The Word of God on the third Sunday after the Holy Passover, of the Prudes

Christ has risen! I am getting ready to descend into the book with a day of the feast of resurrection, with the witnesses of My resurrection, with My companions of two thousand years ago, with those so much troubled at that time and severely tested in their faith, however, strong in their love and steadfastness, for love does not know its end in those who have it in the dough of their nature, then in the mystery of the birth from above of those destined to be born for God on earth and to bear Him and then to confess Him with power and with any price they may pay before people.

Oh, here I am with them in My today’s descent into the midst of those who have gathered here early with the longing in them, and today they are writing in heaven their coming at the table with those in heaven, with those who are filling now the sky above the citadel of My word standing here in groups-groups, on the hearth of the Romanian people, the country of My second coming as word on earth, the Father’s envoy after man on earth, because man has to give an answer to God and he cannot escape this answer, and I am coming to help him, and I am coming to let him know that I come, but I also let him choose alone, either the love and faith that I, the Lord, come before him to help him, or the carelessness of God and soul, because the Lord wants man to be with the love for God in him, for God’s dough is love and its entire beauty, and it is the great power in man, when man has it and shows it by working and watching for its protection, because love has got only enemies; God and it have the greatest and most enemies, and therefore, it has to be guarded not to be crushed by enemies, and the man who has it, stands watch and defends his citadel from the enemies entering it, who want to take control of it and rob the man in his own citadel.

Oh, and behold, I come before man and give Myself to him with all the support for his life, for his freedom, and then he has the duty to be grateful to the One Who gives him the life in his body, through the soul that he holds the body alive, that keeps it on the move and in the spirit, and this mystery has to be set on the table for My feast with the people of My word to give them the spirit of the heavenly wisdom, by which they come to know God’s mysteries, the mysteries of the human life and their conduct, and I, the Lord, want to see that man understands everything like God for the time has come.

Now, My today’s country, you are My today’s dwelling place, and I am giving voice to My mouth to confess your mystery from God, and I am comforting this beauty of yours, for the Lord found His pleasure with you even from the beginning of the creation of heaven and earth; He has established you to be the first and placed in you His treasure, which does no longer know its assignment from God, for man, the man’s making out of your clay at the beginning of the creation, this is the treasure that God has placed in the dough of your body, and here I am with My dwelling on this treasure in this land, here I am declaring the new creation from the top of the earth, the new birth of the world, as I promised two thousand years ago, and now I have with Me the witnesses of My resurrection of that time and I am showing them the new beginning from the end of the time, for I am the Alpha and the Omega, I am the beginning and the end, I keep working at the end too. Oh, at what ending?

Oh, peace to you, peace to you, to those coming from heaven and disposed here in armies!

And peace to you, those from the Romanian land, gathered here on a day of the feast of resurrection at the end of the time! Oh, at what end, sons?

Oh, beloved ones, with the Lord there is no end without beginning, for the Lord is without end; He is eternal. The mystery of the end is being settled on earth and it brings with it the renewal of the world; it brings the new birth, for this is written to be fulfilled, and God works according to the map.

Oh, I came two thousand years ago to fulfill on earth those that were written to be fulfilled then, and after I arose from My crucifixion, I said to My witnesses at that time: «I will be with you to the end of the time». (Matt: 28/20) Oh, how should My word, spoken at that time, be understood? Everything that God has spoken needs to be understood with faith.

When I finished My work on earth two thousand years ago, I brought with Me the resurrection, the new beginning, once with an end. It is written into the Scriptures about the end of the lawlessness. Even from the beginning it started to make its nestle and man started to oppose God within him, and this end of lawlessness has to come, and after that a resurrection, a resurrection like that of two thousand years ago.

At that time satan rejoiced over My ending, but at that very time he was also judged, and overcome with the new beginning, which crushed him. Now satan is rejoicing, too, but the end of lawlessness is surely coming; the renewal is coming as well and satan is going to lose again; he will lose everything, for this is written.

