The word of God on the fourth Sunday of the Lent, of the devout John of the Ladder and the feast of the holy forty martyrs from Sebaste

With great longing I am putting down My word into the book and the more of My speaking, the more My longing grows to speak and I am full of longing and full of word of longing. Oh, and I want My word to be desired by many to the same extent because I want many to eat of it and to keep their soul in heaven, as I, the Lord, keep Mine on earth after each man, after each soul, and I would also like with longing to be the love of God on earth, and the love of those who love to remain in heaven, for the heaven is the homeland of love because there it is gathered, there it gathers for those who love. Oh, happy are those who have the Lord as their love, for only this love keeps its everlasting fruit; only it can bring to man the whole joy, which will remain as a dear reward for those who love the Lord.

I am writing down My word into the book, My love for man. He who loves Me waits for Me; he seeks Me, he finds Me and he keeps Me for him, his love, and he who does not love Me does not seek after Me and stays far, far from Me in his desire, and I know that man is weak without God in his mind, in his heart, and I want to be found and then sought by man, for the life without God has no path, and it goes only through the thorns.

Once with this day of Sunday, the fourth from the Lent, and once with the church memorial of the saint and devout John of the Ladder, according to name he received for the revelation left on earth of the spiritual ascent, which he called it ladder, and behold, on this very day the synod of the suffering martyrs in the lake of Sebaste, those, who, after three hundred years from My resurrection, confessed the Lord as the Master of their souls, for they were required by rulers of the Roman army to give an answer and to choose between Christ and the honors of the Roman soldiers, and they chose the Lord and the confessing sufferance with a great echo because they endured for their faith, for their choice, and were fully praised for their love.

Oh, how much has been laid down at the foundation of My church to be in men then! Oh, how many martyrs have showed over time that God is above all that man can receive, oh, and how little faith on earth is, how little search after the Lord in man is! Behold what the lack of wisdom does! People perish one by one because of the lack of wisdom. He who does not have fear of God that one has no master as well, he has no hope, no protection and passes naked in time, he passes as he has never been, but the name of those who love the Lord con-fessing Him, remain as great names, names praised in heaven and on earth, and their memorial is eternal as there is their heavenly life after that.

I am glad and I get comforted when I speak My word and when it is shared, wanted and loved, then I rejoice very much and I comfort My longing, and My saints rejoice under the glory of My word when I come with them to speak and to be set into the book in order to the shared and confessed then.

Oh, people on earth, listen to the voice of My word, before which the heavenly armies go, that make My glory and work. Oh, come near and listen, for the Lord is speaking to you. I want to rebuke you gently because of your disobedience to the holy customs, as so few, oh, so few on earth choose to listen to God and to the saints, and during this time of six weeks dedicated to the Lord and to the soul of everybody and one should eat anything else but only Christian food, fasting food, without oil and wine, and one should eat only bread, plums, seeds, Christian vegetables and only water is to be drunk. Oh, but you do not obey; many, too many of you do not want to obey, and by so doing you incur pains upon you because of your disobedience, oh, sons, and I, the Lord, suffer for you with mercy and I have mercy on you when you get into trouble, which you alone incur upon you, by violating the holy orders. Oh, how beautiful, how blessed a city would be, a nation, a country, if it were totally in favor for the observance of the holy customs, for the love of God, Who sacrificed Himself wholly for man! Oh, how beautiful would be the joy and then the life of those who would love together the Lord by their obedience to his holy ordinances! Behold, the lack of the fear of God brings about disobedience to God in men and then it brings about sufferance as well. Woe to the city without a counselor upon it, without guidance for the holy ways!

Oh, My Romanian country, your sons do not know why I have chosen you to be the

citadel of My word in the end of the time. Everyone in you mind only their business, their wisdom without God, but I, the Lord, am in your midst full of word from heaven, and the writing of My word is beautiful, the greatest, the sweetest book ever written from all that have ever been and will be written, and very few in you seek Me, find Me and love Me to listen then to Me as to the Master of the heaven and the earth, to the One man should fear in order to be able to follow and obey.

Oh, My country of today, you have great election before Me and I want to embrace you within My love, within My word, and I am coming to you with the saints and I am becoming word on your table and I am giving you from My mouth. Oh, you have no shepherds, and the citadel that is not guided, is without power and wisdom, and it is filled with injustice. Oh, I have no one to call out to watch upon you, for there is no one to love the Lord, and behold, I am coming as the word of Shepherd on your heart and I want to come in to every house, only that it may be opened for Me. I am coming with heavenly garments for each soul and I am coming with holy food, too, with a sound mind and wisdom of mind, for whoever does persevere in the Lord, that one scatters any temptation from his way, for the Lord works and helps.

