The Word of God on the Sunday of the Tax Collector and the Pharisee

Sons, sons, I am making My way with the word over you and over the earth and we are holding the heaven close to the earth, for it is hard without heaven on earth, and it is hard for heaven as well, for they work for one another as their creation was well done by the Lord, the Creator, and I have laid down My coming to you in the word, and I am accompanied by the inhabitants of the heaven, sons. And if the winter celebrations and your hard work for their preparation and for the guests here at the feasts are over, behold, now it is beginning the preparation and the setting on the path of the time of fasting, of longing with love for the memory of My time of sufferance to pay tribute to the salvation of the man who lost God and then it is coming the feast of the resurrection and joy, and for this we are bringing to memory and doing everything in My memory, sons, as it is written, and the whole work of the soul is starting with prayer, with teaching for it and then with its work.

Oh, sons, seek to know that the Lord hears your prayer when you bring it before Him. Oh, and how does that come? Sons, here is how! The Lord looks at you, sons, as you listen to your neighbor’s petition when he asks you, and if you return his petition by choosing yourself, and not his need, for which he asks your help, if you do not know how to listen to God and to the neighbor who asks you to help him, oh, you do not know what God means and your prayer to Him, for He watches as you fulfill the requests of those who ask you to help them, to serve. However, if you postpone the prayer addressed to you, then I, the Lord, measure this always, always, for the Scriptures say to love your enemies, sons, and to give them bread, oh, and I say no more of those you get on well with and who are close to you to love and give them your love. Bless those who hate and curse you and do not speak evil of them, and do good to those who hate you. This is how I taught about love two thousand years ago to those who heard My voice and whose souls I was preparing for their resemblance to Me.

Behold, I am teaching you goodness, sons, so that, by always teaching you, to pass to the sons of men and that they may take of My table from you and take steps towards doing good without waiting for usury, for it is written that mercy overcomes judgment and fundamentally changes the one who is touched by it.

In the love for God it is necessary for man to learn the feeling of mercy, sons, but also that of gentleness, for these two lead man to self-denial, without which no one can follow Me with the cross, and not without the cross, with the deed, not only with the word, with the life, not only with the knowledge for life.

I say to all those on earth: Love God, love Him with longing for Him, so that you may have a good mind, for he who does not love God does not have a good mind, but rather has a human mind and seeks after man, and the one who seeks after man, that one does not love God and, therefore, he does not have a mind and has something else instead of a mind and the one without a mind falls to the earth, and the more his desires for those that pass, the less his desires for the food of the eternal life, for which he does not gather as on earth.

Therefore, love humility, all those who are on earth, and love the cross, sons! It is the holy sign, the sign of the humility here on earth, and then the sign of the eternal victory, for what I, the Lord, used on earth, you should also use, and not despise.

Oh, Romanian people, make the sign of the cross; make the sign of cross always and do it a lot! Make the sign of the cross on your body, on your heart, on your mind and make the sign of the cross on all your works! Make the sign of the cross when you get up in the morning to be protected by it all day, and then make the sign of the cross in the evening when you go to bed to get up under its protection again. Make the sign of the cross when you go on your way, when you come back to your house or when you go on water or by air, make the sign of the cross, son. The Lord of the cross does not know you if you do not testify about the cross, its power and its work.

Make the sign of the cross, Romanian son, and keep away the evils and all dangers. (Allusion to the Corona virus, r.n.) Let all your priests gather together with you for prayer to God so that the Lord may send you holy protection, angels and saints to protect you from all that is evil on earth, for on earth there are whole nations without the cross, without saints from heaven, because they do not believe in them, and you have a great inheritance from the saints who have left your path to God and that of God to you.

Oh, Romanian people, raise your hands and call Me to do you good; call Me to bring the peace and calmness into your midst, for I want to do you a lot of good, for behold, I have on your heart the way on which I come to speak to you, to advise you, to protect you and to make you a beautiful people among peoples and then to make you joy for all the nations all over the earth, and for this take care, Romanian people, for you are a Christian; take care and do not forget about your dowry from your parents, for behold, there comes the preparation for the Lent, and then comes the feasting and then the resurrection of your Lord, all to My memory, and you learn to know how to bring your prayer to the Lord, and for whatever you may ask and whatever you may work, keep your heart kneeling down under My hand of your Shepherd, for My hand is strong. Oh, and keep your hands clean, Romanian son, and do like-wise with the works, sons.

