The Word of God at the Feast of the Lord’s circumcision in the flesh and the Feast of the Saint Hierarch, Basil the Great

Oh, again and again there are days of holy feast, and once again I come into the book confessing Myself and My saints, for either I come with them for their days of confession, or they come with Me for My days of feast, and We confess each other, and the spirit of confession is the spirit of those who have come from heaven in the work of word on earth.

We are sitting at the table of word, I, and the group of the hierarchies from heaven, who are celebrating the day of synod of the hierarch Basil the Great, for he was great and victorious in his fight for the heaven, for him and for the people, the fight for the victory of the darkness between earth and heaven, and which people do not see or feel, since they are seized by darkness everywhere and from all sides, for the need of God is great on earth, and I, the Lord, have not felt a greater comfort as during these days when I have a way of coming as a river of word over the earth and that I may become again the light of the world as two thousand years ago, for the word of My mouth is the light of the world, and let he who has ears to hear, hear God, the Word, with them, the One Who made the heaven and earth, and the One Who became Man two thousand years ago to be their Savior for those who follow Him within this word and within His second coming from near the Father after the man, for man has to be brought back home to the Father, and the Father has sent Me again on earth after man.

Oh, peace to you, peace to those who put Me down on earth with the voice of My mouth! Oh, peace to you, people of My word here, at My spring of word! Do not forget, oh, do not forget to be the most thankful before Me for you are here and you serve Me day and night, for those who are not thankful fall from Me and go into the world, where I do no longer go. The spirit of dissatisfaction is a spirit of judgment, it is the spirit of man’s pride which thinks he is right to be discontent and to judge because of his dissatisfaction, and that one chooses his destiny alone, and is not God Who chooses for him, because what connection can be between Me and the spirit of haughtiness?

Oh, peace to you, sons! Moreover, I come and strengthen your being and your living in Christ, Who was born on earth as man two thousand years ago, and after eight days He was taken to the temple for His circumcision in the flesh, as a sign that He came through Israel’s seed on earth, and of which My mother Virgin was born too, and now I am coming as word of the birth from above on the land of the Romanian people, of which you are also part, and behold, we work hard from heaven and earth to bring into view on this land God’s kingdom with the people, and I started with you, sons, and those who do not believe start laughing and jostling, but those from heaven work at this fulfillment, because it is written into the Scriptures for God’s kingdom to be fulfilled among people, to which are attracted all those that come and take from the Lord the word of the birth from above, the word of the heavenly love and that of the men’s salvation from sin, who decide for life, only that they need faith in My yesterday and today’s word, and for this those who have faith need to keep it with all their being, so that it may also keep them away from despair and darkness, from evil thoughts and sinful desires, in which man fell after the Lord has built him and when he did not want to remain in obedience for the help from the Lord all the time for him.

Oh, there is no greater sin destroying of man than the sin of his unbelief in God and in His sight everywhere. The faithful one has faith as his power. He does not have to be afraid of anyone and anything except sin, for any kind of sin, no matter how small it may be, weakens his fellowship with Christ, and if sin is big it breaks man’s connection with God and man remains alone and without the Lord’s help in his fight against the evil in the world, where there are only enemies, and where only destruction comes to the one who is unfaithful, the one who is alone and has no help from heaven.

Oh, My obedient people, I advise you to take great care to stay in a blessed place and kept for God, to help your protecting angel to stay as close as possible to you, and not with tears, and in such a way that he may help you from near you in everything, for when you walk in the ways of the world, he suffers and cries and he is aggrieved because of you, and he has to fight against the evil spirits that keep the people in prison, drawing them from everywhere to satan’s spirit and feeling, for you are My anointed one and the devil is angry with you as with Me too, and we do not have to give him any opportunity to do this, but on the contrary, he has to be afraid when he sees this living seal of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, on the head of those who are faithful and steadfast in their walking with the Lord in a stronghold and kept for a heavenly life in its midst.

