The Word of God at the feast of the healing Spring

I am Who I am. I am the Lord of resurrection. I bow down from the right side of the Father and I declare the greeting of My resurrection from the dead over the earth. Christ is risen! Christ is risen! Christ is risen!

It is a day of the man’s healing, and I embrace you within the spirit of My resurrection, people gathered at the spring. My word of today has become spring over the earth. I Myself have become the river of life to give life to the people, teaching them to keep everything I spoke and speak to their life, for I have come to bring life on earth. Strengthen the fulfilling of My word in you, people gathered at the spring, for he who fulfills in him My word of life giving receives from Me eternal life. Amen.

I come as Teacher over the earth and I teach resurrection to the man. Two thousand years ago I taught the man how to come to life, and then I told him to believe in Me by everything I proclaimed about Me before My passion and before My resurrection, and now I become a river of word of life giving and I call the man from him to Me, from death to life, from darkness to light, from falsehood to truth, and blessed is the one who bows to listen to My voice and to believe submissively that I am, and that I came and I come for the man’s life and I come as word on the earth. I do not to try on the man’s belief, but I rather come to fulfill the Scriptures of My second coming from near the Father, as two thousand years ago I fulfilled My coming by My birth from the Virgin, and then My crucifixion and My resurrection from the dead, and now I come to bring the man to death too, for I have no other work to do but the man’s resurrection, and then the eternal life over the man. Amen.

Oh, people gathered at the spring, I am with My mother the Virgin and I become a river of word to heal with it your whole weakness, for I want you to be able to work for your life, and with it to be able to work for My life, for people are unfaithful and do not love My life in them and they do not wake up when I call them to get up and to come to Me to have them and to feed them with a spirit of resurrection and that they may be like the Lord, Who was resurrected and then was brought to life for man. The man deceives himself day by day that he is Mine, but he does not work his life, and the life without the works of life, that with-out My life in man, cannot save the man, and behold, there is no one to teach the man the life, which does not pass away, which does not die and which is renewed by its power taken from the works of life.

There goes a little story on the earth about My mother the Virgin, as though while she was going hand in hand with My angel Michael, he showed her the people who had left the earth and their party places for their works earned in life, and between heaven and hell My mother saw a multitude of people hanging upside down and with their legs bound up, mourning bitterly and without any comfort for their sighing. She asked My angel Michael to tell her why these people did not have any place either in heaven or in hell, and My angel told her that they did works of mercy over churches so that they might be saved from hell by those works, but they had not come to do on the earth any works of eternal life in them for their happiness among the saints, and that is why they were not in heaven, but they were not in hell either, because, living in sins with their body, they gave help to the churches so that the Lord might save them from hell. Oh, if there is no one to teach the man his life on the earth and his life from heaven or that from hell, the man also does not know how to work his way alone as the garment of his life, and he gets hold, poor of him, of eternal torment between heaven and hell, and no one teaches him how to work out his life. Oh, it is not possible for the man to make his own garment out of sins, and he cannot buy one either, but he is only able to weave his garment of life only of holiness, and he can only kindle the light of his way to God. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, Son, Emmanuel, my Son pierced with a heavy wound, my Son pierced from the man’s sins! From near the Father I become a healing spring for those who are faithful and holy, for My virgin body gave You to the people, and it brought You from the Father as Man on the earth to be the man’s healing, and then his life. My dear Son, bless the spirit of my comfort, the gift of the healing by which I, in a day of the feast for me, come to offer Your love to the man, to his resurrection, Son of sufferance and of the resurrection by sufferance, but even after You were resurrected through Your crucifixion for man, the man still has remained Your sufferance and Your wound, Son pierced by the sin from the man. Oh, the man does not know, and no man knows why Your body has still remained unhealed in the places where it was pierced by the nails when You were nailed on the cross of the crucifixion. The man has remained Your wound, Son, sacrificed for the man’s life. The man has remained in his sins and he does not get up from his sins to have mercy on You and to refill Your wound from the nails, Child pierced on the cross. Your wounded forehead does no longer get better, oh, praised Lord, and Your little hand, pierced by the nails and not healed from then and until today, stretches out after the man to urge him to leave off his sin and to take God in him as his life, and Your little hand stretched out after the man by its wound without any comfort from man, because the sin in which the man stays, has left open in You the signs of the nails which pierced Your body on the cross, wounded Child from the longing after the man. When You appeared to Your disciples after Your resurrection from the dead, You told them: «Touch Me and see for the Spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see that I have. See My hands and My feet, which are pierced by the nails. I am Myself. Do not be afraid. These are the words which I told you, while I was still with you, that all things which are written in the law of Moses, the prophets, and the psalms, concerning Me must be fulfilled. Thus it was necessary for the Christ to suffer and to rise from the dead the third day, and that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name to all the nations». (See Luke 24:39-47)

Oh, Son, pierced by the nails, the man does not repent to leave off his sins and then to be forgotten, and Your wound from the man left Your body pierced from then on until today, and Your pierced and unhealed body hurt me among the saints, and the man does not know why You have not get healed from Your sufferance on the cross. You were resurrected but You have remained with the holes from the nails in Your hands and legs, and these prove that You were and are the Christ, the One Who were crucified and the man is not moved by the signs of Your wounds on the cross. «See My hands and feet and know that I Myself am», this is what You told Your disciples after You were resurrected and appeared to them and this is how You have remained and this is how You are today too, pierced, merciful Lord for the man and calling him to have compassion for Your wound from his sins.

