The Word of God, fourteen years from the laying down of the foundation stone of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem

I, the Lord and My word from the Father, write Myself with a day of feast for the garden of the word of God during these days, and you, children from the gates, together with the entire people of My word, strengthen your little hearts and then settle down as feast before Me, for I stay into Your midst with the life of My word, which brings you before Me and Me before you, and which then works My word on the earth. Amen.

Oh, sons, the country of My coming as word in it is under pains. The Romanian people are oppressed under the rod of My wrath, and I want to hear you asking Me to save it and to give it of My Spirit of life, and the life is that which lies in God with the man, because the people, whose God I am, is pleased to Me, and I protect him. Even the pain for the revival is My love for the man too, because I become the word for the new birth of the world in it, fulfilling this Scripture, which I spoke about two thousand years ago. Amen.

The Holy Spirit of My word asks from the Romanian people the love for God, faith in this word, which cleanses the lawlessness on the earth and which comforts those who love in God and not in this world. I come down with the Scripture of the man’s renewal, by which I call the man to love in God, not in the world, for the spirit of the world has taken the man out of My kingdom and has made him used to the living on the earth and not in heaven. My kingdom has to be on the earth and not man’s, and the man has to be a dwelling place of My glory, a kingdom of the heavens, which I want to be full of joy in man, full of the voice of My word, which makes the world again. Amen.

Oh, My people, in this day of feast for the little garden of My word, I establish you before Me praying for the Romanian country. Let My hand save it from its hardship, from under its pain. Let My spirit renew it, and let its sons seek God’s life in them and among them, for the sin carries its punishment within it, and I want Romania to be clean, because I will come soon with the visible glory in it and I announce Myself as its God to lift up those who are Romanians within their hearts and deed, and to call by its name all the soul, which will love to be in My image and after My likeness, which will be soon, soon, over the sons of this nation for the glory of My coming, to have house and board in My country, newly chosen, as it is My will and not its will, and that it may love My will, for I am its God. Amen.

Oh, people of My word, I teach you within the Holy Spirit to ask the kingdom of My peace for Romania, so that it may have My love and protection over it and to make itself ready according to My pleasure, to be the house of My coming after two thousand years, for I have much work to establish on the land in its midst, and then to bring into view the new heaven, the new earth and the new man, with My love in him on the earth, and My rest in man, as I wanted the man then when I built him to My joy.

And now, My people, having into your midst those that are anointed between Me and you, I want to hear the voice of your prayer for Romania, which cries under the persecution (The Floods, r.n.) and it does not know to find its salvation from the temptations which has caught it within them because of its departure from God. Lift up your hands, My people, and within an earnest spirit of prayer, speak to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit your prayer for your country and Mine, and this is how you are to pray:

Lord of the powers in heaven and on earth, Lord of patience and endurance, within Your great sufferance because of the Romanian people’s departure from God and because of every man’s departure on the earth, we comfort You, heart by heart we comfort You in Your pain for the country of Your coming. It is Your chosen one and Your wedding table, but it is not able to know You, because it has departed from the Holy Spirit, Who knows from You in man, and the shepherds, who stand over it in Your name, do not have any mercy on it. However, You have mercy and You do not forget about Your mercy if You have come within it to shepherd it on Your pasture. Give it the grace of the Holy Spirit by Your baptism with the Holy Spirit and with fire. Give it the spirit of revival and of the holy faith, and then of the love and of the knowledge of God. Stop Your wrath that has come upon it for its revival. Let Your rebuking upon it be its resurrection and then life with You, and save it from the spirit of the world, from the perishing spirit of this age, for the world and its lust perishes, but let Romania and its sons remain, Lord, and make its house into Your house and Your people of saints, because the holy man is sweet, and the holy life in man is a blessing on earth.

There will be only saints in Your people; we know that this is what You have announced through the prophets, but we reach our hands to You so that You may put in them in such a way that we may give to the Romanian people Your wisdom, the wisdom of creation of the new man according to Your image and likeness on the Romanian land, and let this miracle spread over the entire world then, to renew the world in this way, and not by rebuking, Lord of the powers.

And now, refresh Yourself within us, to know to ask You, to know by Your Spirit in order that You may fulfill.

Speak to the rain and to its great measure to go back to its place and to come on the earth only for the food of the people, food that grows with rain, with sun, with light and with the grace of the Holy Spirit, Who gives life over all and Who gives comfort over everything.

Speak to the swift wind not to destroy Your creature from the Romanian land, but to withdraw into its chambers instead, and when it comes out speak to it, let it come sweetly and comfortably to refresh and to speak about life, and to sing with its voice the song of Your love for those who love You, for Your coming on earth as word, Lord of the powers.

