The Word of God on the third Sunday after the Passover, of the prudes (the myrrh-bearing women)

In a heavenly threshold of feast, I come down into the blessed courtyards of My word, I come closer with the synod of the prudes working of God and with many saints, and I give you, those who are gathered together for the feast, the news of My resurrection over the male and female disciples of My word of that time: Christ is risen!

When there are hearts that are gathered together into My name and of My word, I come down and I become food of word with My saints, and My saints are those who have worked God’s word on the earth, as I did, serving it and sharing it to My glory over time and to the salvation of many who stand up for My testimony over those who are without God.

I make you glad, working and ministering prudes. I meet you into My courtyards and we serve you a day of feast, the Lord with the people serving to the word of His coming in the end of the time, as it was written that I would come to seal the ages by the word and to establish Myself as the Creator of the new heaven and of the new earth, which will last, and this mystery is appalling for those in heaven who do not see like God, for it is written about those who are holy: «Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God». (Matt. 5:8) Amen.

We sit down at the table of word, oh, working prudes, for you served My word and you worked for the confirmation of My resurrection, gathering together heart by heart around this mystery, forgetting about you and about those who were yours and ministering to My appearing from the Father over the earth, that is Christ resurrected from the dead after I was born from the Virgin to be your Teacher and then to give Myself as a sacrifice for the unfaithful ones, so that God may really have the man. Amen.

You have got together with the saints of the heaven near the people that minister My word in the end of the time, as you had also ministered then. Rejoice! Oh, but your joy cannot be anything else than that which I also have with those whom I have got as My people today. Rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn for Me and for My pains and for My glory, a glory as that of a merciful and patient God. Rejoice near the people of My coming in the end of the time, but My work is not loved on the earth today as you loved it two thousand years ago. The man does not know to come towards it so that I may have many workers, because the love of God has gone out on the earth, as I spoke about this sign that it would come before the day of My glory, when all those will be renewed at the word of the new making of everything. I can no longer wait for the man, for the man does not come, and he who comes, comes that it may be well with him, and not with Me, and he comes not coming, and I work hard for My coming through which I have to make out all that will remain. Your joy is sweet, when I sit with you in the word at My table on the earth. It is your day of feast, oh, ministering brides of God’s love. Your ministry was beautiful and clean and your love for Me was everything you had from all that you left them off within your heart in order to serve Me and My sufferance for which I came and I became a Man to suffer in the body for all the sinners that do not seek after God, the Maker, but only after themselves, by those who are temporary, which have enchanted the man keeping him in bondage throughout time. However, you rose over of your bodies and tasted of My pain, which has become word over the earth, and then you remained for the truth between heaven and earth, while all others are emptiness and wind. I have become one spirit and then one work with you at your table of feast, and today it is My trumpet, Verginica, who has come with those who have waited in the dwelling of the dead for the light of the glory of My day and for the resurrection of everything that wait for My glory and for My salvation. Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, suffering Lord, we served You for Your pain and we were good, and we served you with our clean hearts, for You had suffered before. You came from the Father being aggrieved, when You were born of the Virgin for the man, and You had spent Your time on the earth in sufferings, in sufferings You showed Your work over those who received You, and in sufferings You gave Yourself as a sacrifice for those who had no love in them on the earth, and in sufferings You also came to life and appeared to us to make us rejoice over Your pain in us, after You had put within us the mercy for You, Lord. The faith and the sufferance for Your pains were left to us as a memorial, and Your saints established us as a day of memorial among those who love Your things among people, making room for them so that Your name and the name of Your saints may be on earth.

We have been waiting for the miracle of Your word on the earth for two thousand years, and we praise Your new name among those in heaven. You have come on the earth after two thousand years with a new name, and You are called the Word of God, (Apoc: 19/13.) and You have been writing Yourself within it over time, and now You have become a book, Lord, and now the seals are broken and it is shared Your word and Your name of fifty years on the Romanian land, where You have laid Your table for Your coming with the saints, Lord. The angels serve our coming with You, and the angels who lost their glory cry and wait for the man to come back to You in order that they may also return to their glorified places. Oh, give to Your people the power of the Holy Spirit and of holy prayer of the new birth of the world, Lord. All and everything have waited in heaven and on earth, and they have waited for Your last servants, so that they may lift up Your power to work and to set a life-giving spirit over the man, for the man does not know about God and he does not know to wait, and You have to establish on the earth the eternity of those who loved you and love You, Lord and Master of the life without the end for the saints. Make Your people of today victorious over its weaknesses on the earth and in which all the people live and cannot come after You as we came, and then as we walked. Clothe all those that are little within thrills of prayer for the new birth of the world, for all and everything wait for them. We have wanted nothing else on the earth but only to serve You, and not us. We have given a clean word to those who are called Yours, and whom You protect with heavenly powers, and You protect even more those that work over the darkness of the man, for the hell is on the earth and in man, and the guard of Your work of nowadays is a great work on the earth and in heaven, because the man hardly denies himself, and those who are Your working people are at the work for the protection of Your work and for the fulfillment of Your word over them and over those who do not know how to receive it and how to settle down within it.

