The Word of God at the Feast of the Birth of the Lord’s Mother

I am Who I am. I am God the Son. I have now, in the end of the time, I have a wonderful name: The Word of God (Apoc: 19/13) and I write Myself a book on the Romanian land by this name. I am He Who is coming again from the Father on earth and I have a new name, as My work is now, for I am standing on the clouds of cherubim and let My voice be heard and I am speaking so that I may fulfill My word after that. Amen.

This day is a day of royal feast. I am in glory above the people of My word during these days. My book is being opened in its midst that I may come down in it as word and to speak with a written book to the Romanian people. I and My mother Virgin are in a celebration among the hosts of saints, who accompany Us for the remembrance and for the glory of the day in which she was born in the body on earth, according to God’s eternal order, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, on which the Father is to rely and work through it My coming in the flesh on earth among people, as it was written in the prophets for the Lord to come on earth; to come and to be pierced for the men’s sins and to redeem the being of the man fallen from God because of his disobedience to the laws of the life, and I had come and appeared before the people with the work which the Father had given Me to fulfill.

Oh, glory to this day of birth on earth of My mother Virgin!

I am in the cloud with you and with the hosts of the saints here, in the middle of the people of My word, mother. My Father has prepared and arranged for Me My today’s coming as word on earth on the hearth of the Romanian people. The Father has made Us Romanians, oh My mother, and He gave Us to speak Romanian. We use the language of the Romanian people and this shows that the Father Sabaoth chose from the beginning this country and this nation on which He is to glorify Himself with the coming to the people of His Son Jesus Christ, God Son, God the Word.

Oh, Romanian people, the Father has chosen you from among the nations for God to dwell in you with His coming on earth as word now, in the end of the time. Oh, chosen nation for the Lord’s coming on earth now, behold, you have a special election, according to God’s will. The Lord’s will is done in you, and with it He overthrows the man’s will for the Lord’s will to be fulfilled. Amen.

Oh, My mother Virgin, We have to speak to the Romanian people on your day of feast, for We have to work the Lord’s will during these days. There is much sin on earth everywhere, mother. There is much sin here, too, on the hearth of the Romanian people. The greatest sin among other sins is the man’s haughtiness, mother. Because of this sin, man separates himself from God and wants to do his own will, mother. Oh, how much holy order We have to ordain on this land chosen by the Father for My today’s coming with the saints and with the angels, as it is written for Me to come, mother. Oh, people on this hearth do not know, they do not know the Lord’s will with this country, but We know mother, and it is written in the Scriptures, and if it is written it has to be fulfilled because this is written. The mystery and the work of the country of brightness We have to work and ordained on this hearth and My enemy antichrist and all his servants have to find here their defeat for this is written.

We work mysteriously, mother. The Word of God is the weapon with which is being worked during these days against the lawlessness on earth, and of those who work for it. My word goes from place to place everywhere, mother. Whether heard or not heard by the people, it does its work, only that it may be brought on earth when My mouth speaks it from the air, from the clouds of cherubim so that it may come into being in its book, mother.

Oh, Romanian people, I am speaking My word from your midst. My mother Virgin is your shelter and great protection for you according to the Father’s will. I am speaking with My mother on your hearth on a day of the feast of her birth on earth, but I am also speaking with you on this day. God is giving you a new birth, your birth from above. You cannot do it, but God can fulfill His will upon you for you need great revival now, oh, My today’s country. I, the Lord, will work upon you and lead you to do My will, either you hear or not in order to believe My word upon you. I have to perfect the Father’s work into your midst and over you during these days, and you are at the crossroad, you are watched by the spirit and by the work of lawlessness of those without mercy on Me and you, of those who want to overthrow My will for their will and then to make a great fuss that they are the rulers over all.

Oh, you have to come out from this oppression, My Romanian country and you need watching from heaven into your midst, and here I am as word in you. The heaven is setting heavenly watch in you and around you for you now. My mother virgin is going around to your borders and is sealing everywhere with her seal. She sees and knows My great work on your heart, because those from above see everything, they always see, and My mother Virgin has got her work for its protection over this country, the country of the coming of her Son on earth now, in the end of the time.

