The Word of God at the feast of the forty holy martyrs from Sevasta

I, the Lord your God, want to make God’s rest out of your body, soul and spirit, the rest of the saints of His heaven and of His angels who listen to the Lord, My people, Jerusalem, for you are written in heaven with the name of the New Jerusalem, coming down from heaven from God, bride of the Bridegroom Who is coming to you, prepared bride, Jerusalem. Amen.

The man from the world, who takes these leaves, which I shake from the tree of life for the healing of the nations, as it is written into the book of John, My loved one, does not know why you are from heaven. I have said that who is not born from above will not come into the kingdom of the heavens. Those who are born from above are those who are born of My word. The people of the New Jerusalem is the one who is born of this word, which is making of new man, a man coming out of the man.

My word upon you gives birth, My people, and that is why I have called you as the Scripture says: «The Holy Citadel New Jerusalem, coming down from heaven, from God», and I, speaking from the throne, making them all new, starting with the man, because after the man fell from heaven, everything has been falling since then.

Amen, amen, I say to you, My people: blessed is the one who hears this word of Mine, which is poured out of Me into your midst, to take the man and to be born of him and to born from heaven, from above, not from man, for the man is not born of God, but of the man. Blessed is the man who lets himself be born of God, for that one has after that in him the seed of the kingdom of the heavens, which becomes a big tree and in which the birds of the heavens rest, making a nest in it, while the saints and the angels make their rest in man. Amen.

I stay above you and I stay near you, and I make a halt into your midst with the martyrs who confessed in them My kingdom, which has not fallen down, because this is how it is: the eternal kingdom that does not fall down. Amen.

The martyrs, who are celebrated now in a synod of martyrs, loved the spirit of confession, My people, and I grew up in them with the spirit of steadfastness of the faith, which hopes in the life of the kingdom of the heavens, in the life that comes after those that are temporary, which puts the man’s faith and life to test, for the life has to be tested in order to be seen if it is in man. Look at how I work in your midst by the word and by the spirit of prophecy, which is for those who are faithful. When I was in the body I said that I spoke to the world in other languages, that hearing they may not understand, but with you I speak with the spirit of prophecy, which makes obvious the hidden things of the man, for the man of God to worship God and then to confess Him, and the people to come to this prophetic spirit, and through you I will bring those that are in them to light, so that they may see that I am truly among you and that My kingdom in you is the kingdom that does not fall down, and before it the man humbles and reveals himself in order to believe, for the prophecy is for those who believe, as the speaking in parables is for those that do not believe.

I have made a halt of feast with the saints into My book with you, and they hear My voice and become witnesses, for every one works from heaven as I worked on earth, and the man takes his life that he lived on earth when he comes to this house in heaven, the imperishable house, which waits for the decaying body to overcome for every man. Amen.

— Oh, Lord, You are the Teacher and the Lord, and we have loved You longing for You as You speak to Your people of today not to live into Your name and that is all, but rather to live like You, Lord, to live on earth, and to live between brother and brother like You. We lived like You and that is why we loved You longing after You, after we had been born from Your love and then we lived that way. We confessed You to the world that You were the God in us, the Teacher and the Lord, Whose kingdom does not fall. Your kingdom in us did not fall, because You were Master in it and You took upon You all of our pains so that we could carry them up to our clothing un immortality, for this is the reward of the saints, the reward that comes before them when they come to You.

We speak to Your people that no life is sweeter in man than the one that testifies about Your kingdom, which does not fall when a man is into it. We loved You longing for You, and this longing gave us all the power to You by the trial that had put our life to test, for Your blessed ones are those who are cleansed by hardships, by temptations, and by these they receive their reward, the crown of the eternal life, the kingdom that does not fall down, Lord.

The love under the cross has to be learned, and it cannot be learned but only by passing through it, and it through you, by sufferance, child of the New Jerusalem, who are the crown of the saints. All the saints wait for their crown for their love for God, and you shall not forget how much you have been waited; and you shall not be long in your coming, for you cannot understand enough the heaviness of the saints’ waiting, Jerusalem, crown of the saints. Behold, the saints of the heavens confess their waiting to you. Learn the love under the cross as the saints had lived it, those who had loved with longing their Bridegroom, the Son of the Father, Who was given as a gift to the saints to help them for the love under the cross, the love which brings the Lord on earth. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, heaven full of saints, oh, heaven invisible by the man, who does not come after Me! Just for a little while, and you, saints of the heaven, you are to long just for a moment. I will come in every man with the power of My word, and then I will work out the end of all My mysteries by the last mystery: the resurrection of the creature, after I bring My day on the unfaithful, and new heavens and new earth over those who are faithful and saints. Amen.

Oh, My people, get used to receiving those that are perceived with your flexible faith. Always learn, for I have always told you: learn! Learn how to learn, for behold, the sons of this corruptible age on earth have stolen from God the way of learning and they learn and fight for a kingdom that perishes. Learn, My people, learn that I am the Teacher and the Lord upon you. I cannot be a Teacher on the man, if I am not also his Lord, for no one is able to learn from Him, if he does not love the Lord as Lord upon him. Get used to a confessing life with your body, with your soul and with your spirit, My people, for this is learned with a teacher, and give power to the spirit of teaching into your midst, for the saints wait for you to be their crown, Jerusalem with a new name. Amen.

Here it is what I give you to work, sons and teachers, for a teacher is the one who has disciples for Me, for the confession of Jesus Christ. Take seven measures of flour and make a sweet dough and divided it in small pieces, one hundred and twenty, that is three times the number the martyr saints mentioned today in a churchly and apostolic feast, and then make forms of saints in the way of the age that is to be and that does not fall down, (The form of 8 number, r.n.), and bake them, and then you should anoint them with honey and with seeds on the honey, and then take and eat and give it to the people for the joy of the fellowship of the holy martyrs with you.

Oh, sons, how beautiful the service of the angels and of the saints is! When they hear the declaration that says: „Lord, bless the entrance of Your saints!” and they intertwine with all the visible things of the ministering for the Holies which are given to the saints and which serve, and the priest speaks upon the church upon their entrance: „Wisdom, arise!”. And then I with the saints and with the angels come and set the table of the memorial of God’s mystery that is ministered on earth.

Oh, how beautiful are those things that are true, those from heaven and those from the heaven on earth, and today the celebrated martyrs have received favor and have been honored by those in heaven, by the saints and by the angels, and they were also honored on earth by you, My people. That is why I told you to be, sons, sharers of blessing, of sweet bread like the saints, blessed bread, which means the body of the martyr saints, who come together with you in a heavenly celebration, sons.

May it be blessed the sacrifice that has been shared to the people after you knead a sweet dough and after you give shape to it in the form of the new age according to its number over the ages, and then you will bake it in the oven and sprinkle it with honey and seeds, and then you will taste it and go to give this blessing to those who will taste it, and those in heaven and on earth will rejoice, and the heaven will also rejoice. Amen. And I ask you, sons, to be joy and only joy for the heaven on earth. Amen, amen, amen.