Oh, here is why I am coming now on earth as word! I am coming because it is written for Me to come, and heavenly hosts are coming with Me too, with the kingdom of the heavens above the earth inhabited by the human world; however, I, the Lord, am coming with My visitation over God’s creation and bringing into order the work of the new beginning! Oh, I am caressing your face from God, your beautiful face, My today’s country of My second coming from the Father. However, you are still under slavery, you are under the cross, oh, My beautiful one! Those who want you to be theirs have robbed you, but you are God’s mystery even from your beginning, you are the fallow land with a treasure in it, you have been My longing for seven thousand years, since your spirit started to cry with Me in the mystery; it has been crying like a man, oh, and man does not know that he cries. He thinks that he laughs and is happy when he is in good condition, but does he really know what a mystery he is, and that this mystery cries?

Oh, My beautiful country, it is a feast of resurrection with those from heaven in your sky here, and the sky above is full of heavenly hosts now. Oh, how beautiful you are, how beautiful your spirit is, how beautiful! The heavenly hosts are embracing your body with their look and comfort all around, they are marking your margins and looking at you from above and you are My beautiful one. When a man goes to a place he desires because of the beauty of that place, he rejoices. Oh, how are the heavenly hosts supposed not to rejoice now, here, over your beauty from God. I have established on your hearth, in your holy land, the citadel of My coming on the earth now, in the end of the time, and I have work and voice to do over the land from the midst of this mystery.

Oh, and your dwelling place is beautifully prepared here, now, for the feast of this time. I have come here, where We make a great stopover every time We come. From here I share heavenly gifts, holy powers and much comfort, as many times as I come and stop here with My saints, and I give you holy powers, My country, My beauty. I give you victory against the devil. Your cross is not for your destruction, but rather for God’s glory and for your resurrection, too.

There is no resurrection but only through the cross. Oh, if only man would learn this mystery of his life! Oh, if only you would also learn, Romanian people! You are more and more aggrieved, more and more wounded, even if you do not feel like this. You are handcuffed and caught in trouble, in ignorance, and if you did not have any holy watchmen from Me above you and at all your borders, oh, then your enemies would definitely crush you. Oh, what good would it be to you, oh, what good would it be to you if you opened to My word of longing, of instruction and life, and to My love for you!

Oh, you do not open to Me and because of this you suffer. Those who have appointed one another as your shepherds have left you deserted and enslaved, and they feel no pain for you, since even for themselves they do not know what to do. The rulers of your church may make temples over temples, one over the other, one near the other, but if they or you do not take heed of My voice that comes to shepherd you, oh, My country, you will not get free of pain and oppression, of the lie of those who suck you totally so that you may die, My country. Oh, and you will not escape bondage, but only when you open to your Lord to lead you and to teach you to bring down the heaven on earth, which man lost once with his disobedience to God.

And I, your Lord, I say now unto you: Arise My country, arise My beautiful one! I am the Last Supper on your land, I have the mystery of the paradise at work on your hearth, but arise to hear, to see and to work for Me and with Me, and arise so that you may be able to work for you then. Oh, it hurts Me, it hurts Me for you, and it hurts Me from you and I am telling you that it really hurts Me.

I am coming back now here, at the table of the mystery with you, those gathered at the spring on this holy day, and I am speaking with you the mystery of the Last Supper, sons, and the heavenly hosts are taking from above My today’s speaking and are eating it. Oh, My supper with you on earth is only mystery. In the evening of the Last Supper two thousand years ago, I told My disciples: «Take and eat, for I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you, and I will no longer by any means eat of it with you until I take it new when the Kingdom of God comes». (See Luke: 22/15-20)

Oh, look now from the glory at the revelation of My words of that time, at My Last Supper with you then, oh, My beloved disciples, and behold, My Supper set here day by day now, and at which all the saints are coming with you from heaven, and this is the mystery spoken at that time, the kingdom of the heavens spending with its supper on earth, for where God is, there the heaven is, and there God’s kingdom is as well, and We make them all new, as it is written, for God works everything with people, with His people among men.

Oh, sons gathered at the spring within a great feast, oh, God-bearers are needed for the Lord to be on earth with His carried kingdom. Man does not know what kind of dwelling place he would want to be. However, he has sold his life and My place in him, the place where God is supposed to dwell with man on earth among people.

