The Word of God on the sixth Sunday of the Lent, of the Palm Sunday. The Feast of the Lord’s Entrance into Jerusalem

Oh, again and again I set into My today’s book the word of holy feast. I am becoming a book on earth during this time on the hearth of the Romanian people and by this choice I show My love for this country, prophesied through the Scriptures with the name of the country of brightness, against which the deceiving man, the antichrist, is very much hostile, because all his bunch see God the Word becoming a book and holy teaching on this hearth, so much valued and so much wanted by the heavenly armies, when I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, become a river of word here and I give life from above to the hearts that love the comfort that comes from God, that full of mercy and calling to life and food for the soul, because the soul cannot live without food, as neither the body can, and the price of a man is related to what a man loves and what he eats, either for the soul or for the body.

Oh, this country is precious for those in heaven. It is always, always the food of My word on its hearth, on this table of the feast of word from heaven. This is written: to come the Anointed One, the Lord to come on earth as word and those in the tombs to hear His word and to come to life at the hearing of His voice.

I go with the heavenly suite on the way between heaven and earth in order to come in with the glory of word on your hearth, oh My today’s country. I am coming to you on a white horse, like the saints with whom I am coming, as is it written about My coming with the saints, and My name is the Word of God, (Apoc: 19/13) as John, the apostle of love and cleanness, saw Me, for he saw Me then, he saw Me how I was about to come with the saints today. He saw the heaven opened and the white horse on which I ride, and he saw the armies in heaven riding on white horses, dressed in white linen shirts, and he also saw My shirt soaked in blood, and My name of today, the Word of God, coming out of My mouth like a sharp sword, and this will lead the nations with an iron rod; it will overcome the beast satan and will save many who believe in the word of His mouth, as it is written.

Oh, not only in Jerusalem did I enter on the first day of the week, the second day after Lazarus’ resurrection, but behold, I am coming into you on a white horse, too, and I am glorifying Myself in the word from your midst, My dear Romania, My today’s country. I have in you a small Romania, from which I watch upon you and I bless you to be Mine, and I weave a garment of glory and great victory for you, My country, given to Me by the Father when I came on earth, for the Father saw that Israel did not receive Me two thousand years ago, and then He prepared you for Me to have you in the end of the time and to fulfill in you the Scriptures of My coming again from the Father to give birth again to the world and to make the new heaven and the new earth, and I, the Lord, am working now on your hearth at this holy mystery, and I am working with the saints and angels, and We are working together helped by some faithful sons taken out of you, Romanian people, and they are set to watch at the mouth of My spring of word, spoken upon them from the cloud so that they may pick it up and put it into the book and to give the book to you so that this book may be written on your hearth with My coming to you, My country. Oh, the whole earth, all the nations far and wide have heard and known about My coming to you and they know about My word upon you, and you have to know even more, for there is not much time until all the nations will ask you about My mountain of word and teaching of holy way for the people who look for God with the steps of their lives, for everything passes and all will pass, only God remains, only I, the Lord, have no end, and My kingdom has no end either, and I want you to be My kingdom among the nations of the earth and all the nations to bow before it and take of the glory of My word and to learn the way and the life that saves from death and which saves everyone who believes in My word, which renews the world little by little, until the completion of the mystery of new heaven and new earth, and behold, I have been speaking to you on a day of holy feast about God’s mystery into your midst, oh, My country of today, in which I am coming with the armies of saints, as it is written for Me to come and to call you Mine.

Oh, the man who loves God on earth has much value. The man’s price is calculated according to what he loves: either sin or cleanness. Man gets comforted with sin and he feels well in this way. Oh, it is something truly of comfort and eternally comforting, only that man knows only the false comfort by sin. Sin means lust and is born of lust, and cleanness is born of love. There is no connection between the lustful inclination to sin and love, oh, there is no connection between lust and love. The lustful inclination to sin means satan, and love means God; it means cleanness and holiness, as I, the Lord, want the man to be, for I have built him to be My comfort and home, and I did not built him for sin.

I had to come down on earth after five thousand years from the creation of the world, for man had never come back with his face towards Me to give himself back to God. I came through a Virgin mother and I was born and grew like a man so that that people may come to know Me, known as descending from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as God’s people; however they did not welcome Me and they did not know Me and they cast Me out from them instead.

After two thousand years, I have come to you, Romanian people, and here I am with you in the word of new creation over you and over the nations! Oh, welcome Me! Oh, do not cast Me out! And even if you do not want to believe Me and to receive Me upon your being, oh, you cannot cast Me out. I am the word and spirit of word, I stand in the cloud of word and speak to you, and you cannot cast Me out as it happened two thousand years ago when Israel cast Me out from him.

