The Word of God on the second day after Passover

In the days of Passover I am giving to those from heaven the joy from My speaking, for My word is the joy of those in heaven and it is the refreshing of those in hell, and for whose salvation, I, the Lord, have been working on the earth into the midst of My people of today, the one which has with it the table of My word, from which it takes and gives the food to many, and then to the resurrection of the many as it is written. Amen.

I, the Lord, announce Myself with the Christian greeting, remained on the earth with the people after My resurrection from the dead: Christ has risen! I am sitting at the table of resurrection with you, My people, for My word upon you is My table with you, son. I am taking My male and female disciples, I am taking My saints and angels with Me and I am sitting with you in a word on a day of Passover. The day is coming to see the glory, which is with Me at you in the time of My staying with you as word on your table. Oh, My coming to you with the food of word is of great heavenly beauty. The saints and the angels are looking at you, outside of you and inside of you, and the saints are longing, and the heaven is full of longing, just as their King is, the King of the saints of the heaven, and always, always I have urged you to make food for the saints and for the angels, My people. They are sitting only eyes and ears at My tables with you, at your tables with Me, and all of My care is for you. Oh, also take care of the saints and angels, son, for they are My servants and My messengers sent to you to protect you, to help you and to announce you as Mine on the earth. Those who are possessed and dwelt by the angels inside of them are known by their work, by their angelic face, and they are known by their work, just as those who are not a house for those in heaven are also known by their work.

„Christ has risen!” Jerusalem with a new name! I am teaching you in this day your protection from all the evil danger. Oh, take as your watchmen the saints and the angels for all your gates, for all your feelings and sentiments. Take holy healers into your house, inside of you. Take holy messengers of those in heaven on the earth, take for you saints and watching angels against the spirit of the world, which breaks all your entrances and exits and which comes in and out from the people with its great damage against man. Take in you helping saints to your faith in My coming, to your power for My work of today, of your humility before Me and before My church and before the people who look at you because you are My people. Take heavenly makers upon you and for all your living, for all the moving of your mind, heart and body, for all the word coming out of your mouth, and let all these be only one, and you should not have two members of the same kind inside of you or outside of you. Oh, how well it is with you when you have a maker, a counselor and a watcher upon you and for your being before Me! Oh how bad it is with you when you are not hospitable with your guests, son, because you do not know then what a saint or angel you put away from your door! When you read the history of the saints, their knowledge and work, then become the bearer of God’s saints, to receive help from them in heaven and on earth, because if you do not have in heaven you do not have it on earth either, and you are poor on the earth. He who is poor of heaven, this is how he wants to be, not because and not that he could not be wealthy of heaven. He who dies with his food on the table, it is because he wants it like that, not because he could not eat and live. Oh, the saints wait for the man’s resurrection on the earth and some of them have been waiting for it for seven thousand years. Oh, build yourselves as a house of the saints, well sons, or be their building, that is to let yourselves be built by them, to be the building of God’s saints, who come out of their body to the help of those who have remained in the valley, and to be the heaven and the earth in a great work on the earth and in the air, for the saints can be both in heaven and on earth, as those on the earth can be both on the earth and in heaven at the same time, only to believe that the heaven is and that there is no earth without heaven, and heaven without earth for their twofold work. He who knows this well on the earth is he who believes that it is so and a man like that stays as the dwelling of the heaven on the earth and is not afraid, since the heaven dwells in him with its entire army of saints and angels.

He who becomes the dwelling of the heaven needs to have and to appear that he has a face of an angel. For a moment I was making a dwelling place for the heaven by My three disciples, Peter, James and John, in the day when I changed My face in glory before them, and the brightness of the heavenly glory, which I had, weakened their bodies and fell with them prostrate on to the earth. I wanted to make them the dwelling of the heavenly sights, the heavenly graces, to make My saints on the earth, and I often wanted to make them want to be like that, but their unbelief and human measure opposed them, the human measure, which the man does not want to pass, because he does not know to pass it as the saints passed over it and measured with My measure for them then. The saints did not have so much heavenly knowledge among them on the earth as much as you have, My people, but they had great love and faith with longing in it, and then they hoped powerfully in everything they believed and waited as a reward of their love for all those in heaven for them on the earth and then in heaven, and for this the man has to pass over the human measure and to measure with My measure, with the angel’s measure, for the human measure is from the earth, and it is for all those on the earth, and the angel’s measure is from heaven and it is done according to God’s will for each man as he works on the earth or from heaven in his life of a human being.

The word, which I am setting now into the book with you, is the work of the resurrection, My people. I comfort the longing of the saints and angels when they hear Me speaking about them and about you, that I have mercy on them, I have mercy on all those who do not have house and table, work, joy and comfort, and the comfort from Me is also coming from the one bearing of God and of God’s heaven. Oh, as long as there are people on the earth without heaven in them, so much will the saints and the angels sigh between heaven and earth for all the devastated houses, for every man devoid of God between earth and heaven. The man full of God is no longer from the earth, but he is from God instead, if he really is. The one full of God has the face of an angel, and he has got his measure likewise. He who measure as a human being on the earth is devoid of the night against the day, which overcomes again, and the day is the loved one because it is light. Oh, let the heaven prevail in this way against the bad things in man, for the man’s fleshly nature is fallen, it is not that which come from God, and a new birth for it is needed, and this is how the world will be renewed and it will be fulfilled My Gospel through which I prophesied the renewal of the world, the man’s new birth, to be a deified man like the saints of the heaven, becoming a dwelling place for the saints and for the angels, as there were on the earth Abraham, Moses, Samuel, Daniel, Job, John the Baptist, My mother the Virgin and all the bearers of God and of saints and on the earth among people.

