The Word of God at the Synod of the saint archangels, Michael and Gabriel

I am Who I am. Be attentive, oh, be attentive to the One Who is speaking from the heavens and believe what you hear. I am Who I am, this is what I am telling you, to those who are coming to drink from Me and to sit with Me at the table of work here, at My spring of word.

I am Who I am. This is what I am telling everyone who may ask himself about this preaching, finding Me on the way and asking themselves who this word is. I Myself am answering them Who I am. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, and I come on earth on the hearth of the Romanian people and I leave My speaking written, because those who have ears to hear lay down My word on earth and share it to the knowledge of those to whom I want to reveal Myself either to their salvation or to their judgment, and this is how I have worked all the time since I made the heaven, the earth and then the man by My word, and those who were unfaithful did not pay any attention to it and minded their own business until the day when they met Me and saw that I am Who I am whenever I speak My word on the earth to let it be known and to put it there where it is sent by My mouth itself to work after that, either for the faith or for the unfaith of those to whom God’s word goes.

Oh, on this day of holy feast of the synod of the angels with the chiefs in front of them, I, the Lord, am embracing within the word those who have prepared for Me on earth this day of sweet feast and I am saying:

Peace to you, weary children! You have prepared with much labor this day of feast and brought it before Me and before those who are coming to the spring at holy days here, with Me and with you. Oh, I am removing from your shoulders the burden for this preparation and I am putting before you My joy from you. You have brought into view the pearl, which we seal with the name of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the cross and the well, close to each other, and we are putting them into use with a great name on them: The Cross and the Well of the Holy Trinity. Oh, peace to you for this hard work, and behold, we are sealing today from above and from below this holy work.

The new settlement is being blessed and sanctified in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Oil for unction as with any baptism, sweet basil and holy water, as at any anointment with holiness and with the name of the Lord over those new founded, and which will stand before people from now on as heavenly signs, a vision that speaks to them about God, urging them to long after heaven and after all those in heaven on earth with the people.

Oh, you are resting working hard, sons, and behold, you have been working hard again and resting in the joy with which you have worked again and again for My glory, for you set My glory on earth when you work from Me and at My word you make signs of testimony of My work with you among people, sons. And now peace to you, for behold the day when we seal the days of hard work that this pearl may appear. We are celebrating this fulfillment together with the meeting full of glory of the angelic hosts in a day of their feast, a church feast on earth and in heaven, and you and I have set preparation and communion with gathering at the spring on this day year by year, and now I am lowering down on the table of today the glory of My word and with it a am rejoicing the angelic armies, gathered here with Me and with you, and with those who love to come at the Lord’s feasts and His saints’ in this citadel where I have set My coming as word on earth. The town of Pucioasa is the citadel of My word; it is the place where I, the Lord, declare with My mouth the word on the hearth of the Romanian people and I speak with this nation and become a written book, and I have distributors who set Me on the way so that all who want and all those who do not want to be able to find Me, and this is My will: to speak and to let My speaking be known, even if many mind only their business, which they have got used to and do not appreciate their soul and do not appreciate God, from Whom all men have life and protection for life.

Nation after nation is born and appears on earth, and it passes likewise, leaving many sins behind, on the places where it has passed and where it has lived, and after several tens of years, from time to time, there comes the wrathful payment, the work of the sins of those who commit sins on earth in the time of their life, when they must have work holiness, and leave blessing over the places where they live, but behold, they incur upon them wrath by their works, and from time to time, wrath comes on earth among people, but who is to tell them how to number their years and their work in the time of their living, which is so fleeting, as they work very little for their eternal things, who keep in them the kingdom of the heavens, the Lord’s pleasure in man and around him, the work which gives eternally life and salvation so that man may have a holy place after that, a place prepared by his own work on earth. (This Word comes a couple of days after a series of eight terrorist attacks from Paris, when the most disastrous of them took place at a rock concert of the band „Eagles of Death Metal”, where the result was almost ninety dead people, r.n.)

