The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Birth

It is a feast of birth, My people, and I, the Lord, am coming to you as word and sitting on your arm to comfort with you My uncomforted sigh. I do no longer strengthen My gates, but only bring them under My submission to be able to give you through the gates My sighed word and My uncomforted Spirit, with Whom I stay in the gates between Me and you, between Me and man. Two thousand years ago I comforted the shepherds and the Magi, and I comforted them through the angels and by the spirit of the revelation of My mysteries and I foretold them My birth on earth, Man and God, but I did not get comforted Myself. My mother the Virgin and I did not stay on earth but only within sighing, only within pain, and then only in distress among people. Behold, I am not otherwise today too. I am coming down to you only in sighing, My people, for I have made a heavenly manger for Me and a house of descent in those by whom I let My written word come down in the little garden, which I, the Lord, has called God’s little garden into the midst of the Romanian people, and in which I find those who put Me into the book, when I am born as word in the garden, when I come from the Father as word on the earth after two thousand years since I came in a body born of the virgin body of My mother the Virgin, after I was born and not made, born before the eternity, the only One born of the Father, true God of true God.

Full of power I descended two thousand years ago on earth among people being conceived from the Holy Spirit and from My mother the Virgin and I became a man. Full of power I laid down My life for man and I was not weak. I, the Lord of the powers, gave Myself over into the hands of those weak in their life and faith so that by My death, prepared by them, and then by My resurrection, prepared by the Father Sabaoth, My Father, I may give new birth to the man, to give him the resurrection from death, which he has built with every passing day; however, the man does not give anything for his life as I gave My life for him to take it back again and to give it as a gift to the man and the man to have life; and I did not speak any word that was not fulfilled when I spoke two thousand years ago, that the man who would not eat of My body and blood would not have life from Me in him, for the man is without mind from heaven and he has got his own mind and he is weak in his own mind.

Oh, behold, now, after two thousand years, I am coming down again full of power from the Father to renew the world, to fulfill the Scriptures of new birth, and behold, I set on earth the judgment by the word to breathe repentance on man, for the forgiveness of his sins and for his resurrection from the death due to his sin, just as I was resurrected from the death brought upon Me by the sinful man, for the sinful man cannot do anything except death, and life does not come from man but from God instead.

Full of godly power I am becoming word on your table of feast with the heaven, My people of today. I have earned you by pains, My people. I have lowered down My fresh Gospel of today and I have called you under My vine, people who has grown within loving hands by the heaven, by the loving hearts of your salvation, and you are small, the last of My people. I would go on growing you with more perfect love, but I can hardly work on earth today, and with such a great difficulty am I able to speak My full word as it is born in My heart for your building. Oh, I can hardly come down to you to shepherd you and to keep you Mine, for the hardship for My coming down is great; it is greater and greater, My tiny people. Oh, you are still little and tiny and I cannot grow you within those things from Me as much as I have to give you, and behold, I come around you in sighing with My invisible angels to protect you and to feed you somehow and to have you as My people. It is a time of hardship for Me to you, for inside and outside of you the wind blows and stands against Me for your life, for the lack of steadfastness of those who butt against My face today according to their will without God, according to their lack of faith, stands in My way so that I may not shepherd you according to the food that I have My food for you, sprinkled with My tears, which I shed for you in the bowls in the hand of My angels that gather My pain, and from which I break little by little to show you how much I have suffered. Behold, I sacrificed Myself not only on earth full sufferance when I gave My body as a sacrifice for the man’s life. Today I am sacrificing Myself within My spirit in heaven and on earth for your life, My little people from My bosom. Oh, I would cuddle you more and more to My bosom to nourish you and to make you perfect for Me, but My word can no longer come up to you as it is in Me, but it comes little, it comes small, and it comes carefully in its speaking, for I have in My way unfaithful and unfulfilling people and they do not let Me work in full power as I am able to, and they set limits to My speaking and fulfilling and shake My coming and My way, and behold, I cry with those who cry, and I cry being in hardship inside and outside of you, people born of My word of today. I cry within the gates and the gates cry in Me, son. I cry in those, whom I trust for the word of My coming down to you, and I cry with a mourning of birth and I have nowhere to be born perfectly. I do not find a house for shelter, I do not find anyone to comfort those who bear My way from the Father to man, but I rather find opposers and traitors, I find beatings and unfaith, I find judas and pilates, who wash their hands away from My blood, and who give Me over to judgment before unbelievers, and I also find desire of revenge in man. Oh, within such great pains I feed you in order to give you birth always and that you may be My newborn little people. Oh, by such great hardships I, the Son of God, the One full of power, Lord of powers in heaven and on earth, come down and bow before the man not receiving of God, to be able to shepherd you without climbing over the gates, and My gates are always beaten, always threatened by the works of those who do not believe and by their mouths, for I have always told you that all are smashed against the gates to weaken them and to throw down the fence of My seedling; however, I am the One Who protects you, I am the One Who shepherds you, only for you to be faithful to My coming down to you and faithful to the obedience, which I ask for your protection, My people.

