The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Baptism (Epiphany)

I am above you, My people. I have been watching your steps to the spring, to the pool, son, and I stay above you with a feast of Epiphany, I bless the water of your springs and I bless your drinking it and its power and then over you, to have you strong, My people, so that I may have you as Mine and to make you useful in the work of My coming, for it is My coming with you always, always, My people. Amen.

This is the feast of Epiphany from of the grandparents and ancestors, and I have turned with you back to them to find you, a true people on My coming, for it is written: «The hearts of the fathers will be turned to the sons, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, so that I may lift the curse from the earth and not strike with it on My coming, when not finding at their place everything that was established by the parents», but rather to bless My earth from here with a feast of Epiphany and then to bless the earth from place to place, as the man is on it as well. Amen.

Oh, children from the manger of My blessings! Come to the spring to bless the waters, sons. Now you are few at the celebration of the spirit of the waters, but from now on crowds and crowds will gather together at the feasts of My blessings, and you will be stronger in order to be able to manage with Me and to give Me My glory, which is over you, as a love that I give you to carry between earth and heaven. Amen.

Now, we lift up our little hands to the Father and say this: This water is being blessed with the power, with the word and with the coming of the Holy Spirit upon it, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Behold the holy land, the blessed earth in which I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, the One That I was baptized by the man in Jordan two thousand years ago, together with My man that is blessed by Me, declare a blessing upon the water of blessing, holy water worked out by God, by His own voice and by His anointed ones, who declare His word upon everything that are theirs and the Lord’s, Who is with them. Amen.

Feast of Epiphany, My people! It is much heaven at the feast, sons. The spirit of My gardens with you carries into their sky myriads and myriads of saints and angels, who are coming down with Me in the spirit of My feasts on you. The gardens of My blessings, dwellings of rest of the heaven, so that the heaven may be on earth with the people, for it is written into the Scripture: «God’s tabernacle with people and it will dwell with them, and God Himself will be with them». Amen.

The spirit of My gardens with you carries into their sky the angel of the waters in the midst of My angels, and the spirit of the waters delights with a heavenly feast over the gardens of My blessings on the earth with you.

Oh, loved people by heaven, you should get used to the spirit of the feasts of the heaven more than to every occupation of your body, soul and spirit. You should get used to spend with heaven, always, always, child from the end of the time. When the Lord comes on the earth, it is not the time, but the Lord, the seventh angel, Who sounds over the earth, for it is written: «When the seventh angels will call out His trumpet, there is no more time, but it is the Lord instead; the Lord clothed with the clouds, with a rainbow on His head, with His face shining like the sun, and with His legs like pillars of fire, crying with a loud voice, as a lion roars, lifting up His right hand and swearing by Him Who lives forever and ever, that there will no longer be delay, but it is the Lord with His mystery completely finished, as He declared to His servants, the prophets». Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, people of the heavenly mysteries, the spirit of My mysteries clothes you with them, so that you may be able to comprise them and to live them fully. The feast of Epiphany is a mystery of creation, son. The earth came out of the waters while its visible creation and the man did the same, for the man is the new man, and I am the first man, the Man, Who came out of the water and of the Holy Spirit. I went down to the lowest deep to make the New Man from water and Spirit, to make Him out of a divine body, and to take Him out of the waters, and to seal the Man completely with the Holy Spirit, a perfect Man. I was true God and I did what the man had to do to become God as well, for the man to be like God, My people, and I, God, sit in the midst of gods in the counsel of the Holy Spirit on the earth, as I was with the Father in the ages before the visible creation of the heaven and the earth and of the man and God, then, from the man, of everything that is visible and invisible, My people. I speak with you, so that I may be able to speak, so that it may be seen that I speak. If I did not remember you in My speaking, how could it be testified that I have spoken and speak? No one can speak alone. Behold what a great mystery, what a great delight! If I have someone to speak with, I speak the word, and My speaking is heard, and it testifies and it is imparted to everyone who wants to speak with God, and God with them. Amen.