Oh, today’s people of my Son Who was pierced on the cross, and you, people of old of His word of today! The Lord is upon you as word and teaches you the resurrection and His glory with you and the fulfillments of His promises done for His glory with His people in the end. These are the words, which He spoke to you in the time of those fifty years of word upon you, that they would come to their fulfillment. He showed in a vision this land of New Jerusalem before it was seen with the Lord’s glory in it so that the Lord might call the people to Him, to the spring of His word of life giving. He judged the world and its ruler by His resurrection, and you will not be able to judge this world lost from God otherwise so that it may come to its salvation, people of the Lord’s coming to you. Blessed are those who love sufferance, for my Son told everybody: blessed were those who mourn and blessed were those who were persecuted for Him.

Oh, as long as the people do not love sufferance, they will not be blessed; they will not come to know the happiness with the Lord. I am the mother of the One Who suffered for man and I teach you His love, the love by which He suffered, people of the Lord. By His resurrection He judged the world, and neither will you be able to overcome the world otherwise. Therefore, come to life in the Holy Spirit more and more and give the voice of the resurrection of my Son to the sinful world, the One pierced on the cross for man, and that every man may hear from you my Son speaking upon the earth the word of holy feast: Christ is risen!

However, oh, the country of the Lord’s coming now in the end of the time, how shall I not remember you in my speaking of today once with the day of memorial of the spirit of healing from me over the faithful and over the saints! Romanian country, I pronounce your name for you have always, always been under my arm of mother and I protect you as the one who is elected for my Son from the earth for His glory of now, for His river of word which flows upon you from your midst, for the Lord comes into your midst as word of victory and of resurrection and He fulfills the Scriptures of these days, and He has got in you a faithful people that gives you His voice upon you, the voice of the Lord. Amen.

Oh, Romanian people, wake up, for the Lord teaches your awakening. Take care that you may not fall asleep. Wake up from your sleep, for you do sleep, and behold, you should pray with sighing for your life, for you are under the cross and you do not want to know this, but wake up and watch, for you are the heavenly homeland if the Lord is in you with His work for His coming. Oh, do not let the greedy, who suck your vigor and life for them to be rich and proud on your serene forehead by the gifts of the Lord that are upon you and which is brightened now from the Lord’s face, Who stays into your midst working for your salvation. Do not let your enemies to continue to keep you in bondage , oh, do not let them, but wake up for your victory, for you are pierced by the works of the lawless man, who has sucked your vigor and glory so that he may have your glory and not you. It is a long time since it has passed those seventy years of the red beast’s dominion over your head glorified by the gifts of the Lord even from your making and behold, there is grief in heaven for you, for the wolf changes only its skin and its cunning voice and he rules over you and sucks your vigor so that it may have glory and not you, but the Lord wants to teach you the awakening, His dear country. Oh, listen to the voice of the One Who is risen! It is the Lord. Do not be afraid! He is the Lord, your God, and the God of your parents, faithful and holy, who pray before Him for you and for your salvation. Listen to Him, for you cannot do anything without Him. I stand above you and I protect you with hosts of angels and saints. I am His mother and I am your mother, for you are the country of His returning from the Father to the man. Learn to kneel down before Him with glory and learn to ask Him your salvation and your glory from Him, oh, His country and mine, for I protect you and I watch over you, because you are His chosen one of now. Oh, wake up and see. Behold, the greedy keep you in bondage and they do not have compassion on you, but learn the awakening, learn the resurrection, for my Son is your Master, He, and not the man upon you who enslaves your glory. You have to know how to kneel down before Him for your resurrection, and not before the man, oh, country of My love for my Son, Who chose you to be His. I embrace you in my humility, as my Son. Learn the mystery of kneeling and of the rising from the kneeling and wake up beautifully, as my Son woke up from the dead and give Him your hand so that He may lift you up, but you should know His pierced hand upon you, and you should be faithful and wise for Him, as He has taught you and bowed to teach you always the rising from the kneeling and to teach you the awakening, my country, for you are His country and mine in order that I may protect you. Wake up and sing with longing: Christ is risen, for He works out your resurrection, but pray to Him and call for Him and be faithful to Him in your prayer. Amen.