Oh, behold what man does; and he has been doing this for seven thousand years! Man has loaned his heart. Man puts someone in his heart, attaches himself to him and then keeps him in his heart and thought, and since that time there has been only trouble, only search, only longing after the one cherished in his heart, oh, and there is no longer any place for God in the man’s heart who seeks after man, and man cannot do otherwise with his heart. Oh, there is no more place in man for the love of God, is as big as the man’s heart for the Lord’s heart!

Oh, sons, nourished from above, oh, who else can still think of the Last Supper, at My sitting with man at the table, at the man’s heart, that for God in him?

Oh, sons, man has got so many sins that have to be cleared from him, from his heart and mind, and he cannot get cleaned from them but only with My body and blood, this is what I said. Oh, only in this way can man ask no longer to sin after that, and if he does not ask for this, then he sins, he keeps on getting filthy and then he does not get rid of this bondage, of sin, sons.

In Israel’s time, the sin offering was ordained, and the sinner used to bring a living being as sacrifice; an animal or a bird to be offered as a burnt offering for the forgiveness of his sins. However, when I was to give Myself as the sin offering for the man’s forgiveness, then those who heard to do this, shook and marveled, many other trembled at that time and many left then, forsaking Me. Oh, how easy it would have been for them to understand, especially after I, the Lord, really did so. I let My body and blood put on the cross as a sin offering and I told My disciples: «Do this in memory in Me, and as many times as you do this in memory of Me with you, I will give you life and food and I will be with you, I will be with you to the end of the time». (See also Luke: 22/20; Matt: 28/20)

Oh, sons, oh, sons, take and learn! Get used with the Lord among you and in you, for I said: «The Father is in Me, and I in Him, and he who sees the Son sees the Father», (See John: 17/21) and I also said: «I in you and you in Me», and this is the mystery of the paradise, the mystery of My life in man, this, son, it is that what deifies the man, and he can no longer be a man and that is all, for a man passes from body into spirit and becomes god by grace and then he demands responsibility for this, for the lamb of meat, eaten by those at that time on a day of Passover, became the Lamb of bread and wine, and the heaven takes care of the man’s soul united with My soul, My blood united with his blood, God one with man, I in him and he in Me, as it is written.

When blood does no longer have in it the soul of the one with a soul in him, then the heart does no longer work and man passes into nonentity and the same is with the animal too. Oh, God spoke to Moses and said that the people must not eat the animal with its blood in it, for the life of the flesh is in the blood, (Lev: 17:11), and this is a great mystery, it is the place of the soul in man, and man cannot understand this mystery alone with his mind. The soul is given to him by God and it returns to God when it comes out from the flesh that has carried it, oh, and the mystery of the soul and its place in man have to be well explained and understood, sons.

The male and female disciples of My resurrection are amazed, for I, the Lord, speak mysteries hard to perceived by the mind of the Christian man, and they are taking from the table of teaching and are amazed.

Oh, beloved ones, in the same way I was speaking with you at that time, too, but that time was not the time now. And you oh, and you could hardly understood these great mysteries, of which I was speaking to you, for I was speaking: «I in you and you in Me, as Father is in Me and I in the Father», (John: 17/11), and this is how the heaven joins the earth and God unites with man. Oh, and so few on earth understood this mystery at that time, very few of them!

I, the Lord, give you to speak near Me, on your day of feast. You are the witnesses of My resurrection. You remained with Me after all had deserted Me, not waiting to understand and not understanding.

Oh, peace to you! Peace to you with those gathered at the table of Passover, at the supper of word here, in My gardens on the Romanian land, and with which I am well pleased now when I come!

— Oh, little Lamb, Jesus, beloved and dear Teacher, Your great and fervent longing is being fulfilled now by the mystery of Your kingdom with the disciples from heaven and earth together at the table of the Last Supper, oh, little Lamb Lord.

We too had prepared the Passover like any Jew in that year, for You had sent us to work before You, but before this happened with the lamb of Passover, You had broken the bread and said, giving Yourself to us in the image of the bread: «This is My body which is broken for you», (Matt: 26/26), and over the cup of wine You said: «This is My blood which is poured out for you». (See Matt: 26/28)

Oh, how great God You are, Lord, the Creator of everything! You made man out of dust and breathed the spirit of life on him. And You made God out of bread of wine, and You put over all these word and spirit of life giving, and You Yourself, Lord, hid in this mystery, for You can do everything only by the word and by the work of Your hands, which gave us the bread and wine, the Last Supper, Your flesh and blood, and You remained with us.

