The Word of God for the romanian people - Sunday Resurrection

O Romanian nation, Christ is risen! I, the Lord risen, I announce you the feast of the resurrection. I am with comfort and resurrection. I am with the spirit of peace, sharing it of. Oh, you need to be good, be good and faithful to my coming to you and to my message for you, I wish you to be so. Oh, do not doubt my resurrection from the dead, do not be cool for My resurrection, for the dead saints they have raised with me and went into the holy city, and proclaimed the Lord, who has given them their resurrection day. I pray to my Father in this feast day of Resurrection, I pray into your midst, of thy hearth I pray to Him to help you do My will on earth among the nations, for those who drink and eat and smoke fornication and are stealing and lie and do all those against God and their lives, those are not doing my will not even in the day of the feast of My Resurrection and go to and fro on the earth, and they are looking for fresh parties and they are not going to a sacred office to praise Him for all the gifts the Lord descended from Heaven upon them: sun, light, wind, water, food, and comfort and all in one: love of God for man.

Oh, the people, they do not give Him praise and thanksgiving for keeping heaven and earth in the palm of His own, but they give each other praise and do not know any authority over them, and woe to them without their protection! O Romanian children, be watchfull to My request to you and listen to it. Share this Word of Mine, my sons, give it to each other, and nourish yourself with the spirit of resurrection and love, because every man is in need of resurrection from sin, even though he knows not, that he is not living, but he is in great need of resurrection from his sin. I spoke before My crucifixion and before My resurrection, and I said clearly that there is Heaven and hell, and I told the thief who comforted Me from the right hand cross against the other chief from the left hand cross, who defame Me , I told him that comforted Me and prayed Me for him, „Today thou shalt be with me in paradise!”. I went to hell after the crucifixion, I went to hell and I raised the saints and they went before me in Jerusalem witnesses corroborated with plain evidence, and I did shown by them that there is heaven and hell and between the two there is The One Who is risen.

Here it is, I Am again coming on the earth, and I do say to thee, Romanian nation, and I speak to you now and ask you to be faithful to the Lord Who speaks to you and asks you to proclaim Him, that He comes to you and He guides you and He is calling you to the spirit of love of God, so you will resemble your God on earth. I`d like to teach you how to love your Lord. First you need kindness and a beautiful proof of good spirit and goodness work, and you must show fruits of this work. O, you need pity, not judgment for others, and for this you need tenderness. The tenderness keep the soul warm like a mother on her fruit, of her child, wand she watches him with love. O, you need to be spotless Romanian son. Whenever the sin is aiming at you to catch you, you need to be with your longing and love for Him who died and rose again for you to have life and resurrection and comfort, and do not go into sin when is aiming at you, for payment for sin is tough when it will come , because it often either diminish the strength of man, or it tightens the man.

Here, you can learn from Me how to love your God, My Romanian sun, and do not forget about the one who teaches you, do not forget me if you were standing in front of someone who would tell you that there is not any God at the Pucioasa (the town of The New Jerusalem Monastery) and that The Word of God is a lie, and, on the contrary, you need to show by the example of your new life and manners, that God has power over human sin for resurrection from sin ,there at Pucioasa, from where it is coming His voice to sow the earth with His word, following every man with His Word to give him comfort and resurrection.

O, how could I do, to not speak with you , for so long time (60 years of Word of God 1955-2015 r.n.), Romanian people, Romanian son? How could I not speak apart with you when I prepared a warm stall in your midst to give birth to My Word, the same way I did with Moses over his tent, to give to Israel my Word? Oh, I want to make you a people strong among peoples, but by love for God and for all the people you will be strong, and such a nation is not to be defeated, a nation which is taken by hand by The Lord in any storms.

Oh, I`m mourning of those who rule over you with injustice, with unbelief, with unwisdom and who have no love for their God and their Country, I`m mourning for them Romanian people! Oh, so many times I cried over you to wake you in bad and stormy weather, and so I call and you now, in this feast day of Resurrection: rise up and find a way to change the people who are leading over you, change those who do not love my country, but only spend their parties and take for their pleasure from the country`s wealth. O, pray to Me to fall off their chair all those who are wrong and are leave there with unwashed hands. Let us be united in our work and put in place justice and mercy and forgiveness and peace and good order as in heaven! Oh rise up, Romanian nation, and find those among you who have a fine spirit, those who see and understand, and you seek to be worthy of your captains from among you, for woe to the city that does not have rulers over it, but looters!

Oh, it`s much injustice all over in your midst, Romanian nation! Oh, rise up and see what you can do with all your fate, because you do not have watchmen over you now for your life, oh you have no more, and much injustice is streaming down from the leading party all over the country. Oh, wake up and see that`s not good. Oh, shoot the bell to be heard so you would not be pulled into the darkness by all those who are sitting up on their chairs just for their own wellness and honor, and you no longer have pity watchmen over you now, oh, do not have and I want to help you and to lead you, because it hurts Me to know you under leading hands who keep all of you under their will. Oh, it is no longer at the helm the one who loves his country and his people with fire in thy heart , lovingly and carefully watching over the fate of this country, from that time your face is like you are in jail, O my land of today, and what hurts Me is that you shut up and you are not waking up for your liberation from under those who do not have mercy on you and have not any love to do in your country harmony, because they have only the spirit of pride and carelessness and do not care for their country. Oh, rise up and do a work for rescuing work and seek a seek a guide over you, but seek it so you can find it, looking from place to place, and should be no place without a guidence over them the Romanian children. Here, it cannot be merged into a single spirit, all those who are leading you, but if they cannot be one, can they do unto you any good? Oh, they cannot do to you any good, for some of them do care only for their seats, while others would like to take the chairs for them, and that`s not how the power is working, but otherwise, and behold, pray God to seek help for you, Romanian nation.

O dear Father in Heaven, please be looking for pityingly rulers of this country and for the Romanian people and for the nation, for the children of this generation are now enslaved by those without love of country, but please Father Your work I ask now, and make light and goodness over Romanian nation. Amen.

In the feast day of Resurrection, I, the Lord risen, I surched into the spirit of the Romanian people to excite and awake the nation, because the pain is going up to heaven from those who were seated now to rule over the Romanian country without love for this nation and this blessed land, and is needed that I The Lord to work for the fate of this nation, for I have this earth and this nation in My Heavenly plan, and I work my word coming down on this hearth.