The Word of God at the Feast of the Holy Cross Ascension The Word of the Lord to the Romanian people

I am the messenger of My Father, the God Sabaoth, and I am coming as word on the earth over the Romanian people, the word of glory, peace and truth.

I am the Son of the Father, I am true God of true God. Two thousand years ago, the Father sent Me on earth to become a visible Man among people and to prove Myself as His Son and to believe in Me all those to whom it will be given from the Father to believe, and now, in the end of the time, My Father has sent Me again as word on the earth.

I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, and I am speaking from the cloud, I am speaking from glory, I am speaking from the Father, as the Father is with Me together with all the heavenly suites that carry My glory on the angelic wings, on wheels of cherubim in a flame of fire, and the glory of My coming is great. Woe to the one who doubts at the hearing of My word, at the voice of My coming as word over the earth, for the reward of one like this is that of the unfaithful!

I am not a fortune-teller and I am not a clairvoyant, but I am with the Spirit of Truth in great work over the earth and over the Romanian people, to which My Father has sent Me. Oh, why Father, are You sending Me to this nation in the end of the time? Tell them Father; tell this nation its story destined from God to carry it before You and before of all the nations on the earth. I want You first to speak to the Romanian people in a day of feast of the cross on which I was crucified when You sent Me on the earth after man, oh, My Father.

— Yes, dear Son, I also want what You want, and I say to the Romanian people, that because the people that I had set apart for Us from among the nations of the earth, because this people gave You over to the death on the cross when I sent You to give it light and work it and when it was supposed to receive you on My behalf, and instead of receiving You, it forsook You and banished You from the vineyard, then I, the Father, have given You another bridegroom and land, which is to be only Ours forever. Then I have bestowed on the earth great blessing over the country on which now the Romanian people live6 and I have shown it to You, dear Son, in all its mysterious adornment and I have chosen it as the Lord’s glory in the end of the time, and I have been preparing it by sufferance for more than two thousand years and I have kept it under the cross to be beautiful, and whoever looks at its history with a clean heart, then that one is able to see its greatness and its Lord, Who has kept it and exalted it by its endurance for the glory in the end of the time, for it has been humiliated and it has endured much, and it is written into the Scriptures to be the country of brightness, and You are shining now within it with the glory of Your word, oh, Son Emmanuel, and You really confirm that You are its God, true God of true God, the Father and the Son within the splendor of the Holy Spirit upon it and with it now, and also it is written that «Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance».

Now, I, the Father, am speaking to the sons of the Romanian people and I am telling them: Amen, amen, I say to you: This is Jesus Christ, My Son, Who is coming as word to you on the clouds of glory, and as a river of word He is coming down upon you. Oh, receive Him, open for Him! Amen.

— I, oh, Father Sabaoth, have proclaimed Myself in time that I will come as word over the Romanians and I have opened once with the proclamation, and I have sent the heavenly powers to prepare the way before Me. I have the keys of the deep, as it is written about Me, and I have the keys of the kingdom of the heavens, oh, and I also have those of man and I come in when I say that I come. I have with Me at the table of word the heavenly armies, the angels and the saints, and I have with Me here the good ancestors of the Romanian people and the table of the glory is great in a day of the holy feast of My cross, Father Sabaoth. There, where there is no faith, I will put faith, and there, where there is no welcome, I will open Myself for Me.

Amen, amen, I say to you, Romanian people; open to the Lord! I, the Lord, have opened and I come in, because I am the door, as it is written. The sky is full above you from the glory of My coming as word to you with the tens of thousands of My saints, oh, country of My coming, as it is written: «The Lord has come with tens of thousands of His holy ones!». (Jude: 1/14) And I come to you, because You are the house for My coming, as the Father gave you to Me two thousand years ago, when I was cast out by the Jewish people and I have remained without a house on earth. Take heed of My river of word, which is flowing upon you on this day and is telling you My pain and My waiting from you. With a fatherly spirit I come near to you and I am setting the table of word on your hearth.

Let all the nations take heed of My speaking with the Romanian people on a day of holy feast, and let all the nations of the earth become wise for the Lord’s coming, Who speaks from glory above the Romanian land, the land of the Lord’s brightness, for you shine because of My glory in you, oh, My country in the end of the time. There is still a little time and a period of sixty years of the Lord’s word above you will be written for the preparation of My second time on earth after man, and My history with you is written and it has become a book on earth, on your hearth. In the book of your history of two thousand years ago it stands written My love for you and My frequent inclination and great descent to your sufferance, for I have always comforted you under your cross and I have always stayed with you under its yoke, for you have faithful ancestors, whom I raised as brave watchers to protect you as Mine, always Mine, because the Father gave you to Me two thousand years ago, after I was born and grew up and after the people to whom I had been sent cast Me out, because it put Me on the cross of sufferance and resurrection and I am alive forever and ever and I am the Lord, your God, oh, My country of today. I saw your face then and I see your face now, and I have seen your entire beauty which the Father has given to you for My glory and I have always wanted you since that time.

