The Word of God at the feast of the Assumption

I am within a heavenly glory above you and into your midst, My people, and the entire glory of the feast of today is covered, because those that are not seen are eternal and those that are seen are passing and cannot comprise those that are not seen to bring them into view, but the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit is the power which perfects the faithful spirit in the man who has received the faith from the gift of the Lord, as My disciples received it two thousand years ago and with it they perceived God and His mysterious things, revealing them by sustaining signs as much as the faithful ones need to see, to understand and to believe and to live in God and not in this world with their faith and life, for the life is God’s gift in man. Amen.

I am around you with great glory, My people, and My Mother, the Virgin, comes down to be at the feast with you and to teach you your living in heaven, the ascension, the descent and the eternity of those that are not seen and which are perceived by the sharpness of the spirit of the holy faith, and then by the body full of heaven of those who do not stay on the earth within their spirit in the time of their body, and who, afterwards, within a body clothed in eternity, see and know perfectly those that are seen and hoped for, those that are loved by them, by the spirit of their faith, with which they see and long with power after the heaven of the eternal glory, as My mother Virgin longed for Me with tears, after I went to be again near the Father by My death and My resurrection and ascension into the sky, and then I came down to set her too within the glory which she and I had before the foundation of the world and of the man. Amen.

To My entire people, which loves and works the mystery of the heavenly glory in soul and in body on the earth within a churchly work, I, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father Sabaoth and the Son of the mother Virgin, tell: Peace to you, people of the work of the heavenly glory on earth! I am into your midst with the day of heavenly glory for the entrance into those that are not seen on the earth of My Virgin mother, the day when I, her Son, the One born of the Father and of her, lifted her into My arms and put her where she was before the foundation of the world, in the glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, a glory by which I worked the visible world, showing it to the man after I made the man and the woman, in the image and after God’s likeness.

The man did not see when God made him, but the Lord’s glory saw everything that was done and confessed by the Holy Spirit, so that every man on earth may be able to know how the world and the man were made and how the invisible glory has been watching on earth and in heaven, the world which will be again and which will be renewed as it is written about its new birth out of those that were the glory before the foundation of those that are seen, so that they may be able to confess the Word of God, Who is the Maker.

Behold, My people a feast with a mysterious glory with the saints and with the angels, a day of heavenly glory, a mysterious song, a heavenly joy, broken from eternity, one with the eternity, which has come today to you in such a way that it may be with you in a mysterious feast of the mother Virgin, the mother of the Son and of the Man God, the day of union with the eternity, the spirit and the body, its day of passing into the mysterious things, as they are settled today within great glory over everything that is called the hill of the daughter of Zion, the gardens of My people, in whom I, the Lord, was bringing together those that were faithful sounding the trumpet of the announcing of their coming to the feast. Now, My people, the way is even harder from heaven to earth and it is even harder the way of My people to Me for the meeting within a feast, for I, the Lord, started the cleansing of the holy land of Romania, and once with this I work, by those that are submitted to My Spirit, at the book of My word, which has been speaking over the earth for fifty years, and after this time, I started visibly the fulfilling of the word, the washing of the earth, to be able to come down then with the whole heaven on earth, with its entire glory invisible to the earthly man, and to be able to give birth to people from heaven for My glory, not for them, because the people born from above, from heaven, are not born from heaven for them, but for the Lord, My people. This is how My Virgin mother wants to give you today the word of My wisdom of it, because it is her day of heavenly celebration and this day has glory and it brings it to you to set it over you, and that you may have the wisdom of those heavenly things more perfectly, My people. Amen, amen, amen.

— I work nothing without You, dear Son, as You also did not work anything on earth otherwise, and You were my obedient son, and Your sonship love for me, You and me spoke to Your people, and we want that they may make room into their nature and spirit for the word between me and You and of our love on earth, and not forget it, because are no longer God’s sons, who have the work of obedient sons on earth, a work broken from eternity and set on earth between me and You, Son, child with a sonship obedience, Lord of those who know God by the spirit of obedience. Amen.

— Oh, My mother, I am with you, because without Me you are neither in heaven, nor on earth. Therefore work, because I look and listen, and I love you as in heaven, as I loved you on earth and I carried and took you in My deed and I did not cover you, but I gave forth light with everything it was in Me, with My entire heart, which was illuminating My body, My work, My miracles and the way of My word to man, mother. Teach My people its staying in heaven, the ascension, the descent and the eternity of those that are not seen but are perceived by the power of the spirit of faith in God, mother, and then by the body full of heaven on earth, just as you lived in the midst of the people, I and you, My mother. I am with you in word, and in union with Me give them the spirit of wisdom, the staying in heaven, mother. Amen.

