The Word of God on the seventh Sunday after Passover, of the holy fathers from Nicaea

Let there be heard the bell of holy victory and glory, and let it be heard from heaven and down to the earth, and then from the earth up to heaven, for I, the Lord, speak now, in the end of the time, the word with power into the midst of the Romanian land, and then I fulfill, for I am true in word, and I am the true One. Amen.

I am Who am. I am the Lord your God, oh, Romanian land. I have set on your fallow land the supper of My word on the earth now. For more than fifty years I have been having supper in you with the disciples chosen by Me from your nation. Behold, I have seen you under a heavy cross, a humiliating cross, oh, country of My glory of nowadays, at My returning as word from the Father to the man. I have stretched out My hand over you to save you from those in your midst who love falsehood and human glory and who have been struggling to bring you down with your forehead into the dust and then to boast about you, and you to remain under the cross, My holy country. Oh, the man does not know how to work for your salvation, but I watch out for you. The hard day has passed (Referendum to suspend the President, r.n.), but I have been at work with the entire heaven of saints and angels so that I may not leave you and to help you get out to overcome in this fight that is so hard, so black against you, so hidden from your face, My country of today. I have kept within a spirit of prayer with its little hands raised for you before Me, the people of My word taken from your midst into the service of My coming now, in the end of the time, and the saints and the angels have stayed everywhere on your hearth to overcome for your life, and they did. Amen.

Oh, the man does not know how to work your salvation, My today’s country, Romanian people. The man’s plans are far away from My plans. You are My country of today. I become word in you and I keep you by the hand and I reveal My plan to you, but the struggle for the coming out from under the bushel of My glory in you is a great struggle, both for the saints and for the angels, let alone for you, oh, My today’s country. Those who have taken lying upon them so that their cunning may not be seen, have pretended to be your benefactors, and I had compassion on you, and I am compassionate on you too, My country. I, your Lord and God, have strengthened with victory for you the one who loves you with purity and justice, the one who loves walking in light and smashing the darkness that is upon you in which those who love falsehood in you wrap you up, and I exhort you to love to walk in the light, My country of today. Two thousand years ago, I was telling all those who were hearing Me: «Walk while you have the light, walk in the light for the night is coming when no one can work». (See also John 9:4; 12:35) Oh, I speak likewise now. Moreover, I also tell you, Romanian people; walk in the light. Oh, do not walk in the darkness. Have the Lord as your light into your midst; walk in the light, Romanian people. Behold, I let you know not to rejoice over eating and drinking and with worldly parties for the victory in which I have clothed you again now, but rather humble yourself with holly peace and repent within tears of love before the Lord, your God, Who woke up with power for you and overcame according to His will into your midst. I exhort the one (President Băsescu, r.n.) who was raised again (After his suspension, r.n.) to his watching place for you, I exhort him to a holy love and to a peaceful spirit and forgiveness for those who struck and denigrated him like some evildoers. I exhort him to work like Me, gentle and humble in his heart, but clothed within the spirit of righteousness, for it is written: «On the land of the holy ones justice will dwell», amen, and I urge him to a holy and clean work for you, My today’s country, for My glory in you is My word, which speaks and is fulfilled, to your victory and Mine, for it will be to overcome the whole earth and then will embrace it in this glory of Mine into your midst, and My coming is sure as the dawn in the morning, and I will fulfill. Amen.

I am word upon you, Romanian country, My today’s country. I leave the sons of My word into your midst to be workers together with Me upon you, and I leave them now for their peace and rest, and in the course of the day I come again through the gates into the book and I will give you the whole word of today and I will exhort you with it, My dear country. Either you want it or not, either you know it or not, I am with the glory of My word on your hearth, and if I am, I become word and put it on the table to feed you and to give you life from heaven, My country. Those who do not believe that I am this word, who become My way to the man, those have already been judged by this word. This word I am, the Lord, Jesus Christ, for My name now, in the end of the time, is the Word of God, as it is written into the Scripture. (Rev: 19/13) My Father is in Me when I speak. I do not speak this word, from Me, Myself, for I am the Son of the Father Sabaoth and of My mother, the Virgin, and I am an obedient son. Amen.

