The Word of God on the Sunday of all saints

The saints of the Most High come down with their feast on earth, because they knew what life on earth meant, and they earned their life forever and ever, because I, the Lord, said: «Whoever seeks to save his life loses it, but whoever loses his life preserves it». Amen.

I have hurried to the gates, and I have made haste in good time, because all the saints are full of longing, My people. The saints have been waiting with a great longing for My word on the earth. With an irresistible ardor all the heavenly hosts have been waiting to lay down the table of My word, for My word is the feast of those from heaven; it is the table of peace, the assembly of all saints, and My coming to you is not otherwise but with the saints of the Most High, My people, the saints who lived on earth loving in Me and not in them because God is love, and only He has to be loved. However, the man deprived Me of this honor, because he wants to be loved instead, and this is how the man has got used to sit down in My place and in this way God may no longer be loved, and that it may no longer be love from man to God.

The man stops for himself and each one gives oneself to another to gain love, and whoever does this cannot love God. The saints of the heaven, however, knew what the emptiness of life was, and did not love anything and no one on earth but God only, and the man who was in God as in heaven and not as on earth, and whoever lives on earth and not in heaven and not in God with his life, that one does not know what life is and does not know to earn life, but only emptiness.

The saints of the Most High have come in groups and started walking with Me to you for their feast, for the Sunday of all saints, My people. Oh, open your heart, open the eyes of your spirit and see that the hosts of the saints come down with Me to you and sit down at the table of My word for their feast. They are surrounding with great glory My trumpet, Verginica, because she is celebrated for her coming into the world in the day of the celebration of the Sunday of all saints, a day established by the saints and by the fathers, a day of heavenly Synod for the union of all saints in one day of their glory in heaven and on the earth.

Oh, Israel of today, the one who believes in the saints of the Most High has to be great, and when he believes, then this faith changes his face, his living, his deed, his watching and his waiting, and one like that becomes love without margins, and he becomes like God, for there is no greater love than that, that is, for someone to lay down his life for his friends, My people, and this means God, and the man cannot do this, but he can love and forgive if he wants life, and if he does not want life, then he seeks to gain his life, his justice, his peace, his rest, losing his life, for whoever saves his life will lose it, and he loses God, and he loses the mystery of love, the mystery of life. Whoever lives on earth like a master, first, that one loses his mind from God for his mind, and then, by his haughtiness, he sees only through his own self and in the same way he struggles to gain his life. However, the wise one, the meek and humble in his heart, weighs in God his mind, his heart, his word and deed and their love as well, and with them he earns life and then he gives it to his friends, clean, holy, sweet an heavenly on earth, for that one becomes a kingdom of the saints on earth, and everything that is in heaven makes a dwelling place in him, in the one who has life.

Oh, My people, I rejoice the saints by My speaking with you, for they earned God as the reward of their life, of their eternal life. Their spirit rejoices greatly when they hear Me and see Me speaking with you about the mystery of the saints’ life, for they long after the life in the people, so that the people may long for the saints, and they come to live on earth with the people, and to have a calling to come, because without a calling they cannot come and cannot work and cannot live among people with their pain, which wait in them to be working on earth among people, and that those who are faithful to the Lord to love the gifts of His saints.

Oh, My people, you should know that life without trial within it does not pass for its redemption. In order that the man may reach to be great among the people on earth, he is taken through many doors, and he is weighed in different manners to gain a rank in his life of man, and the one who is not tested, that one remains even without life on earth, not only without a name or without glory, glory as on earth. However, in order that the man may gain life for heaven, because life is from heaven, he does not know how tested his life has to be, how tested by so many things that he has to go through and to answer well, in such a way that he may be able to save life by losing his life, as I spoke about the life for the man. The saints of the Most High endured contempt, humility, great and small trials, pains of any kind, hatred, the long endurance of saints, the death of their body, and behold how many things are that put man’s life to probation until he reaches to earn his life! I did not earn My life otherwise among people; and then I earned it from those among the dead, for the man’s life on earth either makes the way to the life of man, or not, the way of the man’s resurrection and of his eternity with the Lord.

Oh, how sweet was the life of My trumpet, Verginica, in her time on earth! A life full of God in man has never been loved, appreciated, and seen well by those on earth, who are only flesh, for My life in man is a humble spirit, a broken and a humble heart. This is how I dwell in man when he lives within Me, and that one is with God on earth. When I gathered the disciples near Me to make them pleasant to the Father, I told them: «Woe to you, when men speak well of you! For their fathers did the same to the false prophets, and truly I say that they have already received their consolation!».

