The Word of God at the feast of the beheading of Saint John, the Baptizer

I am the Son of the Father Sabaoth, the Lord, Jesus Christ. The Father has sent Me and I do not come on My own. I have become word over the earth and I have become book. I do not speak from Myself, but from the Father, and I am the will of the Father Sabaoth on the earth and in heaven, among people and among saints. Amen.

I come to you as word with a feast of saints, people of My word of life giving. I come to you to rejoice the saints, for those who call themselves sons of the kingdom of the heavens standing in a place known as holy, do not give forth the fruit of the kingdom, and I take it from them and I give it to those who produce the fruit of its works, as I said two thousand years ago that I would do. Amen.

Oh, My Father Sabaoth, I am Your Son suffering from man. Only You comfort My sighing and the sighing of My saints, for You are Father. The man speaks about Us with a spirit of pride and he pretends to be a son of the kingdom of the heavens in a place known as holy among people, but the people do not know, poor of them, that the sons of the kingdom of the heavens are those who have in them the spirit of repentance and its fruit, Father. Two thousand years ago, since John came out from the wilderness to preach to the Jewish people for the spirit of repentance, he was saying that the kingdom of the heavens had come near and many of those who heard him prophesying and calling to repentance were coming to him and were baptized with water, but to those who were not bringing forth the fruit of repentance, he was bringing them into the open as some who were running away from God’s wrath, and not because they had come closer to the spirit of repentance and to its fruit afterwards.

I sigh with the saints, Father, and My sigh is from You not from Myself. As two thousand years ago, I have looked now after the man to draw him to You and not to Me, and the people do not know the spirit of repentance for their forgiveness, Father. Oh, My Father, let Us give the wisdom from above to the man, Father, for the man is from below and he gathers from below, and the man does not know his path, Father. For fifty years I have been staying with a table of word on the earth now, in the end of the time, but the man hardly learns to sit at Our table, at Our table with Us, Father, at the table of the kingdom of the heavens, My Father. I long after the man with fruit of repentance in him, and I want to help the man, oh, Father. Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, My sweet Son, how shall I comfort You, how shall I comfort You? Oh, when shall I have You without pain from the man, My sweet Son? For seven thousand years I have been waiting for Your joy and rest, as a merciful Father and suffering from Your pain, but the man has got no mercy on God, Son Who are consumed with longing like Me, the Father. We are consumed and We wait sighing, like the saints who accompany You in Your coming down on the earth to man. When John came out to announced that You had already come in order that the people of Israel could receive You, those who were rulers over Israel were so haughty in their spirit, and the taste of repentance could not touch Israel due to its sins and its alienation from God, and Israel had considered You as the One Who was disturbing its peace and it blamed You and then it crucified You on the cross, My Son sent from heaven down to the earth after man. Then We had nothing to do but only to sigh and to be little, bearing in Your tormented body all the atonement of the man’s guilt, who knows nothing else but to sing in his own body so that the Lord may not have room in him, Son without shelter in man on the earth. Then John came out and let the people know about You, and now You have come Yourself and announced Yourself with the saints by doing the will of the One Who sent You then and now, for You have listened to Me, dear Son. Amen.

Oh, people of My Son, the Word! You should know that if it is by the spirit of repentance that the man comes to this spring of life giving, then the man knows to bring forth the fruit of the kingdom of the heavens, but if he comes to escape the reward of his sins not working out repentance in his spirit, one like that has not got to the work of the kingdom of the heavens, the work, which has its fruit in man and then outside of him.

Oh, people led by My Son in His coming with His saints! The Romanian homeland is the Lord’s homeland, the homeland of My Son’s second coming on the earth, as I, the Father, have sent Him. The whole earth, far and wide, will hear and understand soon that the Romanian homeland is the heavenly homeland, the homeland of the Lord’s saints, for My Son will overcome for its glory, for its renewal, and those who will be in it will bring forth fruit from its midst, the fruit of the kingdom of the heavens, and God will be comforted, for His fruit will comfort Him. Amen.

Oh, people, who listen to the voice of My Son on His second coming on the earth! Let it be known over the earth; spread the book of the Lord on the four corners so that those who will sanctify themselves for the Lord and for the heavenly homeland, the homeland of His coming with the saints on the earth, may yield fruit worthy of repentance. Do not doubt of this fulfillment. The voice of the kingdom of the heavens is the word of My Son, with which the heavenly homeland and its glory into the midst of the earth have prepared. Amen.

