The Word of God at the feast of thirteen years after the consecration of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem

My Holy Spirit is full of humility when He becomes word over the earth and over man, for I, the Lord, want to draw the man to those from above, to the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, Who has nothing human in Him, nothing of the flesh, even if he bows to the man to make of his body and in his body the joy of the Holy Spirit, a heavenly joy, a heaven of saints and angels, coming down in man for the work of Holy Spirit, the Spirit full of humility, that He may do My will on earth as He does in heaven. Amen, amen, amen.

Within My spirit of humility, I become a feast in your midst, My people, and I bow, as a God of humility of spirit to My holy dwelling place, to the little garden of My word, which the saints and the angels remember for its celebration of sealing with the heavenly law, and in its midst I write My word of these days, the word which comes down above it with the power of My humility of spirit, My people, and you who stay as My gates, when I come as word in order to give Me further on earth, for the human kind to know that I come coming and speaking, and when I come, the heaven and the earth rejoice over their renewal from My word, of their making, the same as in the beginning, it was the joy of creation. Amen.

Oh, take Me to the heart of My people, children from the gates and those who stay before Me and before My people with your spirit full of humility and bowing to draw him to those from above, to the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, Who has nothing from humans in Him, nothing of the flesh, even if He bows to the man. Bear Me with a humble spirit, and in the same way give yourselves to My people with the word from Me. Amen.

Oh, if could make the man to let Me dwell in him as I am, he could see the power of his being worked from Me in him, and then My power in his word full of humility. I have always, always said that the most beautiful spirit is the spirit of humility, which makes the man beautiful, for such a man, always stays with his window open, with his window open for everything that makes him beautiful.

Oh, sons, who have ears to hear My word, you should tell everyone that the greatest love is for us to tell the man where he goes wrong. You should tell everyone that I have not come on earth to be the man’s enemy by not telling him where he goes wrong, as the devil does, and as the man who is not a good friend to the man. However, if I did not tell the man where he has gone wrong, I would be his enemy, but Father has sent Me after the man to fulfill and to make perfect the law of the heavenly law from God to man, and if the man receives God, that one does not do as Adam did, who did not receive Me, like Israel, who did not want to remain in My Spirit, in the spirit of obedience, like the Pharisees and the scribes, who have always, always been standing against My word, which has been working at their heart to clean it from the human and fleshly things, from those that do not give life to God in man, and if I did not tell the man his mistakes, I would be then his enemy.

Oh, how beautiful is the man who makes peace between God and man, children who have listened to stay before My word when it comes to the man in order to make him! Oh, how beautiful is the man who has this love in him! Oh, how beautiful were the saints who had beautiful disciples by the spirit of humility, beautiful by the spirit of obedience and faith! Without the spirit of faith, the man is him, and he is ugly and he works ugly, children sons. Oh, how beautiful is the man who hears the voice of My word and believes in him and learns from Me with the humble spirit of the working faith by love! Oh, children full of My love for the man, how good it would be for My people that hears My voice, to know more and more beautifully how to take part with its entire being to its joys with Me, for My joys are something else than those who remain joys on earth, but the man does not look for eternal joys, and he does not know how much I have missed to be able to take part at his joys as well, for his joys to take after My joys, and that they may mean God and not man. Oh, how much I long for the man to take part in My joys, with their heavenly taste and that they may have authority over man to make him as beautiful as God, children full of My love for man! Oh, I have you into the midst of My people, as vessels of My love for man, and I have great mercy, because you need joys and your joys cannot be others than to do be beautiful disciples of My word full of humility, to teach them the spirit of obedience and faith, the spirit, which turns the man into a child, for he who is not a child-man before Me and before you, that I may see this through your eyes and through your heart, that one is a man from man, a man born from beneath and not from above, a man who stays and lives in the things that are beneath, a man who does not know what the love from above is, which is being born as a child in man, as it was born in My mother, the Virgin, who was born out of the love from above and has remained in her and beautiful like her, like a child of the love from above. Amen.

It is a feast with love in it, with My Spirit full of humility in it, for I have sanctified, within a great humility on earth in My days with you, the place and the shrine of the Holy of Holies in these days on earth. It is the feast of the day and of the year 7500 from the creation of the world, when I, the Master of all nature, fulfilled the Scripture of the coming down of the mystery of new Jerusalem on the Romanian land, as many saints have prophesied from the Holy Spirit for these days of My coming with the new birth of all the nature in the end of the time.