Oh, My people, the life is put to test by humility, and if it does not answer with love and patience and with wisdom like that of Mine, because of trial, that one is not a good life for God in man. However, the man is haughty for his life and such a man lives within himself and loves himself by everything he does, and the love of his self has as its sign in man, not the love of brothers, but vindication and discontent, and such a man has no brothers at all. However, the love has love in it, and this is how it is known when it is in man, and when the man is guilty he has no love in himself, but he rather has love for his self, and he also has blame for his neighbor, and a man like that struggles to earn his life, for he does not know the mystery of love and its face and its work.

I cannot make for Me a heaven of saints from men, who do not have My love in them, and neither can I make them saints. The one who lives for his self-love cannot hide in himself, but rather he is seen by everything he does and proves. Love is a big power and I come down into hearts and minds, discerning of My mysteries among people, and I remain confused in those who are haughty within their spirit, and I also remain in the darkness towards the one who loves oneself and I cannot share Myself with anyone through the one who is self-confident.

Love is power either for good, or for evil upon man, because there are two kinds of loves and they go on two sides, either to destroy or to save the man’s life. One of them is self-love, that by which the blind does not see his to be able to keep away his life from destruction, and the other one is the love from above, from heaven, from God, put into the service of the heavenly works among people, for those who are being saved.

Behold My people, godly love means God and God’s work on the earth, and human love means man and man’s work on the earth. These two kinds of love never meet, because they reject each other and are against each other by their work itself. And the saints loved with power the heavenly wisdom of love and they became saints on earth for it and they saved their lives and went full of life into heaven and are the sons of life forever and ever, and I, the Lord, come on earth with those who are alive, and I come with the saints, with those who found on earth the mystery of love and lived within it. Amen.

Oh, My people, I remind you of My prayer to the Father for My brothers, for My disciples, because I was telling My Father: «Father, even as We are one, let them also be one in Us so that Our joy may be made full in them». Oh, how shall I do that this mystery may be lived powerfully on earth among My disciples, among those who were called to be elected and then faithful? I have always, always prayed to My Father, and I want to see into your midst that you can do this, My people, because I prayed for My disciples, and those who are My disciples can do this. Amen.

I long to have disciples on earth and that they may be great by what they do greatly and wonderfully into My name over many. No one is greater among people and among disciples with his life than the disciple who is Mine and who speaks the word of God according to God’s wisdom, according to the plan of God’s works on the earth. There is no one greater among people and among disciples with his life from heaven than the disciple who has in him God’s revelation over the people. However, I cry, My people, because the man is too big that he may bow and then to receive the one who is God’s word on My behalf. I suffer with an endless tear from the man, and I cannot lift up the man from his dust, and the saints also cry together with Me; the saints without a house cry and they do not have any house where to cry, and their feast is like Mine, much tear, pain and sighing, longing and mourning, and all these are comprised within the love from above, the love of the saints.

I get ready for Verginica’s tear, because she is among the saints of the heaven, and the entire heaven cries in this time of hardship of God on earth, a trial such as never was and never will be, and the man does not know the time of the Lord, because the man knows only his time, and it is for it that he lives his life.

Oh, Verginica, your tear becomes your feast among the saints who are celebrated in the synod by Me and by My people on earth. Oh, God’s trumpet, your sighing on earth was painful! You had always cried after My life in the Christian. You had always sighed for My longing and for My sighing from man, because the man does not give Me anything, because he does not want to find the mystery of the heavenly love to rejoice over it, both he and I in him. Oh, trumpet full of My mourning, all the saints comfort you as they comforted you when you came into the world as a baby, crowning among the heavenly ones the feast of the Sunday of all saints, when I told them that you will be My trumpet and theirs before My coming, and when I told them that you would be My coming, the stairway of My coming among the people to harvest a people of disciples. However, what a great pain I had been carrying during of all this time of fifty years of My coming down! Because the one who heard Me through the voice of the trumpet did not want to become a disciple of My coming, of the great annunciation of now, at the end of the time, and the time lost by the man cries, and the man who is lost in time cries too, and he does not know why he cries; he does not know, because the man does not know himself, because he does not know where his life is from and where his life cries waiting for him.

