The Word of God on the fifth Sunday after Passover, of the Samaritan woman. The feast of the great saint martyr Gheorghe (George)

I come again as word in My book of today and I come down from heaven on earth as word to feed with it those who have given to Me from among the sons of the people, those who are faithful, those who wait for My coming on the earth and for My promises of new heaven, of new earth and of new man, in My image and after My likeness between earth and heaven. Amen.

I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, the One Who gives life to the people by His death and resurrection, as the Father wanted Me, His Son, to work. Oh, happy and holy are those who partake in the resurrection at My voice, who call the man from death to life. I have come to bring the resurrection upon the man; I have come to give to the man a humble spirit, and to come into his way as word and to give him. Amen.

New Jerusalem, praise, give praise to the Lord, Who is coming to you as word. «Those who are in the house of the Lord, in the Lord’s courtyards, praise the Lord, for He is good and He is great upon all the gods, and the Lord has done in heaven and on earth everything He wanted», as it is written. Amen.

Oh, My people of today, I, the Lord, your God, urge you more and more to come to-gether for prayer and to ask from Me everything I want to do in heaven and on earth, for I want you to be My heaven on the Romanian land and I want you to be My help in this hard time, when the man does not have God as his Master. I come to you as word, My people of today, and I come with it over the earth to help the man drink of My water, of the word of life, My people, but you always have to pray for the victory of My word upon the earth and upon the man, and you have to understand more and more because this is why I have chosen you from the people and I have given you birth to be Mine from My word, and that I want to give birth to many in this way, so that they may be Mine after that, just as you are. Oh, keep your humility of spirit, Jerusalem of today, and strengthen this resurrection upon you, for the sons of the people do not know the mystery of resurrection; they do not know where it comes from, where it starts from and how it works in man, and behold, their good nature helps many by their humble spirit in them, and which makes them bold with God for their salvation, and for many others, even their sins do not help them to come in order to have a humble spirit, in the spirit of resurrection, of salvation and of the fear of God, and then of that of love, for the people are not afraid of God but only when the reward for their sins comes to them, only then do they try to fear God, Who can give salvation to the man in his hard situation and by aton-ing forgiveness.

In My walking on the earth two thousand years ago, I met the Samaritan woman, about whom it is written into the Scriptures. She had a gentle and good nature by her humble spirit in her, and when I worked upon her to bring her sins into view and to cleanse her from them, she humbled herself and took courage with Me for her salvation from sins.

Oh, I cannot have greater wealth in man than his spirit full of humility, My people, and by which I am received by man when I knock from the sides at his door to get in and to clean his life, by which then I will appear Myself among the people with My face, with My dwelling in man, as I revealed My work in the Samaritan woman, after she was resurrected at My word, which is cleansing of sin in man, and then the Samaritan woman shared resurrection, as she received from Me, and brought many from her city to their faith in Me, to the repentance of their sins and to a humble spirit, the spirit of the man’s resurrection, when the Lord comes and knocks for the man to open to Him. Oh, it was for this that I stopped at the well in Sychar when My disciples found Me speaking with the Samaritan woman. I came for the man’s salva-tion and this was the work, for which the Father had sent Me on the earth, and this is why He has also sent Me now on the earth today.

Oh, people of My word, there have come together at the well the saints who accompa-ny the Samaritan woman, that with whom I spoke then the word of salvation. It is a day of memorial in My courtyards with you, for I have the well of the meeting here, and with it I have the Samaritan woman from the Scriptures as an angel, that whom I met at Israel’s well while I was walking from place to place with My disciples to announce that I was the Messiah who had come, the One from the Father, and I sit down with wonderful works before those who had to receive in them the gift and the work of their faith in the Son of God, Jesus Christ. My teaching of today, the humble spirit, the spirit of My resurrection in man, and of the man in Me, that I strengthen into your midst, My people, and I want to call again to the spring that which was My people of old and to teach it the resurrection, and I also want to teach it with longing the mystery and the power of the humble spirit, by which the man does no longer hide in himself, but he uncovers before Me instead, to his resurrection from the sin and then to his salvation. Amen.

– Oh, Lord and God of Israel, Your faithful one! Receive my love too, so that I may also come as word close to You and that I may be able to tell Your people of today that the mystery of the humble spirit carries in it the spirit of the resurrection, Lord. The word of Your mouth, by which You surrounded Me then as in a shroud of which I came out resurrected then, it was the word of my resurrection, and then You took me with it out of the tomb in which I was sleeping, out of my body, in which my soul was lying weakly, and You passed me from body into soul in that very day, Lord, and You raised me to life, for the humility of spirit, which I had in my na-ture, even if the weakness of the nature was leading me to sin, in my body itself, I, always spoiling in it the seed of the life of my soul, which I had in my body from God.

I urge the people to repentance and humility, and then I urge them to love You, Lord, and then to Your confession, as I, after my meeting with You, worked within me and within the city of Samaria, in which I was living. And now, I pray to You to help the people and to give them power to become Yours, as You also gave me, and then I was the fruit of Your humiliation before the man to give him the resurrection, Lord. Oh, give to the people the spirit of resurrection, the spirit of humility and confession, and that the people may know You in Your word of today, spoken by Your mouth itself on the hearth of the Romanian land, and then those who find Your voice and Your word of today may be filled with You, as I was filled with Your Spirit, when You met me and spoke to me at Israel’s well. I came here at dawn, in Your courtyards with Your people, near the well which You gave me into my care, and I am here with groups of saints, Lord, when I speak today at the well, and I give the saints to drink of Your water, of the word of my coming down to the well with the saints, and I pray to You to give the resurrection to the people, as You also gave it to me, Lord, and then You made Your way in me by my hum-ble spirit, with which I sat down before You when You met me at the well and cleansed me from sin and from the darkness from the sin. Oh, help the people, Lord, help them with the voice of Your word of today and give them power to know You in this word and to humble themselves, and as You also received me, also receive them, those who humble themselves, Lord, at Your voice, which cleanses the man from his sin and gives him the spirit of resurrection. Amen, amen, amen.