Oh, we did not understand at that time, we did not understand, but we believed in Your word and our faith helped us, and everything is possible with the one who has faith, as You said.

We have gathered here now on a day of feast for the memorial of Your resurrection, and ours as well, Lord. Our longing has been growing more and more, greater and greater, for the mystery of Your kingdom on earth. We are coming with the heaven, with those from heaven on earth, and You are the One Who can do everything, and You can through the covered mysteries, so that they may be carried out in secret, and that they may not be tempted by the tempter, who entered and shook the paradise when man became an enemy in paradise; however, Michael, Your angel, cried out aloud then: «Let us stand well with reverence and awe!», (See Heb: 12/28), and then the shaking from paradise stopped. Oh, and after that the paradise have remained without the man You placed in paradise, and this angelic word is being established now for every man who eats of Your flesh and drinks of Your blood through the church, and this word cries out to man and tells him to stand well with reverence and awe for God is God, and He gives Himself to His saints, He, the Holy One of the Father, gives Himself for the man’s sins.

Oh, how beautiful it is here for You and for us, Lord, how beautiful! This heavenly vision is up there in the sky now, and down below here, as we see everything on this day of glory, oh, only if all those on earth have the chance to see it, those gathered now at the spring, Lord!

You, those gathered here on this great day in heaven and on earth, oh, do not forget this: each day starts with God, it starts with the communion with the Lord by prayer, by holy readings, by songs of praise, and then let this thirst come again during the day and then during the night, and let the Christian man do nothing without God, but in everything and always let him work only with the Lord, only with prayer and petition, and with the remembrance of the Lord’s exhortation, that is in everything with His guidance. Oh, if you do not count your life everyday with the Lord, you cannot walk according to the map, and you go without any direction; however, you are not supposed to walk without „any direction”, and the time passes and it is not redeemed, and there comes the question for every moment with respect of how life and time were used.

Oh, man does not need so much food as much as he eats, because he needs God more; he needs God’s love in him, for man and his body are God’s dwelling place of rest, man is the Lord’s temple, oh, sons and beloved brothers, but behold what man and his body have come to be: food for the worms, invisible worms, but which grow more and more; little by little they grow more and more in the man’s body and man eats more and gets very sick in his restless body, for much food whips his body and makes it heavy, and in this way God has no more room in man.

Oh, what is God supposed to do with you, man, for you to believe that you can live not only by bread alone? Oh, try and see, for you do not believe otherwise. Behold Moses, Elijah and John, many, many people who lived and loved God, and who did not have so many weaknesses even though they did not eat so much bread, even though they ate so little; nevertheless, love can do everything, everything, and it could live in them, and behold where the power comes from for you to be able to do, too, beloved sons of our Lord and yours, as well.

We are confessing You, Lord, with longing, and we are dearly speaking to them about Your life in them, about Your love, dear Lord. You have forgiven us for our whole weakness, which You bore for us. With much forgiveness You were healing us, and You were healing many, only that they might have in them the love of You, and through it, faith, Lord. Oh, the growing love comes from faith, when it is in the nature of the good man with the soul in him, and his soul is in his blood and it puts the blood to work, and man is alive when his heart is at work. However, when his soul goes to be with God, the man does no longer have any life in his body, the blood has no work. And the Lord, oh, beloved brothers, teaches us His mysteries, the mysteries of the life of the body and the mysteries of the eternal life of the soul, and we have such a great God! And You, Lord, are love, and it is the life in man both on earth and in heaven, as well.

Oh, the today’s joy is great. How are we to share it, Lord? There is no such great power and time for those who carry You today with the word of the feast, and the feast and its word are great. Oh, praise to You with great celebration and praise to Your glory, and You are the One Who knows to work and fulfill!

We are sweetly celebrating with You, we, the male and female disciples of Your resurrection, all of us who gave You comfort and loved You at that time, bearing You in our souls with Your godly sweetness, and which gave taste to Your life in us. Oh, let us set everything now according to Your will, dear Lord!

