The Word of God on the Sunday of the Orthodoxy

This word is being written in heaven and on earth at the same time in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; the angels write it in heaven and those, in the citadel of My word into the midst of the Romanian people, write it on earth when I, God, the Word, the Son of the Father, release My voice and let Myself be heard so that My word may be put into its book and then to be shared to those who are nourished by it and to those to whom I announce Myself by the word.

It is a day of Sunday, the first day of the week, the first Sunday of the Lent, when in the Christian dwelling places the feast of the right faith is remembered, the Sunday of the Orthodoxy, and when the epistle of a bishop is read, and after that financial support is collected from those who are gathered, who give from their surplus, according to the custom.

I am also writing a heavenly epistle and I am leaving it on earth, and by it I am reminding of the time of the first Christians, the golden time of the church and of the Christian faith, when My disciples were also gathering on the first day of the week; they were collecting aid, they were collecting goods for the holy people and that was called the aid collection for the saints, for those who were leaving the way of the world and following the way of the cross through great shortcomings and persecutions from those who were unfaithful in Israel; when the flame of the preaching of the faith was stirring up, and the first Christians were growing others near them and in this way they were multiplying in the body of Christ being helped by the sign of the Holy Spirit and then through baptism, and the holy work was seen being accomplished from God on earth among the people by the holy disciples, the affliction upon those with the cross was increasing everywhere, and the little flock was taking after Me, for it had no longer fear and it was overcoming the world like its Shepherd, Who went to the death on the cross for the salvation of the man fallen through sin, oh, and this entire churchly work had been the kingdom of the heavens on earth, the true love of the man full of longing after God in him, and this is the great mystery, it is the little flock, to which, I, the Lord, have been telling and exhorting it: «Do not be afraid, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom, to show It on earth with Its life from above!». (See also Luke: 12/32)

Oh, even from that time I have been preaching that there has been a big flock and a little one, and on this day I am writing a heavenly epistle and setting it down on earth to be searched and to be preached from one another over many people, who need God and from God, even if they do not have this longing in them or seeking after the Lord.

I am calling the big flock under the voice of My word to shepherd it as I shepherd the little flock, so little in all the times in the body of the big flock that was divided in two one thousand years ago, a bigger part and a little one, and while the little one (The Orthodox churches, r.n.) has remained steadfast for faithfulness and patience on the cross, the bigger one, separated itself (In 1054, r.n.) and stepped aside for an order after its pleasure and it called itself the Catholic flock, and then it was divided in many other flocks and each one has made its own ordinance, because obedience is hard to put at work by those who have desires, which they cannot control, and rather are controlled by them and then they head towards them carelessly, and besides this, they want God to be their Lord, as well.

Oh, and the little flock remained one thousand years ago on the side of My church from the beginning, over which holy orders and ordinances were set and which in time has been called the flock of the right faith, the Orthodox flock. Oh, even from the beginning of the building of My church the watch over it has been increasing for unity, for whenever someone among the brothers has appeared to make trouble and stand against the teaching received from Me and from My disciples had left down from one to another, who were the believers of the beginning of the Christian people, oh, and someone like that who was working division had to be removed from the Christian flock, for those who bring division do not serve Christ but their bellies instead, and they use smooth and deceiving talks to deceive the hearts of those who are credulous, as it is written, and those who were obedient to the holy tradition, were strengthened more and more on the way, to be wise for good and to be foolish for evil, and under whose feet satan was crushed, and they were victorious by grace.

Oh, pay attention, pay attention to My voice, you flock that wrote yourself on the side of the right faith with your stay of service and submission in the name of the Orthodox flock! I am the Bishop of My church and each bishop speaks on this day over his church. Oh, make room for Me to speak to you and to hear Me as today I am letting Myself be heard and shared to those who have ears to hear, for behold, the little flock has always been and it still is in your flock, and much sufferance came and comes up into heaven because of this, that is because of the faction among brothers, for the flock, Orthodox by its name, has departed from the obedience to the fathers, set from the beginning over My church, in whose midst the Holy Spirit was revealing and setting the laws of the holy life for the Christians and all the other orders over all the things of the church, and in this way the few, who were remaining in love and in the obedience to the holy fathers, were persecuted from the midst after that, and this has been all the times, besides the persecution that arose against the flock on behalf of the pagan kings who worshipped the idols one after the other, and who brought to martyrdom those who were examples of steadfast faith and union with Christ.