Make those who see Your glory and Your people, make them deny themselves, for the self-love keeps the man blind in his soul, and You and Your saints work mysteriously on the earth for the power of Your work carried by Your anointed one and established as word on the earth. We are sitting at this table, Your saints, and as at that time, we help You in Your labor, in Your pain from the midst of Your people, over which You sit down as body and word to protect it and to have it as Yours.

Come Lord, come more and more with Your saints and with a strong word, for all and everything wait for the new creation, and You are with the fan into Your hand and You cleanse Your threshold floor as it is written, and You make room with those that are new, and You have to fulfill over the earth and over the man the baptism with the Holy Spirit and with fire for the renewing of all, Lord of Your powers and of Your saints who have always endured Your pain, and which by comforting Your sighing got comforted and were comforting those who were clothed like You and in Your name, working and sowing Your kingdom on the earth.

We have established ourselves as working the word upon the fed people, and we work like You, for You are our Teacher and we become word in order to take after You and not after the man. We also give to those who stand as Your people before You, we give them the spirit of mercy of God and the work of the word, Lord, for their calling was to work that way. We have also got the mercy on You in heaven, for You want mercy and not sacrifice, but the man hardly comes to get used to those that You want, for the man is used to give You his things, not Yours, Lord. However, we have learned from You, that he who learns knows, and this is how he works. We have learned the work of God’s mercy, and this is what we want to strengthen over the people of Your word. The love in us was born out of our mercy on You, and we have stayed with it under Your teaching so that You may make it to be heavenly, and then we confessed and confess You and tell everyone who hear You and do not know You in them: blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, brides of the sufferance of God’s Son! I am His trumpet, and I have got word with you, with the saints and with those who wait for the end of the Lord’s work. I have brought those asleep at the table with you to receive from the table of God’s mercy. We give them from the table, we comfort them and strengthen their patience and we work for the Lord’s victory. We have got at the feast, around your day, Gheorghe, (George) the martyr and the victor among the saints. He keeps watching for the people of today and cutting the enemy power, which by its nature lurks God’s coming down on the earth as word, and he overcomes from those who are victorious, and he has given power of victory for the opening of the Lamb’s book, the book of the Lord, His word of fifty years into the midst of the Romanian people. The Lord has hardly been doing this heavenly work, because the disciples of His word are little and few, but the Lord and the victorious saints were the victory to those who have worked, and behold, the book is shared, the word of God is shared.

I am Your trumpet, Lord, and I have refreshed Your saints. And now, You are the word of the comfort from heaven. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, Verginica, I take the feast that you were bringing on the earth for the glory of the mercy of the prudes of My sufferance and resurrection. Your followers bring this day before Me as you taught them for it, in order that those who are asleep, concerning the hope of My coming, may come to this table. And now, I, the Lord, bless and sanctify this day and its word from heaven over the earth. Amen.

And to you, to those who have come together, I give you of My glory, I give you My word on the table, and you should learn to come out of yourselves when I want to lay down with My face within you. Blessed is the one who knows to be God’s child. I look at My Father for I am His child, and I take after Him, when I look at Him, and I work like Him when I take from Him.

Oh, children who give Me from heaven to the people of today! Watch and again watch for you and for the new people, and watch for Me to be able to be light on the earth and in man. Be holy and give the Holy Spirit and keep My church, and let it have the Holy Spirit. Amen. Moreover, you should work together, anointed sons, you should overcome all the sufferings, and let the sufferings strengthen you for your resemblance with Me, and we will be overcomers by My word, which has been coming down over the earth to reign. Through your weak powers, give powers of Holy Spirit over to those who come from time to time to the spring. You need to work for the Lord, sons, for it is for this that I gave you birth from the mystery of My word, and I have set you to serve to My coming back from the Father in man. Be the word of the Holy Spirit and do not be the man’s word! Be like Me, sons, be one spirit with Me and give glory and fulfillment to My work and then all the other things will be added to you for the ministering from above upon you. Be the dough of the holiness and of the Holy Spirit, and let the spirit of My humility be the sweetest teaching to you, the greatest work, and then we will work from one another, because I cannot work without you and you cannot work without Me either.

May this feast be blessed, and I leave the word of My male and female disciples upon it, which they were sharing from place to place after I overcame and after I was resurrected afterwards: Christ is risen! Christ is risen! Christ is risen! Amen.

Let no one on the earth say this word in vain, that is „Christ is risen!” but let him rather say it in the spirit of the truth that is in each one of them, and let Me have life in it. Amen, amen, amen.