Oh, children from the gates, I am born as word of mourning in a day of the feast of birth children sons. Oh, if I can no longer support you, how am I supposed to comfort you in the hardships where I always, always find you, in which I mysteriously comfort you, sons, I comfort you with heavenly powers, I comfort you with the saints and with the angels, I comfort you with the spirit of the holy patience, which I always, always give you, for My victory and its way has become hard for Me. The man has been making My way to the people worse and worse, but I dwell in you with My whole coming, with all its pain, which My people cannot bear. Oh, bear it for Me, even if you are going to mourn without being comforted until the day when I wake with terror all those who are standing against Me and against you now so that I may not be able to work with the whole mystery of My work over the earth now. This word, by which I pass you from the heavenly things into those from the earth, relying on you, is not a sweet song or a mourning song, but it is rather My coming with the judgment by the word. Amen. I come to judge the living and the dead by the word, for I told everybody two thousand years ago: «It is not I, but My word that will judge you». Amen.

Oh, children in want but victorious by My greatness upon you! I have not come to judge the world, and if I judge it by the word because of its works without God between earth and heaven, then I want to exhort it to repentance and resurrection, sons. Blessed are those who receive you with My word to man! Blessed are those who listen to you with love and glory, for this glory is the fulfilling by obedience to My word, by which I pass today to man, relying on you. I take care more and more to speak a little bit to you so that I may not stir up the wickedness towards you, the work of strife, the one born two thousand years ago near the manger, in which I came on earth as a child born of the Virgin. However, behold, I speak to you all the time, but mysteriously so that I may not be heard and I do it to strengthen you and to give you work to do for Me. Work for Me, sons! Even if you are in want, work for Me, well sons! Listen to Me to be My children, as I have made you My children and you are My children-sons by obedience. Moreover, let My small people not forget that you are My word in its midst, the Word of God. And let it not be hard for him to believe this mystery, let it not be hard for My people but rather let My people of today be faithful to Me. Let My people listen to you and to Me, and let it take from you and from Me, for you have, not yours but My things for him, because I am the One in you, and he who does not take My word in this way, that one narrows My way and makes you work as much as the man does. However, I exhort you to take care of those who love Me strengthening you for Me, for those who love you this way, love Me and not you. Endure with love all the hardships that are upon you and seek after the comfort in pains from those who cry with you, from those who are not afraid of pains. I am the mysterious One. In addition, you should be the same into the midst of My people. This is how we will work until the fields are ploughed for a new fallow soil, for a new seed, for the new sowing that I reveal it to you by the spirit of prophecy, for the spirit of prophecy is My testimony, as it is written. Oh, do not stumble against man. I am the One Who set you to work for Me and not like man; from Me and not from man, sons. Oh, if I could work without any obstacles through you that what I have to work now, it would be seen the power of My victory over the darkness in the earth, which keeps the people in death, but we will be able to work that way, and we will be able to work soon, soon, for I have come to be the Victor, and the visible God, and there will flow rivers of tears from the eyes of those who could not see with them My mysteries hidden in My word upon you and in you, sighing sons and more and more pressured within the gates. Peace to you! It is very hard without peace in you. There is only sufferance in you. Peace to you in sufferance! Endure it strengthening one another, even if now it might be for you to work much and according to My will against man’s will. Oh, do still endure! Once with the time of endurance there comes the time of the mysterious time by endurance and its fruit comes, children sons, it comes. Amen.