The entire heaven, which keeps Me above, the entire heaven of saints and angels and of the heavenly powers worship and worship Me to the Father for My victory over the earth, now, in the end of the time. The Father bows and kisses you as children once with this celebration mentioned today, and he brings near you the feast and that day, which had here the one who testified about the work of My word and about its holy shrine, (Or monstrance, tr.n.) the bishop John-Irineu, who bowed his head before Me to fulfill this Scripture of new Jerusalem on the Romanian land, and then he bowed his head again before those who oppressed him because he fulfilled My word within a spirit of faith and obedience like a child-son loving of God. I bring him hear within the spirit and I bring him into your sight with the day of that time, and then I kiss him as a child, and I kiss you too, and then I strengthen him within the patience that he has got, for patience is the gift of those who are holy to the end, and it does not belong to everyone. Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, I have suffered a godly pain this day, I have been suffering when I see the antichrist how he has been struggling to bring down under his knees the country of brightness, to bring the Romanian land under his power, but I, the Lord, will make him kneel down soon, soon, for this land belongs to the Lord and not to the man, and I will take it back and I will make My will of it and from it. Amen.

Oh, Romanian people, stay to learn My will before Me. Get out from the bondage of the man and come into My way, for I come into your way to save you. I give you My Holy Spirit to be refreshed within Him, for you cannot be yours if you stay on a land chosen by God. Soon, soon, I will take you out from this bondage and you will see My hand above you, and then you will glorify Me, because you have the sign of the apostleship on your forehead, for you were My first one marked among My disciples of two thousand years ago. My apostle Andrew seals you today too with a spirit of manhood to wake up if you want, or today is a day of mourning on the Romanian land. The sons of the devil183 struggle to bring under their control this land that was sanctified by My word of two thousand years ago and by the one of today, but they will no longer have many days, for My glory will come down on earth with wrath to cleanse the iniquity from it and all its servants. Amen.

It is a day of mourning in heaven and on the Romanian land, but I have ordained for the people on it a day of revival, a day for the cleansing of the unbelief, and I have also ordained to him illumination and victory upon the devil, the cross. Amen.

Oh, children, who stay only eyes and ears to Me and to My word! I am consumed with pain for the Romanian land in whose midst I have you as the light of the world. Share My pain and My light over the earth. How the greater is My joy for the memorial of My victory through you on the earth, the greater is My pain that the devil brings on Me in this day, by his struggle to win over for himself the land of My choice, but he will soon know that his place is the crying and the gnashing of teeth and that the place of the Lord’s glory is the land which he tries again to take under his control today. However, I will destroy him soon, soon, him and all his servants, for the time now is Mine and not his, and I will exhort many to the life of the age that is to be and I will pull them from the deceitfulness of the man’s age, and these will receive power and they will love the heaven on earth and the earth will listen to the heaven, and the people on it will see God and will serve Him. Amen.

Oh, My people, pray in obedience, pray with fasting, and do not forget that the most perfect fasting together with the prayer is love in obedience to God. I have got children-sons into your midst. Listen to them, for they need comfort, they need joys, and their joys cannot be anything by the beautiful children of My word full of humility and who teaches them the spirit of faith and then the spirit of obedience, the spirit, which makes the man into a beautiful child. Listen to them, My people, for it is not good for them to listen to you, but it is good to be faithful, to have faithfulness, to have thankfulness, to have satisfaction with obedience and to learn, My people, the spirit of humility. I have in your midst those who humble themselves for you. Look at them and do not be big, but rather be smaller than them, for there is no disciple greater than his teacher, My people. If you want to be written as a disciple, you should be as small as they are, and you should not be greater than them, before them and before Me, and you should not be greater than them, for they need joys, they need My love in disciples, and the heaven in them needs disciples with My love in them, My people. Oh, I am the God of patience and of comfort for those who are small, and for those who are great in their spirit I am the God of justice and I am the Lord of humility, for the man to learn from Me the beauty of godly love and to be nourished with it. Amen.

Oh, children who stay in submission for the coming of My word, I set you as preachers on My behalf over those who want to grow and I teach you this way: subject yourselves to those who are not in submission, for those who do not love do not subject themselves, but I am in you the God of the heavenly wisdom, the God of patience and of comfort, and I will comfort you. Honor the heavenly building over those who do not have the spirit of submission, to heal those who hear My word from you, to heal them from any sign of haughtiness, of self-spirit, children sons, and seek with all diligence that the time for those that are needed to the body may no longer exceed those needed to the spirit, which sighs to Me from you and from all those who yearn in them after the heavenly things among brothers. I want that the people of My word to be My feast, My wedding hall, the place of My glory, which the saints and the angels may see and rejoice over My glory from My people. Rejoice and cry with those who are like you, either joyful or morning, for I am your joy, and your crying are those who did not want to be so small that I may have room in them for your joy, which gives you power to stand before Me and before My people for the heavenly fruit between earth and heaven. Amen.

I have room in the little ones, for I am the Lord of humility. My humility is My glory. The humility of spirit may be with you, My people, and let this glory please Me into your midst, for I have to be the Teacher into your midst over the sons of the people who have come to the water of life, and then by their cleansing, they have come to life. Amen.

I want to appear on the earth from your midst with My image and My likeness, My people, and the spirit of faith, of obedience and of the humility of spirit will help you to do My will, when with longing you will want to be like God. Amen, amen, amen.