The Word of God at the feast of the Holy Cross Ascension

I am Who I am. I am a Shepherd, and if I am a Shepherd then I tend the flock for this is the work of a shepherd.

I am the Shepherd with the cross and with this staff I go and work, and he who does not like the greatness of the cross and the teaching for this way, than that one is not worthy of Me, for I am with the cross, and I have been relying on it and staying with it for two thousand years, and only the one who wants to follow Me is worthy of the name of Christian, for whom I am his Shepherd, the Shepherd with the cross, so that he may have an example before him on his way to God.

Are any among those who call themselves shepherds, are there any among them who follow Me in their walking and clothing? Oh, if these do not follow Me, then in whose name do they sit as shepherds over people? How are they going to be known as shepherds? Oh, how do the people know their shepherds? Oh, how well is for man to know God and His book, in which is written about God and about the shepherds over the people! If people do not read My book and do not know those that are left by God in it, oh, these all wander away and are put off with fine promises in God’s name, a name in which sit those who are set on the shepherd seats, and My saints and I cry for the mercy of those on the earth, and that do not see the way, but see only the shepherds who do not give them any salvation since even they do not look for it and do not work it for themselves, too.

It is a day of feast for the ascension of the cross, the rod on which I, the Lord, have been resting for two thousand years and I have been tending those who love God, Who was crucified on the cross to save the people from their sufferance caused by their sins. I shepherded My disciples after I had chosen them and until the day when I let Myself be crushed on the cross by those who did it, after they had seen a strong God in Me, and they were many sinners who could not love or receive Me.

The sinners cannot love Me while they love sin that they choose for their love. Oh, those who cast Me out from among them two thousand years ago and crucified Me on the cross would have not been able to choose God. Who was able to imagine then among them that all they did to Me was nothing but clothing Me for power and resurrection through the cross? On that day, the cross turned into a strong rod like iron, a rod of victory; this great sign by which, I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, overcame death and wrote between earth and heaven My resurrection and the resurrection of those who believe in their resurrection.

Behold, this is how I shepherd and tend the nations, and this is how I judge them all; with an iron rod, for at that time I said: «The prince of this age has been judged». (John: 16/11) This word, I declared when I went to My crucifixion, meant the judgment of the sinners who crucified Me because of their sins and they received their judgment then and they had already been judged, and since then and until today I have been judging likewise as on that day when the sinners gave Me over to death on the cross because of their sins. They found no guilt in Me, but rather they found a cause for which they put Me to death on the cross; however, the cross turned the iron rod into My hand, as it is written to shepherd and to judge with an iron rod, a rod full of truth and great power against those who willingly commit sin and always side with the sin and with its works, the sin for which the Lord was crucified on the wood of the cross so that He may no longer stay into the way of those who live in their pleasures on earth before God from generation to generation.

Oh, behold those who sit upon nations, upon those who are oppressed! Those who work sin, only those have the way to rule over the people, oh, only they, and those who, like them, decide for sin, for lie, for greatness, for dominion and for the lust after dominion, full of pride before men, even if they, while lying, pose as benefactors with their names and status, they work only stumbling, as Herod of that time did, like Caiaphas, the man of sin, hidden under the robe in which he was dressed with and which made him known as a great servant in the name of God over the people of Israel at that time.

Behold, there are not great people on earth. Those, who are called and known as great people, are great sinners, great because they have the sword and the law and put to the cross the righteous ones, for the one who is righteous never gives someone to be put on the cross; therefore, they put to the cross only those who are righteous, but they are sinners since they do not serve the truth and justice in everything they do.

Oh, men’s sons, oh, open, open your eyes wide to see with them, as you open them for your own good. Oh, all of you open your eyes at My word upon you as if you do not open them you will always be stolen and robbed by those who live in the darkness, with the thieves of souls. I am not the God of the thieves, and the thieves are not with God, too, and they neither belong to God, for how could I be righteous otherwise, the true One, the light of the world, the light which brings all their works into the light, the Son of Man, the One forsaken and hated by the liars with their life, with their face and their works, even then when they may speak with their mouth that God is with them and that He helps them in everything?

Oh, men’s sons, open your eyes! Wake up! Wake up before the night comes, for if the night comes you will no longer be able to work or see anything. The workers of falsehood and human pride sit upon you. Look at them and see their works, look at their hidden face. There is only lie on earth, both in the people and upon the people that rule upon you. You will overcome with the sign of the holy cross, but get up and take the cross as your staff and start walking to be victorious with it. Do not forget that I overcame by the cross, oh, do not forget this truth, for behold, with this staff I shepherd, and the nations of the earth do not know who is at the helm of everything that is worked on earth; the wages of sin and good, each one receiving according to this works, because if you do evil, evil is what you find as a result, as it is written, and people work only what is evil for them, as without God at the helm of the life and at the helm of the days of their lives, men cannot work anything but only their evil, and I come and mysteriously shepherd on earth, and all receive according to their works, and it is written that the Shepherd comes, the Son of Man comes on earth and chooses the sheep on His right hand, and the goats on His left, and those on the right will be heirs, as it is written.

Oh, how shall I call the man to his waking up? The hell where man lives on earth is the sin committed by man before the One Who sees everything moment by moment, and the man who loves sin in his flesh is not pleased to God, and the Lord waits for man to forsake sin.