Speak with love to all the ghosts not to strike the Romanian land, but to protect it instead for the whisper of Your Holy Spirit, Which becomes word on the earth. Speak to everything to work with the measure of the blessing and of the comfort, and bring holy peace and light of Your light over the Romanian land.

We ask You for the Romanians and over the Romanians, so that the Romanian people may not have another god except You and to listen more and more and to come and learn to do Your will, and the Romanian people to be a holy nation and then a praised nation before You, from which they will learn the eternal life and the blessing of all the nations of the earth, which will cry seeing Your coming with glory, and giving You glory with its feast into the middle of the Romanian land, chosen by You in the beginning and now to work upon it the mystery of eternity of everything that was and is in You and not into this world, Lord of the powers.

In addition, Lord, come in us with the Holy Spirit of prayer, and through it we may be able to ask You earnestly for all that are spoken by You for the promise of the salvation. Cover with Your protection, with Your mercy and then with Your glory the Romanian country, and let Your saints and angels give to it from You, and always teach us to pray to You for it, and You to fulfill this. Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, children of goodness and prayer, may your heart for prayer be warm, for the heart does not need to have another work than the work which asks for God on earth, His will on earth as in heaven, and when your heart also works you for those who are to be fulfilled, keep it within Me and not within this world full of venom. I am always among you and I teach you not to be into the world, not to say in the world, but rather stay in Me, sons. It is not I that I need to struggle to have you, but rather you are to struggle for this. I only teach you My will in you, for the one who is not taught by God does not make God on earth, and he makes the devil instead, and I become upset with the man if he does this, and behold, each work calls for its reward.

The man has to become joy and to walk within My light, for otherwise he stays within the darkness in him. However, I am the Teacher with eternal life in the word and I set upon man the wisdom of life, and then the continuation of the sons of life, and for this entire fulfillment on the earth, the man has to listen to God.

However, sons of My word of life making, you should not stop walking in the light, for the life which is in the light is a life protected by angels and is always set on the way of life at any of its shaking if the man is humble. The man has to stay within great humility not to fall from God, for Adam fell from Me, if He was not able to become humble because of his falling. He got upset with Me when I saw that he did no longer listen to Me and then I set apart the paradise for Him, the house for life and for obedience in it. The mystery of obedience is the mystery of life, and woe to the man who listens to himself and cannot be as beautiful as God can, because I listen to the Father to be the beautiful One and for the man to receive from this mystery of life, which makes the man shine before Me and before the people. The one who listens to God on earth, that one is a beautiful man, and that one knows this work of obedience on earth, for the man, after he goes wrong, he has to listen. The one who goes wrong is the one who does not listen, but if he loves to be the beautiful one, he then comes to obedience on earth, for obedience is from God and its entire work means light.

Oh, My people, I stay into your midst with My mouth full of teaching for the sons of the people to take of My mouth and to learn to escape from perishing, to escape from disobedience. The one who keeps himself with all his things within the light, that one is a man with a clean heart from his own self and is a son of peace, because peace is not otherwise, and the man who stays in his inside, that one brings only war, for the devil hides in him and works through the hidden things of the man, because the devil loves the man’s darkness.

Walk within the light, sons. It is good to be known and seen always, to be always clean within your heart and to be called God’s sons. Be with a clean heart from you yourselves, and let it be full of God, because the darkness is from the man, sons. When Adam hid in his inner self in such a way that God was not able to know him, I called him out and I revealed to him his innermost side, but because he did not humble due to his innermost side, he became upset and did no longer love Me and then he held aloof in his heart far from My heart and loved his own things and not God’s. This is how the man forsakes God, because the one who does not walk in the light he also does no longer loves the light but only the darkness, which makes a house to the devil in man.

Oh, My people, it is not well with the man to stay in his inside, for My light calls him outside when he does this, and it is very rare the man who humbles himself at My calling, which brings the man into the light just as I did with Adam. The man cannot keep himself from the things that are within him, and he does not know to believe this and then to look afterwards for the work of the light. However, I have come on earth as word, and I have prepared for Myself a holy and little garden, from which I have been working by the word and calling the man out of himself in order to teach him what obedience is, and that he may learn from Me to be gentle and humble in his heart, and in this way to pass from death to life, from the darkness that is in him to the outside light, from stubbornness to obedience, from haughtiness to humility and infancy, by these entire mysteries, which bring upon the man the life and the redemption of the creature.

