The Word of God at the Feast of Epiphany

Here, above, the heavenly armies fill the air with the glory of the Lord and groups-groups from those in heaven are watching over the glory of the feast, the feast of Epiphany in the citadel of My word, the Lord and His people of today, and Christians from far away are coming in groups-groups gathering at the spring at My table of word, at the heavenly party on earth here.

I am coming to meet the guests and I am embracing them within the glory of the feast, the Lord’s glory, My glory from above, so great in heaven and on earth during the feasts.

We have here servants who welcome Us bowing and opening to the Lord and to His army from above. Then We and you, the Lord’s servants here for His coming as word on earth, are meeting the Christian guests coming at the feast and are telling them this:

Peace to you! Peace to you! Peace to you! Sit down at the table, sons! Your steps to My spring of word are dear with God and are a medicine for you and for Me, the One Who has been forsaken by the man on earth and walking with pains after him to take the bad curse out from him, the lack of the love for God, sons. Oh, come to My bosom. Your steps to My citadel of word are My comfort and the comfort of My saints, with whom I travel between heaven and earth.

Oh, sons, learn from Me how to stay at My bosom. Those who stay at My bosom like My beloved John, those are My comfort, as because of the sufferance of the Spirit, I need comfort, because My lost is great; it is the man who does not love God with his heart and life, with his face always towards Me, with his care for Me, the Lord of the man’s life.

Oh, peace to you, and peace again and again to you! You have come to the spring, and My word is being given to you, for you are coming here and waiting for Me to speak to you. Oh, behold a people that is waiting for My coming! I asked Myself when I ascended to My Father after My resurrection and I said this: «Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?». (Luke: 18/8) Behold, My coming is great and it is fulfilled and it has been found faith for it on the earth.

Oh, sons, I thank you because on hearing of My coming you have believed in it and come with it. I am Who I am; I am Who I am coming and I am Who am speaking to you. I have come during this time because it was written for Me to come, sons. I thank you because you have given Me the occasion to speak over the earth and to make known My speaking with which My Father has sent Me. Oh, come to sit at the table and eat, We, those coming from heaven at the feast of Epiphany here, and you, those who are My people of watch at the spring, and again, you those who have started to come to My citadel of word during the feasts, because you have believed in My coming and you have believed that the Lord is coming as it is written.

Some of Us are receiving comfort and power in a day of the feast of Epiphany, sons. We have with Us at the table John the Baptizer, My godfather, who baptized Me in the Jordan during that time and made Me known by the baptism and confessed Me to the people once with our Father in heaven, Who spoke at the water of Jordan and said from heaven: «This is My beloved Son, with Whom I am well pleased», (Matt: 3/17), and to those who have come to Jordan the Father told them about Me: «You should listen to Him!».

Oh, we are bringing this day of memorial and we are calling it the royal feast and we are celebrating for it. Behold, you are those who are celebrating at the table with the King, with the Lord, with Me, the Son of King, the Son of the Father Sabaoth, oh, sons, for I call you sons. Those who do not do God’s will want to be called sons too, but behold how much duty have then those who are born from above by My word, through which God’s Spirit breathes on earth to gather a holy army from the men’s sons in order to make God’s sons those who believe and are baptized at the hearing of the voice of Son of God, as everything is written to be fulfilled. Let the unbelievers still come and say, let them come and appear if there is something untrue in everything that I, the Lord, come and fulfill on earth according to the map, according to the written Scriptures, and which wait for their fulfillment.

Oh, if man had a mind as God has given him to have, then he would be able to see and understand the Lord with it in this word, full of message from above and calling to life. However, man has sold himself for nothing and he takes his mind to those who separate him from the Lord, from the spirit of life and from the holy mysteries, from those over which man had to rejoice much if he had sought with his mind, which the Lord has given him to have.

Oh, I would like to teach you so much, I would keep on getting you in the water of My river of word and I would renew you through it again and again, sons. I have come from the Father because it is written for Us to make all things new. Oh, all listen to Us, all humble to their renewal, for it is written about the renewal of the world. Only man, oh, only man does not let himself to his renewal, to his birth from above, to a new world then, and I have come to do this work upon man and that he may believe and rejoice over My coming to strengthen for the Lord his wandered and wandering mind, after he has forgotten his destiny.

