The Word of God on the third day of the Lent, of the Holy Cross

I am Who I am, sons, who open to Me and welcome Me at the table with you. I am clothed in the word, and the clouds carry Me, as it is written, and this is how I speak when I come as word to you, for if I spoke otherwise with you, oh, it would happen to you each time as it happened with My three disciples when I took them in the mountain and revealed My glory in which I am, My glory from the Father, sons, and they were afraid seeing the light of the brightness, the whiteness of My robe, My companions from heaven, and the cloud which carried the Father and the voice of the Father confessing Me. However, I have prepared you for My gentleness, for I am comforted gently, and all these for you to be able to stand before Me in the peace of your heart and you put into the book the word of My mouth, for I am confessing Myself, I Myself am speaking, and behold, God is coming to you, sons, I Myself am speaking to you, and that is why I have told you that I am clothed within the word, and My word is gentle.

Oh, peace to you, sons! And the clock strikes half time for the way of the Lent, which announces the feast of resurrection, and this is how the true Christians keep on accompanying My pain and My hard cross of that time, and then the resurrection, sons.

Oh, are there any Christians to walk with Me on the way with the cross, with the pain for Me in them and over them? Sons, sons, the holy fathers from the beginning of My church left eternal ordinances for God’s sons to walk with the cross to Me, but behold, behold, an unclear meaning for those who say that are Christians, for they do not know that the Scriptures clearly shows two peoples: God’s sons and men’s sons, and God’s sons are those about I spoke that: «Whoever wants to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it: and whoever will lose his life for My sake and the Gospel’s will save it». (Mark: 8/34-35; Matt: 16/24-25) And I said again: «For whoever will be ashamed of Me and of My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of him, when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels». (Mark: 8/38) And again, these are the two kinds of people: God’s sons and men’s sons, and God’s sons are clearly known for they have a visible brightness and they are seen by the men’s sons, and they deny themselves and all live for those around them and not for themselves, and this is how they live on earth, for Me, not for them, and I give them My will to fulfill it, to take up My life, My walking, My pain, and to have My faith, and only after that the victory of the cross. And the men’s sons do not deny themselves for they love their own will and desires for this is what they have chosen to do with their life, and they are called a sinful and adulterous generation who are ashamed of God, since they do their sinful will and draw from it joy and fleeting benefits, for the pleasures in which they live melt away instantly and they melt away people as well, for they are as temporary as they are, as the sinful ones are.

Oh, this clarification must be well perceived by those who decide to be in the people of God’s sons on earth, and who take after Me in their walking, clothing, spirit, conduct, love and in all My things through self-denial, through all that lead man to holiness, oh, and the holy life in man is sweet, and the Lord rests in it and He turns the man into His citadel, a holy place, the church for Christ, man one with God on earth, and he is God’s kingdom, for this is what I have come to do and to descend on earth to the people and for the people who love like God, and behold the carrying of the cross and the man who follows Me taking up his cross!

Oh, sons, the sweetest life to live is this: the men’s self-denial. This sweetness is understood only by the one who lives it when he gives his life to those around, to those who are Christ’s, to those who walk together with Me on the way, all brothers who are joined in one spirit and one love for God, the church of the saints on earth in the midst of an adulterous and sinful generation, and he who wants to find this indescribable happiness, let that one not live his life for himself, but follow Me as I said for those who want to follow Me, and this is written and it is written like this: «If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate his own father, mother, wife, children, brothers, and sisters, relatives and friends, possessions or ranks, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be worthy of Me». (See Luke: 14/26) And he remains to live for himself and for his own people, not for Me, not for My people, since he has not denied himself and a man like that cannot follow Me with his cross and with that of the reconciliation with God, and one like that remains with the world that crucified Me two thousand years ago for its sinful desires and from which he cannot separate himself in any way, and this kind of desires take away the man’s mind and draw him to them always, and these kind of people rule over the lower world of the sons of men and they boast to each other about their sinful desires, and with which they feed in abundance from one another to the spirit wandering of soul and God.

