The Word of God at the feast of the Saint Virginia, God’s trumpet

Message to the country, to the Church and its Patriarch

The Holy Spirit, the Comforter, becomes word over the earth and fills with His voice the little garden of His word into the midst of the Romanian people. The Word God is on the hearth of this nation with His garden of word and the Holy Spirit is speaking in it. How is really this people supposed to give account to God for so much river of word, coming out of its riverbed and overflowing its banks with power, having in it a spirit of awakening, of teaching, of comfort, of patience, of calling to the table of the kingdom of the heavens those who hear its smooth roar, or as a deeply moving voice passing from place to place with a spirit of resurrection, of calling and of peace over those who are anxious, or of calling over those who sleep deeply, who are in a deep sleep when the Lord is calling at the gates to come in and to set the table of His wedding on this land?

Oh, My country of wedding, oh, Romanian nation, I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, have been into your midst as word of Holy Spirit for more than fifty years. There is no rumor not to be spread, not to be heard everywhere after that. The heavens stay open above you and the Lord is speaking upon you, announcing Himself from you with His speaking upon you and sending upon you book after book, teaching you, exhorting you to His advice, calling you to watch, awakening your voice to hear My voice upon you, oh, My country from the end of the time, My country of wedding. I have been saying in My word upon you that you are chosen for Me from My birth and yours to be, in this end and beginning of time, My wedding country, My table of heavenly banquet with the people on earth, the house of the Bridegroom from heaven and the house of His bride, who waits for her Bridegroom. Oh, and I keep telling you that I have into your midst My spring of word and that I have a bride people for Me, chosen by My strong hand from your midst, who puts in man love, waiting and power from heaven for God and much victory for Him on earth.

Oh, so much word, I have been speaking a mountain of word into your midst, My today’s country! The Father Sabaoth has sent Me with My second coming on earth to work much and heavenly, as two thousand years ago, I said that the Son of Man would come again with His angels, with power and much glory, and then He would separate to His left and to His right, the sheep from the goats, and the Jerusalem of that time did not know to understand that and left Me outside; it threw Me out of its house. And then My Father showed Me a beautiful country and told Me that it was My country for My second coming and that I would come in it with the miracle of the new birth of the world and that I would set in it the seat of justice and I would sit and speak and that I would set the wedding table in it, a table of word; and moreover, I would sit with the angels and the saints with a heavenly table on its hearth, and My name is called the Word of God, as it is written. (Apoc: 19/13.) Oh, you cannot hide from My work into your midst, for the Father has sent Me, and I am coming, as it is written for Me to come. You were foretold, country of the Lord’s election for the end of the time and for the beginning of new heaven and new earth within the spirit of justice, and many spiritual vessels have announced you through the time, from far and from near, and the nations know this news, the news about you that you are My today’s country, the country of brightness, as I work much in you and I am the light of the world, I am God’s word, and with it I give light to the people, and you are very much guilty if you do not put God’s light in the lamp stand on earth, and you sleep, My love, and you do not want to wake up to meet Me. Like the river overflowing its banks, likewise is My word upon you, and I write Myself with it into its book in your time, oh, Romanian people. I do not want you to be like My people two thousand years ago, to which I came and it did not receive Me, after that with so much love I had built into its midst by word and deed. Oh, I want your resurrection, My love, and I am calling you with longing: get up! I am, I am Who I am, and I am He Who is speaking to you. My Father is sending Me as word to you and He is telling Me to say to you that I am Who I am and that I have as a sign into your midst My people of more than fifty years, and with this people I am sitting at the table of word, from where I am breaking and giving this living bread, bread of word, God’s mouth, that is shared with its voice to the resurrection of the creature.

Two thousand years ago, I built into your midst a costly stone, My today’s country, and I wrote My name on it: The Word of God, and I sealed it with My holiness and set it in a little garden, which I called the garden of God’s word, a mountain of Zion, on which I have been coming down with My angels and saints and from where I have been giving you a pleasant face, a new name of New Jerusalem, the country of brightness on earth, as the prophet Daniel saw you from afar and wrote you into the Scripture to be announced that you would be Mine. However, do you really forget how many people have coveted you, how many people have bitten you and made you suffer? Oh, the evil spirit, My enemy and yours, knows your destiny from Me and craves for you to be its, to take its side now, oh, but I also want you and I cannot leave you and I cannot give you over because My Father has given you to be Mine.

