The Word of God on the fourth Sunday after Passover, of the sick man

With the spirit full of longing after man, I make My voice come down over the earth. I have always brought down teaching of life over man and have announced him with My mouth, so that he may come back from death to life, for there is no one to heal the man on the earth from death, for the man is weak because he is sinful.

I am the Lord! I am the Son of the Father Sabaoth, I died on the cross and I was resurrected through the cross in order to be the healing and the resurrection of every man who can believe that I am the One Who gives life to man. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, the One full of mercy for the sinful man and ignorant of the mysteries of life.

I come into the book with the spirit of life, watching children in the way of My word. My teaching for man is a river, which does not run dry, but it runs and waters those who are thirsty and, again, it arises and stirs up those who are not faithful, those who do not want to separate themselves from sin. However, My river of word runs and does not stop from its running, and it comes closer to the man for his healing as I drew near to the man who had been sick for thirty-eight years and I spoke to him saying: «Do you want to be made well?» And he answered Me: «I want Lord, but I have no one, and when the healing angel comes down and stirs up the water for the healing of the one who steps in it first, another one steps in it before me». (John 5:6, 7) Then I commanded him: «Arise, take up your mat, and walk». (John 5:8) And he walked because he was made well.

Oh, My people, oh, people of My word of today, My entire word was born of everything that came to My face at that time and afterwards, of everything that was in the people and in My disciples at that time and afterwards. Moreover, I am working today in the same way, for I do not speak from Myself. However, the man is not like God in his speaking. The man speaks from himself and is not sure of what he says, for he does not know like God, but he is only like man, and the man is weak. The man who does not speak from God on the earth is a liar, because the man is weak for himself and for man even when he thinks that he can work.

I healed the man who had been sick for thirty-eight years and then I met him again and said: «Behold, you are made well. Sin no more, so that nothing worse happens to you». (John 5:14) Oh, My people, the man does not have to believe that he can work, for the will for everything is with God and not with man, and the man does not have to sin if he wants God to have His will for him. No one, no one and nothing can do any harm to man but his sin only, the sin in him for which no one and nothing has any guilt except him in everything. Oh, there would not be any spirit of judgment between man and man, if the man wanted to believe perfectly in everything then I would say now about the man’s guilt of yesterday and that of today and then he needs love for God, great love, for the sins of the woman were forgiven only because she loved God with power, with great power. Oh, behold, what love does for God in man! He who loves this work of word much, My work of coming again with the man’s salvation from sin, his sins are forgiven only because of that, only that I want to see with him all the things that were in the heart of the sinful woman, who came after Me with tears of repentance and limitless love for My being, for My work over man, and blessed is with Me he who knows and follows Me then with much love, after he has found Me in this spring, with whom I am coming now on the earth. Amen.

Oh, My people, the time has come to speak to you, son, with a powerful word, and behold what I tell you: you, those who believed and believe and will believe in My work of word, following Me through it by her teaching voice for the life in man, love very much these children through whom I pass to feed you with My great word of love and resurrection, and your sins will be forgiven only for this, for My burden upon them is heavy, and they have to be loved with all the man’s heart, and you shall not blame them at all any time for the wandering of their heart of Christian, but they have to be welcomed by the Christian so that it may be healed of his wandering away and not to fall through it, so that I may speak again: no one and nothing can do any harm to man but the sin in him, for which no one and nothing has any guilt except him in everything. I spoke to the man who had been sick for thirty-eight years after I healed him by the word: «If you are made well, sin no more, so that nothing worse happens to you», but first I asked him: «Do you want to be made well?» I saw him coming always to the healing water by the angel’s coming down over it, and his hope in God brought him again and again to the healing place, but he was very sick and could not walk alone to get into the water when it was troubled while by the angel’s coming and who was healing. I healed him by the word, commanding him: «Take your mat and walk!», and at My command, he walked and was made well at that very moment. Oh, this is how My word is born on the earth, but the man is not like God in his speaking, because he speaks from himself and he does not know like God, but he is like man, and that is why the man does not know the mystery of his healing and of his power, a mystery which stays in God for man and not in man, and that is why I, the Lord of the powers and mercy, come and meet the man to make him know Me, to love Me and to follow Me then with great love, and that I may heal him from all his sins, for his love of God, love with tears, love with power in it, My people. Amen.

