The Word of God on the second Sunday after Passover, of the saint apostle Thomas

On the first day of the week, that after My resurrection, I am coming as word into My book of today and I am speaking to the people of My word, as I spoke to My disciples in a day like this two thousand years ago: «Peace to you!». Oh, peace to you, so that you may bear with everything that, without knowing and unexpectedly, presses on the peace of My descent of My coming down as word over the earth now, in the end of the time! Amen. I, the resurrected Lord, take care of your peace as I need it very much for My coming of today, for power in you in order to give power to My blessed people, to those who have understood their coming, their staying, the work of My word and their good faith and faithfulness for Me and for you, watching children on My behalf in the way of My word, and then upon My good and faithful people!

Oh, peace to you, to those who are My people from the spring! My spring of word waters from heaven My surroundings with you, here near the spring, and then it flows from place to place in the camps where I still have a faithful people that is fulfilling of new Jerusalem on earth, and then it flows in the great sea, into the world, sons, for I still have in the world many who keep their knees bowed, with their body, with their spirit and with their soul before My word, through which I, the Lord, come and fulfill the new birth of the world, of the creation from Me, and which all startles at the voice of My word of today and it is coming to its renewal, and then it is revealing itself in the glory of the mystery of the new heaven, the new earth and the new Jerusalem, as it is written in the Scriptures, an unfathomable mystery to those who are learned on earth, and who helplessly look at you and speak foolishly, and I do not expect from them any wisdom for My mysteries with them, for they are foreign to them and mysteries are not revealed to them, since they keep making their kingdom on earth, forgetting, poor of them, that it is written into the Scriptures about a new heaven and a new earth, at which they look as to a very far away realm, which is to be. However, I pass with the new age near the man’s age and mysteriously I speak the word and mysteriously I renew the whole creation, when it is going to see as it is written in the Scriptures, and many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth will get up and will receive this inheritance, as it is written, and they will confess to the acknowledgement of the Scriptures those about the new making of the world, the work which does not come to the fleeting man’s mind, who wastes away his life in a passing way, as there is a great wonder for the man to live in God and not on the earth in the time of his life without scruples as it does no matter how much he may strive to do something for himself to have, because no one is able to do something for himself and to have but only God, Who remains forever, only that the man sees only those that pass away.

Man does not want to be a bearer of God. This is what My prophets wanted, My saints, My elected ones, born for this by My order kept in secret forever. The colt of the donkey wanted this and he was a bearer of God and carried Me to enter Jerusalem victoriously, and then like a Victor, to cleanse from emptiness the house of prayer of the Israel people, as it made it into a den of thieves. If only the man would be a bearer of God, the twolegged colt, but the man does not want to be the little donkey to bear the load of this Master God on his back as the colt of the donkey carried Me and thus fulfilling these Scriptures about Me and about it, spoken in the time of the great prophets of Messiah’s prophecies, the Son of the Lord. Oh, it is rather the man who makes the Lord a donkey to bear his burdens, and he kicks against the one who may not want to carry him. Behold, the animal is wiser in its submission; it is loved more a donkey that carries the burdens of his master and never leaves his master, who even puts it into the yoke and under burden, and it rather listens, and when its master requires more work from it than it usually gives him by whipping it, then it strains itself and sacrifices itself even more, and not even under these circumstances does he leave his master or rebukes him, but it listens to him instead and serves him with faithfulness, for pride is far from him and from his obedient nature to his master.

