The Word of God on the sixteen year feast since the sanctification of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem

I am the Lord! In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, I knock to come in. I come in as word at My people in this time. I have a book on the earth in this time and I write Myself in it with all My word in these days, for I am the slaughtered Lamb and I am worthy to open My book and write Myself in it, to read it and to redeem with the glory of My word in it men of all tribes, of all language, of all nations and peoples, as it is written in the Scriptures about Me, the Father’s Lamb and about the book with seven seals, which only I can open and sit in it with word and to give My book and My word to those on the earth, and I have at work with Me the great saints, to whom I have entrusted in time much work for the time of My second coming from near the Father to man. Amen.

I have come into the book by the gates. I have found watch in the garden for My word of today, for it is written in heaven a day of feast over the little garden of My word in these days.

Peace to you, little garden! Peace to My watchmen in you! Peace to your spirits and bodies, peace to you, sons! I am above the little garden with the great saints, for the place where I have seated you is clothed within great mystery, in the great glory of My coming, in My great word, by which I build My new making, the new heaven and the new earth, as it is written, for those that are seen are not and will not be, but only the new things are and will be, for we make them all, I, the Father and you, as little as you are, but I have at work saints and angels by your faith in My works of all time, and in My works of today with you, for simply and solely by man’s faith I have built My entire plan over the earth, and the man is too unskillful, too unwise to believe that I am the One Who is and Who can work when the man is able to believe those that are written about Me to be, as sixteen years ago I founded through you the first new stone, the little garden of My word and the ark in it as a sign of new beginning of My work of coming with the saints, to do, as it is written to be, the new heaven and the new earth, which will last before Me, I, being the One Who builds and protects, for I have My word upon you and I have you as builders, sons, and I have near you My little people, and this is how I do, with you and with it, My visible work on the earth, My fulfilling word by its proclamation.

Sixteen years ago, through My bishop of these days and through you, I sealed the little garden of My Holy of Holies for Me and for you, so that I may pour Myself out with the river of life, with the work of My word of life giving to the crowds and to everyone who wants to drink and be alive afterwards, to be able to have My water, the water of the heavenly teaching on earth. Then I had you, My builders, My bearers, My receivers, for I gave you the gift of the holy faith and then I came to you and made My house with you, and then I had supper with you and lived with you, and since then I have worked over the earth through you and appeared with My work, which is you and everything I have built through you, because I have built a people and made it wise and then I have it established near you for work, for you sacrifice yourselves and I have into your midst the spirit of wisdom from Me and by wisdom we build everything, sons. Oh, it is hard for the man to stay with this work of Mine, but you have stayed, and this is My miracle, My power, which keeps you in it and which works you and works. I am now near you in the garden with those from sixteen years ago, the first in the synod of the saints, by which I came down into the garden in the day of the sanctification of the new little garden and of the ark on it, and even then I prophesied that I would set around the manger a string of heavenly pearls, new buildings of New Jerusalem, and upon which I may set My glory, My days of glory of the New Jerusalem on earth, and which announces Me within My new coming, to make all things new, sons.

In this day of memorial I have got with Me My trumpet Verginica and Andrew, the apostle. I have started with Verginica a new and clean people now, in the end of the time, as in the beginning of the Romanian nation I worked by the apostle Andrew and established a Christian people on the Romanian land as seed of the kingdom of the heavens on this land of it, a marked land, sown and sealed by Me to be in it with My glory in the end of the time, and behold, I fulfill, because I have on the hearth of this nation the mystery from the beginning of the earth, the little garden from the beginning, sealed by Me, now, and in which I built the man from the dust in the beginning and I made him a living being and then I put him in Eden afterwards. This little patch of land is now the beginning too, as it was then, and My mystery with you is great, sons, and My mysteries are hard to understand by the man who does not know to believe as Abraham, Moses, the prophets and the saints had, which I have chosen from the people and I enveloped them in My Spirit and I have worked My mysteries with them.