Oh, we have to overthrow now the will of the proud man and of all his servants, mother. We have to do a very detailed work, because the man who opposes the heaven on earth wants to work right now through the church the falsehood which he has got in his blood for his ascending to a high seat, (Reference to the agreement of the church to support Victor Ponta at the presidential elections from the end of this year, the president of the left party, one of the heads of the red beast, r.n.) and the spirit of lying is his work, mother; however, We, mother, together with the people of My word stand against with watch and prayer before the Father of the heavens so that the Lord may overcome and not the man of this hard time, as now it is a time of trial over the Romanian people, mother.

We let it known about this and command the angels who stay in groups with their work to watch everywhere for the fulfillment of the Lord’s will on the hearth of the Romanian people, that the time is coming for the casting of lots for the high seat of the further leadership of this nation. Oh, there is nothing to joke about this election and the Lord has to choose; it is to search the hearts because a heart full of love with justice, mercy and watching in it for the destiny of this nation is needed, and whoever looks for his greatness among those who have stood up for this drawing of lots, let them depart and let them be departed by My angels, for I, the Lord, decide what I say.

Come mother, come with your voice now over the Romanian people, for you are on My right side and it is written about Me and about you: «Your throne God is forever and ever. A scepter of equity is the scepter of Your kingdom. Kings’ daughters are among Your honorable women. At Your right hand the queen stands in gold of Ophir… The king desires Your beauty... The princess inside is all glorious». (See Ps: 45/6-9) Amen.

— Oh, my glory is inside of me, and You are all my inner being, Lord Son. You are all my being and I have become Your footstool and a way of Your coming to the people, and before You started to dwell among people, You had dwelt in me with all Your godly being, oh, Lord, and You were my Son and Lord, and great is Your glory all the time, my dear Son.

It is the time to say that You have appointed me to be great protection over the Romanian land and people, over the country of Your coming now on earth, Son Lord. Clouds of saints and angels come with me inside and all around the Romanian land, for here You have set Your work of victory against the devil and against the antichrist, You and the people of Your word, people of Romanians, Lord, and in it we are, we work and we fulfill the great victory against the ruler of this age: the spirit of the world.

With great and holy prayer, Lord, we have to watch now between the Father and the Romanian people, because this nation is at a very big crossroad and its enemies are many and they hide their face inside, but the ugliness of their spirit comes out and their inner things are brought into view, for the enemies do not have big words, but instead they have the spirit of pride out of which they suck and feed their ugliness and by it they become abominable, always, always. Oh, behold, Lord, what these do: they gather people from everywhere, they take from behind those who are servile and pretend that they are on their side, (Reference to the rally organized to sustain Ponta at the presidential elections deployed on the National Arena stadium, where SDP brought 70.000 supporters, no.), but those who were brought by force to come and appear that are with them are not on their side. Oh, the one who is pushed on to the highest seat (Ponta, no) is controlled by those who are servile at sight, by those who want the whole power over the Romanian people at any price, but their lawlessness puts a finger on them and they are given away by their own iniquities, oh, Lord, and they are the enemies of the Romanian people. They stand watch and see everywhere their opposing work, and the heaven of saints and angels work once with them, and with a motherly hand I comfort the Romanian land and I have the work of the holy protection upon it, Lord Son, and I am telling the people on this land this:

Oh, Romanian people, watch and get up to a holy watch, for those in heaven are watching much upon you now, in the time of great trial upon you. The Holy Spirit will overshadow you and the Power of the Most High will lead you to do His will now, to your salvation of today and to that of tomorrow, for the red kingdom wants to catch you and it fly its flags over your head, but you do not have to forget of what trial the Lord took you out, (At the revolution from under the communist dictatorship, no); oh, do not forget, lest you may be deceived, country of my Son Jesus Christ, country of the Lord now, in the end of the time. Behold, red is an enemy, as the Lord has told you and He has also told you not to love it, not to wear the red color, for the red color draws the curse and your enemy is drawn red, too.