And now, My gentle and humble spirit comforts your wound, Romania. Let My peace overflow upon you like a river, but seek, My country to have shepherds who may lead you to Me and not to themselves, for it is because of those who stand over you without My life in them, that you suffer now pain, My country. Wake up the one among your shepherds who is from Me, (The bishop John Irineu of Bistriţa, r.n.), and by who I testified fourteen years ago about a clean church on the earth, a church of New Jerusalem and a holy and saving nation from Me into your midst. Wake up the one among your shepherds, who is faithful and truthful for your salvation, and have him ask from the Father your reconciliation to God, My country. Bring him with his face to My spring and have him stand as your intercessor with Me, but wake up your spirit of faith and knowledge of My mysteries by which I work from your midst over the earth, My country. Amen.

I am in a feast with the day of the remembrance of the sealing of forty years of the little garden of My word, of the Holy of Holies of the Romania’s churches, because all are being made up again, and those things that are old, behold, they pass with a great noise, and a holy country is being worked out, New Jerusalem on the Romanian land, and this name will be all over the earth: Romania, the country of the New Jerusalem, the haven of those who are saved. Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, people of My word of today! I will come back again into My book, after you will lift up this day of feast to Me, and I will write Myself into the book, to give you advice from Me and work with advice, and be sons of obedience. Amen.


Behold, My people, I am your counselor, so that you may be a son of obedience, because if you have a counselor, then you also have obedience, and the one who is obedient is protected by angels, but no one is able to listen but only the one who believes that God and not the man has placed on the earth the spirit of obedience. Everything that is between heaven and earth, worked by My word, everything listens to God and to the justice of everything that happens, and when the justice of those who are wicked, and which are worked by man, seems to change, and this is made by the man’s repentance, the repentance, which persuades God for the forgiveness against the man’s wrongdoings, because the man is united then with God, and the wrongdoings one has done cannot reach to the man who is united with God, after he condemns the evil in him, forsaking and settling down in Me, being carried away then by the spirit of obedience, the spirit which carries the man on the path of the angels of life. That is why I always teach you, My people, to dwell in Me, not into this world, to love in Me, not into this world, because in the world there is no spirit of obedience to the protection from the angels upon you, and there is only the man and his darkness inside and outside of him.

The man does not like to be with God on the earth, because God is light, and everything that happens and everything that works is in the light, and the man is not used to be known and seen with those that are inside of him, if these do not take after God, but rather they take after the man and after the devil, who likes man’s hiding, and by which the devil keeps going on between heaven and earth.

I taught the disciples how the man can belong to God, a son of the light, and then to be My disciple, with whom I may work much light upon the earth and all the Scriptures, which wait one after the other for the fulfillment that comes from God. Sons, the light is that which destroys those that are hidden from everywhere, which struggles through the man against the light, against the angels of the light, and I spoke to the disciples: «Walk in the light!», and I taught them to believe in Me so that they could listen to everything that I have been teaching them to fulfill.

Oh, sons, I also taught you and I always teach you your way with Me, and I keep the devil of the darkness away from you when it hears that I teach you to stay with your heart into your hand and not into your chest; to stay with those that are it in the light for the angels of light to serve you, the angels who serve those who stay in God, visible and known with everything that they do and feel.

Oh, My people, the man cannot be God’s but only if he listens to Him, but the people do not know how to do this work. When I sent the disciples to the people, I told them: «He, who receives you, receives Me, and he who does not receive you, does not receive Me and the One Who has sent Me». I did not tell them to hide with the man in their selves, but I told them to walk in the light destroying the evil in man in a visible and known way, as I worked visibly and I was known by them, and not as Adam worked with Me, who took of the tree that was set aside and hid in disobedience. It is the most secret place, which the man hides from God in, when he forgets that there is no any secret place for My light.

Oh, My people, the one who hides has not got a clean heart. The hiding, when the man lets himself be carried away by his unknown thought, as he says, the angels of the darkness see his deed and serve it, and then it blames the man before God. However, the light of the man keeps the Lord and His angels close to the man, because the man with a clean heart always becomes visible and known because he has a spirit loving of people, and such a spirit does not stays in itself and such a man does not do anything that has to be hidden, but rather he becomes light by all those that are pleasant and worked by him, for him and for his fellowmen. The one, who is hidden within himself, when I call him out of himself, gets upset with Me as Adam did, but the one who stays within the light rejoices when I bring him before Me, as Lazarus did when I called him out of the tomb, for he was in the spirit of obedience loving the mystery of light.

Lazarus came out of the tomb at My word, My people. The one who is alive in his body does not see and that is why he does not listen; he does not see, and that is why he does not believe and that is why he loves himself.