Oh, My today’s country, in you I have become bread of new word of birth of the world and that is why you are Mine. May your enemies and Mine scatter from your hearth and may God come to life, and may those who hate you and Him flee from His face and from you, and may all your enemies perish like fire and like wax in the fire; and more, may the sign of My cross be put on you, the sign of the Son of man, which casts out the enemies and the devils with the power of the One Who was resurrected two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ, the Word, going down into the hell and crushing the devil by the cross, in order to give it to His faithful people, an opposing weapon against the envious spirit! Amen.

I have set in you a washing vessel, My today’s country. I have got in you a ship of salvation for you on earth and in heaven. I have been preparing your redemption, My love. I have been working for you into your midst, now, in the end of the time, and I have got in you intercessors for you in heaven and I rely on them for you, and on earth I have the people of My word and I have a table of word into its midst and through it, I am sending you a book to have My voice on you before you. Your noble men sleep; they sleep and I watch with My poor ones in a watching tower for you and I have My coming into your midst. Oh, do not doubt, do not stumble against Me, but rather get up and believe, for I am working as I have also worked through other times, as I gave to My people Israel exhortation for its life and I gave it a helm of word into its midst; however, he was disobedient, rebellious against God, and, as a result, it lost Me, and I also lost it.

Oh, My country of coming, take of My Spirit into your midst, for I have the little white stone in you, about which it is written into the book for the last days. (Apoc: 2/17.) I have become a book in you during this time, for My word is much upon you, and it is as much as the river and it is written about this river into My book in the end of the time and for the beginning of time. (Apoc: 22/1.) I am sitting on the throne of justice on your hearth; I am sitting on the mountain of mystery and I am covered by the cloud and the river of life flows from My throne, the word of life, in order to give you water, to water you so that you may grow and be My spring. Oh, the spring is coming, the heaven is turning into a scroll of book (Apoc: 6/14.), and it is coming down to you so that a new heaven and a new earth may bloom upon you. Get up to come into blossom and to shine with longing and glory, for I am brightness in you and I give you brightness, oh, country of brightness! I want to make you a queen among nations, for this is written to do with the country of My coming, for I write Myself with you on the earth, but you should make all the nations hear your voice, and let them know that you are Mine, and may it be that many nations bow before Me through you, My love, and also, let them take My book from you so that the knowledge may grow in many; and, furthermore, may kings kiss your land and take of My glory and yours, as it is written.

Oh, stand up, you, those who stay under a name of watchmen of My vineyard, and open to the Lord of glory, to the Lord of the powers! Open to My voice and set this light into the lamp stand; the light, which will illuminate very much your little garment before all the nations and which will fill you with the spirit of holiness and with its power in you! Come in under My tent, under My word and take it within you, for it is coming down to you, as in times past, through the door of Israel’s tent, covered within a cloud of glory and giving of its glory to you. I do not ask you anything else and I do not take anything from you, but I give you light instead for you to put it into the lamp stand and not under a bushel, for without Me you are nothing.

You, those who are great and small of the churchly ministry, get up and believe, lest it may happen to you as it happened to the Israel’s people, who was unfaithful to My coming with much word in the time of Moses, in the time of the prophets and in the time of My body, two thousand years ago! I am the Word with no beginning and with no end. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, and under this name I am standing before you and speaking this word! It will be well with you if you are smart enough to recognize Me as the true Shepherd, the One Who comes to the shepherds and to the sheep in order to give to them. Put into the lamp stand the light of My word, for I am the light of the world as long as I am into the world, and without Me it is night and one cannot work or see. I have come into the world to be and to give light, and also to tell you Who I am: as long as I am in the world I am the light of the world. Amen.