Oh, people of the birth from above, get used to listen to God. My birth in you is worked by obedience, for My mother listened with faith until I was born and then again until she gave Me to the Father by the patience under her sighing.

Oh, mother Virgin, My mother Virgin, after We will have established the day of My birth We will speak with Our little people, mother, for the people needs to be grown up and exhorted for its growth and obedience of everything We advise it, mother. We come with the day of the birth of God the Word, We come on earth with this feast, mother. The children that make our coming into the book are tired with mourning. They wait, as We do, for My salvation from the man who keeps Me under a bushel, under the lack of working, mother. I have a sweet time in My arms to set it on earth and to establish peace over Our least people, mother.

Oh, people nourished with milk from heaven, get used to cry like God and I will have comfort from you. Get used to be affectionate, for I can hardly endure from the stiff-necked man, son. Oh, get used to be a child, to be able to give you growth. Peace to you! Get used to be born from pains, not from joys. The birth is that with pains. I want you to be in My image and after My likeness, My people. Stay under the hand of those whom, I, the Lord, gave them making for you, the new making. Give them power to be able to work you, for I have given to them. Help Me, helping their power for you, so that you may be able to grow beautifully out of their work upon you, for they are My word into your midst and not theirs, as long as they can give Me to you, when I give Myself to them to be able to give Me further. Oh, do not let them cry alone. Get used to crying, My people, to cry as well, for of the tears and sighing of those who know to cry like God, the new world will come out, the age that is to be and which has to be discovered, called to come, My people. Amen.

We pass from one day into another and We come down as word of birth on earth. The angels sing with their angelic tears for the birth of My word and they attend to My coming down singing in tears. I can work by those who cry attending to My coming down. By what they are, and not I, I cannot work those of today lowered down by My for the new birth of the world. This birth is the Scripture enveloped within mystery and which we will work mysteriously, children in sighing within the gates, and you should catch holy powers so that we may step from one day into another with feast and word of birth, for I, the Lord, the One born in Bethlehem two thousand years ago, am born by the word again in the manger chosen by Me on the hearth of the Romanian people. Amen.

I call you in a whisper, in a mystery, Romanian people, get born with the new birth, of My word proceeded in these days! Do not be hard of hearing! Lift your eyes up to Me to see with them those that are My mysterious things into your midst, My country of coming from the Father again on the earth! It is beautiful the birth from heaven of all that will be on earth by their renewal! Get used to believe in the Lord, Who comes to you as word of birth from above, for My Scripture of two thousand years ago did not give you birth from above, and you did not want to hear its voice of birth to be born, to be as beautiful as I am, My country, for the one who is born of Me is as beautiful as I am. Behold, I have an open book into your midst. It is My voice, My word of the new birth of the world, the fulfilling of the Scripture for the renewal of the world. My whisper is calling you to the spring. Open to Me, Romanian people, open and come to My calling, for I sit at the table of My wedding on your hearth and I wait for you to come and I wait for you to be and I wait for you, My country of today.

I sing this carol for your birth. Open and come into the gate to receive My carol for your birth of My word of today upon you, the Word of God, Who calls you to be the new heaven and the new earth, after everything will pass away with a great noise, so that I, the Lord, may be with the future glory, with the day without end of your birth of all, when all will come to life and will be, oh My country to which, I, the Lord, come after two thousand years from My birth in the Bethlehem of Judea, a Child born of the Virgin and not welcomed by the people on the earth. Amen, amen, amen.