The Word of God at the feast of the saint hierarch Spyridon

I am God, the Son, and I am coming down on earth as word and with it I am shepherding those who have faith. However, who are those who have faith? They are those who love, those who learn what love is and they love, and they are God’s sons on earth.

I am the Lord Jesus Christ and I am coming down on earth as word, as I came two thousand years ago when I descended in a manger as a baby; then, I was brought up by the earthly parents, by those who received Me from the Father and from the Holy Spirit to be born, to grow up and proclaim Myself as true God of true God and of the same Being with the Father, to bring on earth the kingdom of the heavens and all its work, which I have to work then with man and to grow it as big as the earth is and to comprise within it those that do not have a kingdom, for there is no other kingdom, and if man does not find My kingdom then he remains without country and without king, and he has no name; he does not have any guarantee that he was or is after that, too.

Oh, the kingdom of God is only one; it is the only one kingdom and only those who live in it remain and are, and this I brought and set it on earth with the people two thousand years ago, but those of that time did not find it because they did not find the door; they did not find its king, they did not find him because they did not have faith. Only those who believe God and take the word and the Gospel from Him for their faith, only they have faith, only they know to have faith, and by it they have hope and a country after that.

I have chosen for the second time a country of My coming on earth, as two thousand years ago, I chose the land of Israel and the people of this tribe, but I found no faith on this land when I came and was born in this country, and then I grew up and confessed My divinity to make Myself known as God on earth among men, but I did not find any faith, and then I went back to the Father; still, I left some behind Me who were to confess Me over time that I lived on earth with the people for thirty three years, and the world did not know Me. I came to confess Myself as light for the people and I was in the world, for the world was made through Me, but the world did not know Me. I came to My own people, to the people of the Lord confessed on earth, but those who were Mine did not receive Me, and to all as many as received Me, to them I gave the right to become God’s children, who are born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of men, but of God, as it is written, (See John: 1/12,13), and behold, those who have no faith do not have anything and do not have a country, as also those who, deny and do no longer believe, lose everything they might have had when they lose their faith, for only by faith man can be, as only through God are all those that are.

Oh, peace to the people of My word into the midst of the Romanian people; peace to the faithful one! Peace to you, sons! I am calling you sons, because you have God as your father and you serve Him. I am calling you God’s sons because you have faith, well sons. Those who deny their faith are no longer, oh, they are no longer, for what else has the one without hope? What hope can be any longer true in the man who forsakes the Lord and His advice upon him? One like that says that he has the Lord as his God even when he does no longer have Him because he forsook Him. Oh, this is what Israel was saying too when it forsook Me and cast Me out by putting Me to the death on the cross, and those people said that they had Moses, Abraham, that they had God as their Father, and the same thing say those who leave from near the sons of My kingdom, but behold, the work of the faith is another thing; it is that which keeps man near God, and those who deny do no longer have sense, since they have no longer fear of God, which is to stop them from those that are forbidden for God’s sons.

Oh, faithful sons, the hierarch Spyridon and I are at the table with you, together with the host of the bishops from heaven, and he is part of them. I am with the faithful man, as he was on earth, for in his time there was no faith, and people were full of ranks with respect to the right faith in God but they did not work faith.

Oh, sons, faith and love are not at anyone’s hand, well sons. Oh, always learn, and learn incessantly what love and its work are, lest it may come upon you unexpectedly the thought which may prompt you to deny faith, the fear of God, which keeps man to be faithful and good, for those who lose the fear of God, first lose their mind, and behold how they lost their faith and then indulged themselves in all kinds of pleasures to their addiction to the things on earth for the spirit of haughtiness, because those who denies his faith and good conduct helped by faith, those feed their mind with recklessness and then become like abortions, after they have fallen from their life with God, even if they lie to their mind as though they have the Lord as their God, just as Israel used to tell itself in the time of its denial of Me, too.

Learn what love is and then keep its work, well sons. Love contents itself with what it has, and the one, who is content, has great riches. Who takes the right to be discontent, that one is the poorest among men and is full of the sin of haughtiness and of his chicks that are working in his mind and flesh; he who is discontent is poor.

