The Word of God on the first Sunday of the Lent, of the orthodoxy

I knock and it is opened for Me and I come in. I come in as the word in the book. Amen, amen, amen. My book with you is the door through which I come in to the man. I am the book. I am the door. I am all and everything that are. Amen.

I am the gate of the sheep. The sheep have got a little shepherd; they have got a shepherd. He takes them out to pasture and then he takes them back into the fold; he drives them to water; he protects them from thieves; he sings to the sheep and the sheep graze and if they graze they reward their shepherd and give him milk and lambs because the shepherd gives them pasture and he gives them life; he gives them his life. Amen.

Oh, children sons, who put My word into the book! If I give pasture to the sheep, then honey and milk must flow from them for Me and for them, for this blessing I pronounced for Israel, for My people that I pasture, for the one who has to give birth to lambs for Me and to grow them for Me with My pasture, with their heavenly honey and milk.

Oh, My people of today! You do not need heavenly gifts to be for Me, to be able to do what I ask from you. You need dedication; this is what you need, for I am the gift. The Father gave Me to the man, only for the man to devote himself, only for the man to want to come out of himself and to give himself over to Me, for I also give Myself over to him. You should not say that you are not good at it, that you cannot or that you do not know; you should not say so, child of My pasture. If you devote yourself, then you have. Only the one, who does not devote oneself, does not have, and the one, who devotes oneself, has what I have, for I am the gift to the one who gives himself to Me and I have in him the things of My gift. Amen.

All those who gave themselves over to Me are those who have honey, milk and lambs for this food, for woe to the barren sheep, for they do not give any milk. However, the man does not know what his devotion and gift mean. The one who has no gifts does not know what devotion is and he does not devote himself, and that is why he has nothing to offer, he has nothing to work at. I have been the Light from the Light and this is what the man should also be. The one who gives himself over to Me receives the light from My light and he becomes light with it, and the light is seen because it is according to its fruit, because where it is seen, the people come together to walk in the light, in a walking with the light, for the darkness is not useful to walking.

It is written in the Scriptures about «the city of the New Jerusalem, which has no need for the sun, neither of the moon, to shine, for the very glory of God illuminates it, and its lamp is the Lamb; and the nations will walk in its light and the kings of the earth bring the glory and the honor of the nations into it, and there will be no night there. Nothing profane or one who causes abomination or a lie will in no way enter into it, but only those that are written in the Lamb’s book of life». Amen.

Oh, My people that walks in My light! You do not need heavenly gifts to be for Me so that you may be able to do what I ask you. You need commitment. This is what you need, as I am the gift, as it is written: «its lamp is the Lamb, and the nations will walk in its light». The one, who commits himself to Me, gives light around and he warms up around and can do everything by Me, for I am the gift in him. If this fruit does not come out of him, he did not commit himself and did not receive to have in order to give and to be. They, who are written into the Book of the Lamb’s Life, are those that knew how to give themselves over to have Me as a gift around them, as the light around them.

I come as a word in My book to teach every man what a commitment is and what the gift for it is, for too much falsehood lies hidden under the name of the Lord’s people, under the name of the church. The church is a holy name. The holy citadel means church. It has no need of the sun of the moon to shine, for its lamp is the Lamb, and the very glory of God illuminates it. Amen. The church is the man, who consecrates himself, and its light is the Lord, and the light shines in the darkness as it is written. The light is the word and the life is in it, and the life is the light of the people. He that does not become a word does not become the light around. The church is the man who illuminates around with its lamp in it, and its lamp is Christ. He, who gives himself over to Me, has light in him and illuminates with it around. Amen.

The man does not need any gifts. He needs devotion, and the one who is devoted works with those of Mine, as I worked. But what is devotion? What is it good for and what it brings to the man? It is the life full of humility and the love from heaven within the man, for it is not the love that makes humility, but humility makes love instead. The devotion takes the self-love out of the man and it brings the gift of humility to the man and this puts the man in the love, which does not seek for its own things, but rather for Christ’s things, in order to give them all around. Devotion brings to the man the gift of humility, which makes the man beautiful and which protects the man from any evil in him and around him.

Child, grown with milk and honey, ask yourself, ask yourself if you are beautiful by this gift, which makes you into light, warmth, milk and honey around. Ask yourself if you are small so that any one may take you in his arms. Ask yourself if you are big enough to support those that learn to walk. Ask yourself if you are of any use to God with your spirit, soul and body. Ask yourself if you are content, for the true satisfaction is known only by the one who has the gift of humility, the gift which makes the man to devote himself and to know those that are required to be done.

Ask yourself if you are beautiful, the child of the love of My word; beautiful for God and for those around you. And if you are not, do not worry but rather humble to be able to work by humility and consecrate yourself. Amen. Devotion brings with it the gift of humility, which makes the man to be pleased to Me and to those around him. There is no humility without devotion. And there is no devotion without humility. It is not the love, which produces humility, but humility produces love instead. Otherwise love gives oneself self-aggrandizement and it is not useful to the man, and also not to those around him.

Love is consecration; it is a free sacrifice. It does not ask for its pay, and that is love. Behold what consecration makes and what gifts it brings with it to the man. But if the man does not have a shepherd to pasture him, he does not know how to eat and what to eat and why to eat. He who eats has to give birth and then to grow up the small ones, those who are born. And he, who does not grow up those that are born, that one has not grown yet and is not useful to God.

He, who loves, has to sacrifice himself, for love is free, as the reward is the fruit of the heaven for it. Amen. The faithful man is the devoted man, who does no longer love himself and who does no longer seek for his own things, for he is devoted and he does no longer belong to himself. Amen.

