The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Resurrection

I am the Lord of the glory in heaven and on earth. Amen.

Let the gates be lifted up for My word so that I may come into the book and declare Myself the wish of My resurrection of two thousand years ago, when after My death by the cross, I woke up victoriously and as true God. Amen.

Christ is risen! Christ is risen! Christ is risen! I set My peace over the gates to speak out word of comfort in it for those who have the truth in them, and with it they may know what God means with man on the earth. In all the time I have had My descent to the man on the earth, but I have had it in vain, for the people, having no mind from heaven, did not know and do not know what God means with the man on earth, and they know only as man is able to know, and the people cannot be My comfort in the time of the pains of My descent from heaven on earth for man and after the man in order to exhort the man to life and to heaven. I always had and I have today too, a people in the midst of whom I have descended and I come down to it as word, but it is hard for the man to be steadfast for God.

From one margin to another of My people, which takes My word from its spring, I, the Lord, speak for it the news of My resurrection: Christ is risen!

Oh, My people of today! If some in you hurt Me and keep hurting Me, let others in you seek to comfort Me, for I do not want to fall and to be the fallen One into your midst. Oh, how hard it is for the man to understand what God with the man on the earth means, and I, with passionate longing after the man, speak again as two thousand years ago: blessed are those who are poor in their spirit and in whom I can make a sweet kingdom on the earth, and again, blessed are those who endure correction for a new creation and for a new life in man, and he who does not endure it, that one flees from it and does not know My way to him and My knock at his door in order to receive Me in him with My will. Only the one who knows how to kneel down, only that one loves correction. Only he who loves correction, only that one knows to kneel down. The kneeling down is not in appearance, no, no. Behold, the man does not feel with his heart his kneeling down, and he knows to kneel down only in his body and resurrection from the kneeling, the standing up from kneeling does no longer appear like a new miracle upon man.

Oh, My people who hear word from God! Really, is there any man to know what humility is, to love it and to work it? Is there really any man to know the mystery of kneeling, the kneeling down and then his rising from the knees? I give you lessons of resurrection. Be gentle and humble in your heart to understand, for the man is ugly, the one who does not understand the word of God to the fulfillment of My pleasure in him and to the comfort of those around him. Let all those who stay waiting for God’s word not remain only with the hearing of it, for this is sin, and for this sin I would like to stop the course of the word and that those who do not do the work of My word heard from them may come under this punishment. However, I speak and declare into your midst: if some in you hurt Me, than let some other in you seek to fulfill Me in them and let them comfort Me this way, for I do not want to fall and to be the One fallen into your midst, but I rather want to exhort you always to resurrection, to your resurrection, My people.

Oh, children, who stay as gates for the coming of My word on earth to man! It is written through the prophets: «If we have mercy on the one without order, he will not learn what the justice of everything is, and in the land of the holy ones he will go wrong». Oh, it is not good, it is not good for the man to come near to Me and then to live the way he can and as much he can, but it is good for him to want to be as much as I am and to ask for Me to enable him to be as much as the one who is My child, and if he cannot be a child, than let the man do not come any closer to Me, for I am the Son of the holy submission and of the holy humility before My Father, as the one who lives in the Lord’s mountain has to be, around the Lord, before the Lord. I need to be able to go not to stay, and I want to be able to go through you. I strengthen you at the helm. Do not let My helm go out of your hand, for I want to be able to go, children sons. When you are wounded from the sides, I strengthen you and I do this for Me. Do not forget that the wound, which comes upon you, first comes to Me and then it comes hurting, and I show to you the way I stay among you and then I show you the one who strikes you. I have shown you that I am the One in Whom the blow comes to stop and it makes Me suffer and I say again: I suffer because there is not understanding with the man to know My knock at his door and his rejecting Me. However, you, as humble as you are, for this how you should seek to exhort the man in order to do good and to do it according to My pleasure in him; however, the man can hardly receive, children sons, for the man hates correction, hates the life from above in him and My living with the man on the earth, for the life from above comes, and it is bad for the man not to have the wisdom from above for his life, children of My sigh.

