The Word of God at the feast of the three hierarchs: Basil, Gregory and John

My word is coming down into its book, and My word has a little garden of descent and it has watchmen within the gates, and I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, have been standing and speaking from the clouds for sixty years on the hearth of the Romanian people and by My word I have been preparing My kingdom in the faithful ones, and only those with a clean heart, only those have part of the gift of the faith for the word that flows like a river of My mouth in this time, and I do not get out from the Scriptures with anything when I come as word on earth, but, on the contrary, I fulfill the Scriptures for it is written for Me to come.

On a day of the feast of saints I am becoming a gentle Shepherd over the Romanian people, and I am giving the gift of faith to be able to take Me in its heart when I leave My word upon it. The saints ask Me to strengthen this nation to watch as My Father Sabaoth chose it to be My house of welcome for My word which comes down on earth, and behold, the Romanian country is the first among the nations by this choice of the Father, for the earth on which you have been standing, Romanian people, was the first little patch coming out from the waters at the creation of the world, and again, you were born a Christian people once with My birth on earth, and there have passed two thousand years, like God’s Son, since you have been Christian, a Christian nation. Oh, and how beautiful, that even now, at the end of the time, you have the gift of coming down upon you the voice of My word, My speech, My coming as word over the earth, for I am with tens of thousands of saints in groups-groups in your air, on your sky, Romanian people, and I have been writhing on your heart the word of love, for out of God’s great love, this miracle takes place between heaven and earth on your bed, which has been made a stopover for God and His saints, and the heaven above you, the same.

Oh, peace to you, My today’s country, Romanian people! Oh, do not be afraid and do not be confused. I am the Lord, your God and I do this miracle in you, for I am Who I am and I am the One Who can do everything I want, and as for you, look with the mystery of the clean heart to know My voice of gentle Shepherd and to listen to My advice by which I shepherd and guide you, and My glory in you is the word of My mouth into your midst.

Oh, peace to you, My today’s citadel, My new Jerusalem! It is written that I will build Jerusalem again, to have a place today where to come in when I come on white horses with the saints and clothed in linen shirts, and all in the same way, as it is written in the Scriptures about My coming with the heavenly hosts and that out of My mouth comes a sharp sword to strike the nations with it and to rule them with an iron rod, and My name is called the Word of God, (Apoc: 19/13), as it is written, and I do not come out of the Scriptures with anything, when this is My work or when someone might want to judge Me according to the law.

I come down to you as word, Romanian people, and I shepherd you in time of storm, for I see wolves looking out to divest you of your customs and faith and of My blessing and of My saints’. Behold, I stand watch over you with the saints and with the fathers from heaven and We exhort you to be on watch as well and to believe that it is a time of storm upon you, and you do no longer have any shepherds with mercy on you to prevent you from perishing on the way and to strengthen your way with God, and God’s way with you, for behold how high the rulers upon you sit in the name of Christ’s church, and behold how they lead you into the arms of My enemy and yours, the antichrist, about whom it is written into the Scriptures about the way he is going to come and about the way he is going to be with his work, hidden from the mind of the common man; however, I am going to come and remove their veil and I am telling you that he is clothed within the garment of church and that he is a wolf and not a shepherd, and I, the Lord, wake you up in the middle of the dark and teach you the wisdom from above, as there is no other better wisdom on earth, as everything is mixed up on earth and there is only lie face to face with man and there is no more distinction between evil and good and God is needed with the people on earth, lest the curse may make its way because of the rulers of the church, who bow too much before the antichrist enemy, and who try to spoil the holy customs, left from the holy fathers to be kept and observed at their place in the book of the calendar of the Christian, the greatest people on earth. Oh, there is no greater or stronger people between earth and heaven than Christ’s people, the people that keeps the heaven on earth and God among people, as two thousand years ago, I told the faithful ones: «I will be with you to the end of the time». (Matt: 28/20)

Oh, keep good watch, Romanian people, Christian people, because the antichrist wants to overthrow everything that has remained holy, as by deceit he overthrew the feasts of the saints and now he wants to change from its place in the calendar the feast of My resurrection, the date of the Passover, the greatest feast of the Christianity in heaven and on earth, set well at its place through the saints full of the Holy Spirit and whose light comes from heaven and kindles the lights on the day of the feast of My resurrection, (Reference to the desire of the rulers of the Orthodox churches, after long and secret negotiations with catholic people and other Christian cults in order to establish a permanent date, accepted by all, the 1st May – for the feasts of the Holy Passover, a thing clearly in disagreement with the tradition and teaching of the Lord’s holy fathers, r.n.) Surely, this true establishment is not convenient to the antichrist-satan, confirmed by its signs, (Confirmed by the descending of the Holy Light at Jerusalem, only at the Feast of the Lord’s Resurrection in the old Orthodox style – the Julian Calendar, r.n.), as then when I was resurrected victoriously and by My resurrection, I judged the ruler of this world, as I wrote two thousand years ago about the meaning of the miracle of My resurrection to the judgment of those who crucified Me, of those who have been unfaithful since then and up to this day.

I knock to be opened to Me and I enter to tell those who serve at the altars clothed in royal robes with mitres on their heads, and I tell them about their work that leads astray the souls of the Christian flock and to stop somehow this idle running to nowhere.

