The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Baptism

With a sweet feast of Epiphany I come into your midst, Romanian Jerusalem, people with a new name. I have given you a new name, My people and I have always baptized you with the Holy Spirit, and I have marked you as Mine, for the heaven is open above you, and God’s angels are ascending and descending on Me, and they ascend and descend again when I speak My word into your midst, and I want you to stay with no deceit before Me and to believe, My people, as two thousand years ago, My disciples believed in My word that was upon them having no deceit, those whom I taught how to believe after I had seen their hearts and the levity in it, by which they received Me, loved Me and believed in Me, My people, and I had always, always been baptizing them with the Holy Spirit, the same as I have worked with you today to keep you always, always in the bath of the birth from above, for I am the One Who baptizes with the Holy Spirit, My people.

Oh, I chose My disciples with great care and I taught them with great power, and they were not deceptive and believed in Me, understood Me and followed Me, My people. When they found from each other about Me, they were asking themselves and rejoicing, and they were confessing Me without deceit, without doubt, in My coming then from the Father on the earth, and they were calling Me Teacher, and I was also confessing and telling them: «Come, and you will see where My dwelling place is». And I was also telling to one them: «You are Simon and you will be called Cephas». Yet, to another one I was telling: «Come after Me!», and to the one who came to Me I said: «Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no deceit!». And then he confessed Me saying: «Rabbi, You are the Son of God! You are the King of Israel, the son of Joseph from Nazareth». And I sealed him and I told him: «Most assuredly, I tell you, hereafter you will see heaven opened, and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man». (See John 1:42, 47, 49, 51) Amen.

Oh, I was teaching My disciples with such great love, the love without hypocrisy and with steadfast faith, and I was walking after them to choose them, and the angels were serving Me, as I told them, and then I turned the water into wine, to choose disciples and I chose them performing miracles before them, and when the one with no deceit came by night to confess his steadfast faith that I came from God as a Teacher on the earth, and that the miracles that I was doing were confessing Me as the Son of the Father, then I, the Lord, told him: «Most assuredly I tell you, unless one is born of water and spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God». (John 1:5), and I explained to him the mystery of the birth from above, for he had no deceit, although he was a teacher in Israel and he was a ruler among them, and then I told him again: «He who believes in Me is not judged, and he who does not believe has already been judged, for the light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the light, for their works were evil and they did not want them to be exposed», (See also John 3:18-20) and this is how I was able to tell him about My power from the Father over those that believe in Me without deceit, and then again, about My pain from the man, after the man, knowing Me and loving his own self more, then he denies Me.

Oh, My people, the mystery of the baptism is the mystery of the birth from above, and this is how I was teaching those without deceit to be My disciples and to believe working the heavenly mysteries on the earth, as I have also worked in the time of My coming of now, My people, but, as at that time, very few have wanted to remain totally Mine, and without deceit to have given Me My time with them and to have them as fruit before the Father and that they may not be judged by not loving the light but the darkness and their works instead, being kept in the darkness.

Oh, I could not make the Israel of that time understand from Me that I am not two Gods; I could not and only a small remnant of it wanted then to be with My grace, and the other one wanted to be under the darkness instead, boasting about the law, which protected the sin and which could not save the man from destruction, and, behold, this is what has happened to us today too, oh, My people, but I am also speaking for today and say: I am not two Gods but I am Only One God and I have come down from heaven to make the man holy and to save him in this way. Amen.

Oh, My people, oh, My people! I have always, always baptized you with the Holy Spirit and I teach you the birth and the growth, and after that I teach you what it means to become a child, the life without sin, son, because it hurts Me and it hurts Me bitterly when I hear on the earth the man that says that God does not ask from the sinners what He asks from the saints for their salvation. However now, I wipe out the tears from My face and I cry again on it, and I wipe it out again and say: he who sins having a law, as he says, that one is separat-ed from Me, for I am the One without sin and I am the God of those who stay under My protecting angel, waiting after those who commit sin to leave off their sin and to become holy for their salvation, for I am One God. Amen.

With a sweet feast of Epiphany I am standing today into your mist, My people of today, and I have set you to lay the table from the earth and I am to put on it food from heaven and to invite My people of yesterday, My people of old, that I may come and dine with it in a feast of baptism, for it fell from grace after it had known Me that I had come from God to counsel it and then to give it life from above and to have it as Mine, but it wanted Me to be its God the way it was, and not as I can have the man so that he may be Mine.