When the country does no longer have sober sons with pain for it, for its destiny and protection day and night, then it can be plundered. Oh, wake up, you those who are aspiring now at the high places of the country. If you do not want to seek the good, the protection and the welfare of the country, if you are not able to do this, oh, then you do no longer struggle to win the authority of governance. The country is in danger if it does not have for it clean sons in hearts and at its helm. Oh, it is not well for those on high seats to be wealthier than those they rule upon; on the contrary, it is well to be brotherhood and justice in everything, for this is left from God, but behold, with the people is otherwise. Oh, do not longer gather possessions for you if you want to have a great position over the country, and be more careful for your people, for the being of the nation, for I look upon you and see how much trouble, how much pride, how much desire for greatness and justice against each other. Oh, you do not earn anything by lying, by deception, by slander and brother betrayal, for where there is no love and union, the faction, betrayal, robbery and money rule in all these, and man is knocked down to the ground on money and for the money.

Oh, Romanian sons, not in this way. I, the Lord, teach you that it is not right to work in this way. I teach you, those who want to govern and have high seats, and I also teach you, those who stay under the hand of those who want to rule upon you. Oh, I, the Lord, did not work in this way for the people. I laid down My life for the people. I loved to be poor, and I showed the man an example of life with God for the gain of the eternal life, where the happiness of the man, who prepares for himself a place near the Lord forever, is worked by God.

I urge you, Romanian sons, take shelter under the cross, sons. You will not be able to overcome for you and for the nation but only by the cross and by its exhortation, under God, Who loves the truth and the true man through love and repentance, sons. Oh, the wages for your mistakes come and it is painful. Therefore, take shelter under the cross, for the cross is as strong as iron and it stays between lie and truth and it judges with justice as two thousand years ago when it showed its power when it sheltered Me on it from the face of the cowards and from those who hated Me, for the smell of blood was in their mouth and in the word of their mouth, and this is because of their sins, which made them completely savage, and behold, woe to the sinful man without a face inside and outside of him, for his evil deeds stick to him, as it is written.

I, the Lord, am advising the Romanian nation to great watch, as I have always exhorted it in time of trials for its destiny of today and tomorrow. There are no longer in the country of My word, in My today’s country, sons with mercy in them for it, and My worry for it grows, and I want to work heavenly miracles for its protection so that these miracles may be read and understood.

When the Lord, has no one to help Him for you, My country, My Romanian people, oh, miracles come from heaven to help your destiny, for you are My today’s country, the country of My word, for I have in you a table of word, sixty years of word from heaven on your hearth springing from My mouth, Romanian people, a written history, and it confesses from your hearth, and beyond your boundaries, that the Lord is without boundaries just as His word is, and He is all over with His glory of word from your midst. I want you to be My church, My flock on earth, and I want to be your Shepherd, the Shepherd with the cross, for you do no longer have any shepherds for your way to God and with God on earth, and you have only pain from those who call themselves shepherds for you and they do no longer let you move out from the bonds they have put upon you. However, I do not forsake you when you are under trials, and here I am, I come into your heart mysteriously and declare a holy word and then I fulfill it, and willing or not, they will see Me doing in your midst the word of My Father, and you will be the country of brightness among peoples, and they will be scared and all those on earth will become like little lambs at the sight of My glory upon you, My today’s country, for I, your Lord and Shepherd, grow you beautiful, and sweetly comfort you and protect you with an iron rod, with My cross, the victorious weapon, and I will bring under your feet the glory of the cross, My victory through the cross, and My word in you will write between earth and heaven your new name, the Citadel of the Lord, and all those on earth will look at you and will say: «There is the Lord», as it is written. Amen.

Now, sons from My spring of word, I put My word upon you. Oh, do not worry because of the work I have put you to do, that I may work with you, and not only with you, oh, sons. Oh, do not let yourselves be downcast for the fulfillment of the little house, which is at work here, now, to make it a shelter and bedding more reliable than the one that has been by this time in it. I will be and I will work near you all the course of the works. I will be, sons. Do not worry. On the contrary, be hard working and come together near Me, as we need to accomplish this building in due time, and you know that we have to do this. Therefore, be open-hearted and give yourselves with your work for this shelter, for My days of glory here, when they run their course because of your hard work and they are before Me to receive Me with My family in heaven, with the saints, sons. Therefore, order them with a council worked early in the morning and with a warm offer then, redeeming the time little by little, bit by bit, as the time for the fulfillment of this settlement is dear.

I take off your weariness, I am the One Who removes it from you, only to have you at duty at the right time, sons. Oh, be faithful and believe everything I tell you, for I want to believe in you as you believe in Me, in everything I tell you, as without faith from man, I cannot call man to help Me, and the Lord comes to be weak before the one who does not believe. Oh, do not forget, I can do everything, only for man to believe that I can do so.

I fill you with power, with warmth, with love, with faith, counseling and word, sons. Oh, be like Me, full of word, and in this way you do My work with you. The word made the heaven and the earth, and the Word can do everything now, too. Everything is word first and only after that the things appear and are.

Sons, sons, not to find in you denial or doubt or powerlessness. I have only you when it is hard, oh, only you. Love all that you have to fulfill. This is your power: love, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.