The Word of God at the feast of the beheading of Saint John, the Baptizer

I am the Lord of glory. Open for Me, children who watch in the gates! I come as word into the book for My people to exhort it to take care of My greatness into its midst, for I am the Lord of the heavenly greatnesses, children sons. I strengthen the power for you to have a better hope, so that I may have you in this day of feast as My bridge to My people of today. I want to teach My people to give Me the entire greatness, and it to be able to learn to stay under it, but above all these I want the people to learn that I am His Master, and to be its Master in everything, because if I am not its Master in all of its things, it will not reach to be subjected by all My things in such a way that the opposing spirit may be afraid of it; but, on the contrary, a man like that will come to sigh.

Oh, My little and tiny people of today, it is a feast in heaven. I want to come down with the feast of today and to you, and behold, I strengthen My gates to be able to come and I have come. And now, I exhort you to take care of My greatness in your midst, because if you do not to this, the opposing spirit pushes you to seek after greatness among your brothers, and this brings tears and then despair in your soul. I have always exhorted you to receive Me, to be able to be gentle and humble in your heart, for if you do not always look at Me, you forget to be as I want you to be. I do not ask anything that it is hard for you to do, than to be in My image and after My likeness, lest the opposing spirit may push you to trample under your feet My greatness and to look after yours.

Oh, how well it is for you to love to be small, how well, My people! Many have left their greatness on earth to become holy, to become small, My people, for he, who is not small, does not have Me as his God, of his Master on earth, for if I have a people on earth, I also have vessels in its midst. And if I come to tell you to take care of My greatness in your midst, this means that I teach you to know how I take care of you, how to stay under My greatness, to be protected, My people. The opposing spirit has always pushed you to do so, and it has urged you to be pretentious and then displeased, and behold, this is how he makes its nest into your midst, bringing the crushing of spirit to you and to Me. Remember that the king Herod, who, because of the weakness of his nature and then because of that which came by the woman, he violated in him God’s greatness and loved his greatness instead, and when the hostile spirit caught him in his trap by his wicked promise, put into his mouth, the king saw what he had done and sighed deeply, but the promise of his mouth, once made, had to be brought to completion, and then the head of John, the Baptizer, was cut away from his shoulders.

This day of celebration is a feast of suffering, My people. The Christian man stops from his work in this day, to bring to memorial the day when My greatness in the one, bearing of God and of God’s word over God’s people, was crushed and brought to the ground by the man’s greatness. Herod, the king of Israel, because he left his soul to weakness, he forgot about the God’s greatness and in this way he brought shame and denigration to My holy name, bringing sufferance and fear over My holy people on the earth, over the disciples of John, the Baptizer, and over all those who were following Me to My greatness over them, that I may be their Teacher and Savior.

Oh, My people of today, learn from Me, for I stay with the spirit of My teaching upon you. Take only from Me, and by no means should you take exhortation upon you from you, for if you try not to listen to this, you come to groaning, son, and behold, many of those who have not listened to this, were pulled out of My fold, and the opposing spirit has exhorted them to put the blame on My bearers from behind because of their lack of stature and then because of their lack of steadfastness on the way of My descent on earth to man. Oh, you shall never see, you shall never see the Christian who can do like him and not like Me; you shall never see him to be a Christian after My will, if he pulls himself on the sides by his dissatisfaction, for the man’s dissatisfaction has never been brought to Me by angels, but it has rather been taken by the devils to the reward of the spirit of human haughtiness, to the man’s denial of God who knows My will, and then, while faltering, he falls down by his own mind, and a man like that comes then to groaning. Oh, My people, you can hardly stay into My hand and into My bosom, when I have always hold your little hand in My fold, protecting of sons, let alone it may stay within Me, the man, who being dissatisfied, finds a way back and separates himself from My body, from the body of My church! Oh, that one falls down and keeps on falling down into the void, and he falls because he has not loved My greatness over his greatness, for he who comes to Me and knocks to Me to receive him and then he does not learn the stairway of greatness, that one makes a stairway to Me, but his stairway does not keep him on it, but it makes him fall down instead.

