The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Resurrection

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, let there be on earth as in heaven, for the man’s life comes in man from Me, and the man is indebted to the heaven for his life in him, for the life of his body, which is from the earth.

I strengthen Myself as a true God that I am, and I work with power, for My word is God’s power, and happy are the weak, those that are feeble, those who are knocked down by powers, for when they are this way, I will be the One Who can work at that time. When the man is strong within himself, I cannot work through him those things that are Mine, but when he is weak, I am that power in him and that which is over him, by his gentleness and humility through which he comes before Me in order that I may work upon him. Amen.

I embrace you, My people, with a day of the feast of resurrection. The memory of My resurrection, if the man remembered this day and all that had accompanied it for My confirmation as the Son of My Father Sabaoth, incarnated on the earth, then the man would speak about this day and wonder from the bottom of his being and he would become God by grace, for great is the grace which has been shown in that day on the earth and over the man. Oh, the man needs fondness, but most of it, he needs wisdom from heaven, mind from above, for whoever is not born from above, that one is like those on the earth, and his mind keeps him only and only on to the earth.

It is a feast of resurrection in heaven and on earth, but in order that this may be on earth as in heaven, the man should be with God on earth in all those of this heavenly feast, and he had to be alive like the living God, and he has to be resurrected from among all the dead, just as I am, and to be a godly angel between earth and heaven, as I am. Amen.

Oh, people of My word! My word has made you into My people. It has in it the spirit of the birth from above over the man. It has the spirit of the resurrection in it, and by it everything has become new and all those that are old pass away when the spirit of My word is working. However, when the man stands before the breath of My mouth, when he stands without his making of this word that is making of man, then the man remains in his old things from his parents and he does not allow to be born from above, since he, hearing does not hear, and believing does not become a man born from above by the fruits of this word.

Oh, Jerusalem, how shall I be able to work on the earth as in heaven? Oh, the Romanian country is under the cleansing fire, about which I spoke that it will come down on it for the washing of the land of My coming with the mystery of the kingdom of the heavens on the earth. I have brought about the baptism with the Holy Spirit and with fire on the earth, but My country minds only its own things that do not mean God, and I, the Lord, I have put it to whitening and cleansing, for I have got into its midst My word of fifty years, and it sleeps when I spend the wedding within it with a feast of resurrection, a table of Holy Spirit on its hearth. I have let it known by the word of fire that it may wake up My chosen one from it in order that he may pray for it so that I may reconcile it to Me and to bring it first to repentance and then to resurrection. I have got into its midst My chosen one, Irineu, (The bishop John Irineu of Bistriţa, r.n.), the one by whom I have established on its land a church working of Holy Spirit upon it. I have let it know long ago to wake up the one whom I have established as its intercessor, so that I may give her the little garment of righteousness by its repentance for its alienation from God, and I will not be merciful on it until it establishes this son before Me, whom I have ordered to reconcile it to God, that is, My Romanian Country. Its king has come, My anointed one over it, and He has asked Me why there is so much sufferance, so much pain upon My country and his country? I have answered him that it is the country of My second coming on the earth and that I wash it away from all its dirt in order to prepare it to be a land of resurrection and of My glory over the nations. I have answered its king that I have struck it because it has left My calling behind and that it have kept in the stocks the one whom I chose over it to pray for it, for its birth from above, for its repentance and for its clothing within the garment of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Oh, My country, as long as you do not stand up to get up for Me the one who is in the stocks, the one who is set by Me to pray for you, as long as he is kept shut, not being able to breathe with his mouth your reconciliation with Me upon you, as long as those who pretend to be My church (Romanian Orthodox Church, r.n.) have kept him in the darkness, while it has wandered away on its own before Me and not after My life full of grace, as long as My chosen vessel will stay without My work given upon him for you, My country in the end of the time, that long you will suffer and this is the answer which I will give to your king who has been crying to Me for your forgiveness, for a comforting spirit upon you, My Romanian country, My country and his. Behold, those who are great and are called My church and yours in you, wander away on their own, but My church is the man full of the Holy Spirit, full of the word of the Holy Spirit upon nations. The rulers of the church in you seek after their ranks and because of their wandering away and their haughtiness, My wrath comes upon you, as it is written into the Scriptures.

Oh, get up to your resurrection, My country, My dear Romania! Get up and wake up the one who sleeps having been shut in the stocks! He has got a gag in his mouth so that he may not speak and that his voice may not be heard over the hills in order that these may come into flower and turn green under the rain of My word, which makes them all again, for this new making of the world is written into the Scriptures. I could give you birth from above by the spirit of comfort, My country, but you do not know the whisper of My comfort which prepares for you your new birth to be My new born one among the nations, oh, country of brightness! The prophets that prophesied that you would be Mine will get up to receive their inheritance in you. Daniel, the prophet, will also get up, the one through whom, I, the Lord, prophesied about you that you will be on earth and that many will crush you so that you may be born again and to take after Me; this prophet will stand up to receive in you the joy, which he has believed and waited for.