— I teach you as a mother teaches her sons, people of My beloved Son, in Whom the Father has been well pleased with in the beginning and in the end when He judged the world by those heavenly things worked by Him on earth beyond nature, dying and being resurrected, and again, now, in the day of the new birth of the world, which was and which the man built from dust crushed it, forgetting of the glory from the beginning of everything that God made, and which the man may be thankful of, to enjoy and to work and to keep them as the Lord has taught him.

I look at you and at the course of my day of celebration with you, people of My son, and I look at the way, on which we walk from heaven on earth. We take great care of the way which keeps us to come to you, and the burden on it is hard, because the Lord is great, and He comes with His saints and with great power, because He is the Lord of the powers.

I give you, beloved people, my longing for heaven, to have it and with it to want those that are, and in which, we who are alive, live within the Lord’s eternity. I give you advice not to forget and not to stay on the earth without heaven. You shall not live in the image of the man among people, between brother and brother, but you should rather live in the full image of my Son. My Son is gentle and humble in His heart, and He has been waiting for you to be in His image and after His likeness, so that my Son may embrace you within Him all the time, and you to embrace Him in all your living and behavior, people who have always, always been taught by God. I am the dwelling of His love. It was only He that had lived in me. His life was lived in me, and my life was lived in Him, and this is the heavenly love in the image and after God’s likeness, but the man is deceived on earth and it is hard for him, because the man sees with his eyes and his heart, and it is hard for God, and it is also hard for man, while the man is crushed by he himself.

I, as a heavenly mother, embrace you within the spirit of my feast and I keep you in it, you and those who have their heart here in the Lord’s garden, in this day, my people. I keep you in the mystery of the heavenly spirit and I wait for you to work out now the praise and the blessing of the feast of the day, and I will take you in the sober spirit of the teaching which exhorts you from it to love like me on earth, people of the heavenly calling and that all the hearts which long after the courts of the Lord to be able to receive from it the Spirit of the Lord, to the comfort and the hope in those that will come with the heaven on earth, people of the love of the word of my Son.

Now you are comprised in mystery, but open yourself and comprise the mystery of the heavenly glorifying, the glory of my feast of today, and again I will embrace you with the word of a mother, near the Father and the Son Who exalt me in this day, which we give to you to feel it, to live it and to give it to the saints, people of the light, which is my Son. The light of the world is He, when the Lord is able to be in the world. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, mother, that is why I strengthen My way to the people, and from it to every nation on the earth. I want to be the light of the world, mother, but I said: «While I am in the world I am the Light of the world». Amen. Let the people keep Me with it to be into the world, mother, and with My word to work out the world again, and it to be born again, as I made in the beginning the light with My wisdom, and then everything that is, mother. Amen.

Oh, My people, get used to a heavenly glory to stay on earth and to give Me life. Remind one another, sons, of the mystery of the heaven on earth with you, and do not live and do not work without it. Do not live like men on earth but like God’s sons, and may your heart, gentleness, work, living, brotherhood and harmony be the same, and everything that does not mean these things come from the lack of love which is born of unfaith and then of the lack of watchfulness.

We come back again into the book and we will grow heavenly, but the Lord does not have to be forgotten afterwards, My people.

Sprinkle with the grace of holiness the sign of the holy cross, anointed sons, the cross by which you are sealing today with My name so that it may be set as a guard above the city of Târgovişte, to protect by its power the spirit of the wisdom of the people, the bodies cleansed from sin, the minds which have the gift to see My coming to you for the salvation of many and for the resurrection, sons. Amen.

We will work with the Holy Spirit and we will gladden the spirit of My Mother Virgin for her day of celebration, and we will wait again into the book and then we give the whole day to the Father, and we will write within the heavenly things on earth with you, sons, and we will learn the mystery of the heavenly homeland on the earth. Amen, amen, amen.


The book of My word into your midst is the greatest joy of those in the invisible heaven, My people, for those who are heavenly get together near it and they listen to My word with awe, and then all the heavenly hosts are ready to help you to turn into action the entire word of My book, and My mother the Virgin is coming again near to you with her day of heavenly celebration and she is teaching you your staying in heaven, the ascension and the descent, but the holy faith needs sharpness of spirit, and it needs rest in man, and by it the Lord makes his house in man as He did in Abraham, in Samuel, the prophet, in My mother Virgin, in My disciples and in all those who have stayed with awe and longing before My word spoken by My mouth to believe it and to turn it into their work and then Lord to be able to live on earth, because as long as the Lord is in the world, He is the Light of the world. Amen.

My mother the Virgin embraces you in the word, and I, the Son of the Father and hers, am in her word, because those that are from heaven are one spirit and one word, My people. Amen, amen, amen.