In tears of an affectionate father for his sons, I teach you, My people, to seek that in everything I may be your Master, to be your Father, to watch your mind and heart in everything, everything of your mind and heart, for the opposing spirit can, at any time by his cunning face, to undress you of God, and if you do not let yourself be seized by the spirit of repentance, you do not know and neither are able to manage, and then you come to groaning and carelessness, and this is the burdensome pay, even if you say that it is good for you in this way, but this apparent good thing is the very evil spirit, which has crushed in you the seat of My greatness, the place where I was sitting when I was exhorting you within your life, for the life is not its fulfillment within the body, but it is the Spirit of God, the spirit of obedience, the spirit, which believes like God in man. Amen.

In this day of pain, the whole heaven of saints and angels brings greatness to the bearer of God, John, the Baptizer, the one who was calling out in a mourning voice for the man to give up sinning and to come to God’s kingdom, to come to the Lamb of God, Who washes away the sins of the world, teaching and again teaching the royal way, God’s greatness over the man, God and Master over those who love Him, listening to Him and fulfilling this way. Amen, amen, amen.

– You, Lord, see how the things are, in order that you may give me access into Your book with Your people, Lord. I also exhort him, and I exhort him into Your name, to be the confessor of Your coming, Lord. Amen.

I, John, the Baptizer, call out to you, people of the Lord’s coming now on the earth to man. Oh, repent from all those that do not take after God and keep away from the spirit of emptiness, son, for this cunning spirit works otherwise over God’s sons, than in the way in which he works over the sons of the human emptiness, but you should stay under the Lord’s greatness, under His exhortation upon you, under His Spirit, for the time in which you work now with the spirit of repentance is hard, the spirit of the holy living in spirit and body, for the holy living overflows in the sides great with heavenly good things over the man, with great saving gifts over those that do not see any of the things of the kingdom of God with the man.

Oh, son, who hear and know the Lord’s work of today with the man! Learn from your Master to know and to be God’s son, for this is a hard and troublesome work, it is not easy, but it is with great living so that you may not perish from it, for the spirit of emptiness makes you not see the sin as sin, and then it blames you, and then it takes you away from the spirit of God’s greatness and it makes you the Lord’s adversary, and it makes you not see this, as neither Herod saw or knew where the spirit of vanity led him, the spirit of human weaknesses. You should know, people who have been taught from heaven, that if the man does not listen to God as much as the Lord teaches him, this is an adversary to God and the spirit of repentance leaves him. Get hold of an unsleeping spirit all the time, of the spirit of repentance son, and stay under the spirit of the bearers of God, well son. No matter what you are, not matter who you are, do not love your greatness, for if you love this way, you will not know what humiliation under the works of the heavenly greatnesses is and you will not take after my Master and yours, Who bowed His head and body under my baptizing hand, as a God, gentle and humble in his heart, as One Who controls everything in heaven and on earth by His humiliation.

Bow down, people exhorted by God, bow down to the Lord’s greatness, so that He may be your Master and that you may be God’s son on earth, a son protected by the heavenly powers, which keep under the Lord’s tent everyone who bow, inside and outside of them, the works of God’s greatness over the gentle and humble in their heart, in the image and likeness of everything, the Lamb of God. Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, My people! John, the Baptizer, urges you and strengthens your work as God’s son, gentle and humble in his heart, as I am before the Father and before the man. You are My church of today, and I want to be able to work by it on the earth through My greatness. I made you on earth so that I may not remain without a church before Me, for I looked and I kept on looking with pain and I saw the collapse of the church, which calls itself Mine, and since then, I, the Lord, has built a people for Me and I have always chosen from it to make Me a body of church over the earth and to have a house on My coming.

