The Word of God at the feast of the Descending of the Holy Spirit

I embrace you with great glory of Holy Spirit at My fatherly bosom, you people that have come to the spring. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, in this name I have made your calling so that you may come together, and in such a way that I may give Myself as word of Holy Spirit to you, and to give you comfort and power, for in order that the man may love God, he needs power to believe and then he needs holy longing. Amen.

When I ascended from near My disciples to the Father, I told them: «Remain in My love, and I will send you another Comforter to remain with you, and He will take from what is Mine and will give you and will comfort you». (See John 16:7-14)

I, the Lord your God, brighten your heart and forehead and wrap you up in the mystery of the longing, for the longing is that which feeds love, My people. He, who is full of longing, is the one who feeds his love with it, and that is why I told those who loved Me: «Remain in My love». The one who is seized by longing is afraid not to lose the one he wants, and he is nourished with the longing that is in him, and the longing gives him power, and it gives him love, My people, and it also gives him self-denial, and the one who loves follows Me and becomes My citadel, built on a stone stronghold, and the waves do not crush it. Amen.

Oh, I have gathered you together, My people, which have been Mine from the old time. I missed you so much. Oh, I have very much longed for you love of old, and I have called you to remind you of it and to rummage your memories with it so that you may be filled with longing, and the mystery of the longing to strengthen in you My kingdom and its miracles and to fill you up with the breathing of the Holy Spirit, My people, for I have come to comfort you with the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. Oh, the mystery of the New Jerusalem over your being, I want to remind you of this mystery by which I have comforted you so much when I was speaking to you on the way and when I was promising it to you that it will come and that it will be fulfilled on the earth. I was teaching you to be a beautiful child, I was teaching you to be holy, and I was teaching you to remain in My love, My people. I have been teaching you as I taught My disciples of two thousand years ago. I have fed you on My love to remain in it, and I have always been wounded by the longing, wounded after you, My people. Oh, but you, taking My comfort of Father, were losing your love for Me, and your work for My kingdom inside of you was remaining without any fruit, and I was comforting you so that I might not lose you, that you might not become weak on your way, My people, and so that you might not forsake Me. Oh, behold, I bring you together at My bosom, and I rummage your memories with Me on your way and I show you My wound from your lack of love and I want to teach you the awakening, for your love has to be healed, oh, My people of old, for I was walking with you on the way and I was looking after fruit in you, I was always looking, oh, and I was also looking after tender branches, I was looking after love to take from it and to put it to a holy work, to fruit bearing, which remains and which, by its multiplying, grows and then it brings forth its dear fruit, the redemption of the man’s life, his resurrection forever, My people.

Oh, My dear people, I tell you today, about one of My wounds. Seven thousand years ago, after I spoke about his wrongdoing with the first built man, he got upset with Me and did no longer love Me, and since then I have remained with a severe wound, and since then I have been waiting for the man to come back to Me and to heal My wound, and that I may be able to heal him and to set him in the love from which he fell down and to give him a mind and a heart from heaven, to give him love from heaven, for the love, which comes from the flesh, the love which is conceived by the man within his heart, is not the love that comes from God, but it is the love, which has separated the man from Me, and the man’s love is My heavy wound. Oh, I have suffered with sighing and the wound from the beginning and from the end makes Me suffer, for the man has left Me without a house, My people, and today I have told you about My wound as well, an unhealed wound. Two thousand years ago I said sighingly, I said that the foxes have holes, and the birds of the sky have nests, and the dogs have their corner, but I have no house and no place to lay My head and have rest, and I am the dearest One, I am the sweet One, I am the gentle One, and I want to dwell in man with the entire adornment of My being and to make the man into a heavenly place and to dwell in him with the saints and with the angels and to make the man live on the earth the life of the age that is to be and to know that the man is Mine, but if the man cannot work this way on the earth, only after his passing away he sees My labor behind him, My waiting after him, and then he takes his burned with sigh and then he carries with him, and he carries it with difficulty, and only this way and only then he sees and believes My wound from him, the weakness which I have carried from him, by not giving himself as My house on the earth, and behold, God has no place where to lay his head on the earth, as the man has, and the man tries in vain to deceive Me and keep making Me houses where to stay, oh, it is in vain, for I cannot live as the man who deceives Me can, that is to live without him in the house that he makes Me live in, and behold, I do not have where to lay My head on earth to have rest and salve for My wound from the man’s departure from Me, for the temples made by human hands do not comfort Me, but only the man in whom I can live with My love, he remaining in it and giving himself as the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit and becoming distributor of the glory that does not pass and does not perish by its work.