Oh, what a sweet feast! Oh, the sufferance is sweet, Verginica, and the man flees from this sweetness and eats only bitterness, for the man who seeks only joys cannot love God, the One suffering in heaven and on earth and in man. The one who cries after joys, that one does not know God and cannot comfort Him. But the saints of the Most High know the mystery of the heavenly love and its spring, because it is the spring of the saints in heaven and on earth, and it is a great thing for the man to know the mystery of the holy one, the mystery of the one who loves God among those who are on earth. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, how much tear, Lord, how much tear! The love becomes tearing and only the saints love this mystery, which cannot dwell with the man full of love for himself and from whom You sigh so painfully, and You sigh in the saints, Lord. Oh, how could I be otherwise on earth and in heaven than Your sigh, if I was Your disciple on earth, Your trumpet, having the greatest of all gifts, the gift of Your word? I had carried You as word on earth and it has remained over those who love this gift, and You are eternal through it over those who are born for You and not for them on earth. I want to come with much word for my feast among saints, and I will strengthen those in the gates, in order that I may come down over Your people and mine with the gifts from above for the wisdom of the love from above upon it.

And as for you, gates of the Lord, I embrace you within heavenly powers; I embrace you within the love from above, to be able to stay for the passing of the saints to the Lord’s people, in order that I may teach it, on this feast, God’s mystery with the man, the mystery of salvation, the mystery of the life, which does not perish, sons who announce God. Oh, how much I would like that the people may understand the Lord’s love in you! Oh, how much I would like the people to know you from near the Lord and not from near it! Your love for the chosen people is great and is from heaven and it is with great mercy, but there are two more steps, which bring him to life, because those who are called have to be, also, chosen at the work for God, and then they must do the miracles of their faith for the fulfillment of those last Scriptures, which wait to come down on earth. I see your labor; I see how those from above press on you, and you are crushed by everything the Lord suffers and great care presses on you for the work of the Lord upon the people and upon all those on the earth who are lost by God, sold to the glory of the world, which is not from God, but it is in the world and it keeps the man for it in such a way that the man may not see his salvation and the Master of his salvation.

I let you have rest so that then we may be able to bring to an end the word of the feast of the saints, to give you advice for the people and for man, because I am the Lord’s trumpet and I had no other gift on the earth.

Long after Me, My people, for I am with the Lord, and with much sign I ask you from the Lord to be always and to learn to be. I ask you with the same sigh from you for the great work which is now to be done for the Lord, your God, because if there is still time, you should work for the Lord, because the Lord has to speak soon over everything: «All things have come to an end!» and you should walk with the Lord and to be the beginning from the end of everything and to be the one who wipes out the Lord’s tear and of His saints. Amen.

— Oh, Verginica, we bless their feast; we give the love to the saints, and we ask them to keep a heavenly feast, and We, to look at them and to inspire the vigor by which the saints stay with them, enshrouding them within the mystery of the life, which does not perish, and then to come closer again with the whole word of the feast.

My people, do not forget about the invisible heaven. Do not forget to believe with power in order that the Lord may measure your faith, because the work of the faith is by its sight, and it is the prime of life, which opens at its sight, spreading its fragrance and praising those who are the disciples of the Lord, for which they worked hard. Blessed is the one who does not sleep now, because the one who sleeps is the one who does not hear My word and does not live by it. And the one who does not sleep, I find that one coming to meet Me, and then he becomes a sower from heaven and a fruit of the One Who sows over the disciples His seed giving of life, out of which an obedient people springs up, gentle and humble in its heart, a child of the heavenly Father, just as I am. Amen, amen, amen.


Come sowing children, because the one who does not sleep at My word, I have him as My disciple who has in him God’s revelation over people, as I have told you in this great day. Verginica has exhortations for the people nourished from heaven, and you make the passing of the saints and help them to enter into My book with you, on My coming to My people, children sons. It is the feast of all saints, and Verginica is their gate of entrance; she is My trumpet and of those from heaven.

Oh, Verginica, the sufferance of those from heaven is sweet, and their tear becomes feast to call the people to Me and to give them power to become God’s sons, saints of the heaven, as You were on earth, because those, who will have received what they have worked for by their living in the flesh, will be as on earth either, and whoever does not believe this, that one does not know what the life on earth and in heaven means.