Woe to the church dwelling places, which are dressed in red, for here it is how they are and who draws to them! The Lord’s garment is white, is holy, is clean, and the red cloak6 is the robe of the Lord’s enemy, and my Son Christ was mocked with it by the rulers of the time. However, you should dress in white, Romanian people, and watch day and night for your little garment, for behold, the red man has stolen the sign of your people, the Romanian shirt, and this is how the red thief knows how to fool you, and he is the thief, not your brother, oh, no.

I am coming with the word of watching and I am telling you the lie under which the red man hides everywhere to trample under his foot the greatness you have from your ancestors, Romanian people, and the soul, which he keeps on pressing under the spears for his glory, oh, people chosen by the Lord in the end of the time; however, you have to get up with the saints at prayer for your destiny, for you have holy ancestors who stand watch at the borders and they keep watch alive; your holy ancestors are not dead, but they are near you and they are with you, and they see the whole lawlessness which presses you under it, and your ancestors do not let you die, but get up so that you may not die, oh, Romanian people.

This day of holy feast is my day of celebration. Cherubim and seraphim cover the air everywhere and they keep watch on you, Romanian country. And to You, Son Jesus Christ, my beloved Son, I wish You victory for this nation and make it Your kingdom, You should make with it Your will, and it should do the same, oh, Lord. I stand watch inside of it and at its borders, so that Your word may be able to work now over the whole lawlessness, for it is Your time, Lord son, it is the time for the Lord to work as it is written. Amen.

— My glory and yours stays on the hearth of the Romanian people and speaks the word, mother. Glory to your love for the Romanian people, My people and yours during these days, mother! We are carried by a cloud of cherubim and seraphim and by the people of My word, mother, and We are speaking the word over the earth. The angels and the saints are at work with Us for the future of the Romanian people, in whose midst We have set the work of the Lord’s glory, the table of God’s word on earth, mother.

Oh, Romanian people, do you hear the Lord’s voice? Oh, hear it and come under its protection, for the enemy spirit wages war against you, the spirit at the beginning, which rebelled. Oh, peace to you, Romanian people! I, the Lord, want to protect you from all of your enemies who want to put you to trial and who do not want to know that I am the Lord your God, the Lord of the powers, the Lord strong at war.

Oh, peace to you, nations! You should want peace and not war! Put your sword in the sheath and be good, for I, the Lord, started to reign over the earth and I am victorious as I was two thousand years ago, when I got up and appeared victoriously before those who thought that they had thrown Me down; however, I was not knocked down, and I got up and the ruler of this age was judged, the antichrist, and he is judged again and overcome, for I, the Lord, rule, and I wrote and write My word over the earth, and My word is just, as it is written. Amen.

Oh, peace to you, nations! I am Who I am. Whoever takes out the sword will perish by the sword. He who raises the white scarf will be written as a son of peace. My kingdom on earth is peace and love, and the war or immoral love is not with the Lord and His people, but it is the work of the spirit of the world instead, the hostile work against which I, the Lord, will overcome.

Peace to you, Romanian people in the midst of the peoples on earth! Oh, peace to you, so that the nations may take it from you! I am word into your midst, and I watch from you over the nations and in the air where I go with My saints in groups-groups.

I, the Lord, am carried in the air by the clouds of cherubim, and on earth I am carried by the people of My word, which I have raised to stand before Me, and I have given it to bring the word of prayer to Me for the Romanian country now, and My word goes from its midst over the earth and over the nations; it goes on the wind and it goes in the air from margins to margins and it calls out like this:

Those of you, who rebel among the nations, the Lord Jesus Christ is telling you peace! I am Who I am, I am He Who is telling you this.

I am God the Son and I have a wonderful name now, in the end of the time. God’s Word is My name (Apoc: 19/13) and I am writing My book on the Romanian land by this name. With My new name I am coming again from the Father on earth and I become word, and then I fulfill it. Amen, amen, amen.

I wanted, My people, I wanted to come to you as word a week ago, and I did not find open to come in. I keep the word of that time in Me and I want to find an occasion to bring it down to you and to be written into My book. Oh, watch, well My people, watch for My coming when I want to come in and enter the book, for the word, unspoken in its time, presses Me on. Oh, take care of My entrance at you when I come; take care, oh, My people! Amen.