I have comforted Your Romanian people, Son, Who are aggrieved for the Romanian people oppressed by the haughtiness and greed of those who want to keep its fate into their hands, planning sufferance for Your country by the work of their glory and love of silver into its midst, by the spirit of their greed. However, I pray to You and listen to My mother’s prayer, and prepare her awakening and breathe upon her the spirit of resurrection and wake her up from the cross, and those who keep it in humility without justice, make them kneel down, Lord Son, and strengthen upon it the rulership of those who have compassion on it, for You are the One Who can, and You are the Lord of resurrection, and You are my aggrieved Son too, and I comfort the wounds of Your crucifixion and those for Your country of today, given to You by the Father when I, two thousand years ago, gave Your birth on the earth from the Father and from the Holy Spirit. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, mother Virgin, You have put salve on My wounds in a day of the healing spring, mother. Oh, I am so much aggrieved for My wedding country, mother. I sigh for it into the midst of My people, which I have fed with a word of resurrection, mother. Into its midst I have set My table of word, My table of wedding, mother, and the man of lawlessness wants to work in it with his mind and with his hand, mother, but I settle down for its awakening, for its getting up from its kneeling down, for it is kept in bondage and its eyes are bound so that it may not know or see its cunning enemy, mother.

Oh, My country! Christ is risen! I, the Lord of Resurrection, tell you! Oh, get up, My country! Oh, do not stay without power when you see your bondage. You are under the cross and you are on the cross, and I am the One Who wakes you up. Look at Me and get up beautifully, as I got up from the dead, and make the sign of the holy cross on your face and over your entire nation and give Me your hand to raise you, My country, for I embrace you in My humility to teach you the hope by the humility of your spirit, which keeps you to be Mine, and woe to those who are haughty in you , who want to take your light and the way under your feet and that they may speak into your name upon them and upon you and over the earth. I, the Lord, will be with you, My country, and I will strengthen upon you those who are good for you, those who have compassion on you, but call My mercy towards you, and it will be your raising from your prayer, oh, My country of today. Amen.

And as far as you are concerned, people of My word, I urge you for a spirit of prayer to the Father for My country and yours, for My Romanian people, which I want to wake it up from its unbelief and from its cross. Honor the Lord with new days of watch and holy sacrifice for My country and yours, and do not doubt like the pagans, who do not love their parents and who have become pagans in their faith, crushes by their empty life. Observe nine times all the days of Tuesday and Thursday and make them heavenly livings and growth of the Holy Spirit in you and prayer for My Romanian country and for the fulfilling of My promises declared for you and for it, and be obedient to your Lord, people of My coming as word of resurrection over the earth. Your ancestors knew from the Holy Spirit and from the sings that were upon them about these days, days about which the people do not know their power of victory if they put them before Me as sacrifice of salvation for them. However, you should renew this sacrifice of prayer by nine times for My victory upon the earth, and from the day of the memorial of My resurrection count days of prayer and honor for Me from you, so that you may overcome just as your ancestors did, who knew My sings upon them and they brought honor and days of watching for their salvation to God. Oh, do not take after those with a human faith and who forsook from upon them the power of the faith of their Christian fathers, who had the fear of God in their being, but show that you are a people of prayer and bring Me days of perseverance, days in which you are able to be Mine and that you do not belong to your body, for the work done by the hand is for the body, and the work with the spirit is for God and for His victory over the earth, My people. Oh, be faithful like Abraham, for he was the symbol of My Father Sabaoth, Who asked him to bring Isaac as a sacrifice, and Abraham did not doubt, but he rather believed that I would even bring Isaac to life from the death, and Isaac was an example of My sacrifice on the cross, for My victorious awakening and for the people faithful through Me, as the Father promised to Abraham.

Take care Jerusalem, for the dried fruit tree is pruned in the spring so that only those green branches may remain; those that bring forth buds. Let this work spring from your prayer before Me for My Romanian country, for it is My time with you in it, and it is its time, and it is still kept in the bondage of those who deceive it with their cunning face, but let it wake up and see well the one who wants its benefit, and this is how it should watch for itself, and I will be its shield and its rising from its kneeling. Amen.

Oh, it is a day of healing spring. It is My mother the healing Virgin over My Romanian country. Oh, get busy with holy work, My people. Strengthen yourself in the holy Spirit, for I, the Lord your God, work with you on the earth, and I have got the heaven that has come with Me to you, and we will be able to work for the Father and we will be able to work for the man, and the man will learn the mystery of the kneeling and of his rising from his kneeling down, and he will learn to heal My wound that I received in My body on the cross and by which I judged the ruler of this world, and I will still judge him to his end, for My wound is the proof of My glory by My resurrection from the dead and which shows Me as the Lord of victory, the Lord of glory, My people. Amen, amen, amen.