Oh, My trumpet, your sigh on earth was painful! You had always cried after My life in the Christian, and you taught him both from heaven and from earth, and the more you taught him and longed for him, the more he departed from heaven. Oh, how beautiful you taught the Christian! You gave him a book to study and follow, but he got used to be forgetful, Verginica, and if you did not teach him even now, he would always forget. However, you have a gentle and humble spirit, as on the earth, and you suffer from the one who does not know on earth what its life and power is. Come with love and with My Holy Spirit, Whom I gave to those who became the Lord’s dwelling among the people. Come, because you are My trumpet and of My saints, and you are full of love as on earth, and you bow like Me to be able to help those who came for the work of My word, so that My whole teaching may settle upon them and that they may live by it and to become joy for the saints and an example to the people, Verginica. And now, I bless your entrance into your people. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, how much work over the people of today, Lord! Oh, how much word from heaven over it so that it may love life, Lord! And now, we teach it again and we give it from heaven, for the saints to have a share with it, because Your word in its midst is the table of the saints who have waited for Your coming with them, the work of Your coming, which makes the world again, by union with those that are on the earth, Lord.

My people, long for me, because I am with the Lord, and I ask you with great sigh from the Lord and I ask from Him life and power of life for you. In addition, with the same sigh, I ask you from yourself too, because much work has to be done for the making of the world again. If there is still time, you have to work for the Lord and you have to be able to exhort brother to brother.

Oh, children from the gates, you have to work more upon the people, even if the work of the issue of the book, the one of fifty years of work of the Lord, requires of you all your walking, all your time and all your rest. It is much and always to be worked so that the Lord may have a beautiful life in the Christian and to find him this way every moment. The tolerance from day to day of the people not to fulfill all the Lord’s word cannot bring the resurrection and cannot bring power over those who need to be able to work for the heaven. Oh, the will from the earth is not good. Resurrection is good instead, for where there is not always the same resurrection in all, there is tear on earth and in heaven, and it is hard to overcome for the Scriptures, which have now to be fulfilled for the Lord to settle and reign over everything and then to be resurrection.

I want to come down with teaching over all those who receive from you the word from heaven, but especially I would exhort the people to take a better look and not to forget from day to day the book that I left it for it on may going into heaven. It would be for you to remind one another of it again and again and to be receivers if you take from it one for another, because you have to take upon you the life that is pleasant to the Lord from the book of My teaching upon you. Behold all the words of the Lord have remained for the judgment of every man because the man does not fulfill them, and they are on earth in order that the man may not say that he did not know what his life on earth meant. However, you, people of the Lord’s ever teaching, do you know what your life means? The saints, who are now in heaven, understood the Lord’s word, giving of life, and which has remained in the Scriptures and in the saints, and the saints lived according to it on the earth, for the holy man does not need to have his life on earth. The Lord has gathered you from place to place in small bits to teach you what life is and to put it to test and to look at it always from inside and outside, and He has recently taught you not to love to stay as in your house in the courtyards of His blessings for those who love and listen to God. It is a sin to stay in your wills in the courtyards of the Lord, my people. You always have to learn, for the word from heaven has always come upon you with its life, because it is giving of life. Son, you owe nothing to your brother, but you owe to the Lord instead, and this means much more; it means everything, because you do not have to live inside and outside of you like the man on earth. You have been called to the work of life, to the work of the saints, and the saints did not live on earth without the work of life always upon them. They lived on the earth loving in the Lord, not in them, but can you alone understand how this comes, that is to stay in the Lord and not in you? Behold, the saints know me as the Lord’s trumpet, and they also pass towards you to tell you how the saints should live on the earth. Amen.

— The hosts of the saints altogether become one single word, Verginica. The Lord has given us a great gift in heaven now, in the end of the time by giving you birth on the earth and then by bringing you in heaven, for the saints from heaven have been waiting for the Lord’s coming too, not only the faithful ones and saints with love on the earth. No one is able to become a saint only by faith. After that, love for faith is needed, and this is what we worked on the earth. Love is a great power, and with it one overcomes death, which comes from the spirit of the world and from the flesh, and this is the battle we fought on the earth, to gain in us the holiness and then the gift of the Holy Spirit. However, you were so big on earth since the Lord made you into a gift of His saints and gave you to us to be able to come with the Lord on the earth to the people nourished from heaven by your mouth, because you were the Lord’s trumpet.