Sons, sons, I am He Who always baptizes you in My word. Stay with it in your

bosom. Gather it at your bosom as something you love and carry. The word of My mouth is a sea of word over the earth, and behold the place where it springs from, and you have heard, you have believed and understood, sons, and you have become My joy in this time and the heavenly armies rejoice that the Lord has found faith on earth to come, to speak, and to be heard His speaking, of which those from the tombs eat very much, as it is written, oh, and the great day is coming soon, for there will be heard far and wide their confession, My voice of today for the living and for those who sleep in their flesh in the earth, waiting for the day when they will stand up with a new body and to confess the One Who brings them to life at His word over the earth. I am with a feast of Epiphany for them on this day too, for when they are remembered by My speaking, they have already arrived there where I am with those who are My people, with My voice upon them.

Sons, sons, when you hear My word, oh, learn from it how you have to live and for what you have to dedicate your life and its days on earth. Those who hear the Lord in this word and only hear it and that is all, they do not want to learn their birth from above and their destiny after that. Have you heard anymore of someone who cleans the lepers and gives them their whole and healthy nature? Do the unbelievers take into account that Jesus Christ healed by His word the lepers renewing and completely healing their flesh eaten by the leper? Behold, the Lord is for the believers with His miracles, which those who are not believers do not take into account to believe them and to come to life, and I am standing in the air and leaving My word over the earth to fulfill My coming, to fulfill this Scriptures, which those who have turned their back to the Lord do not take into account.

Oh, take care of your faith, of its fruit, sons. The sons of faith have a noble conduct; they have a noble speaking, holy love, always, always birth from above, always, always sharing their light, for they are the sons of the light, they are those who walk within the light, not with the night and not in the darkness. Oh, sons, your faith would be dead without this kind of works of it. Therefore, much watching is needed for you to work these and for which you need longendurance, because many trials come over the people who believe in Me, to prove them by their long-endurance in everything they have to stand, because man cannot be formed in his life with the Lord, for I, the Lord, did not have an easy life either; on the contrary, it was only ascent; it was only with much work for resurrection, until the day when I had to lay Myself down as sacrifice in order that afterwards to come to life again and to prove Myself victorious and the Father to see this.

Oh, faithful people, My word upon you becomes Jordan and it becomes a bath of

baptism, and you have to understand deeply inside of you that the Lord is coming on earth as word for the preparation of a holy people, so that it may help Him to come and that His word to travel on earth after that. The mystery of the baptism is a great mystery and the one, who is baptized and clothed with Christ, has to take great care of it. Oh, rejoice that you have decided for the Lord, and thank Him because He has given you faith for His coming, sons. When the devils see My fellowship with you, and yours with Me and with the saints, when they see this, they burn with terror, they gnash their teeth with great mourning and We, together with you, work for the day of the victory against the devil who has grown old in evil things, and for this faith and much steadfast is needed, and much, much humility, sons. You should have humility for each other and only in this way the devils will not have any room with their lurch and works, and you always have to work against the secret conspiracies of this hidden enemy.

You should drink much from the water of My teaching; you should drink sons, and

let it stay in you as in holy vessels, and you will belong to the Lord, but do not forget: the saints have overcome the world and come out of it and keep coming out of it and do not remain in it, for the world is dirty, sons, and the little shirt of Christian has to be cleansed from the world and from the spirit of the world, for their work is the clean shirt, sons.

Now, I am blessing your arrival and departure to your things, and take with you My place and citadel from here and take care of it in you, for the thick darkness is in the world, and here it is great light, sons. Oh, turn back to your things accompanied by the angels and saints. Do not stay without the Lord from feast to feast, from meeting to meeting, without My brothers from here, and in everything you should have humility in your hearts, sons.

Oh, there has been hard work for the preparation of this meeting, and I, the Lord, put to rest those who are weary after each day of the feast with hard work for it.

And now, let the waters be sanctified with the name of God, the Father, the Son

and the Holy Spirit, and with utterance upon them in the name of the Lord according to the custom of My church. Take health from the water of Epiphany, sons, and keep yourselves within it after that, for behold, power for the work for the Lord is needed, and it is needed always.

I am blessing the love, which has gathered you in the hall of the fellowship with the Lord here, sons. I am blessing the humility of your hearts, for it is a blessing itself for those who have it as the work of their hearts, oh, sons.

And now, peace to you! Our fellowship is always sweet. Peace to you, sons! And tomorrow, I will write Myself down into the book with the godfather of My baptism, John.

Soon, soon, we are going to have here a day of preparation and meeting here in the citadel. Here is the place of the comfort of the saints, our place of comfort and meeting with comfort. The heavenly armies, the powers from above stand watch over the citadel, and they always do this, and I, the Lord, have got always, always, My new name upon it, sons, a great name, the Word of God. (Apoc: 19/13) Amen, amen, amen.