The Word of God at the feast of the Church Entrance of the Lord’s Mother
The Word of the Lord over the nations


I come into the book, and I come into the citadel of My word and lay down in the book, and My book is on the earth and it testifies about My coming from the Father after the man, to call the man and the man to hear Me and have Me as His God, for woe to the man without God upon him on the earth, and I, the Lord, know this woe, and I try to put away this woe from the man, for I am the One full of mercy.


Oh, peace to you, people from near and from far away from My new house, from where I speak to you and I call you to the peace from above! I dwell with the saints on the hearth of the Romanian nation, on which I have written Myself down with a book of history. I started My speaking on this hearth in 1955, and here I am; I have had a written speaking into the book to this day and I have sent over the earth the book of My word and it goes on the way known by the whole earth (On the Internet, r.n.) and it speaks a fresh word and you can find Me in the way, you, peoples on the earth, and you, rulers over the nations. Oh, be gentle and humble in your heart, for it is written for you in the Scriptures, which speaks about the rulers in this way: «Love justice and think justly about the Lord and follow Him with a humble heart, you, rulers over the nations, for He reveals Himself to those who do not tempt Him and to those who have faith in Him, and the malicious spirits depart the man from the Lord and His power rebukes the one who tempts, for the Spirit of God fills the world and knows any whisper, and the one who speaks unjust words cannot hide, and justice takes revenge and does not forget one like this, because everything is searched out by the Spirit, and everything comes before the Lord, and the murmuring and empty voices of the tongue and the lying mouth perish over the man. However, I have not declared destruction but rather I mourn for those who perish and I try to draw the man to resurrection and to salvation».

I want to give you a new heart, a new love, a holy virtue by which you may love God and those around, and the love is holy, for it is from heaven; it does not come from man, but it comes from heaven instead. Therefore, receive the voice of the Lord in you, which breaks the mountains into pieces, and be a good soil for the seed of My word. I speak to you from the hearth of the Romanian people. I have got sixty years of word on the hearth of this people. This Romanian land is My mystery from the end of the time, in which I prepare the great victory, a new heaven and a new earth for those who are saved by faith, and I call all the nations at My table, all to come and to take My word and eat of My mouth like the babies who are fed by their parents, for I, the Lord, am King over this earth and I have a people earned by the glory of today of My word, before which any tongue and any science become mute, because the Lord is coming and He makes all things new, as it is written.

Oh, come with your spirit near My voice, which calls you and teaches you justice, peace and life, for I am the Truth and I have got My mother, the Virgin, standing in the sky of the Romanian land, and she protects for Me this land and nation from all sides for the mystery of My word, which is sheltered by Me on this holy hearth, on which I have established My promises for the end and for the beginning of the time, and which I sealed two thousand years ago with the seal of the Living Lord and I marked its borders to have it as My house and board now, when I am coming as Teacher, and I share Myself from here over the entire earth, and from where I call you, I give to you and say to you again and again: Peace to you, nations on the earth, and to you, rulers over the nations, and bring them to pasture and water, for behold, God visits you and calls you to His table! Amen.