I have in the citadel of My word the sons built here from this word, and whom I do not allow to take alms receiving from the generous man, because they would remain indebted, and they would no longer be Mine completely. The money that they use for My walk with them have to be clean, cleanly earned for them by the work of the hands, for men make money in dishonest ways and their money is not clean, and therefore My servants do not lay hands on the money of those who seek to give them.

Oh, be clean on your hands, Romanian sons, and do not touch any blood! Do not take for granted what is not yours, for if you receive on nothing, you become a slave. I cannot rely on anyone with the difficulties for My today’s walking, and I teach those who are Mine to work and to rightly get from the work of their hands.

And I teach you too, Romanian people, Romanian son, I teach you from the teaching put on the table for those who serve Me to be word on earth, and you take from the Lord and use and seek to know by heart the Christian duties. For behold, the churchly teaching is reminding us on this Sunday of the prayer of two men, one a tax collector and the other a Pharisee. The Pharisee, trusting in himself as righteous and just, was whispering before the Lord and thanking Him that he was not like the other people, that he was not greedy, that he was not unjust or adulterous, or just like that tax collector who was standing by the door of the temple, humble in his heart, asking for mercy from the Lord. Oh, and the Pharisee boasted that he was fasting, that he was tithing of his own income, and he was praying boasting; however, the publican was found more righteous than the Pharisee, as this one was humbling himself and repenting before the Lord because of his sins, for he knew what God meant and what man meant and how small and weak he was.

Oh, this is how a Christian life begins: it begins with humility, with repentance, with the prayer full of tears of repentance, and then with perseverance for the love of God, for this happiness of man.

Oh, ministering sons in My citadel of word, I have been speaking on this day about the way of the prayer to Me and about My look to your prayer. Oh, be careful, sons, to always know what prayer is and how it ascends to the Lord with the work of the day when the things of the day are to be worked. The night is calm from worries, and the Lord can measure the last day of the brothers, of their conduct to each other and between them and the Lord. The night is the made ray, it is for the day past, and it is calmness; the man’s spirits have gone to bed and the Lord walks through the citadel and measures the work of the day; He takes the picture of the day, of those in the city and the work done during the day. Therefore, all day long be with Me, sons, and serve one another like Me for all My works with you, for you are no longer yours, but servants of the Lord, sons.

Consider your time, too, My sons. The time for work should be your time with the Lord, because the machine has replaced man, and he still does not have time and care for the soul and not only for his body. The work given to man by the Lord to work is prayer, because everything you work in obedience to God is more than prayer, for only by prayer you ask to be given to you, and by obedience you receive and work to have. The man washes his shirts and his dishes with his washing machine, oh and he does many other things with his machine by it does not occur to his mind to do anything for his soul. Oh, and how many things are to be done for the soul, sons!

The Christian flock is preparing to enter the time of the Lent, oh, and how much man has to prepare for the soul, sons! I would like to help every man to enjoy over the Lord, to give Him glory and thanks, and then to receive protection and help, oh, and I would like so much him to be My miracle and to rejoice over him.

Sons, sons, I would give much glory on earth by My work with you, by My word with which I nourish you, but I must protect you, sons, and I protect you a great deal, for when I worked resurrection from the dead through My servants and many other healings of infirmities, oh, My servants were given over to crushing. I take great care of you, sons, and My care for you is a great mystery, and the saints are at work for you everywhere, for I have to come to an end with the work for the man’s salvation, as for this I came on earth two thousand years ago, and now again as word over the earth and over the man, and My book testifies with you, sons.

Therefore, this day I have set a word and exhortation in this book for you and for all who take the word of the Lord from you, sons. And you should strengthen yourselves in the work for your Lord, for I want to work a lot of good through you, and I strengthen you more and more to be able to work thorough you, so that the Lord may work for man, as I made for man the heaven, the earth and the life of all those between heaven and earth, and man is My love, My expectation and My longing, and I come after him for longing, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.