Oh, My dear people, do not hurry to leave for your things, but stay now so that I may spend time with you, if you have responded to My calling. Oh, how shall I do, how shall I really do with you to give you longing, that is to feed and wake up your love, oh, how shall I really do? I remember how hard you were getting upset with Me when I was revealing your hidden sin. When I was revealing it to you, you were getting upset and cold with Me, you were hiding and then you were leaving Me, and behold, this is how you left Me and you did not receive Me from the Father, to come into your way to show you the way, to show you your wrongdoings, to heal you from it and to be clean from it, for he who is clean and humble does not fall down, son. Oh, I was telling you your wrongdoing to spare you from the falling down from it; this is how I loved you, this is how I was showing your way, this is how I wanted to keep you away from the wrongdoing of tomorrow and I did not want you to get lost through it, for the wrongdoings make the man get lost, and they cannot be the man’s way to Me or My way to the man if he does not have the gift of humility in him, the light to illuminate his way.

Oh, My people of old, I have taken tender branches from your midst, and I have done this because I have loved you and I put them to intercede for you before Me, and behold, I come into your way and call you to the spring, for the spring of My word is not stopped, but it springs up and it is without end, just as I am. My people, I have raised from your midst sons with love in them for Me and for you and I wanted to continue to exhort you, after I took to heaven My trumpet full of My sighing before you. I did not want to let you die, and I wanted to blow upon you and to keep you from the devil that was hungry to snatch you from My bosom, and I wanted to save you from the world, My people, but My bridge to you was broken into the middle and then you did no longer eat and then you did no longer know, and then you were no longer able to walk with Me on the way, but you were able to do it by yourself and then you left Me. Ten years of sighing had passed over Me and then the tender branches put forth sprigs and I came down on earth with the time of the third love, for I loved you in My beginning with you and I waited for you to be Mine, and then I loved you in the middle of the time, and then I took a bridge from your midst to Me for you, but My bridge was broken; and behold, I loved you in the end and I still love you with a new time, with the time of the third love, My people of old, for I have raised a bride people from you, a people of New Jerusalem, as I was telling you on the way when I was preaching those that were to be according to this work of the river of word. Oh, I have loved you and I have waited for you, My people. I have waited patiently for you, I have waited in tears in the interceding sons with Me for your fate from Me on the earth; I have been waiting for you by this time, and behold, I am still waiting, and My love for you have become an open book before you, and I have called you through it, I have called you with longing and wound, My people of old. Oh, the one who goes wrong and does not repent from his wrongdoings, and that one is not caught by the reward for his wrongdoings, and behold, your children have grown up and took you away from My arm and you have left Me to cry and to look tearfully behind you and see how you fulfill the Scripture that says about My coming when in its time the people eat and drink, marry and are given in marriage, and I have had this pain even from you, My people nourished with the Holy Spirit for such a long time, for I have not suffered from the world as I have suffered from you. Oh, what shall I do for you to receive Me and exhort you to repentance, how shall I do it, My people? Oh, what shall I do with you, to have you again as Mine, and that you may do My will from now on and not your will, and that I may no longer cry from you, well My people? Oh, come so that I may teach you the awakening! You have to know that this is why I have called you so lovingly. You have to know, My people, that I want you to be Mine and I want you to renew your love and I want you to teach you the work of the longing and to heal you from your departure from Me and to heal you from all your sufferings, which seized and seize you because You have forsaken Me. However, have you not really known that a forsaken love takes revenge? Did you not know that? Did you not know that I gave you birth by a new word and that I have loved you after that? Oh, how comes that you forgot that I have loved you? And after I have taught you in a heavenly way so much, how comes that you forgot that I have loved you? How comes that you were not afraid that My love would call you to account if you lost it? Oh, how comes that, My people? Oh, I have had love for you, great love and that is why I have not forsaken you, and behold, I stay and wait for you, and I stay now as well, My people of old, and I come and get into your way to heal you, for your love has to be healed. I have left healers into your midst on My behalf, but ask from Me to give you love and faith, awakening and days of resurrection, My people, for behold those who are no longer within their body on earth, for I have brought them with Me for a table of Holy Spirit, at a table of memorial for them, and they sit well in order to receive from the little hands who share for them, and I give to them, My people. Amen.

