The Word of God at the Feast of the Lord’s Ascension

On a day of the feast of My ascension to the Father, I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, am full of word and I am full of longing to speak, as several days ago, I said that I would speak My word for the Romanian people and I remind to this people that sixty years have passed since the word of My mouth has been turning into a book on the Romanian hearth and My book goes over the earth and preaches this time of the heavenly school, coming down from glory with its Teacher upon people, for I have raised one people whom I nourished with the world of My mouth all this time, and I have set it to do My will and to be My house, to come on earth as word to those who believe in the miracle of this time, in My coming as word among people, and to tell them that I am with My voice on earth and I have come to bring them light, as at My first coming two thousand years ago, I said that I was the Light of the world and now I am fulfilling it as I did at the time when I was working on earth the word for which I came being sent by the Father, that is the man’s salvation.

I am setting the table of word on the hearth of the Romanian people and I am calling at the table with Me the sons of this nation and I am blessing from the right side of My Father My speaking of today, oh, and My Father is blessing the whole work of My word on a day of the feast of the Ascension, a day of holy memorial, because I, the Lord Jesus Christ, as I ascended so I will come, and behold, I will come on the clouds, as it is written.

Oh, My Father Sabaoth, I am coming on the cloud of word, and You are My word and its power, and I am bringing to You on this day fervent prayer and by it I am asking You to be with Your power in the sons of the Romanian people as You are in Me, oh, Father, so that they may understand the comfort and the power of My word upon them, as behold, I am calling out the trumpet upon them to fill them with watching, as I want to put them now before You and You to fill them with power to overcome all the danger which tries to catch them under it, for God gives them the wisdom from above, the waking for it and heavenly eyes to see the enemy and to stand up to overcome and to be saved from the trial which keeps on spreading in order to catch them in it and then to be in danger their salvation from the men of lying, from those that, because of their life full of pleasures and pride, bring this nations into humiliation, the Romanian people, whom We have, Father, and whom We love so much, as We have on its heart the fold of My word over the earth, My word among people, Father.

— Oh, My Son, You are My word and My will. May My work and Yours be blessed on this holy day in heaven and on earth, and We are blessing now the power of the Romanian people and the spirit of its sons so that they may understand that God sits in counsel with them on this day to wake them to watching, to the protection of their life.

Oh, Romanian sons, I, the Father Sabaoth, am sending to you My Son, Jesus Christ, Whose great name is now the Word of God. (Apoc: 19/13) You have to obey Him, and not those who want to crush you for the sake of their will, and with whom I am not well pleased. Oh, how is God able to be well pleased with those who serve the ruler of this worldly age? How, when they love pride, wickedness and desire of greatness, from which all have got sick, after they have unjustly taken over the seats from the head of the country to rule upon you and to bring you to humility, oh, Romanian sons? Behold, I, the Father Sabaoth, am sending you My Word, My Son, Jesus Christ the Word, to be your Teacher in hard time, and you should listen to Him, for God wants to save you and He works for it with the whole heaven of saints and angels, but it is necessary to join the heavenly armies with all your faith in the word of My Son, for He is the Savior, the Shepherd with the cross, the Shepherd of My sheep. Amen.

— Oh, My Father Sabaoth, I am Your power and they are My power as We are their power, Father, for We have special love for the sons of the Romanian people among the nations, the country which You showed Me two thousand years ago and You have blessed it to be My country in the end of the time, the country of My return after two thousand years, and behold, I have a fold of word into its midst, and I have a people set to watch before My word when it comes down on the earth.

Behold, I am the Messenger of the Father, for My Father confesses Me and He sets Me to work over the Romanian people, My people of today, My new Israel, which observes into its midst the Christian tradition left through My apostles and through the saints two thousand years ago, and behold, those who are sitting now on the church seats over the flock of the Romanian people want to shake it.

