The Word of God at the feast of the Saint hierarch Nicholas

My coming to you is only humility, My people, for I pull Myself out with the word from the bosoms of the Father to feed you, and you should value this mercy of My coming down as the saints, who first had a body, also valued it on earth and then in heaven, and they have humbled themselves before Me to come with them, for I have My dwelling place in the bosom of the Father, and I humble Myself for My saints, who wait for a long time the days of My glory, the days of My glory with them on earth as word to make the man into My image and after My likeness. Amen.

Oh, sons from the gates, stand up and watch for the entrance of My word to My people and yours, for the saints want with a great longing for Me to become a man in My image and after My likeness on earth, to rest in him with My saints, and then to make new heavens and new earth in which the Lord and His righteous people may dwell, who become a dwelling place of the Lord’s peace, the Lord’s glory on earth, the heaven kept by the Lord’s angels who opens. Be the Lord’s coming down, children sons, and make Me rest in you by having heavenly hearts in you, to be able to pass to the people of My word, which has got help all the time for wakefulness for the Lord to dwell in the man in His image and after His likeness. Amen.

Oh, the heaven of saints is in tears after the man, because the man no longer expected Me to come, but I want even more than that to do it. I want to become known to the man and to do this with love and admonishing. I want to do it with love for those who looking into My word see Me in it and always wait for Me watching, and I want to do it by rebuking those who hearing do not hear and seeing do not see My victory and My glory on the earth with little crowns for the saints and for all those who by hearing hear and seeing they see that the Lord comes coming and fulfilling His Scriptures spoken by the prophets, and then by His own voice. Amen.

I, the Lord, speak from heaven on earth for the man to hear My voice, and with repentance and humility to see Me speaking and to see Me within the word, to see Me that I come coming and that I am He Who fulfills. Amen. I, the Lord, make new heavens and new earth without the man having believed that I do this, for the man is slow in believing and forgets that everything what is not possible with man is possible with God, because it is written for Me to come and to make new havens and new earth and that I have chosen the country from the end of the time, where I come and fulfill what I said to be, and it will be. Amen.

Oh, I do no longer stay within word upon you, My people, but I come towards you and I touch your heart and I bring you news that you have to pray to God always and to remind Him of His plans, asking from Him to fulfill them over the earth by the Romanian land, asking from the Lord for the man’s returning to the faith full of grace, and then to see the things that are not seen and of those who come into view by the word of the Lord. Amen, amen, amen.

— Your word, Lord, is a consuming fire, and there is not any obstacle on earth to stop You or not to see that You will soon fulfill Yourself in man in Your image and after You likeness, for it is written: «I will come to the man and I will dine with him and I will make a house at him and I will appear to him». Amen.

I, Your bishop, Nicholas, come down as word within the mercy of Your coming with the saints until this mercy with a calling in it will be seen by all the eyes on the earth, for it is written: «Every eye shall see this». I exhort the sons of Your people to be the sons of prayer with faith in it, for they have to ask from You to fulfill the Scriptures of Your coming completely when all the nations from the earth will worship it, for it will come with a great terror before Your glory, for You come coming and fulfilling, and Your angels serve You, Lord, and those, who receive You with Your word when You come to give it on the earth in order that it may be fulfilled, will serve You. Amen.

Oh, people of the faith of the coming of the Son of God with the clouds, you should be faithful and you should let yourself be adorned by angels and by saints for the coming of the Lord, for you are the one who set the table for the saints, you are the one who puts on the table of those of the Lord, for Him and for His saints, to stay with the heaven at the table, and to stay on earth, for it is on earth that the Lord has always been spreading the wedding table; on the Romanian land, which has been set as a table of the Lord’s wedding into the midst of the nations on the earth, and on the table the Lord’s word, and every man will eat of this word before any other food, and no one will be able to be, but only the one who will eat every word, which comes out from God. Amen.

Oh, Lord, You have chosen them as You have chosen me. Oh, You have revealed Yourself with them and You have called first those who were last of Yours, the first on the earth, and, those on the earth do not know that no one except them are rulers on Your behalf over the earth. Together with them You rule over everything by Your word, which You speak into their midst by Your gates, by those who are Your little ones, who watch for the word of Your coming, and You come as word into the Romanian people and glorify it for Your election from its midst, for Your people in him, which stands before You, with its body and soul, and those from Your gates between heaven and earth stand only eyes and ears, and sets You as word on the earth, so that You may be able to fulfill it afterwards. Amen.

Oh, here it is how You are their illumination and their Savior, their helper, so that they may not be afraid and to be able to see that one thousand, and thousands of thousands fall on their right and on their left, and no one will touch them and they will see the falling of Your enemies, Lord, because they have taken You as their Savior and their salvation, and You will command Your angels for them, for they will have You as their God, Lord, as You also was ours when we carried You on earth, and You exalted us with Your greatness from You and not from man, Lord. And now, for You and for us, exalt Yourself over them and in them for the nations to see and kneel down before You, for them to see, Lord, that You are the God of the ages. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, My bishop, I have chosen you by My will full of mystery and no one on earth has stood against My choice that I have upon you, and they have received you and you have shepherded My sheep with mercy and help. This is how I establish you into the midst of those who are My little ones too, and this is how you are supposed to help them with your gifts, for they are small on earth and that is why I, the Lord, exalt Myself over them and out of their midst. Amen.

Oh, My people, My angels and My saints have always been looking at you. My little child martyr Filoteea, the one full of mercy, takes you too within her love, to help you with her mercy for My little ones. She was a child full of God on earth. This is how I want you, children of the glory of My word, to give My mercy to the people, to clothe the naked within My word, to feed the hungry on it, to give water to the thirsty and to love with it those who love Me with My love in them, for I have you as My mercy for the man on earth. Amen.

I will love you, children who share the glory of My word in your days over the earth. The greatest truth is the humility of mind, from which the gift of holiness comes over the man, the greatest love, which the man can give to God. I will love you for My gift, for My word given to you and given by you as mercy to the people. I will strengthen you for My works over the earth, for it is the time of the fulfillment of the Scriptures for My glory, for the country of brightness, which the prophets saw from far away and have hoped and waited for with all My glory over it and for their rest and Mine. Amen.

Through you I will protect My sheep, children sons. I will shepherd them. I will strengthen the weak sheep, I will lift up the sick one and the fat one I will make it breed lambs and ewes for My kingdom, for the increasing of the flock, which will receive salvation from My hand, for the dreadful day of the Lord is coming, and before its terror, I will gather My sheep together into the fold, for they will know My voice and will come to the pasture and will find it. Amen.

Blessed be the feast in heaven and on the holy land of My bishop, who was secretly chosen as shepherd by the sheep in his time, chosen by Me and not by man, for the man does not know the mystery of My plans, and the man does not know the man, but I know the man and I choose the humble in his heart for My work over the man. Amen.

Peace to you, My people! Do not forget to ask for My glory and for My victory from Me over the Romanian people, for I have put into the midst of its soil the seed of My kingdom to grow, and then over the whole earth, for its branches will be for the healing of the nations. Amen. I, the Lord, speak and then I fulfill.

And as for you, those from the gates of My word, be always awake so that I may speak, for I am at the helm of the battle between light and darkness, and the Romanian people will overcome from here, from where I have you as the light of the world, and I will triumph from its midst with the heaven on earth, with a new heaven and with a new earth, and this will be My justice for the saints, who have been waiting for Me to come with it and with them on earth, and My kingdom and theirs will have no end, for this is written, and I fulfill. Amen, amen, amen.