Oh, My people of today! Rejoice within a spirit of resurrection in you. Do not rejoice over My coming as word to you; no, no, but rather rejoice, if you can, to be Mine according to My pleasure. The Israel people bitterly went wrong when it rejoiced over Me and when it thought that it was My people and then its haughtiness torn it down, and this is how Israel perished by the spirit of its haughtiness and it did not become pleased to God in order that it might not fall away from My face, for My face is holy, like those who stand before Me. Oh, do not hide under the fact that I come to you as word for you to rejoice over this and only that. Oh, not this way, My people. Do not rejoice that I come as word to you, for I do not rejoice over you but only if I see that you become My fulfilled word, and behold, I, the Lord of resurrection, give you a lesson of resurrection, My people, and I am the Teacher of those who learn.

Oh, learn the mystery of kneeling, Jerusalem. The kneeling down and the rising from kneeling are great mystery. Get used to your death and to your resurrection; get used to the mystery of kneeling, My people. Do not kneel down without knowing that kneeling is not in the body. He who kneels down is the one who denies himself in order to be Mine in all his things and then in all My things in him by holy submission and by love like that of Mine, for I gave Myself as an example of love for the love in man. He who does not truly kneel down is the one who does not know the power of resurrection by his kneeling down, the power of love by sacrifice, for I come to life by the way of the cross, My people, and the man cannot have other kind of resurrection, other than God is. Oh, do not rejoice over the fact that I come as word to you, but rather rejoice when you come before Me to My pleasure and to the pleasure of My angels, for the one without an angel does not stay before Me, he cannot come before Me, because My work for man is through angels, and it is not otherwise.

I want to teach you considerably and that you may learn extensively the mystery and the work of resurrection, Jerusalem. Let your resurrection and let always your life through it be My comfort, and if you work this way, only this way, you are able then to show that are born from above, from Me, the One born of the Father and then of man, so that I may crucify Myself for man and that the man may see My resurrection from My crucifixion for him, and to value My patience and My love on the cross and by which I was resurrected victoriously for all eternity, for then I stood on the right side of My Father, and I have traveled with Him in a chariot of glory, judging over the living and over the dead, and endlessly reigning and working with the Father and with all the angels of the glory the life of the age which is to be. Amen.

Christ is risen! This great news has had the power and the greatest truth on the lips of those who declared then that I was resurrected, and then the truth, the power of proclamation and that of the living of the awe of My resurrection of that time has decreased in man more and more. The man does no longer say that Christ is risen! Only those who are truly Mine know to show this truth and then to share it afterwards like those from two thousand years ago, who really proclaimed that Christ was risen.

And as for My Romanian country, I Myself proclaim upon it: Christ is risen, My country of today, for I come to you today. Oh, you are under the cross and you are then put on the cross by those who are haughty and greedy in you. Oh, you are pierced by the man of law-lessness, by the man of falsehood, for the wolf changes only his skin and his cunning voice. Oh, let Me come to life in you; let Me work for you, and I will save you; I, My country and not you, for you could not and cannot do anything without Me. Oh, I am only He Who can do, only I, My country, and you will be able to work as well, if you know to kneel down before Me for your resurrection, and not before the man, My country. I embrace you within My humility and I teach you the mystery and the power of the kneeling down and of the resurrection from the kneeling. Receive from Me and stand up beautifully, just as I woke up from the dead, and give Me your hand so that I may raise you up, My country, but learn to know My hand, and be faithful and wise, for I, your Lord and God, your Creator from My birth and yours once with Mine, bow and this is how I teach you My wisdom and your resurrection from your kneeling, My country from the end of the time, and in which I come, and I come speaking, and I teach you the waking up and I teach you the resurrection, My country, My country from today. Amen, amen, amen.