I woke you up for My word to come with it into the book, watching children within the gates. I cannot keep you now too much under My glory, for your body is weakened. I have worked now with you and with My people of today for the new garment over the house in which I, the Lord, had descended by My trumpet Verginica within the last seven years of the life of her body, and then I took her and set her among the great saints, and then I put her to the work upon you to lift you up to the work of the glory of My coming, and then to raise a new people with you, and with it near you, to build My works and My preaching over the earth. Oh, the labor was great for the new little dress of the house out of which I took My trumpet and set her among saints, but I have a dear reward for those who work for Me fulfilling the word of My mouth, set by Me upon them. I have set a new and clean little dress, wedding dress, sweet and beautiful garment over the house of My descent by My trumpet. I have been sighing with her and with the saints for twenty-seven years, after I took her among the saints, and I have been waiting that I, the Lord, may be able to work over this settlement with those that are My clean things. Ten years ago, I wrote a book of testimony over this city and over the house in which I sheltered My descent by My trumpet. Oh, I did no longer found in it and around it life of My life, and then I spoke out the word and said again that I, the Lord, would enter with My trumpet in this city, in this house, and I would not climb up some other way, and I would come in through the gates and renew My settlement, and behold the fulfillment, and My trumpet Verginica has got now her new name over her house and everything has been made new by her new name. Amen.

We go forward with My entire word of today and I will comprise within it My speaking of today, watching children. Now, bring together with My people of today a day of glory and prayer for this day of the celebration of the little garden of My word, for its sealing of sixteen years ago, and then I will set with you into the book the whole word of the day, for behold, we have to establish the day of the holiness of the house of My descent, and of the new garment upon it, for it is coming near the day of the feast of the raising to heaven of My trumpet Verginica, and in that day we will speak the word of My glory over this new work of the house of My descent and of the new well, for any house has got a well, and the name of this well will be the name of the three hierarchs, Basil, Gregory and John, the bishops from the beginning of My work by Verginica, and whom I, the Lord, sent to her to give her My blood and body (In real manner, palpable, seen, r.n.) after her preparation with fasting for the beginning of My word through her as word on the earth in the year of 1955.

Peace to you, My Verginica, peace! Behold your little house, adorned like a bride, as even from the beginning of your body, I have revealed the appearance for the citadel of New Jerusalem, which will rise and here it is on the mound on which it has been lying now! We have a sacrificing people, Verginica, and we have the spirit of the heavenly wisdom and the spirit of the holy faith into its midst, for by holy faith and by its wisdom we build them all new, so that all the old things may pass away and everything may be new. We will establish all the exhortations over this holy settlement too, renewed now by the word and by the view of its new garment. We will prepare all the order that is to be here and we will make it known. And now, you are released from the bitterness for your little house and Mine, for I dwelt with you in it, and then this house sighed and called Me out to give it what I am giving it now. I give it the rest of its new appearance and I give it holy orders for the entire heavenly order in it. Amen.

And now, have a rest, watching children in the way of My word, and we will work during the day all My word in the book for this day and for the feast of My apostle Andrew, and then the word for the day of the sealing of the house of My descent, as sixteen years ago I had My holiness over the little house of My word, over which I am coming down now as word on the earth. Amen.

You should also rest, sacrificing people, and listen to My power, which gives you power by the word to be able to work for Me when I ask you to do it. I will comfort you and in this way I will show you My love and satisfaction, by which I bow to thank you for your labor for My glory with you over the earth. Amen.

We have a rest, watching sons and then we work in this day into the book. Be watchful, because I have set you at the work of the watch for Me, for if I can be word among you, all become new and all give Me glory, and those that are old pass away with a great noise, as it is written, and those that are new give Me praise within the word of the Holy Spirit over the earth and comfort My waiting of seven thousand years, by which I have been waiting for the new appearance of creation, a new heaven and a new earth, the renewal of everything, by the life of the age that is to be afterwards, and in which the world does not believe and it stays far away from the work of My glory, which will change the world in its appearance, when in a twinkling of an eye all will pass into the mystery of New Jerusalem, in the new age that will last, the age of life, sons, and its life over those who belong to it. Amen, amen, amen.


Open the book to enter again as word into it, watching children for My coming! Amen.