I come down on the earth as word of life and I call the man to Me; I call him from death to life, for there is no one to heal him from death on the earth. The man needs humility and love, by which he may come and tell Me: „Lord if You want to, you can make me clean”, and I to tell him then: «I want to. Be made clean». (See Luke 5:12, 13) Humility helps the man to come to Me, and his love makes him believe and to be healed, and this is how I help him to come from death to life, but if the man does not have power of waking up he does not get up to come either, but he remains sick, poor of him.

And now, I cry with a painful voice and full of longing, and I call out again a word of revival for the whole Romanian people and I say:

Oh, Romanian people, Christ is risen! I Myself give you this greeting of resurrection, for then I was resurrected and at that time the Father spoke your name among the heavenly things, and He has sent to you a little garment of baptism and this is how He has built you to be Mine before Him. Since then I have been waiting for your glory of today, My coming on your hearth with the glory of My word for the renewal of the world by your new birth and then of the world under heaven, as it is written, and you get up now when I call you to be! Oh, stand up, for willing or not, you stand now to meet Me, because I have set on your hearth a little kernel in the east out of which I have grown up a people, on which I have relied with My today’s glory, with My work and the work of My word over the earth now. Oh, My homeland of today, get light for your destiny is in My hand not in your hand. I have come to let you know that you are Mine and then to let you know always that you are Mine, for this is how the Father has been well pleased. Soon, soon, you will listen to Me fully and I will be the Lord and your God, as I am, and then you will be as I am, for it is written on the Father’s throne that you are and you will be a queen over the nations, because the Lord is your Master.

Oh, either you believe it or not, either you want it or not, I am the Lord your God, My dear country of today, God’s homeland on the earth now, in the end of the time. The whole heaven comes down on your hearth to spend into your midst of My people chosen by you to be My people and a path to My coming from the Father again on the earth to the man. I am enveloped within the word and this is how I am coming down into your midst, and I am full of humility and I hide within a cloud of word. I have over you My plan in the end of the time for the fate of the heaven and the earth, for I have to make new heavens and a new earth, as it is written in the Scriptures for the promises that I have made for the time of eternity which comes and is about to come, and I have set within you the table of My word, the food for the saints, and I come on your hearth with My saints, and I have always come, fulfilling the Scriptures that says: «The Lord is coming with the thousands of His holy ones». (See Jude 1:14) Oh, what shall I do with you to humble beautifully and to believe with power and with love full of power so that I may forgive your sins and to wipe out your face, My dear homeland? How shall I help you to open and that I may come in to you with My council for your adornment for My glory? Oh, how shall I bring you to the state so that you may be able to come and meet Me? Shall I cleanse you from all your enemies in you? Shall I take the yoke of bondage from upon you? Nevertheless, do you know your bondage? Oh, My country of today, I know your bondage. There is no one in you to wish you a life among those who have struggled to stay over you into your name. Oh, wake up, so that I may not wake you up, so that your pains may not awaken! Learn from Me to love justice and to seek after the one with righteousness for you, for you have fallen into a heavier bondage than that before. (The bondage under the dictatorship of the communist red beast, r.n.) There is a little while and the man will no longer be able to do anything upon you, but only I will be able to work upon you, only God, for you are God’s homeland and of His holy ones, with whom He is coming on your hearth as word of the Holy Spirit. You are My heavenly homeland on the earth. Oh, come and ask Me about your destiny; come and listen to My exhortation, for you are living now in hard times and you do not know how to work for you and for Me with you, and I am the One Who have your salvation in My hand, which cannot come from man, for the man is lustful and every man who does not love God on the earth is a liar.

Oh, My today’s homeland, seek after the one with a clean heart for you and do no longer give yourself to bondage. I, the Lord, am opening now your eyes to see and to be able to work like God. I, the Lord, make the gift of the Holy Spirit come down upon you because you belong to God. Willing or not, you are Mine, you are the country of My coming back after two thousand years from the Father to man and I keep you under My mantel and I will exalt you, but I will cleanse you from the spirit on the earth, My country of today, and then you will be able to see My glory in you, and I will no longer sigh, for I cry with the saints, I cry from above you and I wait for you to be Mine. Amen. You do not wait for Me but I wait for you and I am the Lord Almighty and I am He Who is, and I will work from the Father and My work in you will shine over the earth, and all the nations will drink of My spring of word into your midst and they all will know from God and will glorify My glory and yours, but come to a holy awakening, My country. Come, oh, come, for I am the word of Holy Spirit in you and I am the Lord, your God, and I am He Who is, oh, My country o today. Amen, amen, amen.