Oh, Romanian people, oh, Romanian sons, you are under trial, sons, either if you know, or if you do not know this. However, I am looking from heaven with the saints, I see your pain, and I understand it, even if you do not understand it because of the time now. Oh, you are threatened by those that sit on the seats of power and also on behalf of the seats of the church and of those set on it you are in danger to be lead astray by them from the fatherly faith, faith which has kept in the life from above the sons of this nation up to this day, and today the sin of the faith denial has entered the church, the sin of the mixture with all that people may want to mean God, but these people, who so want, are dyed people, are those who deprive man of God so that man may be in danger for his eternal life and salvation. However, I, the Lord, do not want to leave you in danger, and I am coming to tell you that great and holy watch is needed, and you have to call out to the saints, to your ancestors, oh, Romanian sons, for your faithful ancestors persevere before Me for you so that you may not be overcome or drawn to the wandering away from the right faith, which they lived with their life before Me.

Oh, Romanian sons, do not take off, do not take off the Christian garment, but rather keep it tight on your thighs and girdle yourselves with belt of faith, lest your little shirt may be pulled by the storm with a hidden face, oh, Romanian sons. Oh, stand up for faith and for its protection, sons, and be faithful to your ancestors, who sacrificed themselves for your future with God, not denying from the faith in the saints when their enemies put them to test. Behold, the book of My word of today is open. Take from it and learn the power of faith. This is how you are to go to the store to take food for your body and a little garment to put on you and everything you may need for your life, oh, and you should take from My book likewise everything you may need, as it is opened day and night and it has in it My word, it has in it the Teacher from the heaven on earth and for sixty years My word has been teaching and promising, and here it is, coming out into the light for everyone who wants salvation, for I am the Light of the world as long as I am in the world, oh, and how was I supposed to stay in heaven as God, the Word, when there is so much need of light on earth?

Oh, Romanian people, I become the light of the world on your hearth! Oh, what a great gift God has given you! I want to clean you from enemies, Romanian people. I want to shake Myself off with My Spirit over you, Romanian sons. I give you power and spirit with power to shake you off from those who want to bring you into humiliation, sons. Oh, get up to be victorious with Me, for above you there have sat and strengthened on the seats the enemies full of their will upon you, and their will is hostile to you, to your hearts, to your freedom and to your land, oh, Romanian sons. Oh, get up under the victorious flag and work as long as it is daylight, for behold, those who are ruling upon you now from the high seats are stealing your life and work, they are stealing your right to the faith and watch, they are stealing your rights; however, you get up and overcome those who secretly steal day and night your destiny with God, your dearest wealth, for your wealth is God and your country, and they have no love and they do not love you too, for they love only themselves. Oh, get up and show your love of God and country, as you have seen those who have deceived your expectation, and God has seen that they want to go to church only when they want to deceive you pretending be on the side of God so that you may give your approval for their exaltation on the thrones in order to rule, (These are the "left" political parties from the parliamentary elections, the Communist party`s successors, r.n.) but they do not go to church otherwise, not even formally, and behold, you are in danger, Romanian sons, and you are lied every day sons, and the country of My return from the Father, after two thousand years of longing and waiting for that time to come, does not have to be so. Oh, and behold what I am finding now in the country the Father has given Me for My coming as word on earth among people!

I, the Lord, have a heavenly plan in My hand, and I work according to it, and you, My country of today, are written with the Father to be the glory of the nations and to be their light, and you are promised by the Father to be a holy mountain, to which the nations and the languages on earth may go to take My light, My word into your midst, and which brings salvation and love on earth.

Oh, Romanian people, the dragon with seven heads and ten horns is not easily overcome, but My power will overcome it, as it is written. The work of the antichrist tries to catch you under it in order that you may no longer have God as your father, Romanian people, but I, the Lord, will triumph over any opposing power which may come into the way of My glory to deprive man of God, the Maker of the heaven, of the earth and of man, and you should get up near Me, Romanian people, get up Romanian sons to overcome with the power of the Father, as this power is in My word upon you, sons. Receive power from My word, oh, sons, for God is with you on earth by the word, and he has a written history on your hearth now, during this time.