– And behold, My people, the feast of the saints, which has come with Me in this day, for the martyr Gheorghe, also celebrated by the saints now, is ready to appear as the one who has come with Me and to give voice to his spirit full of word.

Oh, come too, oh, My confessor, come, son, and let your word with the holy joy and rejoice among the saints of My coming, for I come with the saints, and they work like their Master, like some disciples, and they prove the Scripture of My coming with the saints now, in the end of the time, when the Father has sent Me again from heaven down to the earth. Amen, amen, amen.

– Lord, bless the power of the faith in You and strengthen it in those who believe in Your coming now on the earth with Your saints, and bless the victory of the Romanian people, for Your glory into the midst of this land, the Romanian hearth, which You have set the way of Your returning from the Father to the man after two thousand years ago from Your victory through the cross and by resurrection, Lord. I pray to You, oh, I pray to You in this day of my feast among the saints, please receive my prayer for the Romanian nation, blown by the bliz-zard so fiercely by those who are hungry after the spirit of the rulers over this nation. There has aroused a great darkness up there at the helm of this nation and the blizzard has blown, Lord. The spirit of haughtiness, the spirit of greed, the spirit of envy has put on the garment of treason and has blown away the head of this nation, meant by You to be a nation of saints, Lord. I want to start going again as a heavenly soldier, as I am, and to help this nation again, as I have also helped it so many times when I have stayed near its heroes and I have overcome for it on Your behalf. I raise the sword of the spirit and go, Lord, against the spirit of haughtiness, which has been fighting to overthrow those that have been established by You for the government of this nation. Lord, strengthen those who rule with justice and mercy at the helm of the Romanian people, and tear down their haughty work and do not allow the spirit of lying to be able to work. This prayer I bring to You from among the saints in the memory of my day of victory over the earth over the faithful people of my time. Amen.

Oh, haughty people and full of yourselves, full of the spirit of haughtiness in you! The Lord and the God of the saints is the Master of this nation, chosen as His nation in the end, the hearth of His coming from the Father now on the earth as word, which brings to life the death from the tombs and those alive, who love resurrection. You are not the masters of this nation. Oh, control yourselves and control the pride by which you woke up against the spirit of peace and justice of everything, and do no longer struggle to rule over the Romanian nation, the na-tion of the Lord, in the end of the time, His country of today. Humble yourselves and become sons of God, if you want forgiveness by repentance, and do no longer get haughty over this nation, for the Romanian nation has Jesus Christ, the Lord of resurrection, Lord and Word upon it, and it is a chosen nation from among nations to be His wedding hall and His table of Supper of word on the earth with those who believe in Him and in His work from the end of the time. The haughty masters gave me to martyrdom in my time, and now I have power to humiliate the pride in man. I come with the Lord and I ask from Him great blessing to work with victory from Him from the heavenly protection of the Romanian land, on whose hearth the Lord stands speaking over the earth. Bow down and humble yourselves and be good Romanians, for it is written in heaven to be a spirit of brotherhood over the Romanian land and not the spirit of feud, which is seen now around the place of government of this nation. I ask for you from the Lord the spirit of your resurrection, the humble spirit, which brings you peace and new resur-rection, and behold, each one of you will take upon himself that which will be given on the sides, for the Lord is coming and giving now according to your works, as it is written. Amen.

And as for You, victorious Lord by Your saints, set on the Romanian land the fruit of the faith of Your faith from its midst and the fruit of its prayer, and turn it into a people of prayer for Your great victory, for the fulfillment of Your coming now with glory on the earth, and give to the people on the earth Your word, which governs and glorifies itself calling the man to res-urrection, to a humble spirit in man, at Your will in man and on earth as in heaven, Lord, for it is the time to work, oh, Lord, and to overcome, for You are the Lord, the Victor, the One Who is and the One Who will be, Lord and Master in heaven and on earth, the Lord of victory of Your saints, and You are the Lord of glory, Lord. Amen, amen, amen.

– Now, My people, strengthen in you with every passing day, more and more, the work of the holy prayer for a holy victory over the Romanian nation, for the fight is hard, and I, the Lord, work with you, speak from your midst, and fulfill. It is written into the Scripture this way: «Those who stay in the house of the Lord, in the courts of the Lord, praise and blessed the Lord, for He is good and great over all gods, and everything the Lord wants, He makes in heaven and on earth, for the Lord in Zion is blessed, the One Who dwells in Jeru-salem».

Oh, in My house and into My courtyards with you, praise Me and pray to Me, My people, and let this be your work into My courtyards with you. I have made you My tool, My people. Exhort one another to listen to each of My word and to fulfill it, sons. Exhort each other to a spirit of prayer with request in it, sons, and to a humble spirit in you, the spirit of prayer, the spirit of resurrection, the spirit which asks from God, oh, sons. And I, the Lord, will be and fulfill My word and the voice of your prayer for the fulfillment of My word upon the earth, for I am the One Who is faithful and true, I am He Who is. Amen, amen, amen.