Oh, open, you bishops and priests, who sit before the flock of the Orthodox flock of the Romanian people, for I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, am speaking to you and I am saying this: Oh, where did the mixed work come from, which you misinterpret according to the mind of the antichrist enemy, who calls this mixture brotherhood, and behold where this mixture has led you, for with it you have violated the ruling laws of the holy fathers for My church, and accursed for those who may want to trample under their feet the holy order of the church, the good helm in storms, for you opened to the storm to come in, to knock and to shake all things from their place, (In the year of 1924, when they changed the Feast of the Lord’s Birth – Christmas, from the old style – Julian, to the new one, Catholic – Gregorian, r.n.), from the time appointed to them, as it was the great blow which changed the feasts of the saints from their place, and now, instead of bringing back those that were changed to have again the blessing of the saints by repentance, behold, you want to shake off the heaven and the earth, and you want to remove from its place in the ancestral calendar the feast of the Lord’s Passover and of the good and faithful Christians, and because of that, I come to ask you if it comes to your mind what a great curse you want to incur on earth when you rise above the saints, who set, blessed and cursed those who may want to spoil those established with the work of the Holy Spirit and with the heavenly life of the saints on earth, as long as they lived on earth and established from God the holy order of My church to the end of the time; and behold, you do not want to open the Scriptures so that you may not go wrong receiving advice from foreigners, or to open the book of the churchly order and read in it and know that you are not allowed to change or remove anything from it, you who have not loved holiness and the Holy Spirit Who works through the saints, and behold who you are, because you do not love the holy fathers, and if still there are from time to time on earth saints with God in them by their holy life, then you try to hide them and bind them trinkets, and you do this for fear of not being judged because of the lack of holiness in your life, with which you sit on the seats of church. Oh, no! One should not sit on these seats in the name of the Lord like this. I know that you like to dress in royal clothes and crowns on your heads to draw the men’s glory upon you, but what is going to happen with the Christian flock you do not care because you are making now a vow and keep on doing this with the work of antichrist that has a hidden face under the robe of Christ’s church, when long ago he got out from the church in the beginning and kept on working against Me by his disobedience to God and by his pride to be the father of men on earth, when My word from the Scriptures has been standing powerfully against him and saying this to the Christians: «Call no man on earth your father, for one is your father, He Who is in heaven». (Matt: 23/9)

Oh, you, bishops and priests, stop working this mixture and cast it out from the church. By this you have gone wrong very much. Oh, be careful not to be those who incur curse upon the earth by your disobedience to God, to the saints and fathers, by the violation of the laws left from the Holy Spirit for Christ’s church. I am Who I am, and I am with a feast of the saints in a synod above the place of My descent as word over the earth, and I have at its place in the calendar the feast for the three hierarchs, set in a bundle for a holy memorial by the church, the saints who left over the flock the service of Liturgy and the customs from the Holy Spirit, and look at the bishops in heaven how they are crying out to you and telling you this:

— Oh, we are those who established, and you are those who want to destroy by the mixture the order left from the Holy Spirit through the saints and fathers, and we are telling you to be afraid when you want to interfere with the work of the Holy Spirit, left over the church in the time of its saints from the beginning. You do no longer want to be holy on earth and do no longer facilitate this love for the Lord by those who are holy, but we are telling you that the saints in heaven are many from the past and from today and they stand before God’s throne for the people on earth and for the persecuted church all the time, even with those who have the robes of servants, as it also happened on earth in our time. Oh, be terrified to assume the right to interfere with those set by a churchly order by the synods of saints at the beginning of Christ’s church, for you are not saints and you cannot work out miracles, and you also cannot take the darkness out of the world and the devils from the people, since even from you, you cannot take the unbelief out in God’s works through the saints, and if you are not going to be terrified, then the Master Christ will terrify you, Who loves His flock and is full of mercy for it. We were also like the Lord, full of watch and mercy for His church. And as for you, either you may listen or not, you have to know from heaven that you have made bold to work against God and the Lord will wake up His flock, and He will bring you into the light that you are not shepherds and that you give it to those who are foreigners for your fleeting glory, and the Lord will ask you soon, soon, to answer Him how your obedience was and to whom you have served when you raised one another as servants at the altars, and you will stand face to face with us, those who have loved the Lord and served Him with holiness and with struggle for holiness and for His flock.

We, Lord, have spoken to them; we have spoken from around You with those who want to say that it is not possible for God and for His saints to speak upon the earth, but behold, it is possible. You are the One Who made the heaven, the earth, the man and the saints, and You can do everything, and Your saints can do it too; the saints about whom it is written: «they will be like Him and will see Him».

— Oh, I have stayed face to face with the servants of altars of the Romanian people on a day of bishop feast for the three hierarchs: Basil, Gregory and John. The Holy Spirit was the guide among them in their time, and I, the Lord, empowered them on earth to strengthen the holy customs on an unshaken rock to the end of the time and to have holy followers of the Holy Spirit’s work and not any kind of followers.

I have put on your table My word and its work, Romanian people. Oh, wake up each other, Romanian sons! The antichrist and its servants want to put out from the earth the name of the tracks of Christians and they want to replace them with the work, painted in white, of their darkness without God. Oh, get up to watch for the holy customs and for their observance, Romanian sons, for you are a great and faithful people by My great blessing over this patch of land, on which, behold, I am descending with the word now, in the end and at the beginning of time, for am building again a citadel for Me, as I had a citadel and a people two thousand years ago in Israel, the people that took Me out from its midst, persecuted and crucified Me; however, I came to life and left from their midst, and the Father gave Me as a gift even from that time the Romanian land and the people on it so that My people may be a Christian nation, Christ’s people to the end of the time.

Oh, peace to you, Romanian sons, Christian sons! I, the Lord, will guide you, I will pour out from My Spirit upon you and I will give you gifts, for the wisdom from above is as in heaven, and by it you will come to know how to bring the heaven on earth with all its mysteries, with all its glory, with all its love, for I am your Shepherd, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.