I put before you the book of My word, Romanian sons. Take from it, eat and stay alive, and do not give yourselves over to death by your carelessness of God, for behold, the Lord is coming into your way to help you overcome falsehood and all its servants set on high seats, and He is coming to teach you and to show you those who love your salvation and protection, and then your greatness among the nations, as My word is My glory into your midst, oh, Romanian sons.

Behold, I put signs into your way, for I, the Lord, wake up your spirit and pull the bell, and you are to startle and listen to My signs, which bring your salvation and glory, as your hearth is the country of My return from the Father, and as I ascended to the Father after My sufferance on the cross, oh, so I will come down; I will come down as I ascended, and I am with you all this time Romanian sons.

Oh, do not close the door to the Lord, Romanian people. You have watchmen into your midst whose voice wakes you up and tells you how the danger is. These are those who stand watch for the truth about everything that may work from the darkness through the people of the darkness, which try to keep you under their will, Romanian people; however, you get up to watch for the revelation of the falsehood and of its servants, as you are to go to your greatness, Romanian people, for this time has already come. I want to shine My light from you over the nations, as behold, the nations are about to make war and I want to quench their thirst, oh, Romanian sons.

On a day of the feast of My ascension to the Father and My descent to you as word, I have spoken to you, Romanian people, in order to set you near Me and to work into the midst of the nations from the earth the will of our Father, and you should listen to My calling to you and open to receive Me, to believe Me and to be victorious together, as My word has become a book into your midst to your salvation, and it will proclaim loudly over the nations the news from heaven, and there will be signs for the people to trust that the Lord speaks on earth and saves those who are good and faithful. Amen.

I am coming close to an end with My word and I am empowering the sons of the Romanian people to believe in Me, in the One Who speaks from the heavens into its midst.

I am writing down My name when I finish speaking.

Jesus Christ, the Word of God. Amen.


And now, sons of My word that grows you to be the first fruit of the faith and love of God into the midst of the Romanian people, oh give Me further to the Romanians, well sons, so that they may be Romanians like you, for not all the Romanians know to be Romanians, not all the Romanians are Romanians, as in order to be Romanian you should love and you should be gentle and good, and you should forgive and heal, and you have to defend your land, your faith and your ancestors, oh, sons.

Behold, on a day of the feast of My Ascension to the Father, I have come as word on earth and I have spoken to the Romanian people lest they may fall into sleep when the watch has to be strengthened more and more, for this people has to show to the nations on earth its courage and its faith in God, and then its love of the country, oh, sons, especially that its country is the realm where I have been putting My word for My second coming to guide it to My day of glory and that the nations of the earth to find the way, on which I call them to their salvation, for I am the Way, as it is written, and it is now that, which the people of bad faith want to make before men and to lead astray all people from God, from the One Who has made the heaven, the earth and the man.

Now, sons, hurry, oh, hurry with great and sweet preparation for the feast of the Pentecost, sons, as in ten days we are going to celebrate this feast and to raise another book, one more tablet of the holy law between heaven and earth. And as I gave to Moses the tablets of the law to bring them to Israel, the same I have given you the book of My word to put it on earth and to be shared with My will in it, and in it God and His way among people to be seen.

I want to save the Romanian people from the spirit of lying, oh sons, for those who reign over it are the servants of the spirit of lying, and the father of the lie is the devil. Therefore, give over this nation on this day the word of My calling, and I will make My word to bear fruit, and at the feast of Pentecost, I am going to speak again and call out the waking to watch over the Romanian people, and on that day I will rejoice with you, sons, and I will rejoice with those who will have come to the spring, and I will overflow the spirit of joy on you and on those in heaven with you by the Holy Spirit, and we will give joy to each other too, and how beautiful it will be, sons, oh, how beautiful, as I, the Lord, have promised you, but you have to work now near Me for that day and for its glory, the glory of the Holy Spirit, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.