Oh, what a spirit of resurrection I am setting in My book with you, new Jerusalem, in a day of holy and new sanctified Passover! Oh, feed the saints, for the saints have got only longing, and the longing has to be comforted and it needs refreshing just as the traveler, tired and sunburnt, needs water and shadow to get rest. Amen.

I give to the Romanian people the glory of My word, which I am setting into My book with you as counsel upon man, My people, and I teach him to take and to know, for I give him and I wait for him with great love for his renewal, to his new birth, to be a new creature, a new country, clothed within the saints and angels, for the fleeting glory of the world passes away like the world and as its worldly work, but the eternal glory of the saints remains, and I, the Lord of the resurrection of all things, want you to remain, My today’s country, for the land under you is My choice from the beginning, and you still do not understand what a mystery your land has. Take your time to hear Me! Oh, take your time to talk with God! Lucifer knows you even from the beginning, and now he tries to play his book in you to fill you with his work hostile to Me, but I am coming and telling you to take note of this from Me and to come under My mantle, under My counsel so that I may protect you from the hour of temptation, for the hard temptation has come upon you, about which is written in the Scriptures that is coming, and you do not read the Scriptures and do not know them if you do not read them to understand them. Oh, you have to read in the Scriptures and do nothing else but only that what is written in them to do, for I want to overcome for you, and then for Me with you, My country.

