The Word of God at the feast of the Annunciation

I, your Lord and God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, come down with a holy feast into your midst, Jerusalem of My coming in the end of the time. The Annunciation of My coming means the word by which I write Myself down on the earth, relying on you, My people. I bring good news about My coming from margins to margins, but it is difficult for the man to understand what God is and how God is, and it is hard for the Christian to understand sufficiently My spending on earth with the man and the man’s spending with Me on the earth. Behold the time of this Scripture, and it is not understood on earth, and I, the Lord, speak and speak again the word of the Annunciation, so that no one may be able to say that I will show the truth of this world unexpectedly. Amen.

Before My first coming on earth to work in the middle of the people and to help them to God, I had been announced by My servants and by the prophets for over five thousand years. Now I have been giving the good news about Myself having called for more than fifty years, only that the man may hear Me and that he may open to Me and believe Me who I am, and to help My work of giving good news, that I announce Myself with the kingdom of the heavens on earth and I cleanse the earth from place to place with the Holy Spirit and with fire, but the Holy Spirit does not find any place, because the man does not want it, and the fire finds place instead, for the fire is loved by man both with his body and with his spirit. However, the Holy Spirit is the One Who judges everywhere, and there where He does not find any dwelling place, He leaves behind Him the judgment through the fire, which cleanses the iniquity on the earth, for it is written about Me by the mouth of John, the Baptizer: «The Lord will baptize with Holy Spirit and with fire». Amen.

I have given you good news, My people, for I am your God, and behold, I have woken up My watchmen and I have strengthened them in the gates to come in to you with a feast of annunciation and to comfort Myself by My speaking with you, for I get comforted only by the word. If I am called the Word, I cannot be comforted but only with what I am. Only with the word between Me and you, between you and Me, only in this way I get comforted. I have always given you this comfort so that you may get used to it and to learn how to work it between you and Me, between brother and brother, for I told My disciples that I would not leave them orphans, and that I would give them the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, instead, to be with them forever and ever. Amen.

Oh, My people, you should not live without comfort. I comfort Myself only by the word. When I come into your midst and I speak upon you, I get comforted, and I want that the spirit of comfort may increase and I want that you may learn well and may love the spirit of comfort much, for without it the man is only man and he is not a child born of God. By My entire word with which I come and I comfort you, I teach you to be like Me and not like man, for the man is used to be as on earth and not as in heaven. I have always asked you, My people, to remember that you have to make the paradise on the earth, and you should do this work day and night with a comforting spirit, and you should keep it to be, for the man has been waiting for seven thousand years for this wonder to be again on the earth.

Oh, it is not good for the man to fall from heaven. It is not good for the man to get out of paradise, for Adam fell and then he lived as on earth and not as in heaven. However, this work has been done only with a tool, with the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, My people. The paradise of My rest with the man and the paradise of the man’s rest with Me have not been made alone. In the beginning I made everything for the man to feed his happiness, but it will not be this way now. I am working with the man now and I cannot do anything without the man, and the man has to be the temple of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, and this is what he should work. Amen.

«The kingdom of God does not come visibly», this is what I said. There is no man on the earth who would not come if he saw with his own eyes the kingdom of God on earth, making haste to get a place in it without him knowing, poor of him, for whom it is, for it belongs to those who work it so that it may be afterwards. Behold, that is why I said that the kingdom of God is in you, children of the birth from above.

Oh, sons, let My kingdom be in you, and work everything like God, for My trumpet has taught you to work with a guide, looking at those who are more heavenly among you and following their heavenly faith on which I feed Myself among you. I want you all to feed Me with the food which I eat, and I want you to give the good news about Me over the earth with the kingdom of My word among you. My word is a king upon you when you fulfill it completely, sons, and then you are the sons of His kingdom among you. I came two thousand years ago to cast fire on the earth, and behold, this is what have done in the end, and I want you to stay in the bath of this love of the Holy Spirit and the heaven and the earth to be warmed up from My flame among you. We still have a little bit of time to labor now at this hard work of the book of My word of fifty years on the earth, and we will put aside this fire which has been burning from God in the midst of My new Israel, in the end of the time, into the midst of the Romanian people, out of which, I, the Lord, have grown a people of disciples.