Oh, come, you, those who have left your body and clothed yourselves within the house from above, waiting for your redemption! Come, take little cups of water, and quench your thirst; little cups of water and flowers, for you will be welcomed with flowers. Take little sweet bread, take koliva and wine, take and eat and drink of My table with My people for you and comfort Me, you who wait for the age that is to come, and whose key is in the hands of those who are Mine, the sons of My word in this time, and to whom I have given the mystery of the kingdom of the heavens on earth. Come, you, who are no longer seen in your body on earth, come and look at My work of the New Jerusalem, and by which I, the Lord, work to redeem the creature from death. And come, you, those who have left for heaven from this work of word, from the people nourished today with the voice of My word full of the Holy Spirit of resurrection; come and look at the glory of My work of New Jerusalem with My new people and testify about it. Amen. And after we celebrate the feast of the Holy Spirit, I and with the people, coming together at the spring, and with you within the glory of the Holy Spirit of angels and saints, will give you voice, and this is how we will complete the work of today of the word of life and we will teach the people, and it will be worthy from God and will receive the power to believe and to come to life and then to give resurrection. Amen.

Oh, My people of old! You have to know that the time of the Scripture which says that «all those in the graves will hear the voice of the Son of God and will come to life, some to eternal life and some others to eternal condemnation, according to the work of their life». (See John 5:28, 29) You have to know, My people, that the time has come for you to believe and to get up for Me and for you. Oh, get up and be diligent and cleanse yourself from the world and from its spirit and tidy up your little house and get new little garment, for at My table of today you need expensive clothes and you know how I have taught you to be now for My coming, and you know how much I have taught you, for I have taught you much and holily, and I have taught you in all the time of My trumpeting by My trumpet into your midst and by which I gave you birth to be Mine, and you will not be able to stand before Me without any answer, for I have taught you much, My people, and now I ask you an answer for My teaching, and there is no joke about this answer. Oh, get up! Oh, get up! Oh, get up! Listen to the voice of God’s Son, listen to Me, My people, and do not forsake Me, but rather humble yourself and see, and get up to see, and hurry up to make your dear little garment, son, and this is how you are supposed to stand before Me, and this is how you are to have Me as your God, for behold, I do not go to the great and mighty ones on earth, but I come to you instead, I come, because you were My people, I come and knock at your door to let you know to come too, for behold, I am coming. Oh, come as well, for behold, I am coming! Come, My people of old, come, come! Oh, come to be a child and to listen, for the Father takes care of His children, oh, My people of old. Amen. And to the end of the day of Whitsuntide I will bring to you My entire food of today with you, for I still have to speak to you and to strengthen and exhort you with the feast of the Holy Spirit, I and My saints, My people. Oh, sit down now to celebrate the feast of Whitsuntide, a table prepared for those in heaven and for you with the heaven, and for all those on the earth, who take and eat of My table of today. Amen.

Oh, get used to be, My people, learn the way, the way on which I come to you to exhort you, and learn it well to be able to walk in it to Me, son. And if you do not understand what I have told you now, then open your little mouth and ask Me to tell you how you are to know and how you are to learn My way to you, and in which you are to be able to come to Me as I walk in it to you and I teach you and call you from you to Me, and from the world to God, My people. Oh, come out of the world, come out, My people, come out, for in world is the end of the world, and I have often advised you this, whenever I was coming to seal you with the seal, protecting you from the world, and I was telling you this: „My people, do no longer worship idols. Come out of the world, come out, My people, come out, come out.” Oh, behold, this is how I have been teaching you today, and this is how I have also been asking you today, and this is how I have been calling you out today: come out of the world, come out of Sodom, people nourished with the Holy Spirit! The world waves to you, but do look at the One Who speaks with you from heaven and be worthy of My calling with you and make Me worthy to be your Shepherd too, and to be your Lord and God, to be your Teacher with great longing, My people, people newly born, newly born from the word of God now on the earth. Amen.

Oh, Romanian people, My today’s country! I comfort you too, I comfort you with the comfort of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, and I comfort you too in a day of the feast of the Whitsuntide, for I am within a feast on your hearth into the midst of the people of My word, people taken out of you, My country. Moreover, I give you the Holy Spirit, only for you to receive Him. I give you’re the power to believe in My word of today on your hearth, and by which I exhort you too, only for you to want to receive exhortation, My country. However, now, stay under the blessing of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, and learn, for I teach My people, and My teaching is good, My country. I am the Teacher on your hearth and I am the Son of the Father Sabaoth, and I am the Shepherd with the cross. Oh, learn to stay beautifully under the cross and you will be like Me, My country; and get used to stand up beautifully and to rise to life like the Lord your God, Jesus Christ, and you will be like Me and we both will have the same Teacher, the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, oh, My country being Mine from today, My country from the end of the time. Amen, amen, amen.