Oh, sons, behold what I am teaching you: Be never discontent, sons, for those who are discontent little by little lose their love and the steadfastness of their dwelling with Me and near Me, and then they try to blame Me. However, you should have one another as your wealth and possession from God, and you have to keep what you have so that no one may pull this gift away from you. Oh, what else has the one who gets lost from his brothers, from God’s property on earth? A man like that remains with the men’s sons, on whom he changes his brothers, and the men’s sons work only disappointment to each other, only love that does not remain but perishes like a phantom.

I told those who loved Me, «remain in My love»; this is what I told them. Oh, remain with those who are faithful, I am also telling you sons, for those who are not faithful see and can do everything by the eyes and by the devils mind, and they choose likewise.

Oh, sons, may the fatherly exhortation of the saint Spyridon remain with you and work it, well sons, for behold, I am putting him to speak now over My church of the new Jerusalem and he is to give advice to it, and let his word be set into My book of today.

May your entrance into My book be blessed, faithful servant! I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, set you to work. Amen.

— And I am blessing You, Lord, too. I am blessing, by blessing the truth of Your word of today and leaving this proof on the table of Your people, which is Your house on earth, to You and to Your saints, with whom You are coming, as it is written for You to come.

I leave exhortation for faith to Your people as well, exhortation of love by faith, oh, Lord. The one who comes near to You to believe Your word and then if one like this denies himself after that, then this one denies the life buoy in the middle of the torrential waters and he is in the danger from the sin of striking back, which he may commit. The man is more comfortable with unbelief, Lord, and this is because man is sinful, and together with this he is also full of haughtiness before other people, but even before You when he tries to blame You striking back.

According to my rank I was a bishop, like the other bishops at that time, but I did not love the empty glory, I did not receive glory from man; I could not endure this shame because I was crushed under the power of the humility of spirit, and that is why I was trying to be as humble as possible in speech and conduct. I had to make miracles through the word and deed; however, I did this not to be praised but rather for the man’s power of faith in You, and especially to put to shame the unfaithful ones who behaved very badly when they saw the power of the work of my faith before the aberration of their mind. I was ranked by the bishop, and they also, according to our ranks, but behold, our faith were different; it was only my faith and not theirs, for they were the sons of haughtiness and the sons of the empty glory, and I, on the contrary, was the faithful and humble servant before You, as my nature and love were.

I am speaking to the people of Your word and I am teaching it like You, Lord; I am teaching it to love and I am exhorting it to learn what love is, for love has to be taught working at it and with it, and it has to be much advised and proved among brothers, because man has to take after God when he has the love as his work.

Oh, sons of the Christ Word, learn to love. Do not be deceived that you have love or that you know how to love. Be humble instead, be humble and very much humble. Bow, because love bows and teaches all those who are faithful this lesson of today, and let them learn that love in man does not try, it does not try to blame anyone and anything. He who loves does not blame, and he who does not love, blames, oh, and then he falls, and by so doing he gives the proof of his lack of love towards his brothers.

Oh, sons, I felt it fully the work of the lack of love among brothers, for my brother bishops at that time were standing before the Christian flock completely hypocrites in love, and they were like the word that goes: „Lions at home and lambs in the street”, but I put them to shame in my Father’s house, and I showed their hypocrisy to everyone because they did not love as those who were faithful, but rather they loved without fruit before God, for the sin of envy, and especially if this sin is being worked on the way of the church, this sin completely disowns the one who has it at work in his blood, for they have not learned what love is.

Oh, sons, learn what love is. He who has love is the one who proves that he has got it in his entire work full of humility, endurance, dedication and life from God from one another among those who love. He who has love is the one who feels his sins more than the others and he sees himself as sinful, and he remains humble and with mercy upon him, and he who does not have love that one always sees the louse on the others while he neglects his own swollen mite, when deep down in his flesh it sucks his blood, and this because of his lack of honor and because of his lack love of brothers by which he is punished and which leads him to disbelieve and then to the loss of his mind.