Oh, well Lucifer, oh, oh, My angel disobedient to God, do no longer be enchanted with your enmity against Me and against My work of the renewal of the world, since you know that I am God and not you, for I am he Victor and not you. Oh, put your weapons down and come to rest for you were the most beautiful angel of the angelic armies and behold what the man’s haughtiness did to you when he came to be proud, and you served him to your fall by his fall! Oh, step aside with your work from man and make way for Me to raise the man from the dead, to give him birth again and to see what he did to God’s angels, whom he drew in the depth of his will for the glory against God’s glory, which is eternal forever and ever! Oh, come back into the heavenly glory, from which you fell through man, disobedient angel, and you will have rest from your toils! Oh, behold what it does the hiding from God in those hidden of the hidden man! I command you, in a day of Passover in heaven and on earth on the Lamb of God, take your weapons and cleanse yourself and your work on the hearth of the Romanian people, the land chosen by Me at the beginning for the glory of God in the end! Listen to Me! Behold, you have armed yourself with all your hidden works to defile this land and to seal My people on it with the seal of destruction, (The money, r.n.) with the seal opposing to God’s will. I do not let you do this. You will come to obedience from now on. Either you want it or not, I, the Lord of resurrection, the Son of the Father Sabaoth and of the mother Virgin, ask you to come in submission, I subject you under My passing power, for it is written that I would do that. Oh, be good from now on, for you are an angel and you have to know what you were before what you are now, for I remind you this. I will give birth again to man, for I have come on the earth with the new birth of the world, and you will remain without man and you will no longer be the man’s tool, and the man will no longer be your tool, and you will be without a house and will not want to leave the enmity and wickedness; however, I tell you with mercy, submit yourself under My mercy, under My love, because behold, I am the Victor, I and not you. I do not tell you in this way to prevail against you, but to make you see and wake up from your wicked work, which has worn down your sight and you hope for good for you. Behold, look to see your place if you do not want to come under My love to give you the rest without fire. Do not be without faith. I know that you believe Me but you are stubborn. I, the Lord, call you to the rest which you lost after you had no longer listened to Me, after you had hidden in man to fall together with him, serving man’s will full of haughtiness against Me at the beginning of creation. I stay with the work of My word on the hearth of the Romanian people and on which you want now to stretch out you tent and to try to make your kingdom. Oh, I do not let you, Lucifer. I call you with your name from Me given at the beginning, against your dark work that you have now upon the earth. I am with the feast of the resurrection, the feast of My word on the land of the Romanian people, and you saw My table spread on it, spread on it for more than fifty years, and you try to open up your tent over My holy mountain, My mountain from the end, and about which it is clearly written in the Scriptures, and only he who does not read does not understand, and only the one who does not look to see does not believe. Oh, what do you want to do over My country? Oh, I do not let you; I do not let you, Lucifer. I am God – the Word, and I made a house into the midst of this nation and I come to it with the table of My word, and I take heavenly armies with Me riding on white horses, as it is written to come and to make a kingdom in man and with people on earth, and My name is called the God’s Word, (Apoc: 19/13.) and I work wonderfully. Here I am; you meet Me on the land of the Romanian land after seven thousand years from your fall of My glory and of My angels. Behold My today’s country, which you want to bring now into slavery under your seal. However, I come and advise Romanian people and give it power to listen to God, the Almighty, and not to you, and I proved this out by My birth of a Virgin mother and then by My resurrection from the dead on the third day, after My death on the cross on which the Jewish people nailed Me, and in which you nested two thousand years ago to stand against My coming on the earth, following My trace to tear Me down. However, I rose from the dead, I overcame the death and broken the hell, and I also smashed the latches you put on it and I took out My righteous ones, the prophets and the saints, (About these see Gospel of Nicodemus: Part II. - The Descent of Christ into Hell, r.n.) and I am holding into My hand the keys of the death and hell and I am the Lord of the resurrection of the dead and I am clothed in resurrection, and this is what I am going to give to the people, and I will give them. Amen. Do not forget, open up your sight from Me, not that which is from man, and do not forget that I and the entire heavenly and angelic armies stay within the work of the new birth of the world on the Romanian land, where you are trying now to fasten the pole and to stretch out your tent, and then to put your black seal over this nation, and you want to do this work more than on any other nation on the earth, for the money was the blackest temptation by which you have worked to buy the land and to bring it under your seal, which the money handles, for the Jewish people sold Me to death on money, the people you enticed under your hostile rule against Me and taught it to sell Me to death two thousand years ago, entering into Judas, who defiled his hand and mind with the seal of the money, and behold, the money has become the curse on this people after that, which has been trying since then to rule over the world with its power coming out of the money. Again and again, I tell you Lucifer, before the whole human nation and before the heaven of saints and angels: do not forget, open up your sight from Me, because it is the time to see so from this time on, and see that on the land of the Romanian people, I, the Lord of resurrection, am with My work of the renewal of the world and of the earth, and I want to establish the new heaven and earth over this land, for I have to establish My fulfilled Scriptures on the earth, and I am the slaughtered Lamb, Who washes away the sins of the world, the Lamb of God, given to the faithful man as food, and through Whom the man will prevail against satan as it is written in the Scriptures, and I am the One Who smashed the gates of the hell, in which you have kept My righteous ones. Your seal is money. The man will be able to live without money and without other papers in their place, with which you want to replace the face of the money on the earth and to hide it under the curtain. (Money substitutes - electronic money, bank cards, chips and biochips, r.n.) I am the One Who will feed the man with manna from heaven, I, and not you, for the fire is coming on the earth over all that you have built with the man and for the man. I have nothing to do with your work upon the earth, and the man has nothing to do with it either, because I set My treasure on to the earth, which cannot stay near yours, as fleeting as it is, for its work passes and you will remain face to face with Me to give an account to Me for you. Amen. And now, I am telling you: Withdraw from the land of My country and from the soul of the Romanian people on it and go to places devoid of God until I, the Lord, will comprise the whole world under the glory of My word, which becomes an unquenchable fire over the entire iniquity on the earth, for God’s word is the glory which I, God - the Word, have from the Father before the foundation of the world, and behold, Lucifer, called with the name of satan, this is My work of glory, which you are meeting now on the Romanian land against all iniquity on the earth. Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, Romanian people, I have spoken before My enemy and yours, Lucifer, the great angel at the beginning and the one who served the man’s haughtiness in the time of the falling from God of the first built man. Oh, seek, Romanian people, seek to escape from this angel of haughtiness, seek to escape from haughtiness, for the whole pride in man comes from money. Oh, come to the sweet humility, for humility is sweet and it makes you beautiful, beautiful, and it makes you rich with the wealth I want to give you, and Lucifer will serve you for My glory with you with all his wealth, and you will not serve him, as it is not his glory on the earth that you need to have, but My glory instead. I told the angel of haughtiness to take his tent and to move away from your hearth, and you should receive My saints as your guests and you should welcome Me, for I have a wonderful name and it is called the Word of God. (Apoc: 19/13.) Seek after heavenly teachers in their heart for you to teach you and to reveal you My mysteries, and if you want My word to teach you, then I wait for you here, I wait for you to come near to My spring so that I may teach you, Romanian people. Oh, you do not know your destiny, but I know it, I know your destiny and that is why I have come from the Father to you as the word of your birth, a new birth, and then from you the birth of the world, as it is written in the Scriptures that will be. I want to fulfill the Scriptures with you and you should also want this, for My plan with you is wonderful. I remain with the book open between Me and you and I do no longer close it, for I want Lucifer and his angels to read in it, both within their body and without their body, and thus to come to obedience to the One Who made the heaven, the earth and the man, and Who is making them again, and there will be everything new, as it is written, and there will be a new chosen

Jerusalem, and the creature will be redeemed. Amen.

Christ has risen, Romanian people! The Lord of resurrection greets you with His resurrection from the dead two thousand years ago. Oh, behold the Lord, your God! Christ has risen, country of My return, country of God’s word in the end of the time, and you will come to life, just as I came to life! Amen. You will be resurrected, you will be resurrected, you will be resurrected! This is My will for you, and on the second day of the world, you will be My kingdom and all the peoples will take from you, My work, My light from you, the light of the man’s resurrection, My country. Amen, amen, amen.