Oh, but I do not write the pagan kings in My epistle on this Sunday, because I am going to write about the hostile pressure in the midst of the church ministering at the altar against those who were examples of the sacrificing faith in the flock, for the priests and their rulers hated those who had grace among them and gave them over into the hand of the rulers of the area to be tormented and martyred, and they plotted with satanic craftiness, and the spirit of faction has always been into your midst working to destroy those who have been strong within their faith and holy orders, oh, Orthodox flock, and those were given to shame and to concocted blame with the spirit of envy by those who were less obedient to the fathers and saints, and who were only dressed on the outside with the robe for the saints, oh those that have been so much dishonored and given over to sufferance and mockery unjustly; however, they have been My little flock into your midst in all the time and for which I, the Lord said: «Do not be afraid, little flock!».

Oh, I am Who I am, the One Who was and Who comes, and I see everything ahead of time, and that is why two thousand years ago, I spoke for those who would suffer in My name: «Do not be afraid, little flock!». And am saying this to you as well, oh Orthodox flock, I am not telling you this to make you suffer but to be holy for the Lord, for how can a man be holy, if not by his repentance for everything he has done wrong against God in his life as a man? Oh, repentance can make holy in one instance the one who has gone through pains, who has used to care and felt remorse, with prayer for everything he has sinned against God and against his fellowmen.

Oh, you need repentance because I want to call you My beloved flock, the flock of the right faith, and I want your life to be righteous and holy, too. Those who suffered and suffer denigration for the faith working with grace, those are like Me and I see Myself in them, in their sufferance like that of Mine, and they see Me suffering and waiting with longing for the renewal, for the new birth of the world, and they are like Me and suffer as well.

Oh, I want you to be the church of love, the love full of holiness, the love of the bridegroom, and I want you to know and not forget that I, the Lord, wait for you to be My bride, and you know what a bride is, and you do not know this as the world knows. The world does not know the mystery of the bride, it does not know how to wear the white wedding dress but it knows only how to defile it and that is all; however, you have My name written on your head, and you have to take after Me and follow Me, for I miss to see you walking in My steps with holy obedience, oh, Christian flock of the Romanian people.

Oh, Romanian people, oh, people blessed by My word among the nations, do not deny the One Who has been speaking into your midst for more than sixty years the mystery of His coming in the work of word over the earth to level and clean His way, to prepare His bride in you and the day of His glory and victory against satan, God’s enemy and man’s enemy, too. I am writing to you a holy epistle, I am exhorting you to stand watch, and I am saying you now: oh, do not forget, do not forget the Lord, your God, and do not forget Me, Romanian people! I do not forget you, I cannot forget you, for My Father has promised you to Me to be the country of My coming in the end of the time, a place of stopover for God’s Son, so that He may come for the living and for the dead, as it is written, for the people of Israel denied Me two thousand years ago, and I have still remained with some of the witness disciples for Me from it, who, like Me, were also killed by them, and Father has meant you to have a holy destiny and to be My country in the end of the time, and behold, I am sending you an epistle and asking you to have faithfulness, and I am also asking you to get up for the work of peace and wisdom that perceives all the evil in your midst to put it away and to stand up for the work with the light over the darkness, for those who are hidden are the darkness in your midst, and are covered by the work of the lie, and I am reminding you, My country, and I am telling you that the father of the lie is the devil, who even from the very beginning has been lying and overcoming man, and man has become very weak and because he has become so weak before satan, he has been telling lies, and he always tells lies and does no longer have any courage and power to side with the truth in all the things every moment, for the truth brings pain to those who love to lie.

Oh, My country of today, listen to My voice, open to Me and take Me near you to tend you and to protect you! You need to know, Romanian people, that if I, the Lord, did not keep your city, your country, you would not be able to do that, and you have enemies, My love, and you are coveted much because you are beautiful, and your enemies see your beauty and are envious of you; however, I have always protected you, and when you have suffered from coldness, and when you have passed through persecution bleeding under the cross, I have stretched out My hand against your enemies, and put them away and I have lifted you up, My country, for My Father has commanded Me to protect you, to take care of you and to keep you for Me.

Oh, you have into your midst some who love you for you and for your welfare with a beautiful future for you; however, you also have some among you, who only suck you for their own self, who do not have a clean heart, and when some of these ascend to the places of authority, then you pass through sufferance, and this happens because you do not watch all the time for your peace, for your welfare from God, oh, and it is well to take after the God of justice, not after the man who asks you to believe in him for you, because one like that is not clean for your life, My country of today.

Oh, how well it is for one nation who has upon it the Lord as its God! That people asks from the Lord; it asks the Lord for its destiny and that nation is not overcome, and when it removes the Lord from the helm of its life, then it chooses sufferance, and in the time of sufferance it cries out to Me to lift it up to victory, oh, and that is what I am asking now from you, Romanian people: call out to Me, for you go through sufferance, son! Oh, call out to Me and get up with Me at the work for the spirit of righteousness and peace into your midst!

Oh, you need patience in sufferance, you need wisdom and prayer, repentance, and you also need the work to get out from trouble, and then you need comfort, too, and I, the Lord your God give you the word of comfort and of the holy watch and I am telling you now: get up and ask Me to give you the wisdom from above and you have to use it, Romanian people.