I work out a spirit of Epiphany on the earth. I want to clothe the whole earth within a spirit of Epiphany and to take it again out of waters, by the word. I want to take the new earth out of your little wells, as I also came out of the waters of Jordan, a perfect Man in the time of John, My messenger sent to prepare a new way for Me, a spirit of repentance in people, so that he might turn them back to God in their hearts, and thus to turn God to people in His heart, so that they may speak to each other and the glory of the word to be exalted, the seed of creation, for the word is seed, My people, and out of this seed the heaven, the earth, the man, the God Man and the whole creation came out, and all the visible and invisible beauty of which every man takes as much as he wants by his faith in him that is dedicated to Me. Amen.

The spirit of Epiphany is a spirit of creation, My people. How beautiful the Epiphany of the earth was, when it came out of waters and received the man on it, everything that was made for the man, and then the man, to rule with love over everything that was made out of My love, at My word for man. I worked out so much creation for the man, so much beauty, so much harmony, which has been waiting for the man to give him speech, to give him purpose, to give him a perfect man so that the creation might rejoice over the man for whom it was made.

Oh, My people, you should feel the thrill of My love in the end of time. You should feel it fully, so that you may be one blood with Me, for I have given you a name above sons and daughters before My Father, and I want you to be completely like Me, in My holy mountain, and to shine likewise over the earth, taking from My brightness completely, and for Us to pour ourselves out into each other and to give to the creation the purpose for which it was made. Amen.

Oh, My people, oh, children of the New Jerusalem! Two thousand years ago, I came out of the Jordan water, testifying about the making of the man out of water, then the Father and the Holy Spirit came, and the Father spoke and confirmed Me as His Son, and the Holy Spirit sealed Me before the people confirming the word of the Father, and His Son, in Whom He was well pleased on the earth before the people. Two thousand years ago, My Father testified about Me at Jordan, and now, when I came as seed on the earth, you testify about Me, people of New Jerusalem, which is laid down on the earth by Me, so that the man may have a tabernacle where to go and gather My seed, for My word on you is seed and you are the one who sows My seed on the earth, for the man to grow out of it, the new man that came out of man, and then out of My word. Amen.

My word on the earth is a feast of Epiphany. Let every man who comes to repentance be baptize in it, to be baptized with Holy Spirit and to become one blood with Me, for I want to make the heaven and the earth as in the end, and to make the new man and to reign with him on the earth, with him and with the whole heaven forever, for the ages came back to their place, and I with the Father, with the angels and people to spend the ages, a feast from everlasting to everlasting, for the Lord’s feasts are a great joy, My people. Oh, I speak to you and I tell you that you are My people. If I did not speak this way, no one would be able to understand that I am your God, and you, My people; true God and a true people. But I have no one to speak to and I can neither do, because creation is made by the word.

When it was only I with the Father before all ages, I was speaking with Him, and He with Me, and I was speaking the word, and We made the visible creation in the midst of the invisible one of eternity, and We have the New Jerusalem as a dear little seed in eternity, and We prepared it and kept it with a great secret until the great fullness of the mysteries of eternity. My people, you should be sufficiently great for the mysteries in eternity, for the mystery of the New Jerusalem carries within it the new heaven and the new earth, the same as the first creation carried the first heaven and the first earth in its womb. The mystery of the New Jerusalem, kept forever, carries the Lord’s tabernacle within it, the Lord’s throne, the Lord’s voice and the Lord’s people. Amen, amen, amen. And I sit on the throne of glory as in eternity and speak the word and I make everything new by it, for My word is faithful, Jerusalem, My mystery from everlasting to everlasting.