I am setting much peace over the day of the feast of the angelic armies and over the day of their chiefs. I am coming to meet those who come at the table of synod of angels to welcome them and to give them of My word and the glory of My angels.

Oh, peace to you; peace to those who love God, looking after His glory here! My word keeps coming always, as I have always shared it with you, oh, faithful sons. Oh, take care to make My will all the time. You should always spend as though you were always face to face with Me and with My saints, as only in this way you are to please the Lord, and you should learn what pleases Him and know it by heart, as some good people who have so much holy teaching, springing from My mouth during these days. Oh, keep away from the wrath on the earth and on the people and stay away from the works without God of the people who have separated themselves from God by their sinful works, as behold, their works follow them and bring wrathful payment and they bring them sufferance and fear, too, (Fear provoked by some other alarms of terrorist attacks in Belgium, Germany, - where a football match between Germany and Holland was canceled and when the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, and some other officials were evacuated „in safety,” r.n.), and I suffer, I suffer with all the saints because man does not love God within his life on earth.

Oh, not even those who have decided to live a holier life, not even they know to work for themselves and keep a holy reward, for the spirit of haughtiness swarms everywhere in the people, and many lose the reward for the things they have worked well, for the mind exalting makes them grow less and less.

I have news written in heaven coming up from the earth as though the truth of My speaking from today might be tempted by a bunch of Christians who wanted to be holy, but if they keep on being nourished with the works of their holiness and sounding a trumpet among them and around them so that they may be praised up to heaven, oh, what shall I do with this pride they have got? They believe that are holy and have the right to tempt My coming here, and I, the Lord, at the news sent to heaven by My gates here, (Gates - those by whom the Lord speaks, the Lord comes as word, r.n.) have been telling them this: he who has ears let him hear God when He comes and speaks over the earth. Nevertheless, if their holy ears do not hear, then who else are to be guilty because they do not hear the Lord in the time of His speaking?

Oh, this news coming from heaven has given Me a thrill, and with fatherly mercy I am urging all those who work their holiness; I am urging them to have a humble heart and not to reach out their hand according to their desire and reading, for I am coming into the way to give to the one who humbles himself. I am He Who travels from God to man, and I have not told man to come up to heaven, for I am the One Who comes down, because it is written for Me to come, and I want man to come and believe, and in this way to be his coming to Me with his desire so that he may understand then the work of My word. Oh, what else had Samuel better than the priest under whose hand he was living in submission? However, he had ears to hear, and the anointed priest had the faith to take from the Lord through the little Samuel and fulfill as he had heard the word that came for him.

And now, I am clarifying the way of My word when it comes on earth and I am saying: The speaker is not greater than the one who receives the word which is given to him, and greater then both is the One Who springs out of His mouth word from heaven to be shared by the speaker of the word, who has years to hear with them. Amen. This is the news, which I, the Lord, give to those who humble themselves to believe in My word of today and yesterday, whether they are priests or common people, no matter who they are, for when Moses’ brothers wanted to be like Moses, that is to be God’s speaker, oh, they suffered from the sin of their pride, because the holiness of the heart lies in great faith and then in the humility of spirit of every holy man who does not tempt the Lord.

Sons, sons, I am in the air here with the angelic hosts ready for celebration. I am blessing the assembly of those that are in heaven together with those that are on earth. I am blessing those who are invited to the table, for it is remembered here on this day the world of those asleep. Oh, there they are at the table here, taking pleasure over the view of the spirit, taking and sharing one another, and then giving to those who do not have part of memorial because of the lack of people to remember them.

Oh, rejoice over My mercy, you, those who wait to be with the Lord here at the table. Take from the table to which you have been called and remembered to come, for we all are at the table. Pray, therefore, for those who do not forget you and bring you before Me to your heavenly comfort, sons. Oh, pray for those who remember you and ask Me for heavenly protection, My protection over My citadel of word and over the Romanian country, the country of My return from the Father as word on earth. Oh, divide yourselves at the borders up and down and watch from near Me, for all those in heaven watch and keep away all the danger and urge to watching the whole Romanian people for all those on earth because the time is with oppression, because the people on earth sin against the holy watching, which they are to work for themselves and then for each other so that it may go well with them.