Oh, get used to be gentle and loving even with the wicked ones, even with the evil doers, so that they may see the work of love, its work and the joy from this, and so that they may long to receive the happiness felt by the heart of the one who works love with all his members.

Oh, it is not for sin but for faith that those who stay near to the Lord come and remain with Him forever, and this mystery belongs to those who are clean in their heart and faith, and who think with much love towards those who go wrong, telling to themselves that the brothers’ mistake is in them not in their brothers, as this is the heart of those who love and they do not blame others.

And now, I am urging Your people of Romanians, Lord, and from which all the sons of the Romanian people should take advice, and I am telling them this:

Oh, do not forsake your country, you, Christian sons, and you, Romanian sons. Do not take this step for nothing and for anyone in the world. Be afraid to do this and listen so. This advice is coming from heaven. Do not neglect the advice that is coming from heaven to you. Punish in you the desire that prompts you to leave your country for a foreign country, for the country of the Lord’s blessing is the country of His return as word after two thousand years, and this country is protected by the Lord. Those who leave this country and go somewhere else, those are written and kept being written by satan that do not love the Lord, Who comes with His saints and becomes word on the hearth of the Romanian people, here, where the gift of faith is sowed, which is to spring forth for those who will receive this gift, and those to whom it was given, they are to keep it, to protect it by the work of their love, because faith is built in man by love.

Oh, much love is sick in many and it cannot be made well anyhow. You, the one who have, or say that you have faith, take care, oh, take care to thank, as you give thanks to a doctor sent by the Lord to you, to the one who had done something wrong to you, as with the one who gentle and humble it is well anyhow and anywhere he may be, even if he may be in hell. Oh, if you are denigrated and pray to the Lord for those who denigrate you, then the Lord clearly shows the truth to those who stumble, for the more we bow the better we see ourselves unworthy, and we are more humble, more faithful and more loving, praying and calling more after the Lord. Oh, sons, pray and speak with humility calling out to the Lord saying this: „Lord, lower the heavens and come down to save us and come”. Amen.

Oh, I have blessed You, Lord, teaching the people of Your word the love and the faith born out of love, and which lasts forever only in those who are humble, for in those who are proud faith does not last; it does not endure because of the self-love. Now, I am asking You with humility, please give gifts to those who are faithful, to have power for You and not for them, for woe to those who seek for themselves on their way with You! Those who seek for themselves on this way, they do not have love, oh, they do not have any; however, they can have it if they want to learn how to have it.

Oh, peace to You, Lord! I remain within a humble spirit and stay before You. This spirit makes miracles for men’s life, for faith in men, oh, Lord. Amen.

— I am the gentle One and I am the One humble in heart, oh, faithful servant, and this is My exhortation for the love in man, for I am a Teacher upon man with My own example, and you have taken after Me with your spirit loving of people. He who wants to take after Me does not take after man, but he takes after God in love and then in all things, and then love can do everything. I thank you with bending for your great advice over the people of My word, for you were very much humble before everyone as long as you have lived among people working My example, and by this you were and you are great. You were full of humility before men, and you were full of the power of your faith by which you showed to the people such great miracle; however, those who were faithful were put to shame and they strengthened themselves by the word of their unbelief outwardly, for otherwise they would have been crushed by many, and those who fall down really do not need faith lest their mind may fall because of their desperation, because those who display their unbelief feel with power that they fight against God and they keep on resisting Him until they fall overcome by the wages of the things they have worked.

Oh, sons, the world knows that this day is Christmas, and everything is topsy-turvy on earth after the Lord’s feasts and the feasts of His saints were removed from their places. I have been struggling with all those in heaven in order to bring back those that were removed from their place, and we have been working at this in a great mystery, for we are at work through those of bad faith, not through those who love God. Still, we are going to have victory, as this is written to be, that is, the Lord and the truth will finally overcome.

Oh, where do they go, where go, those who leave Me: I keep asking Myself? Oh, only if they may ask themselves this and come to repentance as long as there is still light!

And as for us, we are preparing for the feast of Christmas, sons, and this feast will be at its right place in calendar, for it is right for the faithful man to obey God, and man will have obedience, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.