All the saints cry with tears of joy for the gift of our coming with the Lord at His table into the midst of Israel, Israel from the Romanians, and blessed are all those who know what Abraham’s seed among the people means, for behold, those, who have come to this table in order to come closer to the Lord, have believed like Abraham that the God of the Holy Trinity is the One Who comes and speaks over the faithful one, over Israel, whose parents are the faithful ones: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Oh, the saints long for life in the people. This is what the Lord spoke about us. We long that the people may love life as we loved it on earth and in heaven, for everything on earth is loved in heaven, and no on enters into this country otherwise, if they did not gain it on the earth. The incorruptibility of the body has to be worked out by he is faithful and it has to be worked out by love, and it is not received as a gift. It is worked and brought as a gift to the Lord, to His perfection in man, as we also worked out our life in us for the Lord, and that is why we are now the sons of life, and that is why we speak over the earth by the coming of the Lord to those who believe in His coming of now.

Live is tested, if it is in man, and it is tested by humility, because the holy one has to take after the Lord, He Who was put to test by much humility, by much sufferance on the earth, for He let Himself to be put to test and tempted, but without sin. Here He is! He was without sin, and He was the most humbled One, the gentlest One, the most humble One, and then He has remained as an example over the man who is born of sin, and who, if he wants and if he loves life, is able to be born of the One without sin afterwards, of the Lord, in order to be a new creature, as it is written in the Scriptures, which have life in them.

Life is put to test, if it is in man, by the love or by not the love of brothers. Whoever wants to be a brother, that one has to be a lover of brothers, because otherwise one like that has no brothers, and the mystery and the work of the brotherhood is great, and it is from God if it is, and it is not otherwise, for that which is in God is that which is measured and not that which is worked from man. First the Lord made the invisible world, but because the man is without wisdom from heaven, he does not understand who measures his life on the earth. He cannot measure it, but even this the man does not know, and he should know even more than this, at least the one who wants the life. The man is never alone and nothing comes upon him but only out of the measure, which is well taken into consideration by the invisible world, as much as the man does not understand and does not see. Behold, nothing can be upon man but only according to his measure even when he judges his brother, because if this is what he deserves, this is what comes upon him and the judgment made by man brings the same work upon the man. We, the saints of the heaven learned the power of life and we got used on earth to overcome its weaknesses and its judgment and we made this by love, not only by faith, for when Abraham believed and did not love with the power of love from God, he would have not been able to know the Lord when He came to him in the image of the heavenly Trinity, Who is called God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We, Verginica, have told your people what the power of life is. It is the love for faith, and we are full of peace because in this day of saints, we have spoken over the earth. Amen.

— Oh, holy and dear people of the Lord, you loved the love from above, which is the power of life and the victory of death. Wipe out your tears, because the invisible world serves you as on earth when you had this understanding, and of which you had the wisdom of life, the gift of life, the guard of life and the victory for it, because the invisible world separated itself in two after the man became haughty against God, and then there were two powers: the power of good and the power of evil, and here it is how these two work on earth among the people from the invisible world and not perceived by man. First God made the invisible things and the invisible world, and then He brought into view those that are seen and man as well, and the man is not seized by this thrill, which the saints had and still have for the invisible world, which works without rest upon man, and which without a limit, decides for the good and for the evil in man, and the Spirit of the Lord from those who are elected by Him for this, puts to test from God those who stay in their spirit, in their wills, in their blood, saying to themselves that they know the Lord and that are His by what they say that they do and fulfill. Every man is content with little when tries to set his life into God’s hand, into God’s mercy, for the man knows only his time, and for it he lives his life and not for God, because in order to live for God, the man has to know the time of the Lord, and not his time. My sigh on earth was painful, oh, loved saints of the Lord’s life, because the gift of life, the most expensive gift, is not sought by man.

Oh, my people, people of God, I had always sighed for the Lord’s longing, for His longing from the man, for the man does not give to God anything else but sigh, because he does not want to find and to know and to live the mystery of life, which is the mystery of the heavenly life. I was His trumpet, His Spirit full of mourning from man, and I know His sigh, and I sighed with Him and I sigh after the life from above in the Christian. The Lord often says that in His people there will no longer be but beautiful children, there will no longer remain in it those who are proud, the fastidious, the tempters, the disobedient, those who do not fulfill, the blasphemers, those who quarrel, those who are pretentious for themselves, the envious, those with self-love, who do not stay in the Lord, and the Lord spoke about this with great pain. However, He is the One Who knows and measures His people, for the invisible world does this, and the Lord knows those who are His and has long endurance for them because of those people who are not fulfilled in the Lord, and He exhorts to patience those who love the life from above, which the Lord measures from those that are not seen, and He speaks about it through those who have been given work upon man. The one who watches over many, that one cannot have anything but only pain, while many have discontent, as it is between man and man on earth, there where does not enter the mystery of the heavenly love in man.