I give you so that you may hear My voice; do not harden your hearts! Two thousand years ago, I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, under My new name of the Word of God, put the light into the lamp stand and built on earth, into the midst of the Romanian people, the tent of My word, My chamber, My dwelling place, coming out of it like the Bridegroom and speaking the word of love, the new birth of the world, as the time has come and it has become late. Come, take the light and put it into the lamp stand to shine on the earth, and you to shine through it as well! Build yourselves in Me and learn this building. Come and write yourselves into the book of My today’s word, for I have written Myself in it as many times as I have spoken upon you and given you My speaking with you, as I am giving it to you now.

I am speaking to the ruler of the church of the Romanian people so that he may hear Me that I am speaking to him and My church to hear My speaking with him as well. In the book of the prophet Daniel it is written about the book of My word that many will search it thoroughly and knowledge will grow; (Daniel: 12/4.) that only those who will be in My law will understand, and those who will not be wise will not understand; that all those who will be wise will shine like the brightness of the sun, and those who will have lead many on the way of the right faith will be like the stars forever and ever; that many will come out to the earth, either to eternal life or to the eternal condemnation; that many will be cleansed, whitened and cleared, and the faithful people will be protected by the waivode Michael, for it will be a time of great oppression on earth.

This is what I am reminding you now, the ruler of the Romanian people church, for the prophet Daniel is sending Me to you with this book of that time to understand the prophecy for the last days, and I am telling you, get up and receive the Lord, and receive Me when I am speaking to you, and be faithful and not unfaithful. Do not be afraid, neither you nor your brothers; do not be afraid of My great mystery into the midst of the Romanian people with the name of new Jerusalem. It is to My glory and to the glory of the faithful ones. Oh, do not be afraid, but rather rejoice and leap with joy, for I am a sweet Shepherd and I am calling you to My glory and through it, I am giving you the little garment of cleanliness to the forgiveness of your sins, for I have power to do this over those who are graceful to a spirit of repentance in them. Behold, how I lead and how I sanctify the people of My word to the spring, always teaching him, standing into its midst to give Myself as light over the earth! You should not try the spirit of inquisitiveness about this great mystery as this is sin and this sin is dangerous, as the bishop of Târgovişte, Basil, did and was caught within this danger, the one who oppressed My work from the sides within a troubling spirit, and then he fell into the battle against Me, and he fell shamefully. Receive in you the spirit of the holy faith and the wisdom from above will grow within you, the spirit which cannot be taken from below, from the earth, for I am God and not a man, and man cannot learn about Me in school, but he can only learn from the heavenly King, the Holy Spirit, Who blows wherever He wants; and behold, you hear His voice and you do not know where He comes from and where He goes when He comes; and again, behold, this is the school, this is how are those born of the Spirit and for the Spirit.

I am giving My word freely to you. Write My book on your heart and search it with the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, for there is no other spirit to have understanding for Me. I am giving you this gift, once with the day that you celebrate, the day of feast for the prophet Daniel, whom you have taken as your protector, and may the spirit of unbelief depart from you and may the Word God have His place in you. Amen.

Oh, the Lord is not hard to believe, He Who is speaking with you and Whom you will need much soon, soon, for Satan, the old serpent, wants to swallow My flock. However, I am going to bring him into the open and I say that there is no right way from earth to heaven except the way of the church of the Orthodoxy and its apostleship, and there is no place for any mixture within it but only within a spirit of repentance and baptism through repentance, after that for such a long time, My robe and My flock have been torn to pieces, but My flock also has to watch with fasting and with much praying, winged to the One Who can save it and give its life and resurrection forever. Amen.

I have been speaking to you, those who sit on a churchly seat into the Romanian people, and I ordain faith for you, the faith in the end, lest the Son of Man may come to you and find you unfaithful to His speaking upon you, unfaithful to His speaking to you. The Holy Spirit, the Comforter, blows from My mouth upon you and He is giving Himself to you to take Him, to have Him, and to know His work, as it is written: «Many shall purify themselves, and make themselves white, and be refined; but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand; but those who are wise shall understand», (Daniel: 12/10), as it is written. Amen.