Oh, people of old, not so, it is not as you are staying now, far from the works of your faith in Me; it is not in this way that you can call Me your God. I am the God of those who leave sin to come to Me and to receive the baptism with the Holy Spirit upon them so that they may remain saints after that and not sinners and servants of the flesh again. I embrace you with the word, people of old. I am sitting at the table with you and crying and I want to remind you of My miracle, of My voice which was speaking to you and teaching you to be, and that you may no longer let yourself die, but rather to be alive, and to be the saint of God, for there is no sweeter life for man than the holy life in him, with which he comforts Me, becoming My rest, for I have lost the rest after the man died in his sin, My people of old. Oh, I have waited for you again, and I have poured power over you to be able to become Mine and to be the day of My coming and that you may no longer be the darkness of the ruler of this age, but of the sons of the darkness, who because of their wicked works do not love the light, and they do not want the darkness to expose their works, My people of old. Oh, as two thousand years ago, very few in you wanted to remain My people completely and with no deceit in order to give Me My time with them, and not to give it to them. Oh, you have remained with the law which protects the sin, people of old, and I have remained with a sigh after you, for I have wanted you to be holy for Me, but you have not wanted and the sin has seemed sweet to you when you wanted to choose My way or your way for you, and then you have left Me crying, waiting and being ashamed before the ruler of the darkness of this age, which weakens you so that you may not bring your works into the light and rather to keep your fleshly sins into the darkness and give Me from you, for I have come as light into the world, so that anyone who believes in Me may not perish but have eternal life, My people of old, and not to have life only for a little while, and then death and sin to come; oh, not in this way, people of old, not in this way, not so. I have taught you otherwise and I have given you the book of My coming with you to remind you of My miracle into your midst and that you may not stay far from Me, but to wake up instead, My people of old, and to make Me glad with your repentance and humility, and to confess Me as true God and as your God, as My disciples, chosen by My grace two thousand years ago, confessed Me without deceit; moreover, I was also confessing them, speaking with them and I was revealing them the mysteries of their lives, and then I was loving those without any deceit in them and I was getting comfort from them.

Oh, people of old, I have walked with you on the earth and I have always swaddled you within the swaddle of My giving of life word and I have comforted you but you did not comfort Me and do not comfort Me, but you have always left Me outside and you are cold and forget Me, and you can hardly remember My work with you, My people of old. Oh, I have given you disciples from your midst, without any deceit in them, and I have established them to be My way between Me and you, but you, people of old, you were stung in your heart by the evil spirit that rose against Me into your midst. Oh, did I do something wrong to them since they have stricken your faith in Me? What have they got if they neither wanted anymore and nor wanted you to be with My kingdom in you, people of old? Do not do like them; and do not ask for any answers from Me for your lack of God, blaming those that let themselves be the way for Me further to the man after I had taken My vessel, Verginica, into heaven. Oh, keep away from the sin of rebellion and get under the shield of light, for behold, I am word on the earth, as you know that I have come now, and I am the Light which brings those in the dark into the light, people of old. Oh, I embrace you within a spirit of Epiphany; be illuminated with the grace of the Holy Spirit and come to repentance and to a spirit of humility before Me and wipe out My tear, which runs for you and call Me in your life to be your Lord, for the people of Israel did not want to reign over it and it did not want to have a helm on the earth, and it rather wanted to be great having its will and thus it removed Me from upon it, and then it aggrieved Moses, the servant that I set upon it to save it from bondage and tears, but it stood against Me and made Me suffer, because it put on airs and thus Israel perished, the people that I took out of bondage to be My people. And I have suffered from it, and I have also suffered from you, My people in the time of My trumpet Verginica, and she had also suffered, for she wanted you to be My comfort and her comfort, oh, people without revival, but do not stay like that, do no longer stay this way, do no longer stay without wisdom, and let Me reveal everything, about which you are not able to know without Me, and learn how to know about My coming of today and the fulfillments, which I, the Lord, prophesied into your midst that they would come; oh, and how many I prophesied for your happiness, people of old! However, what shall I really do, to be able to understand and start with your holiness, and that your life may not seem sweet and My life bitter to you, for your life is bitter, and you are not able to know this, so that you may be able to allow yourself be born from above, of My word, which has come upon you and which, behold, it has become book, as I, the Lord, prophesied, people of old. Oh, I want you to be a student with knowledge, to ask yourself as My disciples of two thousand years ago without any deceit were asking themselves, and I was revealing them everything were hidden under My word that was upon them, all those about Me between earth and heaven then and now, My people of old. I, the Lord, ask you to open My book with you and see that you, instead of being the one with whom I fulfill those prophesied for Me with you, you want to take after those who give away the sign of the Scriptures, which have prophesied about the coldness of the love and about the time of the unbelief from before My day of glory, a day with glory for those who are saved and a day with wrath for those who judge themselves by their unbelief. Oh, blame the coldness of your love and baptize your faith in My word. Oh, the Sundays cry in heaven, people of old, the days empty of God in people cry, and the earth mourns over My longing, and I wait for the man, and I want for you too, My people of old. I want that the mystery of the birth from above may seize you and comprise it within you, to know to confess Me, for I have walked a lot after you and I have taught you many things, people of old. Learn from Me and do no longer let yourself be taught and enticed by those in your midst who have chosen to rebel and sharpened their tongues like a sword, by which they throw their poisonous words like some arrows to hit the innocent from the hidings, from the darkness while they say: «Who is going to see us?», and thus in this way they hurt themselves by their tongues, drawing their reward upon themselves, as it is written.