Oh, the work of My word has been beautiful and I have sweetly prepared My way to the man when the time has come to become word again on the earth. Open it for My children sons. I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, knock to come in and speak, and you should hear Me and put Me into the book. Oh, how sweetly I have prepared Verginica! How sweet My work and My will were when it was to set her as the way of My word over the earth, more than fifty years ago! I have cleansed her of all that was worldly; I refreshed her with My wisdom and I made her hearing to be a heavenly one and I declared My preparation over it, and she was obedient to Me, and then, I, the Lord, passed through her with the glory of My word. I was coming in and out of her as word and I was calling to My bosom a people to nourish it through Me that it may be My people on earth. I was placing Verginica at a writing table and I was making Myself heard by her hearing and her little hand considerably were writing My calling word, by which I was calling the man at My table, and I was telling her: „Write, Verginica, write and let the things from Me be known, as I exhort you to work and to become the trumpet of My word.” Then I gathered together a people to Me and I found little hands to write My word, and My Spirit was coming then into the body of My trumpet, and by her little mouth I was coming out as word, and those who were writing My word on the earth were writing it, as Joshua wrote My word coming out through Moses over the Israel people of that time. I made Verginica My vessel, My dwelling place, by which I was making My word spring up, and out of My mouth I was feeding those who were coming to hear My word; furthermore, the work of My word was beautiful, and I had prepared it sweetly when I came with it on the earth. Since then and up to this day the way of My word over the earth has been beautiful, children sons, and this is how I have had you the little disciples of My trumpet, and I started preparing My work upon you by My trumpet even while she was in her body on the earth, and then I sent her to you from the holy heaven, as I prepared her to carry My word from Me to man so that the man may be faithful to Me and then to become My son by obedience to My will, if he wants to be My son.

Oh, children from the gates, I was dictating the word of My mouth to Verginica in the same way, and she was writing it down and giving to the people. When I had near her those who heard My word by her mouth, I was entering her and making her falling asleep and then I was coming out by her mouth and My word was being written, for her body was weak because of sufferance, and I had such a great word, and this was how I was writing more word by those who were hearing Me from her mouth, and I was working so beautifully through her. Then I had her sister hear My word, for I was taking her from the body of her sufferance, and her little sister was also writing down a great deal of My word, for I, the Lord, was dictating My word to her, because I prepared her beautifully, and then I was entering her body as well, and those who heard it from her mouth were writing it down for Me. In addition, now I have got much word to write too and My voice has been coming down over the little garden of My word and I have been coming down with it into My book, and I have a sweet stairway when I descend, and I come down wonderfully into the book to grow you with the food of My mouth, My people of today.

Oh, I set aside the little garden of My word and then I have sanctified and built My ark within it and called it the Holy of My Holies, and I did this work sixteen years ago. Oh, sons from the garden, then I had My bishop of this time near you, whom I, the Lord, took him from among those who are today’s servants of the church and prepared him and cleansed his heart and put in him the spirit of the holy faith, and then I worked upon him by sister of Verginica, and he received My word through her and sit down near you and listened to Me, and then he established My living church, and since then, I, the Lord, have had you as My watchmen, and I had you in the way of My word when it came with the clouds and made itself heard over the garden, and since then I have worked much, a great deal of word, and I also prepared you considerably and I am still doing it now, and I am still giving birth and growing a people, to have a people on the earth now, when I come with such a wonder for the fulfilling of My word coming out of My mouth, word which is being fulfilled, children sons. Oh, Verginica’s little hand wrote much word after I had made her the vessel of My descent, the trumpet before My coming, and then she prepared the hand of her little sister and she wrote My word and hers even more, then the word of preparation upon them, and then, now, behold, very much again, I have made much of My word come down upon you to write it down into the book and that I may be the Word of God over the earth, as it is written into the Scriptures (Apoc. 19:13.) to work in this time of My new name and of My new word, which becomes bigger and bigger, the river of life, children sons, and the work of My word in these days is beautiful and I have prepared it sweetly, as a father does, and in this way I have found My way to the man when the time has come now to become again word over the earth, as I worked two thousand years ago, and I let the word of My Gospel of that time through My disciples of that time. Amen.

Behold, I come with the feast of the sealing by the spirit of the holiness of the little garden of My word, the feast of sixteen years ago, My people. I stand before you as word of feast and I have that day into My arms, when I announced Myself on the earth with the manger of My word, with the little garden in which I have glorified Myself above it and in which My entire word is written down, and I, the Lord, have turned it into a book, the book of My fifty years, for My book of fifty years is true, whose word was and is fulfilled. In this day of feast into your midst I have got the apostle Andrew and My trumpet Verginica into your midst. Moreover, I have them with Me as I had them sixteen years ago. Verginica had sown this new seed even since her time to bear fruit and that she may have disciples for Me, and her seed bore fruit and Verginica gave birth to sons for Me and then I made them My anointed ones and I took some of them and made them My stairway of descent for My word further from the Father to man, and let no one dare test and reason out the mystery of My descent, and your faith has to be great, My people, as great as theirs was too, and you need to work with Me and with them, as you have also worked this time and adorned within a wedding dress for Me the house of My coming down in My trumpet Verginica. This hearth has taken now the appearance, which was prophesied by Me, the Lord, by My trumpet, and behold, now I am coming down with My rest in the little garden in which I had dwelt as word for seven years by My trumpet’s mouth and hand, after that the house from Maluri was torn down by My wrath over that unfaithful village in which I started the work of My word in 1955.