Oh, sons, the obedience of My mother, the Virgin, was sweet and heavenly, when the Father sent to her the archangel Gabriel to let her know about My birth of her. My mother had lived on the earth only within the fire of love, and it is the same in those that are not seen, for My saints` kingdom and Mine is not visible, but it is among those of the same work with it.

Oh, My mother, give a little bit of sweet power to those who labor at the being of the book of My work of fifty years and give to My people the good news, mother. Amen, amen, amen.

– At Your voice, Lord Son, I sit down and fulfill. Be it done to me according to Your word. Amen.

People of the birth from above, now and forever, sustain the work of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, with which my Son has been breathing over the earth for fifty years. Take care of those who are worn out from the word of the Holy Spirit into your midst, and give a helping hand with everything you can do more beautifully and sweetly to lift up this burden and to fulfill it on the earth. All the saints who are set to the work for this good news of the Son of God, Who has been coming on the earth as word above the Romanian people, and this people has to be woken up from its slumber, so that it may hear the voice of the good news then, the voice of the Lord for the new birth of the world. Stay awake within your spirit and love, people of the sacrifice pleased to the Lord, and do not forget that you should not love yourself, but only God, Who is your life, as well as He is the life of His saints. Let sweet words be brought forth in you from one another, and may the work of peace exceed everything you work. Let the humility of the heart make room in you to the Spirit of the Lord, for the Spirit of the Lord does not wound, does not seek after His things, sons, but He seeks after those of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, for this is how the Lord has always been among those that are loved by Him.

It hurts me when I see wounds among you from the words that are not well weighed down. Let only the word of the comfort be with you, for your greatness is from the Lord, but be gentle and humble in your heart like my Son, for He this is how He taught you and this is how He teaches you. Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, teaching mother by the love within you! I have been teaching My sons in the same way. I have always been looking at them and among them and I want them to get used to Me among them in all their works, mother.

Oh, children of the new worked vine. Take care of God, and God will take care of you as well. Get used to the Spirit of the Lord in your thought and deed. Lift up to heaven with every passing day, more and more, this kind of life and love. If you hurt each other, I cry, sons, I cry among you, and I cry within the one that is hurt. I also want you to rejoice. Give Me to each other and make Me glad. Amen.

I speak out a blessing with power in it, with the power of Holy Spirit for new powers over those who take care of the being of the book of My word over fifty years so that I may reveal My glory over the earth and over the man’s heart. I have been working over five thousand years through those who have served Me on the earth to let the man know that I will come, and I have come and given life to the man. This is what I have also been doing now, for the word of life becomes book and it is shared far and wide, spreading the news about Me that I have given the good news about My kingdom over the man.

I want you to have much and heavenly love at work into your midst, people of the graces of the Holy Spirit, and to give food from it to those under burden, for the burden of My coming is very heavy and I ask you to believe this and to comfort Me under your burden, sons.

Behold, I stay into your midst with a feast of the annunciation, My people. All the birds of the heaven sing to God and pray for the entire creature and they settle down on earth to bless the man with the blessing of the heavenly mysteries in which they live and stay. You should also sing, Jerusalem, for all the birds sing. Sing, son, and you will be like the birds of the sky. Gather your food as they gather theirs on the earth and in the sky, and from heart to heart to be able to give glory to the Lord, from branch to branch, from sprig to sprig, to be obedient in life and to grow out of it and like it, My people. My kingdom in your midst is not seen well now, but it will be seen well, and many birds will sing in it, and many flocks will be watered from its springs, only that you may be able to work and live on earth as in heaven, people of the coming of the Lord in the end of the time.

Peace to you, Jerusalem, and much peace and power from heaven into your midst for the being of My word, which will be put in the lamp stand, soon, soon, My people. Amen, amen, amen.