Oh, Romanian country, My country of today, I am in you as word and I am exhorting you to love and to longing after God, for God watches upon you more and more than any other area on the earth, because He has in you the citadel of His word, on which He watches and blesses. Oh, take care of you and of the Lord, your God; moreover, you should take care of you as you take care of God, for otherwise you do those things that your Lord does not like and which also are not according to His holy laws, and sufferance and danger come upon those who are not lead by God.

I have prophesied by this word that the uncovered heads will catch fire, and I have looked at the mourning of those whose hair caught fire, and they were running with the fire in their head, and when they want to put out the fire they burned their heads, poor little souls consumed with sufferance. (Reference to the tragedy at the rock concert at the sports club „Colective”, which took fire from the fireworks and where more than sixty people lost their lives because of the burns, and almost one more hundred of them are still in hospital in the country and abroad, badly wounded, r.n.) Oh, if they were pleased to Me they would have been like the three young men in the furnace of fire and I would have sent them My angel and I would have taken them out of the fire not harmed, but they were harmed, and many of them breathed their last, and it was fulfilled My word that foresees the works of those who are disobedient with respect to the holy laws.

Oh, here it is what I am telling you: you have a seal of Christian people even from your birth, Romanian people, but it is not well to bear God’s name and serve the pleasures of the devil enemy, oh, it is not well this. Seek to get used to holy joy and get your heart used to the love of God, for the heart was made in man by God to be God’s dwelling place of rest. However, man gives it to My enemy and his and then he comes to sufferance for this injustice against man’s Creator.

Oh, kneel before Me and pray to give you a holy stature and to be My joy and the joy of My saints, Romanian people. Oh, come in My love. You are good dough, but remember this. Amen.

Now, I am spreading My arms to you, My today’s country, and I work protection upon you. The saints and the angels are in My service especially for your protection. I have on this day holy feast on your heart, I am embracing you with the hosts of angels and I am strengthening your understanding for the truth in heaven on earth; further, I am also waking up your spirit and guiding you to wake you up. Oh, peace to you! Armies of angels are strengthening your borders and protection at the borders, but I expect you to understand God, Romanian people.

And you, those who have found Me here within My feast, oh, come to the spring. Come together at My bosom whenever I come down with a holy feast, waiting for Me with longing to sit with you at the table and to rejoice, sons, and you should also rejoice with Me in the same way. Oh, do not forget, do not forget that the walking without guidance is with danger on the way. The one who has no counselor upon him will surely come to fall, but more severely than this is the fact that he may come out of his mind, for much disappointment comes to him when he sees his steps stuck in the mud thorough all kinds of thorns.

I surround you with a dance of angels and I am holding you tightly at My bosom. Oh, love holiness, sons. One day I am going to teach you clearly this mystery more and more profoundly as there is little knowledge over the Christians for this holy work between man and God.

And as for you, disciples at the spring, stay under My word working with you and building of mysteries and works on earth. You, who know what love is, be strangers to one another so that My love may be able to come to you. This mystery I want to teach all those that come to My spring of word so that man may know how to love God. Soon, soon, I will leave this book on the table with you and I will reveal through it the mystery of those who love the Lord, the true life and face of God’s sons. Amen.

Again and again, I comprise you all with the angelic armies. Peace to you, much peace to you, oh, sons! Amen.

My angels will carry back those who have come to the spring and will accompany them on their way back, as they did while they were coming here, and I am telling them this: Oh, do not forget about longing, about My feast with you, sons.

I am Who I am and I am the One Who is blessing the spirit and the work of My angels’ feast, and I am also blessing all those who have come together in My name on this day of holy feast.

I am Who I am. Peace to you, peace to you, oh, peace to you, sons! Amen, amen, amen.