Behold, I look over the collapse of the church, which calls itself Mine. The Romanian people tries to set a head over its church, (A new patriarch, r.n.), which does no longer have a head, as it says, but My Holy Spirit stands apart from the human council, which comes together now to set a head over the church of the Romanian people. The spirit of vanity of the human greatness, this is the spirit that struggles to overcome now, to overcome and to rule the church of the Romanian people.

Oh, Romanian people, how comes that you forget so much that the Holy Spirit is clean and that He cannot be mixed with the spirit of vanity of the human and worldly greatness? Oh, Romanian people that sleep so deeply! I, the Lord, try to wake you up, but you sleep the sleep of soul carelessness, you sleep the sleep of faith denial, and behold how the artful man takes off your little garment, the man of vainglory, who covers his shame with a garment of holy man! The one who was keeping you by a small thread to your standing, (The Patriarch Teoctist, r.n.), that one was sent to Me by those who have been struggling after a throne of glory today, to be helmsmen over your church. (The rulers of the Romanian Orthodox Church advised the former patriarch to undergo an operation, although the doctors sustained that he would not be able to go through it and thus he came to die, r.n.). Behold, you are without God and you do not know, and you do not believe when I, the Lord, tell you this from the mouth of the spring of life, which flows from My throne into your midst, Romanian people. The sin of faith denial has come upon you long before, (The year of 1924, when the church decided to change the feasts in the Julian calendar to those in the Gregorian calendar , r.n.), and behold, now it wants to take on the image, which is beneficent to you. You have not taken from Me to believe My awakening word, but I have come and taught you ahead of time, that I did not want and do not want to let you be taken away from My face, Romanian nation. I stay into your midst, call you out and I advise you to wake up and to raise your hands, to your Lord and God, for I, the Lord, want to make room with the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, over your faith, to wake you up to see how I call you to repentance from the midst of My church, built by My word into your midst, (Church of New Jerusalem, r.n.), for My word grows it and it is. You are now submitted to those who wander away from the Holy Spirit, Who is the Spirit of My church. Oh, but do not be afraid, Romanian people; I, the Lord, your God, make your awakening and calling, and you will see in the days to come that the church in you goes to its perishing, and I open to you to come and to have God as your father, Who speaks from your midst with the Spirit of eternal life, Who is My Spirit, the Spirit of the church of Jesus Christ, your Savior. Those who are great, those who are righteous, those who are learned into your midst, they tell you that they are for you, but I am He Who is righteous, and the man is a liar.

I will write an epistle of resurrection to you, Romanian people, and I will come down with it to you and I will try to comprise you within My mantle, for you are without a shepherd, My country, and I have mercy on you, for you are Mine, you are My country of today, and I will shepherd you like a gentle Shepherd and I will not let you. Amen.

Oh, little and tiny people of the word of My coming! Stay only under My teaching, for behold, the hard time of today takes with the flow every man who has called himself My house, My church in the Romanian people, without staying in My Spirit from heaven on earth.

Oh, children from the gates, write everything that comes from Me on earth into My book with My people of today. We have to write epistles inside of My people and outside of it, over the Romanian people. I want to strengthen the peace, for it is much work, children sons. You have always, always been submitted to temptations and fear, children sons. Oh, put your hope only in Me, for you are small. Call Me to come and to speak to all the storms, which come all of a sudden, to fill you with fear, to speak to them, to keep silent and no longer to blow, and that you may be My path from heaven on earth, that I have to give epistles there where I see that My right word has to be established, which can work when you cannot work on My behalf, as My messengers, children and sons. Oh, peace to you! I strengthen in you and into the midst of My people the spirit of peace. I leave you My comfort upon you in abundance, so that you may feel its work. Get together under the spirit of peace, mourn with those who mourn like you, for the time is hard, both inside and outside of My people, and you mourn, sons, and I am the One Who protects you with great compassion, doing My work with you over the earth, working, waiting and hoping in you, I, the Lord, sons. Amen, amen, amen.