Oh, you do no longer have love of country, Romanian people! Who shall teach you this heavenly greatness, My today’s country? Oh, you need love, but you have passed through many pains. They have taught you to be beautiful, to be My country and to be only Mine, and your ancestors loved Me and they were shining with their faith and their love for the country, but now you do no longer have anything but Judes, My love. Behold, those who keep the purse take from it and they share it among themselves, and then they go and borrow for you. They ask from you to put into the purse, but it is not shared according to your needs, because those who rule upon you suck your milk; they suck your blood, and the sin of their greed is great against them. However, I get up like a warrior and give light to the torches everywhere and I search everywhere to catch the thief that tears your little shirt all over and has no mercy on you and leaves you naked, and he is not ashamed of his deed; however, I have mercy on your nakedness before the nations and I come and spread out My garment and cover you with My glory, as the Father promised you to be My country, My country in the end of the time to speak into your midst the word of My coming as God’s word over the earth. I am dressed in fine linen and I stay with the heaven open above you. I have a throne into your midst, I have the white horse, on which I ride and speak; I have the people of My word, which I have chosen to watch for Me and I stand into its midst as on the throne, and I am called the Faithful and True One, and I judge and I fight for righteousness; My eyes are like the flame of fire and I am full of crowns and I have a written name, and My garment is of fine linen and is sprinkled with blood, and My name is called the Word of God, for this is written, and hosts from heaven come with Me, wearing fine linen garments, and My word comes out of My mouth as a sharp sword against those with a pagan life and I come to shepherd them for they do not have any shepherd, they do not obey for truth and love falsehood instead, and they get used to it and forget about the Lord Who comes with His reward.

You, those who oppress now, in your time, you, those who love falsehood and rule by it over this nation, oh, until when? Amen, amen, I say to you; everything that is not God is a lie against the truth. Or, do you not know that the father of the lie is the devil, the ruler of the darkness of this age? Or, do you not know that the lie and its servants will be thrown into the deep? Oh, you have made a golden calf11 and you play around it visibly and invisibly, and you have forgotten about the reward for the works; however, I come and I will give each one according to his work, as it is written.

Oh, if you have forgotten so much and you always forget about God, how comes that you still get on the seats to rule over this nation? Let no one say that he has Me as his God if he does not listen to Me, if he does not ask Me, if he does not follow day and night the commandments for life and the truth in everything, but not falsehood. I remind you of Judas, who had always taken of the brotherly purse, and all saw where this habit had led him; and I look at you and at your greed with which you have climbed on the ridges and called out to the people to hear you and to choose you as rulers over them. Oh, where is your faithfulness to their faith? However, you have stolen very much, (They have cheated on the counting of the votes at the elections that they have organized, r.n.), for you alone, you chose yourselves almost alone and you chose one another and sat at the table of the country council and then you boasted about the great number among those who elected you, but that number was very small and you lied the sons of this people that you were chosen by a great number. Oh, what are you going to do now? The lie with which you appear as truth cannot be your seat, and your leadership will be broken, and I have been telling you this for a long time.

Your good ancestors will call you to account. I have them with Me at the table of the glory of My word on this day and they are looking with mourning at the pagan works that you do day and night against the sons of this nation to keep your authority upon them. Oh, you went to sorcerers. You went to wanderers and you went to those who love money, but you have not sought the Lord’s wisdom to ask for it. Behold, I, the Lord, am coming, I am coming to you if you do not knock in order to come to give you and have after that.

Oh, you do not have love of your country, you those who have got hold of it by injustice. (The Social Democratic Party, "of Left", the Communist Party`s successor, r.n.) Oh, do not assume the right to sell this homeland to strangers, (By giving its oil and gas resources to the foreign firms for insignificant tribute, the wood of the forests to be exploited without any limit, the agricultural lands to be sold almost on nothing to the Arabian “investors” and not only that, r.n.) for the earth is the Lord’s, not yours to give it to those who covet it everywhere to strip of glory this homeland of Mine and the homeland of those who love it.