Sixteen years ago, I had the apostle Andrew and Verginica as witnesses with Me in the day of sealing of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem in these days, and then I brought under holiness the little garden of My word, and I have got them again as My witnesses, for the establishing of My holiness over the new earth adorned now, according to My plan over the house in which I, the Lord, came twenty seven years ago and took My trumpet to heaven, My people. Behold My feast with you on this day; and I have been preparing you now for the day of tomorrow when I will celebrate with you the feast of the memorial of the day of My trumpet’s raising to heaven. Oh, get ready to receive My word for this feast and for the establishing of the holiness over the house in which I, the Lord, worked by My trumpet. Peace to you for all My feasts with you! Peace to you, My people! You have worked from dawn to night to prepare My new garment for the house of My descent. I comfort you with the saints, for My saints long after you with a holy longing, because I have made you My people. I bow to thank you for your labor for My glory. I watch to have you Mine and to comfort you with the saints, My people. Amen, amen, amen.

– You make my entrance to Your people sweet, my Teacher. And I also let You sweetly come in my being then when You received me and made me Your apostle. I was Your first disciple when You chose Your disciples. My teacher, John, the Baptizer, sent me to You, and You received me and made me the disciple of Your miracles of that time, Lord. You worked with me then and sent me by Your Spirit to sow then over the land and over the Romanian people the seal of Your name and the Christianization of this people with the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and this is how I fulfilled, and You called Romania, the first one You called, according to my grace of the first called to the work of discipleship near You, my Teacher. And behold, You took me and set me near to You in the day of the sealing of the Holy of Holies in those days of sixteen years ago, the day when I was celebration among the saints my raising into heaven near You, after I had finished the mission of Your apostle behind You, as all Your disciples worked after You went up to be again near the Father, after You were resurrected from the dead.

Oh, my comfort over the head of Your suffering one is sweet, the one You had on the day of the sealing of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem in these days in the little garden of Your word for the service of its holiness by his hand of Your bishop near Your anointed ones of today. His little heart, aggrieved since then and up to this day, has never been healed from grief, for he was pulled out from near You by those who were unfaithful, and the saints have been waiting for his glory, which he has got from You upon him, Lord. However, he has been kept in stocks, which are still not undone by those who have not loved or rejoiced over his being anointed by You, and his spirit has been sighing, Lord. Behold, You have that day into Your arms when You set by him and by those little of Yours the seal of holiness over the little garden of Your word sixteen years ago. Now I am leaving upon him the spirit of comfort, and I am bowing before You for him, praying to You to cut short the pain of his little heart, for he is tired of pain, Lord. Oh, bring his time and Your time with him and give him the victory over the unbelief of those who humiliate him! Lift up his forehead and refresh it before the multitudes, for You are the One Who can do this, Lord! Amen.

I also comfort Your sacrificing people and I sweetly exhort it to the working graces before You. Let Your people have a spirit of disciple, and let it prove it out with every passing day more and more, for You wait for this glory to be multiplied from him, and to be multiplied more and more, Lord. Glory to You into the midst of Your people! Peace to You with it in the day that is coming now, the day of Your trumpet, the day when You are placing over her hearth on the earth Your holiness over the people’s new garment, over the little dress of the house of Your descent, my Teacher. Amen, amen, amen.

– And I tell you: peace to you, My apostle! Your word is sweet, for this is how your Teacher is. We have days with sweetness in them, with great works over them and this is how we are to work. Amen.

Peace to you, My people! Get ready, son, now, to put the holy seal over the hearth on the land of My trumpet, and remain working with Me, and then comfort Me with your spirit and with your little hands working for Me, by which I, the Lord, bring into view all those that are prophesied to be by Me through the work of My word of today, for My fulfilled word acknowledges its truth, and I, the Lord, am true, by My entire word spoken upon you, and which carries life in it, My life for man, My people. Amen, amen, amen.