To the one who is thirsty, I will give to drink from the spring of the living water. To the one who overcomes, I will be his God and he will be My son. And to those who are fearful and are not faithful, I will give their work and its reward, the second death, for they have refused the love of truth. And if you`re My secret to the end of time, I clothe you into My glory, into My light of great value, and I call you New Israel. And I will enlarge Myself with you according to the measure of My angel, with whom I have measured on the earth with a human measure, but also according to the measure of the angel, as it is written into the Scriptures. And with you, I will give light to the nations of the earth and to the whole creation, which is waiting for the first light, My glory from everlasting, the lamp of the Father: the Lamb. The Father made Me into a lamp on the earth after He gave Me as a Lamb to be crucified, to raise Me up again out of the earth, the same as at the man’s creation, so that the man may also do like Me, because I am the lamp, which gives light to every man who wants to do and to know how to work out creation into the light, by the lamp, which lights in the darkness, illuminating the way of the man into the world.

My mystery that is kept in eternity for the end of time, this is how I call you, little people. The Mystery of the New Jerusalem carries within it the new heaven and the new earth on the earth from the end of time, a new people that came out of the new seed, out of fresh word, a mysterious resurrection, a spirit of resurrection on the people, My people. I want to walk with you among the people and the spirit of the creature’s resurrection to hover behind Me and you; the Spirit of the Lord, Who hovers as in the beginning when He was hovering above the waters when I said to be light and it was and it became. Amen. Behold the Spirit of the Lord in the end of time hovers above the waters and over the earth within a spirit of new creation, with a new word, made now, in order to create by it now the new heaven and the new earth, within the mystery of New Jerusalem, which came down from God and which came down with God for the everlasting, which is coming again. Amen. Wherever the Lord is, there the eternity is as well. Where I am with you, I also want to be the eternity. I want, My people, to establish the eternity on a new earth. Amen.

Oh, how beautiful the Epiphany of the earth was, when it came out of the waters in the beginning of time! Oh, how beautiful the Epiphany of new earth will be, in a mystery of new heaven and new earth, in a mystery of New Jerusalem, kept in eternity for the end of the time! Amen.

Oh, My people, how beautiful the mystery of the Epiphany is! I spend within the glory of My word into your midst, within a spirit of Epiphany, and My speaking with you upon the earth is taken by man who cradles their soul in the comforting cradle of My new word. I work out a spirit of Epiphany on the earth, so that the man on it may understand the mystery of My coming on a clean way. The repentance of the man’s heart, this is the way on which I come to the man to baptize him with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and for the man to be then.

Clothe yourself more and more beautifully with a garment of Epiphany, loved Jerusalem in the end of time, and may your new garment be coveted by many, for I appeared Myself with you on the earth, and I come with their chariots to you, so that the people may see you and to be baptized with a new baptism, with My coming from now, when I come and bring into view the mystery of the New Jerusalem, the one kept from everlastingness, and many will run to it once with its appearance on the earth, once with its appearance among the people, My people.[...]

A feast of Epiphany, My people! It is much heaven with you, sons. The spirit of My gardens with you carries the Spirit of the Lord in their sky, together with the whole host of His coming in the end of time. The gardens of My blessings, dwellings of the heaven’s rest. The spirit of the waters in the image of an angel sanctifies with the new blessing the springs of My gardens with you, sons, because it is a feast of Epiphany, the feast of the waters, which make the man holy. Oh, only if the man could also sanctify everything that is on the earth! Oh, only if the man could wash away the earth of all the evil on it, like the water washes! The water and the man’s hand wash away the man’s garment, his house, his table and his body. Oh, only if the man would want to wash his soul and spirit, so that he may come to meet Me in a spirit of Epiphany and of new birth! Amen.

Oh, Jerusalem, I want to keep My Spirit eternally new on the earth, the Spirit Who hovers in the sky in order to renew it for the new heaven and new earth by My work with you, between heaven and earth, My people. I spend into your midst in a spirit of Epiphany, both today and tomorrow; however, this is what I want it forever, and I would like to have the man endlessly.

I bless your garment, My people, your garment from water, spirit and word. You are My garment of today, and I want you to be My beautiful garment as I also am, My people. I stay above you within a feast and with much love, and you should live My thrill and you should exalt Me in your spirit, in your voice and in your body, My people, Jerusalem. Amen, amen, amen.