I put at the helm of the Romanian people and with My strong arm I set the one who is a ruler with great mercy, (The President Traian Băsescu, r.n.), and he has special love of country and much wisdom from Me for its protection, for its governance and yours too, but you have not wanted him, you, the few of you, who have stood up into the name of the whole nation and wanted to persecute him so that only you might be in power, and you keep on persecuting him by denigrating words and you do not receive his advice that would save you from the reward of your trespasses. However, I have set the people of My word at holy watch and at prayer with fire and I have kept at the helm the one set as helmsman by My holy plan because of My great love for this nation, but also for his love, as I have not found another one with greater love and heart than him in this time for this nation. I have exhorted you some other times too to submit to his love of people and country and to his love for you too so that it may go well with you and with all on this hearth. Oh, you have opposed and you have been naughty; you have been proud and have been overconfident and trusted each other and have not obeyed My advice or his advice too. I am crying with the heaven, I am crying with your good ancestors and We are sitting in counsel to keep him and to protect him to stand watch further over this people on which he is ruling and watching now, as without him over the watching places is hard for the destiny of the Romanian people, which has at its council table no one but lovers of money and boast about them, and woe to this nation with such benefactors upon it!

It is rebellion between brother and brother; it is much confusion and unrest everywhere among the sons of the Romanian people. Many cry; they cry for mercy on the dogs that are destined to death so that they may no longer bite. (The calumny done by the followers of the communists against the president of the country – of other political “color” – because he asked the euthanasia of the stray dogs in Bucharest – over two hundred thousand – after some of the children had been killed, r.n.). Behold what I, the Lord, am telling you, to you those who are merciful for these beings written to die from man. (More NGO’s with foreign support for the protection of the dogs, r.n.). Oh, how comes that you do not think, Romanian sons, with the same mourning, with the same merciful feelings, about so many living beings, about sheep and lambs that die by the man’s hand without saying a word of woe? How comes that you do not think in tears about the sheep and little lambs, about the cattle and birds, about all kinds of animals that are killed with much longing to be put into vessels and fried as food for the man who goes to the butcher’s to buy meat and cook it as his food? Are they not really living beings without comfort and given to be sacrificed so that they may enter the man’s belly? How comes that you do not mourn over them as you cry over the poor dogs? Oh, look what man is! He is the grave of so many beings with a living soul in them and which man takes and cuts them; he takes their life to eat them after that. Oh, have mercy on sheep, calves and birds as well; have mercy on all animals that man kills for his food. If you cry over dogs, then also cry over all the beings, which man kills, hunts and takes their lives and then puts them into his belly.

Oh, how beautiful was My commandment given to man at the beginning, when I told him what food he was supposed to eat! Then came the death of the little lamb, blood on earth, sacrifice brought to the Lord, but the pain of death weighed painfully in comparison to the sacrifice of the heart of the lover of God. The broken and humble heart would have been enough then, but the man was not satisfied with that. Oh, did I require a bloody sacrifice from man? However, if man got used to it, could I, the Lord, persuade him otherwise? If I, the Lord, have been teaching you now, sons of the Romanian people, no longer to kill in order to eat, then can I persuade you to have such mercy for all the living beings, which you always kill, so that you may be holy afterwards and without any hatred among you? Behold, hatred and faction come from meat, from the food that contains meat for the man’s body, which becomes hatred, hatred against each other after that. Behold, you cry because the dogs have multiplied and that they bite you, or that they will perish by the man’s hand because of the damage they do to man, but you do not cry because your sins have increased, which bite you even worse, and they bite you to death, for sin is death. Oh, be good, because everything comes to you according to your deed. Do no longer be rebellious against those that come as a reward for your works. Instead, love the truth and step aside, you those who do not love it among brothers, as the lie of those who have decided to shake hands for the course and the destiny of this nation according to their will, this shameful deed will bring them to the reward of the liars, for the father of the lie is the devil.

Oh, Romanian sons, oh, Romanian people, do not sell the land under you, Romanian sons. This land is meant to be the Lord’s glory in the end of the time and it will be cleansed and washed, because if man does not seek to have a holy life, then the Lord can help and humble him, for man does not need as much as he gathers, but he rather needs life with the heaven in it, with the Lord on earth; however, man does not have any teaching upon him for his life, for his eternity as his ancestors had, for the today’s servants of the church of the Romanian people are those who are greedier, those who love more the empty glory and the authority over those who are many and not used to the Lord, and I have got nothing but much shame from them, from their stature, fallen so deep from the law of holiness, and I have no one to help the man with but only with My coming as word on the earth and with My people from the Romanians, who let itself to be Mine, My help, My way, My eye and My ear, for I spoke the word that says: «The one who has ears to hear, to hear what the Lord says!». (See Rev: 2/7, 11, fwd.)