Oh, I am with the mystery of the feast of the resurrection upon you, My country from the end of the time. The Lord is King by the word in you. Your kingdom on the earth is not from this world, but it is from above instead, from heaven, and it is written about you to be a queen over the nations by My word into your midst. My word in you is the river of life. It springs up life from heaven over the earth, and it is king, for it is the word of the Holy Spirit, and it has the feast of its Pentecost in you. I have been crying with a river of the Holy Spirit upon you for fifty years, country of My coming, and the man on the earth, who has heard of your election, tries to praise himself over you. However, I come down on a day of resurrection feast, My and your, epistle of the Holy Spirit and I call you to drink of the river of life. Its riverbed is from heaven and down to earth, from those that are invisible and those that are visible, from the invisible world and to the visible one. Its spring is My mouth and the little garden over which I, the Lord, the Word, speak from your midst. Wake up at My voice and make peace with Me and wake up the one who will speak out before Me the act of your repentance and birth from My word, which flows into your midst, for you are the fallow land with a treasure in it, and I am deprived of man into your midst.

I speak over the one that is established to lead you, Romanian country, and I tell him this: do not forget, you, who are the helmsman of My ship, of My queen Romanian country, do not forget that I have overcome through the earnest prayers, by the lifting up of the hands to Me of those that have been God’s sons into the Romanian nations, the sons of My word of fifty years over the Romanian land, for I told them on the day when I overcame for you, to ask from Me to set you as the helmsman of My ship on which it is written: Romanian country, and then I overcame, and as for you, be now My helmsman according to My plan. Bow and receive from My mouth. I have come with an epistle of the Holy Spirit over the Romanian country. It is now under the whip of My wrath to cleanse it from the sin of lawlessness that is on it and to have it as a cleansed bride for the feast of the resurrection and of My coming with a table of new age on its hearth. The cross that is pressed on My shoulders by the rulers of the church by the sin on the earth makes Me suffer a great deal. The earth groans with a painful groaning because of the sins on it. I want to reconcile the earth with the heaven, and the man to the Father Sabaoth, to draw all to the Father, as I promised two thousand years ago that I would do. I have been waiting for the one that I promised for the Romanian land and then for the salvation of the nations. I have been waiting for the one that I chose, My chosen Irineu, a son of the Romanian people, a son dear to Me and to My saints, and I wait for him to get up from his sleep and to declare the coming of My mercy upon the Romanian country, for it is beaten because of those who sit over it on My behalf, as they say. The rulers of the church do not do My will, but they do their own will instead and they are only after seats and ranks, but I have not sent them to do this, but, by their own consent, they have set themselves into My place, with their work. However, the one chosen by Me, I have chosen from among them and sent him to them, but they did receive him and they put him into chains instead and put a gag into his mouth so that it may not be heard his sweet voice which has called the man to Me and to My glory into the midst of the Romanian people. I have spread the news over the Romanian country, that I, the Lord, wait for its repentance, for its faith, for its holiness and for its walking into My ways, to be able to come with its salvation and with a new age upon it, for the people in it do not have any power to give its salvation, because I do not fulfill the man’s plans, but rather I fulfill Mine. Amen. And to the one who took the place of My elected Irineu, I tell him and I ask him in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit to take out from the bonds the one chosen by Me and to establish him as the intercessor and the praying man for the Romanian country, and I will hear him and I will release mercy and glory over this land and over the people on it. Woe to those who frustrate My plans which are made out from eternity, because it was from the foundation of the world that I made out the glory of the Romanian country in the end of the time, a country which has set My table at My coming from the Father now, so that I may be able to make the world again and to sit on the seat of judgment and making, and to declare My word over the earth.

Behold the history of My word of fifty years on the hearth of the Romanian land! And then many nations will hear and will come to worship and they will drink of My glory and they will receive resurrection and a spirit of testimony at that time.

Behold the book of My word by which I keep its feast of Pentecost on the Romanian land! I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father Sabaoth and of the mother Virgin, had fulfilled fifty years of word on the hearth of the Romanian people (1955-2005, r.n.). The nations will hear and will come near, but the Romanian country is in My hand. No one without God will endure over it. I have come down with an epistle of the Holy Spirit upon it, and to you, the one who are set as a helmsman upon it, I tell you to be careful at the word of My mouth, for the sea is troubled, and you need to have power from Me and to be an unsleeping helmsman at the helm of My ship, because I will save the world from its sins by it, and then I will establish a new age on the earth; I will establish a New Jerusalem, as it is written into the Scriptures. Do not be unfaithful but faithful, for I wait for the voice of the one who will lift up prayers to Me from before the Romanian people, and I will listen to his prayer for the comfort and for the resurrection and for the salvation of this nation. Amen.

Now, I leave you under a spirit of resurrection, My country. I have spoken upon you on a day of feast of the memorial of My resurrection, for I have got into My hand My heavenly plan that I am going to fulfill it, and it is written in it your glory from Me and the feast of your resurrection and your new being in the end of the time. You will be in My image and after My likeness by those who will be God’s people on your land, for their fate is in My hand, and I am the Word of God and I give the good news about Me over you with My new name, written into the Scriptures two thousand years ago, and it is written this way into the Scriptures: «And His name is called the Word of God». (Rev. 19/13, r.n.). Amen, amen, amen.