Oh, it is not good for the man to stay inside of him, because then he must call the Lord outside as the Lord called Lazarus out of the tomb, and the man gets upset with God when He calls him out, like Adam who got angry when he hid inside of him and in the woman, and then he hid behind the woman when I called him.

Oh, My people, I teach you son, to be My disciple, to have someone to work with over people for the way of their light to Me. I cannot work without disciples, but I need to have a people only for Me, to listen to Me and by the spirit of obedience, to be able to be again light on the earth. I spoke to the disciples: «He who does not leave father and mother, or spouse and children, of lands and ranks, or friends and riches and he himself for My sake, cannot be My disciple», for all these pull the man back from Me and then teach him disobedience after that. However, you, My people, should love life, you should love obedience to be protected from fallings and to be My disciple all the time, so that the spirit of darkness may not have enough time to take your mind outside from the fear of God and from the spirit of disobedience, because through all these I have you as Mine and I have you by the spirit of the zeal full of love for God, the One Who made the heaven and the earth, and behold, they work out their renewal again. Amen.

I exhort you to keep yourself beautifully before the angels of light, because I set a law, good in everything that I made, My people. Be the sons of light, sons, for I want to make you used to get up in the morning and not to go to sleep late after it gets dark. It is better to work in the daytime, sons, lest you may not get used to work in the nighttime. Getting up in the morning brings you to the meeting of the light, lest it may not come upon you while you are sleeping, and this work will teach you how to stand before Me for My coming with My morning. If someone calls you out at the gate in the morning, it is not beautiful for you all not to be awake, but it is good for you to be one, and this way you will live one in another for those that are alive and brotherly. Go to sleep when it gets dark well, and wake up on the morning at the sunrise, sons, to be the sons of the eternal morning. Read in the Scriptures what is pleasant to the Lord, and this is what you are to do all the time, so that you may accomplish all the things written into the Scriptures, by which I have been advising the man to life.

Let your hands make many crosses over your body and over all that you have and use, sons. Let your feet carry your body in the light towards all My wills with you, and yours with Me, and always to announce peace to you, and you should also leave your hearts in Me and in all those that are Mine, so that you may be able to have the spirit and the work of obedience, which does not leave you to perish from the way of the angels of light.

Behold, sons, I have worked with great mercy for the little soul that has been lifted up now from among the people, because he knew well about My coming down to you, and the spirit of haughtiness in him is lifting him up with judgment and not with wisdom upon My work with you, against My peace among you. The one who knows Me and hears My coming and is not afraid to receive it and to take the spirit of obedience from it for his meeting with Me, that one comes to oppose Me, for the man does not listen to God, as Lazarus did when I called him out of the tomb and when his soul also listened to him, not only his body, because the body is carried by the soul. However, the man always stays in his self and does not answer to Me, because he is great on the earth and forgets about My will in him. However, My mercy is great when I am compassionate on man, and I have sought not to leave that little soul to perish in disobedience, in unfulfillment and always, always within the spirit of man. My work with you is a high mountain, sons, and he who tries to strike against this mountain is smashed against it, because I protect you from the heaven and from the earth by those who are faithful to My descending and by those in whom I fulfill Myself. I did not want this little soul to be caught by the coming of My glory standing with his back towards My word of today and towards its fulfillment. I do not work the man’s departure from Me, and from this pains from him to Me, but I do not want to leave the man to get lost by his ignorance of God too, because the man who becomes great on earth, forgets about the spirit of humility of his heart, the spirit which protects the man on the earth. Now, I ask you to take care before Me of the perseverance for the salvation of his soul, to do him good, now when he sees how God is with you. However, he is wounded now, because he did not want that his stop towards Me to be at the gate marked by Me on the earth and which guards the little garden of My word. However, I will heal him from this wound, by the repentance of those in his house, who do not know to love Me for My coming down to you as word of resurrection and teaching for the man’s obedience to God. However, you should seek to know well the work of disciples, to be useful to Me for the salvation of many who do not know to become saviors from near Me and not from near the world for the man. Amen.

I have been exhorting you to stay more enveloped within the spirit of obedience, sons. You should not replace the love for Me with some other love, because here it is how easy the man slips away, who thinks from his own self and not being afraid of himself! I will always teach you, and I will teach you warmly, because My wisdom is great when the man loves it within him, and behold, the word of My teaching is among you.

Oh, My people, do always the work of My word, and be diligent to listen to Me and to love Me and you will be the light from heaven on to the earth, and you will be the fruit of obedience and you will be My sweet joy, My people. Amen, amen, amen.