Oh, wake up, people of old, to receive the grace of forgiveness and reconciliation and to reconcile God to you, for you have the sign of this mystery of word on you, by which I have been advising you for fifty years with the hope of My comfort, that afterwards I may come and reign, as it is written into the prophets and into My book with you, My people of old. Amen.

Oh, do not forget that I, the Lord your God, wait for your perfect waking up, My people of old. Amen, amen, amen.

And as for you, little and tiny people, born in My way with My people of old, strengthen your faith without deceit for its work, and speak with the people from the beginning of this word of My second coming from near the Father. If you are not able to speak, tiny people, do not stay like that, but rather blame your silence and show to the opposing spirit that you are alive and that the Lord is the One living into your midst, and confess Me, son of today, and work for Me, for those who speak the words of life draw near them God’s angels and the saints, and the opposing spirit weakens and let itself be torn down when it sees the Lord alive in them. Oh, learn as beautiful as you can the holy and proper walking before the heaven and before the man, and do not forget that you do not have to live as on earth, but you have to be as the Lord loves you to be on the earth, little and tiny people. Always learn, always learn, and always baptize in My word all the power of your life, of your tongue, of your heart, for My word upon you is sweet grace, which builds you to be. It is a day of Epiphany and I stay with you before My people of old, when you had not been yet in My way of today of My coming; however, I have called you then and I have given My vineyard so that you may give forth fruit, and so that I may have you as the sign of My coming, in such a way that the country of My coming may see that you love Me and that you have Me and that you give Me to those who come with no deceit and are baptized within My word, which gives life to those who listen to it, My people. Amen.

Oh, My country, be baptized in My word, for you are the country with My glory in it. My word, which speaks in you and with you, this means My glory in you, oh, My country with a treasure in it. Oh, I, the Lord, comfort you with My whisper in you and I teach you the birth from above, and I tell you as I said two thousand years ago: «That what is born of the flesh is flesh. That which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Don’t marvel that I said to you, „You must be born anew”. I have not come into the world to judge the world, but that the world should be saved through Me. Whoever believes in Me is not judged, and the one who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in Me, for I have come into the world as Light and men loved the darkness rather than the light; for their works were evil. However, he who works truth comes to the light, that his works may be revealed, that they have been done in God». (See John 3:6, 7, 17, 18, 21) Amen. This is how I was teaching My disciples two thousand years ago, oh, My country, and I have taught you today too, and I want that those without deceit to be seen in you, for it is so easy for them to believe in My word, that they themselves may testify by their work about My image in them, about their birth from God with the baptism from above over their being, oh, country with My treasure in you, but you should come to revival, to know and to see the One Who knocks that He may confess Himself from your midst as your God, and you, His, oh My country, with My treasure in it. Amen, amen, amen.