— My beloved ones, oh, dear disciples, we make the half, we divide the time and work in two halves, and we are going to stay with the people gathered here, and then we are speaking to them the entire word given and they will be fed with it from the table of the feast.

Yes, sons, you are going to stop from the work of the written word in its wholeness and you will go to the people, and then we are going to send them the whole word, as it is, on the clouds. Oh, welcome them now, and then we are giving them protection from heaven for their return home. Give them the good food for the moment and work in such a way that you and they may have time enough, for I, the Lord, take good care of all things, sons.

I am embracing you all within the Holy Spirit, each and every one of you, those who have come together at the spring. I am giving you the power of understanding of the Lord’s mysteries, and the power to work according to them and after My will, and My will is shown to you by My word for you, and for Me in you. You need to learn on this great day, only for you to want it, only to you to feel as at school, and to learn diligently to be able to walk and to be with the Lord, sons.

Oh, it is so nice here, so beautiful! The heavenly armies stand in awe and reverence, and are with such a great and much glory in the sky here, now, and the whole feast is only a heavenly vision, the whole preparation and arrangement of the feast above and below.

Oh, sons, seek to understand the heaven on earth, My mysteries with you. Love the mystery of the paradise, sons, and everything is going to be revealed during this day.

And as for you, watching children and receiving of God, go forward with the word of the feast. However, you should also walk into the midst of the people gathered and we are going to dispose everything with much peace, sons.

I am going with you, and everything is going to be organized and clarified, the longing, the love and My entire doina during these days with you on earth, oh, and we are going to share much, much comfort, for the work of the mystery of My word with you is the resurrection over people, oh, sons.


I go on speaking with you, those gathered at the feast of resurrection. I have a good opportunity for My meeting with you face to face here. I will go on with My word and then I will bring it on the way to you, oh, and how much I would like My mysteries to be understood, to be believed and wanted, for behold, the time has come for us to reveal great mysteries, for there has been no work coming from heaven to the people by this time, it has not been one by this time to be able to work through it before the revelation of these mysteries, coming out as from a scroll to be brought into the light so that those who hear them to know about them.

Oh, I did not have any people sufficiently prepared, I did not have any, and how much I would like to have one and share with it the mysteries of the heaven, the mysteries of life, and the mysteries of eternity, which have remained in heaven once with man’s separation from God! Well sons, the Romanian country was chosen from the beginning of its creation by God and great mysteries are kept within it and for it, and they wait to be brought out from the veil and to be lived on earth to meet the Lord, for the Lord is coming, He is coming and He is preparing for Himself a holier and holier way, and He is making friends on His way, too.

I have established a citadel here for Me, and it is called a holy mountain, it is called a beautiful height and it is worked to the joy of the whole earth, the mountain of Zion, a tower of protection made by God, as it is written about the Lord’s city, oh, for I have no where to look on earth to see My church as I founded in the beginning to be working on earth, and as My disciples worked at it, through it and for it. Oh, and I keep looking in vain, for there is only world and the spirit of the world everywhere and the sons of the world are in the places called church, but where else shall I look to see God’s son, too? Oh, it is only through people like these that God keeps the world, but where shall I see them on earth? They are those who are hid in the spirit of obedience to God, sons. They listen to God not to people; they do not take God from the people.

I told My disciples, who were My people there, and I told them this: «Come out of the world, My people!». (See Apoc: 18/4) Oh, and the same thing I am telling today to those who want to walk on the way of My cross; however, those who do not understand God’s language and the mystery of His word, remain in confusion and disobedience, they remain in the world and go on the way with the priests who sell the Lord on money and ranks, for these paid servants do not have anything of love between Me and them, and they do not follow Me with their life, with their work, and the world is blind and follows them, for they say that they see, and the world also says that they see, but in fact they do disobey the commandments of life, and when the sickness of disobedience comes over the bodies, no one calls out to God for it and no one prays to the Lord saying: „See, Lord, the sickness of my soul and heal my soul so that my sick body may also be restored”.

