The Word of God at the feast of the Nativity

The word of the new birth of the world is that which leads you to the day of My coming, My people from the Romanians. I am with you into your house and we always have supper of new age and of royal wedding. The Bridegroom is the bride’s love and the bride is the Bridegroom’s love. But I tell you a mystery today, the mystery between the Bridegroom and the bride, and here is what I tell you, loved people from the end of the time: love is a longing, not a joy. If it were a joy, it would lose much of its value and power and it would not be itself when it leads to the joy, for love is a deep longing, My loved people, and this longing keeps its life in within it. Amen. Oh, why do I confess Myself to you with this mystery? Because this mystery carries within it all the power of My coming, which is to be soon, soon, and which everyone from the graves and from the earth has been waiting for it. All of My coming has been waiting for My longing between the Bridegroom and the bride, its deepest moment, the key which will open up the glory of My face with you on the earth in a visible way, the birth with a great resounding of the new age, of the age, which is to be after the dead will rise to life. Amen.

There is no man not to be afraid of the end of the world, of this word, which speaks about the end of the world in it. However, if the man wanted to read this news that I spoke about two thousand years ago, he would see that I said that I was about to come again to settle back to its place My kingdom that was corrupted by the man. Oh, how good it would be for the man to want to wait for the end of the world, for the resurrection of the dead, for My coming and for the life, which is to be! How good it would be, My people!

The love between the Bridegroom and the bride is a deep longing, and I do not know how to do to get every man used to this beauty in his face and heart. Oh, how shall I really do it? How shall I do, My people, to establish on the earth the love, which has been waiting for Me to come? How shall I really do this miracle, which will not be taken away from the man? Oh, how well it would be for the man to get lovesick and no longer get healed from it! I have wanted this for such a long time! My voice that was speaking with the man in heaven, and then on earth at the man’s beginning, is the voice that speaks with the man today, too. The new birth of the world has been waiting for the man’s longing and it has been waiting too much for the man. The love, which has been waiting for Me to come, is everything the heaven has been expecting from the earth, and it will not be taken away from the man, and this is what I told Martha: «Mary has chosen the good part, which will not be taken away from her». Amen, amen, amen. I seal this word and I raise it up to My heart and I make it come down to the man’s heart, so that the man may take in him this miracle, which will not be taken away from him.

Oh, My people, I have settled you down to prepare for Me a day of eve for the feast of My birth, and then I have sent you to call at My table with you those in the little village, so that I may give them gifts, as the Magi brought to Me. I want to become the most expensive gift and to give Myself to the man through your little hand, My little people from the end of the time; the gift that will not be taken away from the man, the love, which does not get healed anymore, because this is what I want.

There have come mothers and fathers and little children, and We have given them to eat, having them to sit at My table and urging them to the heavenly love. Their joy was in their faces and I cannot ask them more, for the longing is a great mystery, and it needs sacrifice for this mystery, My people. However, I want to try to pull away many from the fire with mercy and sweetness, because the man does not really feel the fire that burns in a flame on the earth, in such a way that I may no longer gather anything after him. Oh, how secretly I have crept in with My word over them enclosing them from the sides! My people, I want that we may feed them with joys from time to time, and to help them with a great longing, so that they may want with the longing that is not taken away from the man anymore, for this is what I want, My people. The love, which has been waiting for Me to come, is everything the entire heaven has been expecting from the earth, and it will no longer be taken away from man, and he will stand for My meeting and will give Me power to come. Amen.

The new birth of the world will be achieved by repentance and by love, which will not be taken away from the man. Only love and longing, which makes it, can bring about the beautiful image on man’s face, the repentance of the heart, which showing its face, gives the man a sweet and beautiful face. If the man asked Me how the new birth of the world is and how it could be, I would answer him that the sweet repentance and the longing in the man’s heart, this means the birth, which is to come to renew the world. The love, which has been waiting for Me to come, this brings with it the new birth of the world and its creators, and Me, the Lord and the Bridegroom of the wedding, in the mystery of love, which has been waiting for Me to come, for all and everything have been waiting for My coming, the coming of the Son of Man. Amen.

I, My people, embrace you with a feast of birth and always wait for you, always with the day, which will bring Me perfectly on the earth. I, little child, embrace you within the longing of My heart and keep you in it forever, because love is longing; it is not joy, little son. I also let Myself be seized by the longing of your heart, which will not be taken away from you, and will build you forever into My endless being, for longing does not come to an end and it is the food of love. Amen.

My people, it is not the joy which is the food of the heart, but the longing in it is its food instead. This is the mystery that I have revealed to you so deeply, son. The love, which has been waiting for Me to come, carries within it the longing of My coming and you are not supposed to know any other kind of love, My people. Get together, heart by heart, and learn deeper and deeper and with a great fire the love, which has been waiting for Me to come. Open your little mouth and feed this mystery with it to each other, for you are endowed by God with longing from heaven, My people.

The first love is a great mystery. It is called so because the man particularly loves the first moment of his love and the longing is the one, which loves afterwards and it gives power of love to the heart. The first love is without sin, and this is how the first created man loved, and he took delight with love in everything that I created for him. But when he pulled himself out from Me, his pain was also brought into existence, and then the longing was also came to be, but the man does no longer reach with his mind to the mystery of the crying in him, the longing after his happiness, his eternal searching after life. When the man lost its mystery from love, the longing in it, he remained with the joy of love then, and this is how he knows now what love is. However, I, after seven thousand years of pains and joys between heaven and earth, declare and say: love is not joy but it is longing instead. When it leads to joy its power is lost, for the longing in it is the one, which keeps its life within it. This kind of love I have, and it is before all ages, and with the longing in it, I made all and everything, and with the longing in it, I am being born today as the word on the earth at My manger from this little village that I love so much; I have loved it as much as at the beginning, when from its hearth I have taken clay into My hand and made the man. Amen.

Go Jerusalem; go, My people, with a carol of new birth, and go to big and small houses, so that he man may see you and long after your life, so that he may do as you do and so that we may give birth on the earth to the love, which has been waiting for Me to come. Amen.

Go Jerusalem, with the speech of the carols of My birth, and may the longing in people increase from your new face, with which you meet Me today, when I come.

Go Jerusalem and rejoice with longing and not with joy. Go, and let My face shine on your face, My people from the end of the time. The feast of the Lord’s birth, this is what you celebrate today near those in My little village of today. Then I came to Bethlehem, and now I have come into this little village, which the man called it by the name of the earth, (Glodeni << glod: dust, a handful of earth, clay, earth for processed by hand – eg: pottery, r.n.) and this name was born with a great mystery among My angels, which have watched for the name of My little village of today (Glodeni, r.n.).

And you, the one that are settled down by Me at the manger, take My people with you and go carol singing again, and also give the villagers now, the news of the feast of My birth as child from the Virgin two thousand years ago, and word from the word now, now at the end of the time, now when I came and I come. Amen, amen, amen.