— One spirit and one word, my dear Son. May Your little people of today be as You say, because today, as then, when we were and worked the work of the Father on earth, the same is today, those who have Your mysteries from heaven to bear them and to set them on earth, are small in the eyes of the world, they are very little, dear Son, little in comparison with the great mob of the sons of the people, and who live without God within their deed on earth, and who, like the deaf, like the blind, like the lame and like those that are weak in every way possible, do not hear, do not see, do not walk in Your way with heavenly glory; they are not able to know You and to love You and have You as Master of their lives received as a gift from You once with their birth kneaded by their earthly fathers, fathers who do not know what the birth from above is, as their sons, the sons of men, do not know the birth from heaven either, heavenly Son, child who came from heaven on earth to grow and then to become a bridge for the man, the bridge to the heaven of life, for the heaven on earth means life, and life is born of the word and it is the light of the people, the word of life, Your word giving of life, of spirit of life, child of the eternal glory, which You want to give to those who know You, to those who find You as the Lord of the eternal life, of Master over everything, my Son, for Father gave You to me, and You listened to me and worked like the Father as I had also worked, and we had not worked like man on earth. I teach him, by my speaking with you, I teach the people of Your word its dwelling in heaven, the ascension, the descent and the eternity of life, eternal Son, and I teach it with great love, by warm and dear word, with a heavenly awe in voice and I exhort it the mystery of life, its living in heaven on earth, because if the holy heaven was not always, always, with it, You would not have a people born of Your word and kept within Your word, because the time opposing to Your time with the man on earth would crush it, and You would cry hopelessly, child of the longing after the man’s eternity, longing which You are nourished by, and crying, You long and wander after the man, being strengthened by the mystery of the longing. Amen.

Oh, people of my mysterious Son with you! Oh, people of the longing of my Son! Oh, what a great eternity is on earth, but if the man does not see it, he lives by his sight, and my Son and His heaven of saints and angels have no greater sufferance like this one. Oh, what a great eternity is on the earth, and I comprise you in the word to make you get used to it for your staying in heaven on earth. When my Son was on the earth, He was embraced by the heaven and this is how He lived on earth, and He also taught us, those in the house through which He came; He taught us to stay in the house of the heaven, to make the heaven on earth and to live in it, and He taught us and showed us how to become heaven, and how to become heaven on earth and to live in it, and He also taught us and showed us how to become heaven and how to become heavenly powers on earth and this is how we listened and this is how we worked, and my Son was born in us, and we, were born in Him and of Him, because the Father prepared to Him by the prophets and by angels a dwelling place of His coming, a house and people who stay at home, and then faith and the right way for it in us, and we were working His mystery on earth, after we had brought Him down mysteriously to the people by the work of the Father. Oh, today, the Lord has also come down on the earth to you as mysterious as at that time, people of His mysteries, and He has stayed into your midst, guided you and looked at you to see how much you have taken after Him and how much you have taken after the man. He became Man, but He took after God on earth by His entire living as obedient Son to the Father, but the man takes only after the man and that is all, and it is painful for those from heaven when they see that the man does not look at the Lord on the earth to see His image. The man says that he does not see the Lord to know how to be afterwards, but the Lord tells the man, He has been speaking His world to the man for two thousand years, after He became flesh just like the man, and He has been speaking to the man how to work, how to live and how to live between earth and heaven.

The man says that he does not see the Lord, but I saw Him, and the male disciples saw Him as well, and His female disciples likewise, and the rulers of the world of that time saw Him either, and many saw Him as He was. However, even the dead got up from the grave and saw the Lord, how He was and how He walked.

I, the mother of God, I teach you your dwelling in heaven, people of the heavenly mysteries, because this is what the Lord wants you to be, for the heavenly mysteries are sweet and make sweet the one that is born of the word of my Son, Who came on earth as the word of the man’s birth, people of the saint’s gift, for the saints want to give you to the Lord as a gift, if you stand by them working out the Lord’s work from the end, the one before the day of His glory, which is at your door, little son, the least among those who have become the Lord’s saints. Amen.

Let your dough be the longing, and let it be consumed within you, for I want to leave upon you the heavenly dwelling as a teaching once with my coming in the feast to you, people wanted by the heavenly mystery on earth. You should not put out your dwelling in heaven by those that you are engaged in on the earth. I teach you as I would teach a new child, to keep and to work this mystery of your life, your dwelling in heaven as on earth, for the invisible glory of the Lord watches over you incessantly. And even if you do not see it, seek to stay always with your deed before the invisible glory of the Lord and of His saints, which was before the foundation of the world with everything that belongs to it in all the times of the heaven, for the time of the Lord has always been and you need that the Lord’s time with you to come to your senses, the love between you and the Lord, love from which everything comes, all that are already come and those that will come down on earth soon, soon, with their mystery that is invisible now. However, for this fulfillment, you do not have to live among people within a man’s image, but you should rather live among people with your image full of my Son, and especially you should live that way between brother and brother, because my Son and your Lord is gentle and humble in His spirit.