You see a priest and know him after his robe and after the place where he works to earn his bread, but you do not know whether he is or is not the wolf that tears at the back to take the pray to his masters, for the man goes to the priest, according to the tradition, to get cleared of his sins, to obtain the forgiveness for them, but the sly servant gives them further to those whom he serve for his paid job, while he says and sings: „Praise You, Lord!”, but in fact he has got another master.

Oh, there cannot be more cunning a man than the one clothed in the robe of the servant of the altar on the outside. You cannot receive the ministry of a priest if you do not understand how to become an informer, a traitor for those around you in the flock where you serve. And if you do not do your mission well, that of a sly one, that of a traitor, or an informer, then there a new method now; that is to ordain the servants two by two to do the ministry together and by this to sell one another to their masters as well, for each one sells those whom they shepherd, so to speak, Lord, but the paid shepherd does not tend the flock and he cannot be otherwise but only cunning in the service of those highly-placed, and by no means is he in God’s service or in the service of God’s flock.

Oh, there is no distinction between the priests in the time of My crucifixion and those that are today, who have done this all the time and put to torments those who have lived with God in them. The priest betrays the Christian and gets servants to buy the steps of the Christians, and the places so called churches are full of Judas, and the Christians come into them as to God, but Judas hides there, and he is always there, and he walks with his steps after the life of the man loving of God, and this is his job.

Oh, there is no priest, who does not spy and betrays the Christians to his masters. It is not in vain what I, the Lord, said, two thousand years ago, about the priests of that time, that they turn the house of My Father into a den of robbers; however, My church does not need any high houses, with attractive ornaments, but it rather needs Christians with whom the Lord to set His supper on the table, as I set it in a secret and modest place with My disciples two thousand years ago, and as I chose a poor cave to be My place of descent on earth as a Child.

Oh, sons, many eat My bread, and they take it from those who stole the house, the costume and the recipe for My supper, and they sell the Lord on money to those who want to buy Him, but neither those who work after the recipe, nor those who buy from them take after My will for the resemblance to Me of the man who unites with God through My flesh and blood, oh, and it is seen that those who sell or buy Me do not want Me, but they look only after their own interest and that is all; nevertheless, they will be questioned about the fruit, and they will have nothing to show to God, but only their firm and name, like those on earth who are used to all kinds of business of their life.

I am speaking the word with pains to exhort to repentance even those who boast that they do not believe this word and who say this because of shame, since they do not do My will in their life, and they choose to say that they do not believe that this word is God, who sends a calling to them, too. I am the One Who knows the hidings of the man’s heart and I always want to help him get rid of them, to take the burdens from his soul, and when I rebuke him, I do this for his correction to urge him to have remorse because of his sins and for repentance, not for his punishment, for I am a merciful Shepherd and I keep on waiting with patience and love for man.

Oh, for you, man, I shed My blood on the cross and I gave My soul once with it, for the soul is in blood and it sets the heart in motion and it beats, and by so doing it gets warmed up and then it warms the body as well, giving it life and movement of life. When My blood flew on the cross and then on earth, I remained on the cross in My body without its soul in it, but when I was resurrected the soul came back and entered Me.

Oh, the soul came back into My body and raised it as then when the soul enters the one who is born and has already received breath of life, because I came out of the earth as from a womb, like Adam, who was made out of clay and received his soul out of My mouth when it breathed life upon him, and Adam received God in him. Oh, and My Father did with Me likewise; He breathed and I had My soul again, and the blood left got warmed and I rose again to life.

Everything happened like that at that time in order to establish the Last Supper, oh, sons, to lay the foundation of My church, well sons, and I to be its foundation stone, as it is written, and faith and obedience are needed for the Lord to be on earth as He established His supper at that time, the Last Supper, oh, and in this way I have remained to the end of the time, as I promised My disciples. However, I do not have any of those who love Me, I do not have them at My supper; My supper has been robbed together with all its mystery, and the Lord is crying on the altar, and He is crying crushed and despised by all those who do not love God.