Children sons, why does God make the man when He makes him? Is it really good for the man made by Me to make use of his own making? Why do I make the man, if I make him? You should tell Me this work for I want to see if you know the way I know and if you are made by Me, sons. Amen.

— As the man sets himself to do one thing and to use it afterwards, the same is with God when He makes the man; He makes him in order to use him and He makes the man to consecrate himself to Him. If the man is of some use to himself or to the man around him and that is all, than that one is not a man made by God. If the man wastes his life in those that are not for heaven and from heaven, that one does not have God’s image and likeness. The one made by God has God’s image and likeness. This is the sign of the man made by God. Amen.

If the man made by God cannot put God and the holiness for God into another man, let that one seek in his inner being and see where his weakness comes from and let him ask the Holy Spirit from God and then to receive Him, and to work with Him to his own humility, and Christ as his life, and work, for the one who is not useful to God, even if he gave his body to be burned, it would not be of any good. Amen.

— I, the Lord, also say amen, for you, those who speak with Me at My will, are useful to Me, sons. Amen.

Oh, how comes that the man made by Me during these days cannot do it? I have come on the earth with My word, which can make the man. I can everything. How comes that the man, whom I make to be able to do like Me, cannot? Can I not really make the man that the created man cannot? My word is creative. Everything was done by the word, and I am the Word, for it is written: «In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, and all things were made through Him».

The man is afraid of God after he does evil and then he hides. The evil from the man teaches the man to hide. Behold, this fear is not the one, which I told the man to have. I told the man to have Me as God and to have the fear to do evil. This fear I told the man to have, the fear, which gives him wisdom and not falling, and then fear of God because of his fall. The fear caused by his fall makes the man flee from God. Behold, his dedication helps the man to be. Let the man devote himself to God, and let God be the gift of the man, the gift, which can do everything in all and in everything. Amen.

Oh, children of the new people, you should not look how to stay with the man. Rather seek how to stay with Me, sons. Seek sons to be children-sons, sons. You do not need the heavenly gifts to be useful to Me, so that you may be like Me and to work what I want. You need dedication, sons. You should not seek to get on the good side with the man that put by Me between you and Me. The one, who is put between Me and you, takes from Me, both sight and justice and works with them between Me and you. Seek to be My pleasant ones and in this way to become pleasant to those who are put by Me between you and Me. Oh, you should not seek to get in with the man from Me. This will not bring any rest to your souls. The man made by God does not work this way. Be cautious for your affair from Me. My word that I give you through those in the garden has power in it to make the man and the man to be good for Me afterwards. Seek to help and make glad those that are from Me near you. Make them glad with your making from Me. I have always brought the word of man’s creation. Allow yourselves to be always made. Allow yourselves to be made well and give yourselves to the making. Let those of the body and those of your spirit be shown with the word in you, which comes from your mouth, for otherwise it is not called that you stay at your making day and night. The spirit is the work of your mind. It can see by the word that you declare about the things in you. Amen.

Your dedication is the work, which makes you to give yourselves to Me for your making. The devotion that I ask from you is not the work done by your hand. It is not this what devotion means. Let no one say that he does not understand what I speak. My word is full of power. It has been teaching the man for such a long time. Now it asks for its fruits because its seed is the seed of the eternal life and this has to get out of the man on whom My word was sown. Amen. The man who says that he cannot is not justified by this word by which he says that he cannot and that he does not know. He, who has commitment, is able to do everything. He, who does not loves himself, that one devotes oneself and can do everything by his devotion. It teaches the man about the gifts from above, which are useful to God.

For such a long time the love from churches has got used to love otherwise than I have expected from the man who believes in Me. The man loves his neighbor and makes him good, as little or as much as he can, and this is the power, which comes from the love in churches, and the man says to himself that he loves God and this means love of God. However, not even a little love comes to Me, for no one comes to work with Me the work that I have to establish on earth, and the man loves his neighbor and that is all. However, I said: «The man should love God with all his being, with his entire mind and with all his power», and after that I said «and his neighbor as well». This commandment is not accomplished in any way for God, for the man loves only those that are like him and he does not even love them, for to love it means to give eternal love to the man, if you have it first by your devotion to God, and it is only in this way that it can be said that the man knows to love his neighbor. Amen.

My word is the torch, which lights you, which warms you up, people of My word of today. You do not need sun or moon to give you light for your greatness gives you light and the Lamb is your torch. Amen. Show yourself to Me, so that I may see you, so that I may see your growth and to be able to tell you: «Behold, an Israelite indeed, in whom is no deceit». Amen.

The man does not know what fasting is, when he speaks about fasting, for if he knew, he would fast from every evil, which separates him from Me. He wants to come closer to me by his fasting from food but he cannot come to Me this way. Behold, the man does not know what light is and of which it is made to have light. I say: receive light from My creative word, oh, sons of the people! Receive your making from Me by this word, which has been flowing for such a long time on the earth for the man’s creation. Give yourselves to God, the Creator, to make you. Amen. The time of renewal has come and a new man is needed for this time, for the Son of Man is coming; He is coming to set the table of His kingdom on earth with the sons of the people. The sons of the wedding do not come, for they alone became the sons of My wedding, and if I call them, they do not come to the wedding table.

Let all those without power come; let all those who are weak come; let them come and I to make them by My work of creation of the new man; let them come to make them, and let them inherit the everlasting life afterwards, for the sons of the kingdom went outside and there it is where they remained. And I have come and I come, and I strengthen those who are weak, and I make them into a holy nation and I spread My wedding table with them, and I sit with them at My table, at My wedding supper. Amen, amen, amen.