These that I am speaking now are big words, and I am speaking them for those who are savage into the midst of My people under My burden, because there are also some who kick and make My burden ever heavier, carried by those who carry it, in such a way that I may take care of My people. Oh, how sorry you will be, you the impatient one, the immoral one, how sorry you will be on the day of the glory, on the day of the joy and sufferance! Now you are moving heaven and earth and want to be exultant for the sake of your will and not Mine, for otherwise you will be out of your mind because of what you have done to Me, but then you will see, and you will be deeply hurt. Now you are feeding on your unbelief with which you strike Me and you after that for such a long time you have confessed, at least by your dwelling into My folds, but then there will no longer be unbelief, and you will stand face to face with each other, you those who have shaken by your disobedience and wickedness the little boat of salvation (Those who denigrate this river of Word, r.n.) striking the cross of My victory, after the devil had pulled you out of My little boat. Oh, this is how those who crucified Me were rejoicing too, but woe, how much pain came upon them, upon their heavy conscience! Oh, I know what kind of your joy I speak about when I say so, for you rejoice those who are not faithful, who do not care for My name to come near to My glory and thus to get rid of their glory, which will be like the chaff blown by the wind, soon, soon, and behold, this is how the rebellious sons sell Me to the joy of those who are not faithful, who have not learned enough their living with God on the earth.

Oh, good, faithful and enduring sons for Me and for the forgiveness of your sins of old! Let us not get rid of guilt, sons, for if we do this, we will leave the guilt on our brothers for the guilt in us, but let us rather bear our guilt with repentance to its atonement, as the lack of wisdom for it catches under it those who are not satisfied on My way with you, the way with a cross, sons. Oh, how glorified I have always spoken into the midst of My people, but he who has not wanted to deny himself, he wanted to be great, as only those who want to be greater than the other ones, only they leave, if they do not receive the honor among brothers and over brothers, and this is the evil spirit of pride, the spirit of self opinion, which, like a sickle, cuts the way of those who are not wise for their living with God, for the proud man does not like to be a burden donkey, but he rather like it to be otherwise.

I told Thomas, to My wise disciple, the one who worked much for My confession: «Reach here your finger, and see My nailed hands, and reach here your hand, and put it into My side pierced by the spear, and don’t be unbelieving, but believing». And then I said: «Blessed you are because you have seen Me and believed. But even more blessed are those who have not seen and have believed, before seeing what they thought». (See John: 20/27-29)

I have stayed with those bearing of God before My people, and many of those who have been with this work of My word have denied Me and have not believed in Me by the work of My bearers, which I put in them for all the people of My today’s time, fifty years and more of My word of today on earth. Oh, blessed are those who see God coming down on earth in My bearers and receive them on My behalf when I stand with them before My people and before the nations on earth, who hear My voice of today, but even more blessed are those who not see the place of My descent and My bearers and believe the Scriptures which are being fulfilled now on earth for My second coming from near the Father as word to man in order to give to the man the eternal Gospel, by which I teach the man his eternity, his redemption from sin and My kingdom with him on earth! Amen.

– Oh, my Lord and God, because I was Your loving disciple and I was very close to Your mysteries extremely deep for the mind of the common man, because I was the one who not only that I saw Your wounds in Your hand and side, but I even touched them, and because You gave me so much fellowship after You were resurrected, now I am confessing today the wounds and the little hearts, broken by pain, of Your bearers of today, and I see and am touching and comforting their pain and I am also confessing that it is great, but the pain has power in them for the great endurance. Oh, it is so hard for them, wounded Savior! They are submitted to all kinds of trials, to all the attacks that come from the weak ones and from those that love themselves, who are tempting, discontent and weak in their stature, as the man does not know to love from heaven, and he tries to love from himself, and their wounds are great and their little hearts are broken, as the apostle Paul says: «Who is weak and I am not weak? Who is made to fall into sin, and I burn not?». (2 Cor: 11/29) Oh, give them, resurrected Lord, give them the patience of Your saints and their whole healing, and give them the protection from the whole evil danger, which blows against their souls, against their spirits and against their bodies! Protect them from temptations, hold their hands and shake their sprinkled little garment, for the whole immorality of those who are rebellious and weak in their faith and its love they have it on their faces, and now they are repenting for all of them and for everything that is coming to put Your people to test and to put them together with it, for the true shepherd lays down his life at the feet of his sheep, and even for the restive ones he works like that, oh, Lord. Protect them and help them to bear without any murmur the guilt for all those who that cannot bear it and who tests them in every way possible to make them weak and then to overcome them. However, You are so much forgiving, and so they are, and they lift on their small shoulders the whole guilt that may come out upon them from the midst of Your people. And I also tell a word to Your people: People nourished by God the Word, Whose wounds made on the cross I touched, you should know that on the first day after His resurrection, He came and told us: «Peace to you!» and then He sent us saying: «Go into the whole world and preach to everyone about Me!». (See also Matt: 28/18-20) You should also know, people nourished from heaven, that all those who strike them recklessly fill God’s face with spittle and slaps, and behold whom you do not welcome when they are His messengers for the revival of His Spirit everywhere through the camps of His people! Oh, if not the entire people all over is sufficiently fulfilled for this faith towards the intercessors between God and them, at least, let those who stumble not hurry in their wickedness, and I wish you happiness at least like mine, the one who saw and believed, and to those who are wholly faithful, I wish them the great happiness of those whom, until they may see, stay seized with the gift of the faith that gives birth to a blessed people for the Lord, the One Who is coming now on the earth as word. Amen.