The Lord has always, always reminded you of the mystery of the heaven on earth with you, people of the invisible glory, and I, a mother full of the longing of my Son, Who longs after man, advise you humbly, for you are great in this time, and you make a bridge to the Lord to have His path on earth. I humbly keep you awake and I teach you so that the world that is on the earth may not be able to separate you from your dwelling in heaven, and that you may not become man when you live in the world, but rather to strengthen you, brother to brother within the mystery of God’s son, in your mystery, people of the mysteries of the heavenly homeland on earth. Be gentle and be smart. Do not be angry; do not be discontent; do not come hard to one another, children of the heavenly homeland, but rather be members of the same body to one another, because those by whom the Lord feeds you from your midst, people nourished by heaven, they greatly love their living in heaven, their dwelling with the heaven on earth, not only with the earth, for the earth wants to be with the heaven on it, because this is the time, and this is how you should also want, and to strengthen always the path of the heaven to the earth, for the Lord to be your Master, and your sonship love for Him to make you in His image and after His likeness, for woe to the one who lives without a master on earth, because that one does not know what it comes to him, and, again, woe to the one who has the man as master over him, because the man is deceived on earth, and it is hard for man, because he is crushed by he himself, and then by the one like him. However, you give light together with the Lord and your Master over the man on the earth, because I, the mother of your Master, give you my longing of heaven as a gift, the living in heaven on earth, as I lived, for my Son was from heaven and was not from the earth, and He came and taught us the mystery of the heavenly homeland, the mystery by which He would overcome over the earth once with all the glory of those that belong to the Lord and are not seen, and which watch on earth and in heaven, until everything will be again one unity and one eternity, as it is written about the new birth of the world of those that were the glory before the foundation of those that are not seen. Amen.

I, the mother of my Lord and yours, strengthen you within your living with the heaven on earth, because the earth is the footstool of everything that will mean the homeland, the sweet country of the New Jerusalem, but work sons, work with love and with sweetness at the whole beauty of the heavenly homeland, work it out with the heaven, because you belong to the heaven on earth. However, be gentle and humble in your heart, like My son, so that you may not be like man, children of the book which comes from heaven and writes itself on earth and becomes deed by your likeness with the Word Lord, and not otherwise, children who stay to learn to know from the Lord and to receive Him to be on earth, and the Lord to be the light of the world. Amen.

I, Son full of word, became like You and gave the word to Your people. I put my longing for heaven in it, so that Your people may take it to be part of his nature and his work and to have it always as the foundation of the heavenly homeland on earth, homeland at which You work for the perfection and to its revelation and of its sons.

I, Son full of the spirit of word, give as a gift to Your people the spirit of word like Yours; Yours from what is Yours, and let them take only after You, those with whom You have built on earth the heavenly homeland, and about which all the nations of the earth will wonder, when You will reveal Yourself with it soon, soon, soon. Amen.

And now, I give You the word of my day of feast, for Yours is and it is from You, just as I am from You, as You are from me, after the Father carries all in Him and in You, and then He sets on earth by those who obey Him as You obeyed, as I obeyed, and as all those that are written into the Book of Life from the foundation of the world have obeyed, Son of the mysteries of the Sabaoth Father, and by Whom He built everything, and they are and will be. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, mother, oh My loved bride, the longing of the saints and of the angels and of all those who loved with longing the announcing by the prophets and My coming through you on earth, My mother bride, the vine of My Father and yours! You have remained in the vine and you are the vine, My dear mother bride, and blessed is the son born from above, from heaven, from Me, Who have come as word on earth for the new birth of the world, mother! Blessed is the son who knows to remain in the vine as you did, as I did, in the Father and in you, bride mother, for you know sweetly to teach My bride people, and your speaking near Mine is sweeter than the sweetest wine, and this is how you know to remain in the vine and to become My glory, and this is how you also teach My people to stay in the vine and to have the work of the vine, mother. Amen.

Now, My people, because you are Mine on earth, I strengthen upon you a sweet and full of longing blessing over your beautiful work for the glorified and heavenly face of the garden of the meeting, in which I may always come and measure with My measure every son of My people, sitting in council with him by My table of council on earth, by My measure from your midst. All My promises come and they come into view and the hill of Zion will be exalted and very beautiful, My new Zion, and everything that adorn it by My order. Amen.

Let thousands of angels come near to you, My people, and you should make them come near you as well, because I prophesied into My book with you, that the angels will work with you on earth, and all the nations of the earth will see this miracle and My work done with you, and they will see you illuminated by the light of My word. I want to be able to be with you on earth and to be the Light of the world, and you to show to the world that are My son, light from the Light, and let it come under this vine all those who seek with longing and then find My way with you and your living in heaven, My living into your midst, and let us give to the world the light of salvation and the glorified sight of the heavenly homeland on earth, My people. Amen, amen, amen.