Oh, be a man of faith, Romanian son, because from generation to generation the Romanian people has been honoring God with his faith full of thankfulness and courage, but there is no one to teach you the love from above today, for over the good and bad from this people are ruling those who are the most sinful, the most lustful for sin, for pleasures, for riches and ranks, and that is why the faithful people of this Romanian land sighs, and it sighs in its spirit, even if does not understand this.

Oh, I suffer with sighing and with a spirit full of mourning when I see how the most lustful people for sin are set over those who love the Lord with their faith and love so that these people may have authority and sit at the helm over many. Oh, I suffer from this iniquity, and the cup of injustice overflows. Law means God and not man, but man does not want it like this; rather, he wants to have power and rights.

Oh, behold why I come on earth. I come to be with those who suffer like Me, like My saints, and I come to heal the wounds of their soul and their patience under the cross. I come on a white horse, and on the way of the white clouds of the glory of My word and I speak and release My word from the cloud and it is the one set into the book and is preached everywhere.

I come to you, Romanian people; I have always come to you, even if you sleep with respect to My coming to you; however, I look on the map and I work according to it and I fulfill everything, because everything is written ahead of time, and I have to fulfill in due time all those set in the Scriptures, for they are the map, and all God’s words in the Scriptures will be fulfilled, as it is written.

Oh, all, all are fulfilled at the time written for each one to be fulfilled, and this is done that it may be order in everything and over everything always. Oh, if on earth the trains or other means of transport did not come in time, as those who travel know from the time books the hour of arrival and departure for those means of transport by which they travel, oh, in that case there would be only trouble on the way, only sudden death over man, only sighing, restlessness and mourning, only war and faction and confused languages everywhere.

Oh, the same is with those written things to be fulfilled at their time. It is as on earth with the common order and well followed by everyone and at the right time for all things. And I, the Lord, have taught those who sit in the communities and I told them this: with all on the right, with all on the left, and everything at the right time, and this for the sake of order, for peace, for love, for progress, for the redeeming of the time, so that the love and brotherhood among brothers may not be destroyed, and then for unity, for beauty, for the spirit of administration of all things that are and are made, because otherwise all and everything would be spoiled and the man would be spoiled, too, and then it would be nothing beautiful, nothing, and two by two, or maybe three by three would walk like confused, and then they would hide with their condition and customs far from community, with unknown work, and by these with the joy for satan and with their hearts full of human longings, and behold why it is not well on earth among people and in communities of inhabitants, and behold, there is always a necessity of order and in everything, and all things have to be accomplished and organized in due time, and only then and only in this way it will be peace and it will be well; it will be light in everything, and it will be God with the people on earth. Oh, that is why I come as word on earth, and I come to set everything to their place, all that have been spoiled and shaken once with the disobedience and shaking to lust, to sin, of the man built by God.

Everything has to be put in order, all things always and everywhere. Everything has to be as in heaven and on earth, and until this is fulfilled, satan and his work on earth and among people do not perish. I come into the book as word and I give Myself to the people to help them find Me, to hear Me and to believe Me that I come to give them light, peace and love on earth and to the people, only that I may be welcomed when I come, and then to be waited to come always and to set always all things on earth as in heaven, as then when man prays, My will to be on earth as in heaven, and this to be fulfilled, not only to remain said and that is all.

Oh, I have spent with you again and again with the spirit of the holy teaching to take from the table with you those who are sent by God and to have food for their lives, sons, as you have here, at My spring of word. Oh, take and give, sons, for that is why I bring to you, to give further, well sons, and by so doing man to be rich in the word of God, which flows to you abundantly. Oh, there is great comfort on My Spirit when I come and leave the word with you in the book, that you may have fresh food and to be sharers of God, sons! All of the saints are comforted around My word from you. The heavenly hosts have a share of this food and the whole heaven rustles at My voice upon you.

You are to be the new creation, sons. You have to change yourself in My image and after My likeness, from glory to glory, because from time to time, I, the Lord, leave the word upon you.

Now, sons, I am giving you, I am sharing with you holy and new power for the coming week before Passover, and I am also giving you love. Oh, do not worry. You will be able to take care of the things that are to be handled for My citadel with you, and you will be able to keep the fast according to its written order, for I give you strength to be able to do it, sons. I in you and you in Me, and in this way we have power and fulfillment. Oh, I am setting blessing for this watch to welcome the feast of My Resurrection for the last six days of fasting from food, and on the seventh day there will be the song, „Christ has risen!” and the saints will sing with you and will come with the feast of the resurrection before Me.

Oh, sons be alert! Let your thought be only at Me, only at the One Who loved and loves you by His death and resurrection, by all His sufferance for man.

Oh, pace to you! Wash your face and be clean, clean, and be full of holy power, sons, and for this you need much, much love, always love, always, always. Love renews everything, everything, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.