Oh, I would have liked with love and longing to prepare the Christian and to remain prepared all the time the Christian who knew Me with My coming in this word. It would have been for him to have supper with Me, to be with Me, and I to be to the end with every son who has known Me by this word and with whom I have spoken by My today’s coming the mysteries from above of My kingdom with man. Being in the world, it would have been for the Christian no longer to be of the world, no longer to take from the world, no longer to borrow its customs. I have wanted the work of My word to be a nest for the growing of God’s sons for the Christians who have come to hear My word. I would have liked that My nest with chicks to be a warm nest for the new seed, to grow them as a mother, to feed them as the bird that brings in its peak the food for its chicks, this is what I have wanted to be the people of My word whom I have been feeding from heaven for such a long time.

Oh, sons, I have given bread to man in order that he may no longer eat meat. I gave the man the word in paradise, what he was supposed to eat, oh, but what does he eat? Oh, and what do animals and birds eat because I have also given them food to eat?

Sons, sons, if there had not been any bloodshed at the beginning, death were no longer, no man or animal died. I wanted to make Cain repent. I exhorted him well to do good and not evil, this is what I told him when I saw that he had wanted to kill his brother, when I saw this in his mind and heart. Oh, but he did not receive My exhortation when I saw him downcast. Then he proceeded with the killing of his brother, and again I came into his way questioning him about his deed. However, he hid it in himself, and then I told him: «What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries to Me from the ground». (Gen: 4/10)

Since then, sons, man has kept eating meat, and I do say carefully when I say, but I say with great pain either, that two thousand years ago, My body became bread and wine by My word and through My name and being put over the bread and wine, and the eating of the bodies bearing soul would have ended on earth, or at least in the Christian people, Christ’s people, that is the man united with My body and blood, who became bread and wine. While My apostles were catching and eating fish, I told them that they were not supposed to catch fish. I told Peter: «From now on you will be catching people alive». (Luke: 5/10) Peter used to eat fish and sold fish on money to others as though the fish made by God were his, and I taught them God’s mysteries and I also expected them to understand them.

I gave meat to the people of Israel, because this is what they had asked for when they started to grumble and be discontent with the manna God had given them, but they received their reward for their lust, and all the man’s lusts will not be paid otherwise, and man will receive his reward for each good or evil he has done, and I have been suffering for seven thousand years because of his lack of wisdom. I have given My body and blood to man as food, and especially for the forgiveness of his sins, and I suffer when man seeks after bodies of meat and when he does not seek Me as his food; however, man needs faith to believe that I am the bread and wine, that My body and blood means these.

Oh, sons, he who remains a Jew eats the flesh of a lamb, he eats meat, but he who wants to be Christ eats from his mother, from Christ; he eats My Last Supper and redeems his blood, his soul, sons.

I made man out of dust and I could do this. I made out of God’s Son bread and wine, God’s flesh and blood as food, and I could do this, and I did this for man in order that man may never be separated from Me up to the end, and I to be together with him forever, and that animals and birds may no longer be slaughtered for human consumption, because man did evil when killed a man, the killing of his own brother, sons; nevertheless, people have been born of the one who killed, and since then a cry in a loud voice has been heard in heaven, the voice of those who have been killed for the Lord: «They cried with a loud voice, saying, “How long, holy and true Master, until You judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?”». (See Apoc: 6/9-10) And they were told that «A long white robe was given to each of them. They were told to rest for a while longer, until their fellow-servants and brethren (who would also be killed as they were) should complete their number». (See Apoc: 6/11)

Oh, sons, I would like very much to eat My Passover with man, as I have longed for it! I would like every man to receive the obedience from paradise, as the saints of the heaven have. Oh, what shall I do for the wisdom and this longing to come over man, sons? Man, poor of him, does not know how he is supposed to be, even if he hears and reads the word of My mouth, with which I am coming now and getting into his way to prepare him and to give him a little white robe of linen as I gave to My saints.