Oh, I suffer when you violate the holy ordinances, Romanian sons! Oh, an example of life is needed before a nation without life and without the guidance of a shepherd, but I, the Lord, am, I, Who laid down My life for each man, and man should take My example, as the today’s celebrated disciples had the Lord as the path of their lives and did not follow those who were great and wicked of the earth, who wanted them to be separated from My love in them. Oh, behold, they had the Lord as their example into a faithful nation, and now they are trying to prattle with their baby words and their words are to be heard on earth, and I am making their entrance and I am blessing. Amen.

— Our speaking is one, Lord, for we were one in the frozen lake too, there where the ruler of the Roman army put us at the emperor’s command, who persecuted Your Christians. Oh, we all were one, one single heart, one confession and love when we were questioned whether we remained for You or for the military honors, which we had, and our speaker answered that they could take even our bodies in exchange for the highest honor to belong to Christ, our Lord, but heir unbelief and pride were high, Lord, and they had not softened their heart, not even when the stones, which they threw at us, turned back and hit them to death, and then they put us in the frozen lake, with guards on the banks so that we might not run away, but our love for You was great, and then a heavenly light came and warmed the water and our bodies; however, we suffered so much when one of us came out and fell into the temptation set by our persecutors, and one of the guards took his place and that one received the fortieth crown together with us. Oh, but Your righteousness worked wonderfully and You told the bishop of the citadel to take us out from the water and to put us together to one place as some very shining pearls, as our bodies appeared in the water shining, and Your fatherly arms received us as a heavenly wealth, Lord, and we were written as Your confessors.

We are telling to all the Romanians, we are telling to all the Christians on earth to be steadfast for You, Lord, not for the people, as the bishop of the citadel in our time received the Lord for our confession; however, the bishops of today are preparing without knowing, without telling it, they are preparing the denial of the faith from the ancestors and the mixture of Your church with all kinds of churches that do not serve God, but only to their bodies and that is all.

Oh, Your pain for Your church is severe, Lord, and we, together with all the saints of today, remembered together with us, we are praying to You, the Good One, to make a revival over the Christian flock and to make it godly with Your word and to let it be known, Lord, to be holy watch for faith in each soul that does not want to forsake You for entering the mixture. Oh, if Your church remained with its name and kept it, then You would bring peace into the world. You would make great miracles on earth and on the people only for its steadfastness, for the Orthodox church does not have to be mingled with anything else but only with the saints from heaven, who have left over it on earth a holy path and holy watch for its observance.

And now with great humility, we thank You for the comfort that we have now on our day of synod among the saints and we give Your comfort, oh, Lord, for Your wounds are intense, and You heal many with them, all those that love You and undergo all kinds of temptations for the clarification of their love, which has to be tested. Oh, glory to You among Your saints, and may Your word have wide acceptance on earth among people, Lord. Amen.

— Oh, peace to you, beloved disciples! I, the Lord, am giving you comfort with My word, and I am giving comfort to John, too, who is remembered in the church according to the tradition left by the saints, and there he is blessing with My word and his work. Amen.

— Oh, Your work of today is great, Lord, and it is a great blessing on earth, and by my book I have showed the ascension that the Christians may climb towards You and all those who struggle to receive Your kingdom, and the holy fathers established me to be remembered in the time of the great Lent and to help with my writing the spiritual ascent for those who work hard, and I thank you from near the saints remembered today and I am asking You with great affection to quicken Your blessing Lord, Your fatherly watch and Your glory over the land and over the Romanian people, in whose midst we, Your saints, are nourished heavenly with the glory of Your word, which flows with so much love over Your people of today and then over the earth, like the river which overflows everywhere, Lord, so that You may have fruit, Your fruit trees to grow and Your fruit to multiply, and all things to be to the healing of the nations, my Lord, as it is written. Amen.

— I, the Lord, have before Me the prayers of the saints as frank incense with a sweet smelling aroma, and I am working at your request and I am working hard, and I have the angels who fulfill My work and word.

Oh, Romanian people, your prayer and your fast keep you in My love, and you have to listen and help Me. Therefore, take care of the holy advice upon you and be afraid to violate it, for the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and it leads to love and obedience, it also leads to holy power and victory against the temptations of every kind, for you need power, Romanian people, and I am telling you this so that you may know from where and from what it comes to you to have it after that.

Now, peace to you! I, the Lord, am with you on the way and I always give you much exhortation, and you seek, oh, seek to listen beautifully, as My way is beautiful and praised through your midst and so are the people serving to Me and to you from your midst as well. Amen, amen, amen.