I am with the hierarch Basil together with Me on My day of feast, when he also has his day of synod among the saints, and this great servant is happy to lay on the table a encouraging word for you, people of My word, and I am giving him entrance now and I am blessing his speaking over you, and I thank him for it, for My saints testify for Me, sons. Amen.

— Oh, praised the Lord; Yours is the dominion, the power and the glory, of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, of the Lord Who is praised and glorified within Trinity, and blessed are those who are and remain within You, Lord, for if they do not remain and do otherwise after that, then those who do not remain are no longer blessed.

Oh, how much I fought for the people to remain with You, Lord, or to take out satan’s hand, those captured in his traps! I was hurt because of the men’s perdition; I suffered greatly, Lord. I put into work my faith in You and my life lived in Your love, and then I made bold to throw myself into battle against satan to take out those he had brought into bondage because of their sin, for I had and have mercy on Your creature that does not listen to You, and he who does not listen falls, he falls into the bondage of sin, Lord.

Oh, my love for You was my inheritance from the parents, who had led their children only to Your love, only for You to live, Lord, and nothing shook us in order to separate us from Your love, for we loved You with faithfulness, and I put my life into the service of those who perished in the waves in order to take them out to the shore and to give them life from You, and more than that, to teach them their way to You, Lord.

Oh, the reward of such a great servant is great; it is high in heaven, Lord! Oh, behold what I am praying to Your from the saints on my day of synod: „Let us destroy satan and all his servants from the hearth of the Romanian people and let Your guiding Spirit remain here, and let all find Him, and let the Romanian people love You, Lord! Lord, strengthen the sons of this nation against sin and give them Your love, with which to be able to stand up for You, oh, Lord!”.

I rebuke satan into Your name and I am saying this:

May the Lord Jesus Christ rebuke you, let Him scold you, satan, so that you may depart from all the sons of the Romanian people, for this nation is written in heaven for the Lord and for His angels, and as for you, go to the place where God has ordained for you to be, for the time has already come! Amen.

— I am putting My name over your word, great servant, and We are going into battle with the power of word and We are cleaning the threshing floor, as it is written, and We are strengthening God’s kingdom on the earth of the Romanian people, and it is much work to do.

And you, people of My word, do not get tired within your work for Me with you, listen to My advice upon you, and keep yourself within My Spirit to be like Me, for I have always told you: I do not have others to help Myself with and to be able to feed the people with My hand from above that flows from God’s throne, as it is written. Two thousand years ago, I said to everyone: «Blessed is the one who finds no occasion for stumbling in Me», (Matt: 11/6), for many stumbled against Me and did not want to be happy. And now, I am saying again: Blessed are those who find no occasion to stumble in you, those from under the burden of My coming as word on earth, and behold how many people have been found to be unhappy during this time! Oh, this is how they wanted to happen to them, since they were not wise enough not to stumble as so many did at My first coming and then they left again for their business, for My little flock are those who are faithful, those who remain and those who receive their work from Me to help Me, and I am saying again: „Do not be afraid little flock, oh, do not be afraid of anyone or anything except from sin, for sin separates man from God, and he who does not stay beautifully on My way departs from Me”.

Oh, receive and encourage one another on My way with you, sons! The lack of sin is My way with you, and I am with you on this way and I am with you by your disobedience, and behold, blessed are those who listen to My word and fulfill it!

I am strengthening again My blessing for the preparation of the feast of Epiphany, when Christians come to the spring; they come to the water, sons. Let all those with the longing in them come, let all of them call out to Me to smooth their way and their day of traveling, for one receives from the Lord by prayer, and the table here is ready, and we will go and meet them, we will give them to drink and set them at the table of word, a warm table, warm house and holy feast, and I have been longing for this day, and those in heaven and I have been waiting for it so that it may come.

O, sons from the spring, peace to you and peace to your work for the feast during the days that come for the feast of Epiphany! Oh, keep Me with you, as I keep you with Me, oh, sons! Amen, amen, amen.