The Word of God on the fifth Sunday of the Lent, of the devout Mary, the Egyptian

I wait for the gates to open for Me for the feast of today. I am the living God forever and ever. I was dead as long as the tomb had kept Me in, until My angel removed the stone and I came alive from the tomb, and I am alive forever and ever and I have the keys of the death and of the hell. My voice is like the roar of many waters; a sharp and a double-edged sword, which comes out of My mouth; My face shines like the sun shining in its power; My garment, long to the feet, is dressed on Me with a belt girdled under My breasts, and I am alive forever and ever, and I am the One Who died and was resurrected, and I am the One Who has the seven spirits of God. Amen.

I am He Who is, the true One, the One Who opens and no one will close, and the One Who closes and no one will open, the faithful Witness, the beginning of God’s building, and My wisdom was and is justified by all her children. Amen, amen, amen.

I want to write Myself in My book of these days with the feast of this day, sons, who receive from My word, the word, which is a sharp and a double-edged sword, because I, the Lord, I, Who have the seven spirits of God, said by the spirit of prophecy that I would be devout with the one who is devout, and I will be guiltless with the one who is guiltless; I will be elected with the one who is elected and I will be stubborn with the one who is stubborn, and I will save the humble one, and I will humble the eyes of the proud. Amen.

Oh, children under the burden, I have always wanted, I have always longed, both from near the Father and from near you so that you may no longer be under the burden, and to be with your little hearts relieved from heaviness in such a way that the way to My people, which I have always taught with My mouth, may also be relieved, because if I did not teach it, it will go to sleep like the world that sleeps the slumber of the death and does no longer watch for the faith in God and for My coming on earth.

Oh, children who have been tossed about by hardships and who stay under the burden of My coming! My work with you is very hard, for You have always been under severe circumstances and deprived because of My work with you and for the life of My people by which I glorify Myself on earth, for the people get rich in evil things and in wealth, which soon, soon will be shaken, and then I will catch them under the these things, and then I will show them that I have walked wandering on earth after them to make them reach out their hand to Me and to help them for their salvation, for life and for eternal wealth. However, the world does not hear, sons, because it sleeps the slumber of the death and does not watch anything for the Lord, the One Who is alive forever and ever and Who has the keys for death and hell.

I speak with you in a voice of roar of many waters, and you are so fragile, but it is coming closer and closer the cleansing of the earth from the futile work of the man, from everything he has done for himself; however, he has not made it for himself but for the fire, sons, as it is written in the Scriptures, and then there will be great pain on earth, and the man will seek for death and will no longer find it, because I, the Lord, will be with the rebellious indomitable in order to give the salvation to the humble and to humble the eyes and the pride of those who are proud on earth, who does not look at Me but only at themselves.

Oh, children, pale under hardships, I have power to give you strength in patience and in prayer for Me and to say: ask and you shall find, knock and it will be open for you, for I have power for you, because you are little and poor, and I find My pleasure with you. However, I ask you, with tears on My cheek, to take care of My pleasure and to walk for it day and night. Take care of the fasting days and let them be full of peace, patience, prayer and love for God and for My love between you, and ask and it will be given to you, and knock and it will be opened to you. Amen, amen, amen.

I remind you, sons, of Mary the Egyptian, the one who has remained in the memory of the Christian people. Learn from her the love of God, the endurance, patience, hope and faith, sons. Many saints had great care of the times for the fasting with the body, for this has to be accompanied in abundance with the fasting in the spirit. Those in the community, because of their love for Me went to be alone with the blessing, so that they might not go wrong with the word, with their mind, with their work, and that their fasting from food might be pleased to the Lord, and that I could find My pleasure in them, for they asked and knocked at the door of My mercy, waiting for their salvation and for the forgiveness of their mistakes, and I opened and gave them, as I worked with Mary, the Egyptian, and then I gave her My Body and My Blood, the most living food, the food of the eternal life, which you have had from abundance and which, I the Lord, ask you, with My cheeks full of tears, to value it, sons, to get from this everything you need for My life with you, for My work with you and for which I need help from the earth, to spread on earth the gospel of the word, which comes out of My mouth to you, and to announce that you are Mine and to announce that you are My people, the bride with a burning candle, with your heart burning with My longing to you.

Oh, ask from Me and I will give to you, and I will wake up those who have, and I will soften their heart and thought to Me and then I will send them to you, because you are Mine. Amen.

I look at those who serve in the churches of the world who ask from those who are rich and from those who are poor and I see how they gather for those things that will be torn down, because the man does not want to sanctify his place and then the earth, because he stays in his self-love, in the love of glory and in trespasses on earth. And I look at you, those who are My church in the end of the time, and see that you do not ask, neither from the rich or from the poor, and rather you work with your little hands, so that you may not receive freely, and I hardly find a man to give himself over totally for Me and so that I may have with you also from your midst, sons. It is in vain that the man offers a sacrifice from what it passes through his fingers if he does not give himself to God so that the sacrifice of his heart may be well received and useful to him. I am bitterly upset with all the rich people on earth, who gather for moths and for rust, while I, the Lord together with you, can hardly breathe over the earth the gospel of the kingdom of the heavens. However, I longingly am in love with you, those who give Me being among the people, those that with much labor, with much waiting and patience, spread the gospel of My voice, which comes to you like the roaring of many waters that shakes your little bodies, sons, wanted and strengthened by God, for out of My mouth there comes a sharp and a double-edged sword, and My face shines like the son, shining in its power, and you are feeble before Me, and you are the little ones from the end of the time, and the work of My coming is as great as God. However, I strengthen you and I protect you and I take care of you and of My work with you and of the people of My word, for by it I glorify Myself and by it I labor to sanctify My earth in order to cleanse it from the whole sin and from all the man’s lawlessness on it, from all passing riches, because it has never been on earth a foolishness like that of today, and which wants to laugh at Me through the man who is proud in his spirit, but I, the Lord, will overcome the earth and the heaven with you, and they will become new, according to the Scripture that speaks about this. Amen.

Now, I, the One Who protect you loving and being merciful to you, will release you again from the hardships, because you are with your hearts heavy with worries and with shortcomings, like those who are little. However, you should be great in your fasting and in your persevering prayer, with time of peace and of good harmony among you, because I said that where My children live together within Me and under My heavy heaviness, I am there as well, and there is where I decide and bless forever and from everlasting to everlasting. Amen.

Speak up with your little mouth before Me everything you need, as I have taught you, and I will give to you. Keep away from the outside troubles, which overflow inside you, for you have to carry the burden of My coming, sons. And, as a Lord and Teacher that I am to you, I leave upon you great blessing for the power over your little and fragile bodies and which are helpless on earth, so that you may work with My power the whole work of the refreshment of the cleanliness of the little garden of My word, in the honor of the celebration of the day of My coming, for the cleanliness of everything is one spirit, not only one work, and you should work this in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and the time will listen to you, and the power of your bodies will listen to Me as well, for your spirits are My rest, and let it be this way, as this is what I speak. Amen.

Oh, what else shall I give you to be with your little hearts relieved from all the burdens and to be sweet within the spirit of My love for you? I give you: Peace to you! And you, shall also speak on your behalf: „Peace to You, Lord, among us, for You are the True One, the One Who opens and no one will close, and the One Who closes and no one will open, because You are the faithful Witness, the beginning of the building of God.” Amen.

And I, the Lord, the One Who is alive forever and ever, give you powers of My power, so that you may have the wisdom from above in all things, for My wisdom was and is justified by all its children. Amen, amen, amen.