I have come on this day of feast with heavenly mysteries, with great mysteries, sons, and I do no longer have any room in heaven and on earth for the joy that I was able tell you, to make you understand what I did two thousand years ago, and how I laid My church, whose mystery was perceived profoundly by so few of those who were coming to the flock of My disciples, for they were coming not prepared, and My disciples had to work hard for those who were so ignorant. Then My pain has kept on growing more and more with the passing of the time because useless people have wanted to minister and serve at the altars, and these keep on poking Me with their conduct foreign to the way of My cross, they hold their nose up high in the air as though they were shepherds, they oppress the flock and suck its vigor and labor, and they tear down the planting and do not take care of it, because they have not chosen to do this, but they rather do something else and have masters foreign to the way of My sufferance for man, and in time, few, few of these have followed Me suffering from those foreign to God and tending them with a sober spirit, as some merciful shepherds like Me, for I have mercy on the man who is born of man and does not choose the way of his life with the Lord, and, unfortunately, even those who have met the voice of My word during this time are like this, and not all of them want to understand their duty to the spirit of life that is to be, oh, and I suffer great pain from the coldness of the man’s soul, sons.

This is a great day in heaven, great for the greatness of My word on this day. This way was a great comfort for Me, but also sweet sadness, together with the male and female disciples of My resurrection, for they are also sad, oh, for they also did not understand fully, and were not able to fully live the life of paradise after My return to the Father, where I wait for all their descendants with tears of longing. Oh, but not all love Me, not all are able to come where I am, as it is written about those who love Me on earth in their longing to their home.

Oh, sons, who are so tired, My today’s word is much, this is a great day, and I have kept you under the burden and for Me, and for the people gathered in order that we may tend them with the spirit of resurrection, well sons. Now, we are dividing the work in two, and in this way we are going to work, and this is how we are going to confess this day with its work.

Oh, happy are those who receive you in My name, sons. In thirty days, you are going to start a new preparation for My stopover, the stopover of the feast of the descending of the Holy Spirit, when I will gather again people at the spring and take comfort from it by its coming here, under My tending upon it.

I pick up joys, little by little, and I am seeking after comfort, sons. I am tired of longing and waiting with longing. I miss man, I long after man to make him in My image and after My likeness, oh, and they are among those who are coming and they are among them and from among those who are running back after a time of staying with Me and with you, and they do not know what they do, poor of them. However, we are keeping to the track and it is also keeping us, and little by little, we are picking up comfort on the way, for I am shepherding My people and teaching it to have repentance, and repentance brings occasion of comforts, it brings warmth in the hearts and longing after forgiveness and after God, sons.

The heavenly guests are fully amazed; those who are celebrated and those who have accompanied us in retinues that are displayed here, in the air of the garden.

Oh, those who have gathered at the feast from everywhere are comforted, and they catch little wings of longing and steadfastness on the way, but I am asking them all to perceive My entire longing of the mystery of this word on this day and to receive the spirit of a deified child, to receive love, sons, love which does not fail, for that which fails is not, it was not love, because love does not fail, as it is written.

Oh, let us speak up again and again, upon the feast and upon its guests, the greeting of My resurrection: Christ has risen! Christ has risen! Christ has risen!

I have mercy on you, I have compassion, worn-out sons, but the guests from above and those from below are catching the spirit of resurrection of My mysteries on earth, oh, and how much I have wanted this power and its work to take place, for I have been speaking on this day about the mystery of the Last Supper, oh, sons, and this is My longing for two thousand years, and I cry for longing, and My longing does not get comforted, for it remains and it keeps on burning always, always, and it always speaks, sons.

Oh, I lay down My peace over the people gathered at the spring! We are looking down from above, and we love looking at this.

Oh, what should I do if I did not have you, sons? Oh, peace to you, peace to you all the time! You have so many burdens to carry. Peace to you, sons! I remain within Myself with the things that I have not established into the book with you yet, and I keep them so that I may bring them down on earth with their explanation, only to have you welcoming Me, sons.

Now you send My word there where it is waited to reach from you, sons. And now, I am strengthening you, and you will have rest and receive vigor, because I am giving to you, sons.

Once again, I am laying down upon you the news from two thousand years ago: Christ has risen!

The longing is prompting Me to have a flock coming to the spring for its tending again, and you have to welcome Me and to set My bedding here for the feast of Holy Spirit, again and again a holy feast, sons.

I am breathing upon you refreshment for the carrying of My burdens. I will be with you in the word, and My Last Supper with you becomes food for those in heaven and for you, too, oh, and this joy is great in haven and My protection over the citadel and over you is great, sons! This citadel, and you serving within it, this is My comfort during this time, during My time with you, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.