Oh, Romanian people, take My speaking from upon you and put it on your heart and do not be unfaithful. Be careful because I have spoken to you with great pain, for I suffer, I cry and I greatly mourn from what I see into your midst and because of all that lie to you day by day, for a tongue was given to them, but the gabbler is an enemy to himself and does not have the wisdom to understand how low he has fallen by the spirit of lying, as behold, the one who has appointed himself to govern upon you, (Victor Ponta, r.n.), surrounded by those he has chosen, (The Parties from SLU - Social Liberal Union, r.n.), that one coddles the lie only, for he was given his tongue and this is what also did those from whom he has got used to it, (Iliescu and Năstase, his mentors, the heads of the party of the followers of the communist red beast, r.n.); however, the pot with lies will soon, soon be broken and it will dirty the face of those who greedily lie in order to fool, as they say, those they have always sucked, over those they rule upon, blinding their conscious so that they may not see with it the lawlessness they have been working.

I am the Shepherd with the Cross. I have spoken to you in a spirit of Shepherd, Romanian people. You are under the cross and you know or do not know this. Oh, get up and see the one who makes you a cross, and see and learn from Me to get rid of the enemies of your life and that you may teach them the way back to the way of justice, because if you sleep, then the wolves come and spoil the spirit of your peace and your country so dear to Me and to the heavenly hosts, with which I come when I shepherd it.

Oh, get used to poverty, with the little bit of everything, rather than let yourself be sold, humbled and oppressed by the nations without faith. Come to take of My word and live, Romanian homeland, My today’s homeland! Seek in the way of My word, as I come during the feasts and I come in time of oppression and I speak on your hearth into the midst of My faithful people, which welcomes Me. Oh, do not forget, seek My word, seek the teaching of life in My river of word, as it is not possible for the Lord without being with the people on earth within the work of Holy Spirit; however, even if no one seeks after Me, I still seek after those who forgot Me as Adam did in Paradise, and happy are those who humble themselves, who believe and seek with humility to My merciful word. Amen.

I have given you food, Romanian sons. I have spoken to you so closely by the voice of My mouth. The cloud of My glory has comprised the sky of My today’s homeland, for your homeland has a great calling and it will be soon, soon, a heavenly homeland, the homeland of those who are happy with the Lord, those who loved and love the truth, the holiness and the holy faith for the truth.

Oh, peace to you, My today’s country! Get dressed like a bride! I am your bridegroom, as this was the will of My Father Sabaoth. Your story is on the table of the glory from above, carried by the hosts of prophets and saints. One hour, My love, and the nations will understand your beauty from above on earth among nations. I miss you, I long after your dress from above and after your crown of glory. You are My chosen one and the nations know about your election from the Lord. Oh, follow Me with faith and seek the holiness and truth. I will cleanse you from all your oppressors and the oppressors of your glory from Me, and I will give you a new spirit, but renew yourself to do My will and to be beautiful, oh, My today’s country, the most beautiful one, and you should be beautiful by faith and love.

Oh, peace to you! I open up My arms and I embrace you, and I will embrace all of your body soon, soon. Open wide your eyes to know those who want your good after the truth into your midst, and I will always shepherd you. You will find Me here, in this word, and I will always shepherd you, only that you may seek after Me. Your language is sweet, your speaking, so sweet as much as it is sweet to Me. God speaks His word on your language, Romanian people, a sign that the Lord loves this nation and this land specially.

Come closer and learn the spirit and the mystery of brotherhood, Romanian sons! You will know by all these that you are the Lord’s on earth. Overcome satan, overcome the spirit and the work of antichrist, as I give you powers from above, I give you by My word upon you. Amen.

The Father and the Son have spoken thorough the Holy Spirit to the Romanian people on a day of holy feast, and These Three are One.

Amen, amen I say to you. Love and believe in My coming to you, Romanian sons. This river of word, coming out of My mouth, is known by the heart and carried then by the comfort and the power by those who take from it to their healing.

I come soon. I always come as word of watch and glory upon you, Romanian people. Light the candle, and this is how you are to stay before Me when I come to you, for I love you and I wait for you to bless always your destiny from Me and I wait for you to come and to be; furthermore, I always wait for you to be and then to be eternally, to be a new heaven and a new earth, a new beginning, by all the springs that flow upon you and water you from heaven, oh, My country, My today’s country. Amen, amen, amen.