Oh, stop the pain that I have from you, Romanian people, Christian people! It is written through the saints and fathers the time of the Lent now, oh, and I suffer from you and there is no one to exhort you to the holy wakening so that you may no longer sin, so that you may not gluttonize of those who are forbidden for the time of the Lent, and the devil and its servants swarm everywhere with their powers upon people, and this invisible war cannot be stopped but only with fast and prayer, these two which are the most invincible weapons in any kind of war, visible or invisible, and you bear the name of Orthodox country, oh, and you do not have merciful shepherds upon you to exhort you and not to let you go wrong against God. However, I have into your midst a tiny flock that serves Me and you in secret and that helps you with its holy life, with fast and living prayer before Me for your destiny, for your forgiveness, for your peace and for your protection against your enemies from the borders or even from those who are far away, and you need to know this from Me and to believe that you are under the watch from above and below; from above you are watched by the angels and from below by My little and tiny flock, a little bunch of sons with patience under My today’s cross of My coming as word on earth, and through which I share Myself when I come as word over the citadel to work through it, for My word is fulfilled because it is full of My power.

Oh, Romanian people, you should know and you have to take a good look to know that the great servants from among those who serve at the altar were the shepherds of a little flock, for they loved the Lord and sanctified themselves for Him with their living, but they suffered being sold over to the authorities by their priest brothers, who did not choose holiness for them-selves but only the service of the priesthood for money, and these gave to torture and death the holy ones at the altars and under the cross into the hand of the unbelievers. (In the time of the dictatorship of the communist red beast, r.n.). Oh, the first church, that from the beginning was beautiful, it was a clean bride, for she was born from above for holiness.

Oh, behold, today, too, as at that time, not all have patience to the end for the way of the cross, for many cut from the cross and always cut it short for the lust of the enemy body of the Christian man, and then they can no longer be helped by the cross as the rod of hope; however, those who are steadfast receive mercy for God and also receive His great harvest, expected to be worked, and these manage to do this with the patience of the cross.

And I, the Lord, on a day kept in the honor of the memorial of the righteous ones and of their fight for the right faith, which has not been changed for two thousand years of faith, I, am calling out in a loud voice and I am exhorting to watch the Romanian people, the Christian people, who has to listen to the parents and to the fathers, for it is a time of fast and prayer and to stop from sinning during this time of watch, oh, at least now, because without obedience to God there come pains, oh, Romanian sons, and I want to spare you, but you also need to want like Me for you.

I am exhorting you through a heavenly epistle and calling out over the servants at the altar to love the holy life if they have chosen to minister at the altar, for as each priest, if he is conscious of the Lord’s body and blood, seeks for a virgin or a woman clean from sin to make his wafer (Eucharistic bread) for the mystery of My sacrifice on the table at the altar, oh, and if the wafer has to be worked by someone with her body clean from sin, then much more, oh, much more clean has to be the one, (and not married and submitted to the lust of immorality by the woman, r.n.), who sacrifices the Lord by the order of the Holy Liturgy, for the Lord is holy. And those who will obey My advice, I promise them the forgiveness of their many sins done in their life before the time of this obedience, only that the Lord does not force anyone, but He rather gives advice for those who can and want to listen to Him, to their eternal life among those who walk with love on the way of the cross, for without cross no one is able to walk in My steps, even if they believe this and take it otherwise.

You, those who sit on the seats of authority, oh, listen to the Lord and bow to His calling, to learn from Him righteousness, peace and the light in all things, and if you can, be Christians, for the Christians keep their hardest to the love among them, and if you can, love the truth of everything that is like God, for the Romanian people is My people from the end of the time, and I speak into its midst the word of My coming in its language, the language of the Romanian, and the nations of the earth know this, and by My word spoken from above, I protect this land and people, which serves Me as bedding and shelter when I am coming and speaking now, in the end of the time, for it is the time from the end, it is not at the beginning. Oh, come to Me, come with faith and come with love, for I am coming to you with wisdom and mercy, and I want lovely greatness over this land and people, which I wait and want to come to do My wills for My glory from above upon the hearth of the Romanian people, with its destiny sealed in order to be God’s people.

On a day of Sunday, the first Sunday of the Lent, I have written to you a heavenly epistle, Romanian people. On the day of visitation, I will ask every Romanian about this word of Mine, laid down by My mouth into its book on the hearth of this people, which today I am exhorting with power to have and to increase his faith and its works, the Father’s will, as in heaven so on earth, for I am the Lord, your God, Romanian people, a people with the name of the right faith on your forehead, over your flock.

And now, I am laying down over this word My name: Jesus Christ, the Word of God. (Apoc: 19/13.) Amen, amen, amen.