My voice is warm through the word, and this is what I, God, tell you, Romanian people. Your country is My today’s country, and you are the people who live in it. Your fallow land is the land with the treasure in it and I am the word into your midst, and I reveal My glory and show you the way. I am the way. I am the Shepherd with the cross. Get used to My way, My country of today, to be Savior for you. Amen. Get used to walk with Me, learn to believe and listen, and learn the way of My word to you, get used to it from now on and clothe yourself with the adornments worked by Me at your birth and Mine, when the Father gave you to Me to be Mine in the end of the time, as you were Mine in the beginning, for at the creation of the world you were the first patch of land coming out from the waters, in which I dwelt in the beginning. Do not be unbelieving but believing. Oh, do not take after the man with a wooden tongue into your midst. Get used to know and to know the one who does you good, My today’s country. My word in you holds your hand and teaches you, but be a daughter of the holy faith, and you will be, for I am well pleased with you and I will glorify Myself in you with the glory of My word. Amen.

However, you, children from the gates, stay as My gates between heaven and earth, and be careful at My voice, stay, sons, stay. Keep watch in the way of My word in this day; for in its course I come again into the book and I will speak to the Romanian people the book from this day. Peace to you! Rest in My peace and give glory to the One Who rules the ages and the nations under His word, sons, and we will come back into the book and will get food and will set the table and share it and then I comfort within My word those who comfort, and I will teach through it those who hurt, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


I come again into My book, which I write with the work of the Holy Spirit into the midst of the Romanian people. I am the Shepherd with the cross. I Myself shepherd, I Myself take care of the sheep, for this is what I spoke by the prophets, and this is how I fulfill now, in the end of the time, when no one, no one takes care of My sheep like Me, of the flock, which does no longer know which is its way to God and the way of God to it. I Myself come, I Myself speak and shepherd. Amen.

I come through the gates to you, Romanian people. I am He Who is. When I raised Moses to be able to go and release Israel from bondage, which was in bondage in Egypt, Moses asked Me: «Lord, Who shall I tell them that You are, You Who send me now to them?» and I told him to speak to them this: «I am Who I am». (See Ex. 3:13, 14)

Oh, Romanian people, either you want it or not, either you believe it or not, either you are able or not to know My voice, which is speaking to you now, I am Who I am, and I am with the glory of My word on your hearth. Those who do not believe that I am this word, they have already been judged by this word, for this word is I, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Shepherd with the cross, the Shepherd Who leads his sheep, gentle and humble in His heart and voice. The Word of God is My name now, in the end of the time. (Rev: 19/13) I am gentle and humble in My word and this is how I am your God, Romanian people. Oh, if you are faithful, then bow to believe and then to fulfill My word, which shepherds you with longing, for your fallow land is the heavenly homeland on the earth, it is My country in the end of the time, and in which I come, just as Israel was the country of My coming two thousand years ago. For fifty hears I have becoming word on your hearth, and I have been speaking much word by My book in this time and I have been waiting for you for a long time under the bushel, for I have been speaking mysteriously with a people chosen from your midst to establish by the word, My work of new coming in time, My coming after the man, as it is written into the Scripture that I would come again on the earth to speak, and those in the graves to hear the voice of the Son of God, and then those who are alive to hear it as well, those who are faithful and unfaithful on the earth. Amen.

Oh, Romanian people, I have seen the blizzard which has been rising now from your midst to tear you down again, and I woke up to rebuke the blizzard to be silent. I have sent you My voice from its manger and I have told you to get up and not to sleep in hard time, and I have rebuked the blizzard to keep silent. I have told you that I, the Lord, will choose for you and for your fate and that I will take you out from your sigh and that I will shelter you with My entire heaven, and then I will set upon you the country of the eternal life, and I will work according to the faith of those faithful to My word, spoken for My fate and yours on your hearth, and you will bless Me and will stay under My salvation and you will forgive My pain and yours, and the nations of the earth will come to take of your light, and I, the Lord, will give them, amen, and behold, I give them, for they hear My whisper upon you when I give it to you in order to save you through it from your hardships, oh, My today’s country.

Oh, here it is the exhortation, which I give you today: walk in the light, My country, do not walk in the darkness. Walk in the light, Romanian people. Amen.

