The Word of God on the first Sunday of the Lent, of the Orthodoxy

I am the God of the faithful and saints. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, this is the seal of the saints, for in this name they are faithful and holy, and this name is the name of God. Amen.

I, the Lord, become word in the midst of the Romanian people and with it I feed a people faithful to My word, for when I went to stand near the Father on the day of My ascen-sion from near My disciples two thousand years ago, I told those who believed in My coming then: «I am with you to the end of the age». Amen. Oh, only with those who were faithful and holy I was able to fulfill this Scripture, for these, believing and fulfilling, had chosen more the shame for My name than the spirit of the world and its fleeting riches, because they were hoping in the reward for the saints. The saints are despised by the world and have no place in it, and this is the sign that they belong to God on earth, and those who are called saints by the world receive their reward on the earth for the good things they have done, dedicated to My name, for the glory and appreciation from the world separate them from the reward which they look to.

Oh, My people of Romanians, who stay faithful under this manna by which I, your Lord and God, feed you from heaven! You should rejoice that you are called foolish and wandered away from My way, for behold, since I came out to give light from your midst with My teaching over the earth, many have risen and despised you, all those who call themselves believers and Christians of Christ and they say that they belong to the right faith and that you are only a sect, and they do not want to drink and feel the life of My word into your midst, and these do not want to know that I have power and will, as a true God that I am, to speak over the man to the end of the time and not to stay without work, without word, and then let Me speak either and not only the man, who calls himself a believer. Oh, I am the word of God and that is why I came and I come as word on the earth, and I am not the false christ about whom it was heard: «„Here is He!” or „Look there!”» (Mark. 13:21), but I am the voice of the Holy Spirit and Whom I pour out on those who wait for Me to come to them with the comfort on the earth, and only with them I can find a dwelling place for the man’s creation, for the faithful ones are My house, My tent on earth, and I find My pleasure in them, and then I take them out of the world to be with Me and no longer to taste from the pleasures which pass away, but rather to eat from Me and then they may become My wedding country, for I am the dear Bridegroom, and I come as word on the earth from the Father Sabaoth and I can no longer come without My bride on the earth, and behold, I fulfill into the midst of the Ro-manian people the Scripture by which I said this: «He who believes in Me, I will come to him and I will have a house with him, dine with him and I will reveal Myself to him». Amen.

Oh, My Romanian country, My country with My treasure in it! Oh, you do not want to wake up and know My voice that is upon you, the voice of the Bridegroom Who wants to ask you in marriage to be His among nations. I have come as word from heaven into your midst upon a faithful people, and you say that I am not, and behold, you do not know My voice, but you rather call yourself a daughter of the right faith, and behold what you do! Oh, what you do in this day, in this Sunday, which the parents called it the Sunday of the right faith! Instead of taking from Me the Holy Spirit and faith in My coming as word over your head, you make your subjects give you money and you gather it for the Orthodoxy. I look in you, I look in the churches and I break Myself with pain, My country given to Me by the Father at My birth to be My house at My second coming from the Father. Oh, only if you belong to the right faith by the servants that you have in you, who call themselves apostles of Christ, you would do something else in this day of the memorial of those who had been My righteous one in time, and you would do what My righteous ones had done. However, you have got a spirit of the world, and I told the faithful ones not to love the spirit of the world and its fleeing sweetness of the fleshly living on the earth.

Oh, My country with My treasure in it, I call you the heavenly homeland by My word, the homeland of My saints from heaven and from the earth, for My word comes on the clouds above you, and I come as word in you with the heavenly armies, and I do not come alone, and I put you a great name and I call you the heavenly country on the earth. Oh, I find only proud people under the name of the right faith, and they have forgotten that two thousand years ago, I was received likewise by the people to which I came then, and they called Me devil, and they also called My disciples foolish and wandering astray as they called Me, and they called them the sect of the Nazarene, and behold, it is again what it was, for I have come now as word into your midst and you do not know the voice of the good Shepherd, the One Who laid down His life for His sheep, so that He might be able to shepherd them afterwards. His sheep know His voice and only those are sheep, and those that I cannot shepherd are not sheep. I am always today, I am always, but the man has got used otherwise to want with Me and to believe that he is Mine. However, I say this: he who does not receive My calling after the man now, he who does not leave off the spirit of the world and its lust which passes away, that one is not written with the holy ones who knew and know to believe when the Lord tries and knocks at their door to come in and then they may believe in My voice full of food for them, and behold, I am the Good Shepherd and I know My sheep and they know Me, and the one who does not work this way, he cannot be shepherd of sheep. Amen.

Oh, My country, from the end of the time, I call you to know how to believe and to become Mine, My country. I wait for you to get ready for the Holy Spirit, for I become the word of the Holy Spirit into your midst and I pour out of Him upon you to bring your renewal and that you may be the homeland according to the truth, the homeland of the right faith, and you should be as merciful as God, oh, My homeland of today, for I have found shelter in you with the manger of My word, which comes with the clouds above you to feed you from heav-en and not from the earth, My country. Oh, wake up, get ready for God according to His holy will, and do not forget the holy saints, My country. Wake up and come, and come to believe that I am the One Who feed you and that I am Shepherd, for you do not have shepherds with mercy of you, and you are poor, you are very poor from those in heaven, My country. Oh, I would call you painfully and I would call you much, for My sufferance is great from your unbelief, but you have ministers in you foreign from the Holy Spirit and who lie in wait for you everywhere so that they may not escape you from their dominion and to be Mine and not yours. However, you should take from My Spirit and come to life by faith and by the food from above, My country, for I adorn you by it and I shepherd you and I prepare you to be the heavenly homeland, the country of My glory, country with Bridegroom, and I do not do you any harm by My food from above over you, oh, My loved one. Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, people of My word in to the midst of the Romanian people! I have calmed down the fervor of the Holy Spirit, Who lives burning in Me for this land chosen by My Father to be the country of My word from the end of the time, the heavenly homeland on the earth. I have spoken with the Romanian land, for it is hard of hearing for My calling, when I knock at his door, and those who shepherd it, keep it in bondage and teach him not to believe that the Lord speaks from heaven on the earth. However, you should strengthen your faith in My word, for I, the Lord, will reward soon, soon the faith of My saints, and all the unbelievers will be ashamed, and all will sigh with mourning, those who have thought that they were righteous in their faith, which have not brought any fruit of it, either for it or for God.

I, the Lord, bless your faith, My people taken from the Romanians, for I am not the ly-ing christ, as they call Me, those who do not believe, hearing of Me and you, but I am the One Who blesses you for the gift that you have from Me, the gift of the holy faith, for I am the one who said: «Blessed is the one who believes and does not see», and the saints believed and fulfilled My word by My gift upon them, the gift of the faith from above, the gift of the holy faith, which knows to receive God, like Abraham, Moses, like Daniel and like all those who were sons of the holy faith, the sons of God by the works of their faith, who has its reward in eternity, My people. Amen, amen, amen.