Oh, Romanian country! I, Father, exhort you to repentance, to the work of the fruit of the kingdom of the heavens into your midst. Receive the love of My Son, which becomes word on your hearth. The Lord has been working for fifty years at your garment for your coming and for the glory of your Lord. The Lord is in you as word, for He has chosen you to be the heavenly homeland on the earth, and I, the Father Sabaoth, crown the Truth, My Son, the Word into your midst, and I say: the word that is upon you is My beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased, and I teach you with the spirit and with the word of father: listen to the voice of My Son and fulfill it, to His glory and yours. Amen, amen, amen.

– I have listened to Your love for the country of My coming with the saints, Father Sabaoth. I have called out in it and My saints and I have given the news of the kingdom of the heavens upon it. I have come into it preparing its glory, but few wake up to take Me in them with My calling. However, I will give them a new heart, and then they will look to find the wisdom of My word and they will sanctify for the fruit of repentance, the fruit of the kingdom of the heavens, Father, and the mystery of the heavenly homeland will be fulfilled on the earth according to Your word and Mine, My Father. Amen.

– And I confess, too, Lord. I cry too, as two thousand years ago. Then I called out to the people of Israel to repent for the kingdom of the heavens, with which You were coming to it, and now I have called out to the Romanian people to come to repentance, to come to heavenly fruit and then to its greatness according to Your will. Amen.

John, the Baptizer, has called you, Romanian people. Your homeland is the heavenly homeland, because the Lord has become the word of His second coming from the Father on earth. Let those who preach in you the name of the Lord not speak to each other about the Lord within a spirit of haughtiness, but within a spirit of repentance instead, showing to each other the way with the joy of humility on it, to a spirit of repentance and to the fruit of the kingdom of the heavens then, and if they do not work that way, behold, the kingdom of the heavens will be taken away from them and it will be given to those who produce its fruit, and those who become proud under its name will remain naked and their shame will be exposed. Amen.

Oh, repent from your life without God in its works, Romanian people, and clothe yourself within the garment of cleanness and stand before the Lord, humbling yourself under the glory of His coming to you, to your clothing and to the land’s on which you live, for the Romanian home-land carries in it the mystery of the heavenly homeland, and you will see the fulfillment of this word, for the spirit of repentance and the spirit of the prophecy wants to wake you up now and to renew you, country of the Lord from the end of the time. Amen.

And as for you, people of God’s word, open your wisdom with more yearning and set down in the mystery of the kingdom of the heavens before those who receive from you the word of life and of the kingdom of the saints on your land. Show the Lord’s glory, spread it all over as I preached it, and humble yourself by the spirit of repentance and by God’s rod, which sets you within its fulfillment. Let the Lord’s book be your rest, your rod and waking and to those who take it from you for their repentance and to the fruit of the kingdom of the heavens in them. Stay being obedient to your Lord, people nourished from heaven, for your obedience will be the Lord’s victory and then your comfort and His rest. Amen, amen, amen.

– Behold, the voice of John who baptizes the spirit of the man in the spirit of repentance and of the holy faith. I, the Lord, am preached by the saints, and the Father confesses Me as His Son into the midst of the host of the saints of My coming, for the host of the saints walk with Me, as it is prophesied to be. Amen.

Oh, people taught by the spirit of My coming, by My word, which waits on the earth for its fulfillment! The mystery of the heavenly homeland starts with you, from this earth, on which I set and establish according to My will. Take care of the teaching into your midst to be of one kind. You should teach each other the same kind of teaching, for the Lord is One. The people of Israel was haughty because it knew the people of God on the earth, but you, little people, always remain in a spirit of repentance, and it will help you to stand and to be. I exhort you through those who are My word into your midst to receive wisdom from the Scripture, but you should not take alone. Take and learn to be and to be able to work, for you have to be the new work, the new dough, that which is full of the fruit of the heavenly teaching and which gives you an honored face and its fulfillment, My people. Stay at the mouth of the spring of the teaching that flows through those who teach you like Me from your midst, and drink if you stay there so that you may never drink afterwards, and then to be, and to be fulfilled and to learn, for only the one who is accomplished by education, only that one learns, only that one is, and he who does not know to learn and one like that is not and cannot work with the Lord.

Behold, I have worked with you the word of the feast of today, My people. John, My baptizer, was the way of My coming with the host of the saints. I have also strengthened you for My kingdom that is upon you, and John exhorted the people to repentance and urged you to the wisdom of the kingdom of the heavens, for you have this work given from God, and its fruit has been waited by the host of the saints, who have come to My table with you and eat of it. The saints look at you and wait for you, people of My coming. Oh, do not forget about the beautiful spirit of repentance, Jerusalem. Exhort one another through it to the fruit of the heavenly kingdom, which comes to you to keep you within it. Let us strengthen one another: We from you and you from Us, for the heaven full of saints wait with longing for the heavenly homeland and for its kingdom. The heavenly kingdom is the mystery that is upon you in all its beauty, in all its mystery, My people. Amen, amen, amen.