Now, My people, I am coming down to you on the table of word with the voice of a trumpet, with My trumpet, Verginica, (Saint Virginia, the sixth apocalyptic trumpet, r.n.) in whom I had stayed on earth in the time of her body in order to speak to a people and to prepare it for Me for My glory of today. I let My trumpet resound over you; to resound from heaven upon you and so that you may hear its voice, and startle rejoicing and growing more and more for My mysteries of fire, for I have come to bring fire on earth and that it may do My work.

Come, Verginica! (Verginica - the diminutive to her real name: Virginia, r.n.) I, the Lord, am blessing your entrance and Mine too. Speak to My church of new Jerusalem, for out of it comes up to Me daily sacrifice, by which I give Myself to her as body and word to her life. Peace to you and to your work of today at your feast among saints, for your entrance with them when you came to Me after your long sufferance into the midst of My people and yours! Amen.

— I am coming in to Your people, Lord, and I am entering with You, for You`re the door, for this is how You are. I am coming in and I am working, for Your work is much, and it has to be much, for You are great, Lord. The sufferance of the bearing of Your work in my spirit and body, exhausted by sufferance, was great, and it always gave me over to You, oh, Lord. I passed to You from my bed of sufferance and I found everything that I had loved and waited in sufferance. I left in great mourning Your people at my departure to heaven, but I found comfort after I had taken the step, I found everything I had loved on earth, for I had known You and I had loved You very much in my time with You on earth, and I saw Your wounds and I always cried out for them and You gave me much from You to be able to do it, oh, Lord, for my small being was all fire for You, for this is what You were pleased with me, as You made me a burning bush from where You were speaking to the people which came to hear Your voice, just as Moses went up into the mountain and heard You in the burning bush when You were speaking to him.

My story with You is long and great, a heavenly story on earth among people, Lord. Oh what shall we do so that all people may come to know it and to change their love towards You, for I lived before You on earth, a gentle being, full of the spirit of repentance, for me and for every man?

I have listened to You how greatly You have been speaking to the church of the Romanian people today. You have taken from the Scriptures and spoken to it and You have reminded it of Daniel’s prophecy, which has been made perfect now on the earth by Your work of word, by Your book of today, which You have been sharing a lot during these days in such a way that the whole world may know You, and blessed are those who hear Your voice of today and are not hardening their heart, as the old Israel did and which was greatly destroyed. Today we have a new Israel, a new nation, the Romanian Israel, and we have to tell this people about Your mystery with it, Lord.

I am praying to You now, because those who have received and put us into the book are tired now, and I am praying to You to give them a way with my day of celebration and with its service before You from them, and then to be able to sit down with my book of today, for man is weak and we have to take care, Lord, and we have to consider and work according to the human measure.

Oh, peace to you, people coming together at my day of feast among saints! I am embracing you and I am opening to you, and you should stay open, son, for I am the word from the Lord upon you on my day of saints. May it be blessed the whole glory into your midst brought to the Lord for the feast of today! May your prayer get wings, oh, chicken people, and bring it up to heaven, like the bird, which soars upwards and flies into the sky; in the sky with their strong wings and full of strength for flight. Son, you should fulfill everything the Lord has been telling you to do, and you should ask that it may be fulfilled on earth; you should ask for the fulfillment of His Scriptures, for He can work through the sons full of faith, and not otherwise.

Peace to you, and you should work now a spirit of feast and this is how I will come down with you into the book, oh, chicken people, and my spirit will exhort you!

I prepare myself beautifully for my descent, as word to the people, Lord, I will also rejoice and cry, at the same time, and I will teach those who learn with longing, and they will love me as I come. Amen.

— Oh, My people, My trumpet is coming down to you as word; it is coming down with joy and tears and with a spirit of instruction. Dress up beautifully, son, for as she is telling Me now that she is dressing up now beautifully for her descent to you as word. Listen to the voice of My trumpet, oh, My people from everywhere, and receive it as she is coming to you, for she is coming to you, and you should open; open to her, oh, My people. Amen, amen, amen.