Oh, life with God is sweet, and he who walks with it to the end is crowned with the glory prepared for God’s sons, but on the land of the men’s sons who is to tell them about this greatness of God’s sons, of those who are steadfast to the end, and after they have chosen their self-denial for the way with sufferance on it, the sweet one of the cross, the sweetest taste of the soul united with God on earth, and for which the soul sacrifices for love, to this love? Behold, behold, what is good for the man’s soul on earth, it is that which is of no use for him, and it does not bring him any benefit but only destruction little by little. And what is not good for man is that which is greatly useful for him because it is for his life for eternity and for which any kind of possession does not fit him, but only the way of the cross is beneficial for man for the rest of his soul on earth, and then for eternity. Oh, but what shall we do so that man may understand this, sons? And behold, after he leaves his earthly house, his fleshly body, which is as temporary as his pleasures that melt him little by little, then he will understand.

Sons, sons, man does not know what sin is, he does not want to know this, and even if he knows, he loves his life and body and remains on the side of the pleasures that destroy him, for the seed of the teaching for the spiritual life falls on rocky ground and it does not take root, it does not spring up, oh, and men do not know love and they do not know what it is and who is it, too.

Oh, sin is sin and love is love, but people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge and wisdom, oh, sons. However, I have taught you to be alive and more and more alive, and you know that love makes you alive and it brings you to the shining of your face because of the brightness of your heart, and that is why those who meet you startle and look to see you, to know you, and they see the life and its confession in you, for love makes you more and more alive. When the saints used to visit one another, they did so for the power of the soul, not only to pray and that was all, for prayer is the mystery of every heart, but more they were going to refresh one another, to give joy and heavenly states to each other, and they were those who were alive, and they were working life and the spirit of life to each other and their meetings were rising to heaven, for the angels were gathering around them for their spending with the Lord and in the Lord, in the spirit of the holy brotherhood, and they were refreshing the life of love to each other, as then when you pour out water to a flower to grow and blossom, and behold, they were the living ones, and they were more and more alive.

Oh, take care of your life, sons, and learn those who see you what life is, and teach them to make the sign of the cross with the three fingers joined together touching the four places of the body, pressing with the fingers and signing well the cross with his thought to God, and not only for appearances’ sake, for woe to the soldier who does not know how to handle well his weapon with which he stands against his enemy; but on the contrary, the soldier must take care so that his weapon may be loaded and not unloaded of bullets, and in the same way the Christian has to want to overcome satan with the sign of the holy cross, for satan is always active and tries to bring man to do his will and then to crush his moment and the power of his victory with God.

Oh, sweet country, oh My Romania, I am carrying the cross for you. I am your King, My country and My queen among nations. At the beginning of creation, I was on your land and I took clay out of your soil and built man. Oh, and now I am coming back on your land, too, and I am speaking into your midst My word upon you, the voice of My love from the end of the time, but you are still slow in hearing and do not open to Me to hear My word and its mourning, and you cannot escape the darkness of today if you do not open so that I, the Lord, may teach you, and to be able to work by My power and the Lord to be able to guide you. Oh, when man does not love the Lord, he is capable to commit all sins, and sin is the violation of the commandments written with fire on stone in order to lead man to life.

Oh, shout to the Lord, Romanian people! Learn by heart the beginning prayers, which announce the Lord that a prayer from the earth comes to Him. The beginning prayers are the key which unlock the road of the prayer to the Lord, (See the note at the end, r.n.) oh, and those who have separated so much from the churchly order from the beginning do no longer know this, and they do by themselves when they want to send prayers to the Lord, for many think that they love Me much as they are, but the love of the Lord is not as man thinks to work it for himself, for it is something else when man has it in him, oh, and everything is learned from the fathers, from the saints who built My church, teaching it from the Holy Spirit, Who guided them from heaven.

Oh, My country, I am in you the Alpha and the Omega, and I also work in you in the end of the time and write in you the book of My coming as word on earth to weave your glorious garment and to dress you within My word, just as I am dressed, and My word announces you as queen, My bride, My country. I do not close My book on this day, but first I am blessing you for Me, for you, whether you want it or not, are My country from the beginning, and you remain My country forever, and you have a destiny sealed by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, even from the time when the heaven, the earth and the man were created, and I gently hold you at My bosom and comfort you with the voice of a Shepherd in order to make you beautiful, and soon, soon, you will be My beautiful one among the nations, and your cross of today will bring you glory and you will be My glory, and you will be queen as well, My country, for I am declaring this promise and I will fulfill it in this way. Amen.

Sons, sons, Romania will rise to beauty and let despair depart, and all the looks will be towards her, and you be My support and carry Me, and let us carry and support one another, sons, oh, and to many people you will be a great joy, and then I will bring and set you under the veil, as I know to work for My mysteries before the people on earth, and as I am going to work for you, too, then when this time will come, and it will come, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.