Oh, sons who share, it is very hard, it is very painful to look at what everyone does, at how he is and what he knows to do, and you should know what Christ wants, and that you can do nothing for the Lord to have a great and holy people, all to be one, because He prays again: «Father, as We are one, they should also be one in Us».

Oh, I exhort from the Lord those who love the life from above, not to forget the word from the heaven, which teaches them what life is, because if God is not between man and man, the man is not either, and where the Lord is not, everything is empty for those in heaven who love and want to live their life in people, because the saints have much life in heaven, and they long to see it in people. And from among the saints, I also want to have a holy life in my people, and the one who does not want to learn what life is, that one has to be taught always so that he may not forget and that his life and its power may be kept alive. Amen.

Oh, my people and the people of my Lord! The Lord has to be always alive between brother and brother, always confessed, and only in this way brothers are brothers, for where the Lord is not, the man is not too, and in the Lord’s people there are and will be only those who love the Lord in a visible and confessed way, as though the Lord were in His body among those who love to live in this way, for where He is with power, there the spirit of brotherhood is also, from which the spirit of the love of God among people is born. Oh, the tolerance for not fulfilling is not good, because the Lord’s fulfillments are not seen in the Christian, and this harmful tolerance holds the resurrection back and multiplies the Lord’s tear and of His saints, my people.

Oh, my people, the baptism with the Holy Spirit is a sweet and comforting mystery upon the man, but the baptism with fire is burning, and this science I want to awaken in the heart of every Christian who has taken of this spring and believed that the Lord is. But behold, faith without a great love for the gift of the life in Christian is not fruitful and it is of no use either to the Lord or to the man, because it is written that the love can do everything, and without it everything falls down. The Lord has to be always between Christian and Christian, for otherwise the man is not in the Lord either, because where the Lord is, the man is also, and the man is his own master by haughtiness, and that one is not, for it is not the man that means life, but the Lord means the man’s life instead.

Oh man, who look only for yourself in you and in your neighbor, and you do not listen to the Lord! You do not see the Lord but the Lord sees everything you are and everything you do. You do not hear Him, but He hears everything you say and everything you want and are, and the time comes to see that it is so. I teach you, to seek from among the saints to be with the saints, not with you, not with the one who you take after, and not to look in you. Look for this one who knows to teach you life, for haughtiness makes the man into dust and blindness, and then sufferance in heaven and joy to the devils, which stay as rulers on the earth through man, but the earth belongs to the Lord. Amen.

And now, Lord, put the power of resurrection into my word, to be for life to Israel, which always has to be called out, always nourished from heaven, and the saints desire to be with their holy life in the sons of this people, for the saints have various and sweet gifts of the life, who loved You so sweetly and comforted You with their love! Only love comforts, Lord, and for the way with You, the man does not need to have only faith but love too, because love is that which makes them all, as You with Your saints are working with love now, to make everything again. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, Verginica, first of everything that will be, we have to make and we need to have an obedient and submissive people, because without a tool no master is able to do his work. A people with a great life in it, with much Holy Spirit in it, this is what we have to make everything so that God may be again over people. We work with much difficulty, and we wait with great patience; with great longing we wait for the Father to see My earned work and brought to its glory, and I am still deeply wounded like My saints, because I cry with them and I rely upon them between man and God, and great mystery is the mystery of those who are not seen, but work until their appearance with all this work, which the man does not expect to see it, and that is why the man is indifferent to God for his staying in himself, because the man stays only in him and does not want to be in God.

Oh, it is very hard on earth without God, but the man is haughty and does not know of sufferance and I look powerlessly to the one who is alien to the mystery of life.

Oh, My people, I want you to be full of Holy Spirit to be able to work with you. Let there be God between brother and brother, without Whom nothing is from what it seems to be. You should not do anything else for you, for your brother, or for every man who has wandered away from life and from God, Who alone will remain from among all those that are.

Oh, My people, it is mourning in heaven, and there is only partying on earth. The man goes to parties, and the Lord with His saints wait and endure crying, but the mystery of the new making of the world works for its perfection, as it is written in the Scriptures for this time, for the joys do not remain without lamentations, and the people do not know to weigh out the reward of what they live by their blindness. However, you should love the life and you should make it, and let Me see that you have it so that I may come down in it and to be always your master, and for this you do not need your mind, but you need only love instead, for it and its wisdom in you is that which gives life to everything for your life, My people, and to the victory of the Lord, your God, Who waits for the resurrection of the creature. Amen, amen, amen.