The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Ascension

I am writing teaching for faith into My book of today, so that My teaching may be found in it. I am Who I am, the Lord, Jesus Christ, and I am the Word of My Father, for the Father is in Me when I speak. I am not teaching those who believe in Me and in My coming as word on earth otherwise than I taught My disciple two thousand years ago, to whom I said that the Father was in Me, and I was in the Father, and if someone loves Me will love Me keeping My word, and My Father will love him and We will come to him, the Father and I, and We will become a dwelling place within him; however, the one who does not love Me is the one who does not keep My words.

I taught My disciples two thousand years ago, but they were confused concerning the Father, Who was living in Me doing His works before them and before the people, and I was telling them: «I am going to the Father and whatever you will ask in My name, that I will do. Most assuredly I tell you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will also do; and greater works than these will he do; because I am going to the Father. And when I go, I will pray to the Father, and He will give you another Counselor, that He may be with you forever: the Spirit of Truth Whom the world cannot receive; for it does not see Him, neither knows Him. You know Him, for He lives with you, and will be in you, for He will come to you. Yet a little while, and the world will see Me no more; but you will see Me. Because I live, you will live also. In that day you will know that I am in My Father and you in Me, and I in you. One who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him, and will reveal Myself to him». (See John: 14/2-21)

I am writing down teaching of faith into the book on a day that celebrates My ascension to the Father two thousand years ago, when I went to stand on the right side of the Father. I drew My disciples to Bethany, on the Mount of Olives, after for forty days I had been appearing before them speaking with them the mysteries of God’s kingdom and commanding them to stay near Jerusalem and wait for the Father’s promise, as then I told them: «But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you. You will be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the earth». (Acts: 1/8) And when I had said these things, as they were looking, I was taken up and a cloud received Me out of their sight and took Me to the Father. And while they were looking steadfastly into the sky as I went, behold, two men stood by them in the white clothing, who said: «This Jesus, Who was received up from you into the sky will come back in the same way as you saw Him going into the sky». (Acts: 1/11)

The cloud of the Lord’s glory, the cloud that came and overshadowed Me when I went into the mountain with the disciples for prayer and I shined before them in great glory and there were two men on both of My sides, and after that the cloud of the Lord’s glory went away and I remained in the same way My disciples knew I was, after My Father confessed Me from the cloud that I was His Son, so that My disciples could know who I was, the One Who was walking with them from place to place working godly signs upon people and heavenly power, by which I was doing miracles. Oh, this cloud of glory was in My day too when I ascended to the Father before the eyes of My disciples.

Oh, I am coming in the same way today. I am coming with the cloud of My glory, which is carrying Me covering Me and revealing Me in the word, and My Father has spoken from the cloud and confessed that I was His Son. I am coming with the cloud of the Lord and I am confessed as at that time, when the two men spoke with Me on the day when I shone on the mountain before My disciples, and when, again, two men spoke about Me to those who were with Me on the day when the cloud took Me up out of their sight and put Me on the right side of the Father in heavens to be with the comfort of the Father near My people to the end of the time.

Oh, it is not hard My mysteries to be believed, My words, in which I hide Myself with My glory, after so much and so wonderfully I proved Myself on the earth among people as the Son of the Father, being confessed by those in heaven who were on the right and on the left of My visible glory when they appeared. It has remained to man to believe or not to believe what those in heaven and My disciples on earth confessed, those who saw the miracle of the cloud of the Lord’s glory, and who, by My sending, went afterwards to all the margins with the news about Me. The appearance of My glory happened in a high mountain, to be as clean as possible the place of the descent of My glory that confessed Me from the Father and through the Father, as in the glory in which the Father was descending, in that glory I was also comprised; I in the Father and the Father in Me, a cloud of the Lord’s glory and mystery, the mystery which covers the Lord from above, the glory which I have had from the Father before the foundation of the world as it is written. Amen!

Oh, here it is why it has to be clean the place where I, the Lord, work the glory of My word, as on a high mountain, as I also gave Myself to Moses when I spoke with him in the mountain and I wrote on the stone the word of commandments for Israel, so that the people may be alive through them.

Oh, what shall I do to bring the man to the school of the teaching of faith, what shall I do to take him there? It is much and beautiful to be learned. Man has no time for the truth of the things, for the Holy Spirit, the Counselor, about Whom I promised two thousand years ago that would come on earth and clarify everything to all those who would love Me keeping My commandments and believing by their fulfillment upon them, so that I might be able to come with the Father to them and to have My dwelling place within them.

Oh, Romanian people, are there another nation and another land on the earth where I come as word and as a comforting Spirit, as I am coming now on your hearth with My glory from the Father? Oh, I am Who I am. I am telling you, Romanian people: I am Who I am! I am He Who shone on the mountain before the confessing disciples, and I am the One Who ascended from the mountain in the cloud of the Lord’s glory, after I had advised My disciples sending them over to the earth with the news of My things that had happened with them for three years and a half, before I ascended to the Father on the day of My ascension into the heavens. Oh, what shall I do to wake you up? I have got into your midst a people confessing of the glory of My word coming down on your hearth now, in the end of the time. I am sending it with My sending as a witness of the present days to proclaim My word from margins to margins. The human kind has nothing to do other than try on its happiness with Me, after it has tasted everything between earth and heaven for seven thousand years, for it has tasted the lie in every way possible, poor man, and man has been lying to man for seven thousand years. Oh, that’s enough man! That’s enough man, enough! Taste God, according to His will and not after your will, as you have always done your will before Me seeking and asking Me to do your will, but My will is written on stone by fire, with God’s finger, and My will does not take after Your will. My will is your holiness. With it I overcame the world and its prince, and you will not be able to overcome it otherwise, oh, tired man. Two thousand years ago I said: «Now the prince of this world has been judged». (John: 16/11) And I went to be sacrificed to the death on the cross, being given to death by the prince of this world, by the people in whose midst I had appeared as true God of true God, only that it did not want other ruler to be over the world besides him, by the one I authorized to be My people among all the nations on the earth. However, because he did not want to do My will, then this people was judged when I prevailed against it by My death and resurrection and then by My ascension on the throne near the Father, on the right side of the Father, after I had overcome the last enemy: death.