I remind you, those who have worked now in the darkness at the wound of the Romanian people (Politicians, r.n.), I remind you the voice of My mother, the Virgin, when after the feast of My resurrection she said this: „You cannot work without God, for you work after your heart, and out of the spirit of your enmity you blow a blizzard over the Romanian people, and then you will start fighting against each other and among you, for your hatred and haughtiness will not lead you to the haven you dream about.” You have been exhorted by a heavenly voice to open your heart and not your mind, and to listen to God, for you are Romanians, and the name of the Romanian is the new name of the new people of God, now when I have chosen a country again, when behold, I have come again on the earth as word, and My holy word has been heard from margins to margins. Oh, give Me place in you to teach you the order of governance if you want to stay among the rulers. Come to peace and do no longer handle hostile weapons with your heart and mouth, lest they may turn back the wickedness that you work, for it is written: «He, who works without justice, will have his reward according to his works». Oh, bow down your foreheads with humility and make room to the Lord, for you are men and God is God, and He is the word on your hearth and waits for you to become His new people and to be brothers within His love from above, and this is how you are to learn to do each other good, this way, and not as you started to work and to stay in the darkness with your work, which, behold, has come out into the light and brought your wickedness into the light and has stained your faces, for this happens to the rebellious people. Oh, this it happened in the time of My body to Caiaphas, Pilate and Herod, and to all those who hid among them the work of My crucifixion and then the concealment of My resurrection; however, I truly came to life and they were ashamed and they have remained ashamed on earth and in heaven, and even today I have mercy on them, for I am gentle and merciful. Oh, you have sharpened your weapons and instigated the Romanian people, but your tongue was denigrating against the one whom you brought to his knees, casting him away from his place. However, I have stood up with great mercy for the Romanian people and appeased your snow storming that was done against him, worked by you in the darkness, and I took him out to the haven, and I took the Romanian country out of the waves, and I took it again but the water is still troubled, because you do not want to be good. Oh, what will you really do? Oh, what do you want to be done for you? Do you want to do you good or evil? Oh, be good, be good, be good Romanians, for I, the Lord am the word of Holy Spirit, word of peace and salvation on your hearth, and I wait for the Romanian people to be My new people, and to be love among brothers, by My love from above among them. Amen. Behold, I tell you a new mystery: no one and nothing without God will be able to do anything against the Romanian country, for I have been in its plan of salvation of the human kind from Adam and up to this day and then on to tomorrow. I am the One Who raises it and the One Who punishes it for its wrongdoing, if it goes wrong, but I and not man. Nothing is possible to come against it but only in accordance with My will, and behold, I have left you to stand against it so that it may be revealed the enmity and the haughtiness in your heart by which you have gone up to rule over this nation, and now a word from heaven has come down upon you and told you: „You cannot do anything without God, you cannot do it yourselves, for you do not work for God’s sake but only for your sake, and for the sake of the spirit of hatred and greed of glory and emptiness, and then you will start to struggle against each other, for the work of haughtiness has a heavy and evil reward.” Oh, let the peace and justice stand and rule over the Romanian land, and love the justice of all things, for it is a rest for the hearts. It is written into the Scriptures: «Love justice, you, those who rule and judge on the earth», and if you do not work this way, oh, remorse will catch you and then it will be too late. However, I, the Lord, exhort you to be like Me, for I am gentle and humble in My heart, and I am an obedient Son to My Father Sabaoth and to My mother, the Virgin. Amen. My Father and My mother take great care on the Romanian land and of the people in it, for I am with the word of My coming on the earth in the midst of the Romanian land. Follow the example from My Father Sabaoth and from My mother, the Virgin. Have holy care of this land and of this nation too, and walk with propriety within what you want to work upon this nation, chosen by God from among the nations of the earth as His nation now, for behold, your plans are far away from My plans, and you do not know this, but I come towards you and I tell you so that you may know it, that if you did not know you would have no sin when you sin in you against this nation. I come as word towards you to exhort you to a holy and pure peace, for the true man is the one who is one, both inside and outside, and the one who does not walk in this way, that one is in the darkness and this is how he works. I have left holy word in the Scriptures about My life in man and I said this: «Who-ever hates his brother is in the darkness», and My disciples of two thousand years ago spoke among themselves: «We know that we have passed from death to life because we love our brothers».

