have Me as their Savior by the fulfillment of My will in them, for My will in man is his salvation, and it is his rescue.

And to you, those who shepherd in My name the flock of the Orthodoxy, I am giving you exhortation and I am teaching you with love and mercy: do not join with those who spoil the foundations of the church of the saints, for those who were before you did not care for ranks and chairs, but they were rather fond of their flock and of the order from the fathers working with the Holy Spirit over the flock, for they followed the holy life. Oh, love God and love His church! Pray with tears for the life of the flock, and within the spirit of repentance ask the Lord to forgive you and the whole flock, and be sober and holy in times of temptations and be victorious by the cross and by the keeping of the commandments. If you love Me, then you keep My commandments so that the Holy Spirit may come and bring comfort everywhere and over all things, for I promised that He would come to teach from God and to rule.

Oh, Romanian people, I am the Lord your God, and you should be My Christian people. Be good, submit to the authorities, for this is written, be good until the wrath will pass, and be with God and with His commandments over you.

Oh, Romania, you are the country of My coming from the Father, now, after two thousand years from My resurrection, to call out over the earth with My saving voice and to announce the time of the Lord with you, My chosen one for My coming of nowadays. Oh, open the Scriptures and strengthen from them your life with God by churchly ordinances, and bring your heart under the cover of My help and get used to pray to Me like this: Save Lord, Your Christian people, and bless Your inheritance! Give victory to the good and faithful Christians against the enemy, and keep and protect Your people with Your cross!

Oh, Romanian people, sanctify yourself for Me and keep away from sin, for sin is the devil. Stay under My protection, and I will protect you, and My truth will surround you like a weapon. Do not be afraid of the work of the darkness, of pestilences and their arrows. Take Me as your hope and salvation and I will command My angels for you to keep you in their hands and to trample over evil, for I am with you, I listen to your prayer and I am the One Who gives you comfort. Call Me so that I may put away all the evil around you, and by this word I am calling out to all those who are right with their faith, and I am telling them this: Come under God’s shelter, put your hope in the Lord, in the One, Who saves, oh, Christian sons, oh, Romanian sons, for My protection is great and it is always. Amen.

The synod of those forty martyrs, crowned for the heavenly hosts in the lake of Sebaste and celebrated in the church on this day, these are coming with prayer before Me, are bowing and asking Me to bring peace and calmness over the Christian flock and to strengthen the comfort over all, and I am listening to My saints and coming to bring alleviation and salvation, once with the prayer of those who call out to Me from the earth to come near them, and behold, I am coming, and I am coming with peace and salvation, for I am the Lord, their God, I am the salvation of those who put their hope in My help.

Peace to you, peace, Romanian sons! Peace to the right and faithful people all over the earth!

Peace to you, all peoples, if you seek after God, for the Lord waits to be faith everywhere, all over the earth for Him! Amen, amen, amen.