Oh, Romanian people, I am in the Father and the Father is in Me, and We are one when you hear God’s word. Oh, why, son, why, do you, Romanian people, stand aside from God’s glory on your hearth? Take heed that the Lord is speaking to you. Do no longer stay in the uttermost darkness, Romanian people, as your lack of faith and the care for it is a black cloud. My tear after you has become great and much water, and behold how much sufferance on you now, on your hearth and over your sons and daughters, which stay so far away from the word that is calling you, crying and crying, Romanian people! Oh, what shall I do to take you out of your carelessness and from under your oppressors, because of whom the trouble is coming upon you, those who oppress you and do not let you learn and believe then in My glory on your hearth? I have built a throne of word into your midst, and this spring of My mouth, the spring of love, flows out of it over the earth like a cleaning and running water, oh, My today’s country. Oh, do your body, soul and spirit not hurt you because of so much beating you incurred and still incur upon you? About twenty years ago, I removed from upon you those who had ruled upon you without Me, (The Dictatorship of the communist red beast, r.n.), and under which you were crying and waiting for salvation.

Oh, but what are you doing now? Behold, you have been committing serious sins and you have let yourself be robbed by lie and by those who make it in secret so that you may praise them and to make gods out of them. However, what will you do, oh, My today’s country, what will you do when you see them falling down from their seats, from where they have been boasting that you have put them? Oh, near the Father, I look and cry for your mercy. I would keep on waking you up, but I would also want you to work for Me and to learn the teaching of faith when My mouth speaks My word into your midst. On this day of the celebration of My ascension, I have put teaching of faith into My today’s book, which I have been writing on your hearth, as I wrote on the mountain the commandments of life by angels, so that the people may live through them; however, the man lives only for sin. Man eats much meat; he eats both with his body and with his soul and spirit; man eats animals and birds, and he eats people as well, instead of eating without sin, without meat, without killing, as I, the Lord, advised him to do at his beginning. However, the man gives away his food given by God to be his food; he takes it and gives it to animals and birds, as though these are those from which man is supposed to eat, as he cuts and eats them after he passes through them the food he is supposed to eat, for I have also given them to eat, for I also gave to eat, both to animals and birds, and I also gave to man what to eat. However, he has changed that and eaten otherwise, but I am going to bring him to My will as he has not come to understand before that, for I am going to take the meat from the man’s table and I am going to take away the green things he was supposed to eat as I had given him food, because man is disobedient to God.

However, to those who love Me by listening to Me, I will give them from heaven through the angels, and I will clean the earth by the work of the cleaning from disobedience, first in you, My today’s country, the country of My choice in the end of the time, for I will pass everything through the thick sieve so that only the clean kernel may remain, and I will set on your hearth the law of holiness, the way which leads to life and to such great happiness, which the man has not even imagined up to these days, for it has not come to the man’s mind those that I, the Lord, have prepared for those who love Me, sanctifying themselves for Me and for My glory.

I will ascent with you above all the human heights and I will exalt Myself from you over the nations and above the earth, oh, My today’s country, the country of My second coming on the earth. And as for you, Romanian people, you should believe that man has to work only holiness then, and not the flesh, for man eats only flesh; even when he fasts from food with flesh, even then he eats food, for he eats with the lust of the flesh; he eats the fleshly lust in his flesh and from the flesh of other man, and man eats with his body, with his soul and with his spirit; he eats only flesh and only spirit of flesh, and there is no one to stop him from this disobedience; however, I am coming and teaching man, as there is no one else to come after Me and teach him, for the prince of this world rules over all the nations on the earth; he stands against Me and rules over man and brings him into submission, but I, the Lord, will show him soon, soon, his judgment again, when he will see with big eyes and great terror the work which he has worked in secret through all his subjects in order to separate man from God, after he had crucified God to have his only throne on earth over man, he and only he alone, and in such a way that man may no longer know that the Lord is the true God.

I will exalt Myself with great glory by the work of My word into the midst of the Romanian people and I will speak up from this mountain of word and I will tell to the ruler of this world: Everything has come to an end, everything that has belonged to you, so that only I, the Lord, may be, only I and those like Me. Amen.

And to those who are faithful to the word of My coming on earth, I will write on their foreheads a new name, if they will listen to Me, as the disciple listened to his prophet Jeremiah, from whom the fall of the kings of the earth was hidden, and those who are faithful and obedient before Me will stand before the King of glory on a high mountain, to which all the nations on the earth will look and seek after My glory and after My teaching, the teaching of holiness, after which man will seek when not any other power between earth and heaven will be able to do it. Amen.

On a day that celebrates the day of My ascension to the Father, I have put into My book of today the teaching of faith for the coming of the Holy Spirit, the Counselor, over those who are faithful and obedient, and I have on My both sides those who have been confessing Me as God’s word over the earth, speaking from a high mountain, and from the throne of word, I, Myself, confessing that I am Who I am. Amen, amen, amen.