Oh, how shall you be able to do good to this nation when you hate and betray the one near you, who has done you good? Oh, what will you do with the sin of treason, a sin that you have committed? Will you really repent from this sin? And if you remain in this sin, what kind of face will you have before this nation? I, the Lord, urge you, as a true Shepherd that I am, and I try to open your heart to repentance and to a spirit of humility. If you do not make real pace and obedience to the one who stands on the side of justice and light over everything, if you do not love and do not fulfill the good advice, you will remain in you and will work without justice and without love over this nation, and I will leave you that way, and you will earn according to your work, but I will still have work of salvation for the Romanian nations, and I will work mysteriously, and I will work through those that work with faith and its faith-fulness, with justice and its peace over God’s nation, the nation from the end of the time, the Lord’s people, Who has come as word in the midst of the Romanian people. I Myself take care of this nation when no one, no one like Me takes care of it. I Myself speak and shepherd it and I give it of My glory, and My glory from it is My word that is upon it. Amen. I do not ask you, I do not ask for your will if I can do this on the hearth of the Romanian people. However, either you wanted or not, either you know it or not, either you believe it or not, I am with the glory of My word here, on the Romanian land, and if I am, I speak and shepherd and fulfill. Amen.

Those who do not believe that I am this word, those were already judged by this word, for this word is true, and for fifty years I have had house with it on this hearth, for it is written: «The earth and everything on it belongs to the Lord». Amen.

Now I strengthen for a holy and righteous watching this nation that has been denigrated from the watching place of the Romanian nation (President, r.n.) for the snow storming from the midst has blown to strike in the watching place of this nation. I woke up the Romanian nation and I have spoken My word and become his awakening, and then I set watchman back to his place. I exhort it to forgiveness and mercy and to love like Mine for those who cast it out from its place, and I tell it the word of the Scripture of the Holy Spirit, Who says this: «Vengeance is Mine, and I recompense, says the Lord». (Deut. 32:35) Amen. Oh, I have come with forgiveness for those who crucified Me and then I was resurrected, and they had no power over Me as they thought that they would have. I give it the example of the king of this nation, (King Michael of Romania, who was exiled by the Communists, with the arrival of the Russians at the end of the Second World War, r.n.) who was banished from his place of watch, but I protected him with great power and with a guard of angels in all the time near him, since then and up to this day, and he forgave all those who struck him to take his glory that I put over him for the glory of this nation and not for him. Like those who had stricken him then, banishing him as a foreigner, this have also wanted to do now, those who have stricken the watching place of this nation (The followers of the former Communist Party, r.n.) and the one who is on watch over the Romanian nation. However, the Romanian nation is master on My behalf on its hearth, and I shepherd it and speak and fulfill, and I will fulfill My will upon it, but I, and not the man, and the man will submit and will do God’s will. Amen.

I have strengthened now the watching place of the Romanian nation and I, the Lord, have taken care, for the man has been trying to break the law, to trespass it and to make another one, and it is not right to work this way, and it is not beautiful for the nations of the earth to see such a dirty work and without justice in it over the Romanian nation, into whose midst I, the Lord, have made a bedding and come as word on its hearth for every man on the earth.

I exhort the one on the watching place to stand upright and clean, to stand, gentle and humble in his heart, as I am, and to stand steadfast, for the light of everything that is, for I have come now as light into the world, and I work by the word as in the beginning, as it is written: «In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, and all things were made through Him; in Him was light and the light is the light of men, and the light shines in the darkness and the darkness hasn’t overcome it». (John 1:1-5) Amen.

Oh, My country of today, I, the Lord your God, work at your salvation and I work gently. Listen to My voice that is upon you and stand before Me, for I shepherd and teach you the faith in My coming. I am the word of the Holy Spirit in you. Do not be unbelieving but believing. Behold, I have always saved you from temptation and I want you to be beautiful, My country. I have made you into the citadel of My word in the end of the time, and My word goes from margins to margins, and if it goes, then it announces that you are Mine. Oh, learn from your temptations; learn to watch out for you so that your house may not be broken into, My country. Oh, always watch, watch for you house and do not sleep, for behold, you have still been watched out, you are still been stricken and you are tempted from the midst, and old and new wounds are seen on your forehead, My today’s country; however, I wipe out your forehead and I wipe it out with My head dress, and the wounds on your forehead have become glory for you, and soon, soon, the crown will shine on your forehead and it will show that you are Mine, My country, and the nations of the earth will see Me with you, and they will learn the work of My mystery, written on your forehead, for it is written on your forehead the holy word: Nothing without God. Amen, amen, amen.

And I will come again on your hearth. I will come with a feast of Whitsuntide and I will shepherd you and I will comfort you again, My country, and I will comfort with My word those that comfort, and I will exhort through it those that make wounds, oh, My country, My country of today which is Mine. Amen.