– Oh, peace to you, My disciple, who saw Me and believed! Your work was great afterwards, with which You set Me with My kingdom in the hearts of many on earth. Amen.

Now, I am comforting My fresh wounds, bore by those who bear Me with all My pain, for I have always had pains from those in doubt, who do not have power to perceive My work on earth for them and for many, by those who are bearers of God and who carry the burdens of their Master, and they bear Him, preaching from margins to margins the Gospel of the kingdom of God, an endless kingdom. Amen.

I am coming down with comfort within the little hearts, broken by pain, of those in whom I let My pain come down: My pain from those who have their pain and not Mine. I breathe over your wounds, aggrieved sons. Oh, the stubbornness of those who are discontent is great, and the devil uses it and brings about pains, but I tell to the storm: „Be silent!”. And I also tell those who are rebellious: Oh, what shall I do to you, if you cannot do something better, something more building? I have mercy on you and I have so much mercy on those who are about to go weak through you too. Oh, only those who are discontent are rebel, but it is not nice to be discontent, the one who comes and gets up in My little boat because of the waves of the sea. I wish you resurrection, wisdom and propriety, because I do not work with rebellion and wickedness, but those who do not open to My messengers, to those whom I see that do not walk properly, then what shall I do more to those?

Now I am building much peace upon you, My people from the spring. Oh, let My entire people from everywhere understand and let him understand well the working language upon them, for the new building of the man submitted to the nature in man, for you, man woken up at My voice, you need a new creature, and I have come to give it to you, only that you should not rely on your mind, on your perception, which keeps you small, limited and weak in your faith and with its deed for your being from above.

Peace to you, My people, I give you on the first day of the week and I am waiting for the whole people of this word to get together and to speak to it about the power that comes from his honoring and sanctifying of the day of rest, the first day of the week, which I ordained to be, after My people Israel, with his life and faith, was not able to come into My rest, as Adam was not able to enter because of his disobedience either.

May the way and the protection on the way of those who start going to My spring of word be blessed so that I may give them of My new working Spirit in My gardens of today into the midst of the Romanian people! Oh, little angels of the paths of those who travel! Come to meet those that go to the spring, for you are God’s servants and the servants of both the faithful and unfaithful people, according to how much they may put or not put you into the service of those after My will!

I am blessing ahead of time the day of the feast of the third Sunday after My resurrection, the day of My prudes, by a churchly order. I am embracing within a tender spirit the pure love of those who know well to give it to their Master, God. I will share Myself to them by My bearers, by those who carry My burdens on My way with the man. Amen.

I am giving you a good spirit in you and I also am giving you comfort in your labor for the preparation of My feast with My people that has been coming together to the spring for the healing of their being from above, oh, sons, who are going to prepare the feast. I am giving you angels, and you should keep them with you in all My works with you, and yours with Me, sons, and you will have progress in your entire work, as some good and faithful sons for My spoken word, as some who have among you and in you the work of the kingdom of the heavens and My throne of rest into your midst on earth, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.